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 Outside the Glutton God City, the Sunset Lake had waves rising up to the sky. The swimming fish shot everywhere as though they were sharp arrows that had hit hard on the shore, leaving many large and deep dents.

The water in the lake grumblingly rose when a silhouette crawled out of the lake. Its scale-covered claws patted on the shore.

A moment later, the giant body got out of the water together with a rising tidal water current.

It was a giant alligator.

The alligator then opened its mouth, showing its jaw with many sharp teeth, sparkling and reflecting light.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

When the alligator crawled, the ground shook with each step. A while after it had left, the surging lake finally subsided and calmed down. The water ran back furiously, damping the ground.

Although the ground was shaking, the alligator didn't roar. It just slowly crawled away with long strides.


On an auspicious and peaceful village around the Glutton God City, the sunlight was shining. There were streets with food aroma permeating from the restaurant and inns. They were having good and bustling business, indeed.

A beautiful married woman stepped out of her kitchen. She was holding a basin with washing water as she wanted to pour it away. The water sparkled beautifully under the sunlight. After a "swish," the water was splashed away. It was still steaming hot, anyway. She had finished and was about to return to her kitchen.

All of a sudden, she was bewildered because when she turned around, she found the sky turning dark.

"Ah, why it's getting dark that fast?"

The woman mumbled as she was somewhat skeptical. Then, she lifted her head to check the dark sky.

She was petrified.

The washing basin in her hand fell on the ground. She shivered for a while before she could scream.

Sky? There was no sky... It's a giant paw that covered the sky...

The beautiful woman screamed ear-piercingly. However, the giant claw fell down with a loud rumble. After a loud boom, the entire restaurant became a ruin under the giant claw. The beautiful woman was also crushed in just a blink.

The village had an uproar instantly. The frightening feeling expanded. The four giant claws continually stomped, crushing the entire village. Shortly, it had become a ruin.

People ran and rolled away. They were all horror-struck.

They all ran toward the Glutton God City. Facing this kind of monster, only the imposing Glutton God City could save them.

The giant alligator hissed, then accelerated toward the Glutton God City.


By the Sunset Lake, a woman in a long black dress that revealed her slender thighs tiptoed and floated up into the air. She was extremely gorgeous, and her exquisite face was like a delicate masterpiece of carving arts.

She stood by the Sunset Lake, furrowing her beautiful brows. Looking at the traces the giant alligator left, she was solemn.

"That monster is heading towards Bu Fang..."

She muttered then flew away, with her hair fluttering in the wind as she followed the giant alligator.


"I'm in a hurry, so... There you are."

Bu Fang's words had silenced many people, and many of them looked speechless.

In a hurry... That's why he had chosen a chef from the Top 10 Chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony?

Was he in a hurry to get kicked out?

It was what the majority thought. Although Wenren Shang wasn't that famous in the Glutton God City, it was just because of his personal matters. Regarding talent for cooking, not many people could beat him.

He was considered Bai XiaoShang of the chef's world as he could cook any dish. No matter what kind of ingredients he got, he could cook all delicacies with perfect tastes. As he could become one of the Top 10 Chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, of course, he was competent.

When Wenren Shang heard that Bu Fang wanted to challenge him, he was surprised at first. Then, he grinned, sitting upright, pouring the liquor in his bamboo gourd into his mouth.

"Is it me that you want?" asked Wenren Shang.

The other chefs looked at them with interest. Many people didn't know Bu Fang's ability, but they all knew Wenren Shang's. If this man weren't an alcoholic, he would have got to Top 3 Chef of the Tablet of Gluttony already!

This fellow's talent for cooking was so stunning.

Anyway, Ouyang Chenfeng wasn't really optimistic. He had experienced Bu Fang's cooking. He knew Bu Fang's cooking couldn't be assessed with normal standard. Who knows... Maybe he did have a chance to knock Wenren Shang down!

"Yeah, it's you. I've prepared the cooking ingredients," Bu Fang said, then flipped his hands. Two Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish fell into his hands.

Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish?

Wenren Shang was perplexed, and so were the other chefs around them.

The Sixth Elder was bewildered, and even Chu Changsheng had to frown.

Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish... Interesting. Young men these days did have courage. This wasn't a bad ingredient to cook, but it required sharp knife techniques. Normally, not many people had the guts to cook with this kind of ingredient.

Furthermore... Where did this kid get the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish?

The Glutton God City had banned all kinds of transactions related to the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish. Where did the kid get the fish?

The Sixth Elder arched his brows, and his mouth twitched. Impossible!

Chu Changsheng seemed to get something. He gazed at Bu Fang and realized it... This young man caused some problem.

Xiao Yue returned to his seat. The little girl was still digging in her food. Seeing Bu Fang, she threw him a fist, saying "Fight!" and then continued chomping. It seemed the more she ate, the hungrier she became. Her stomach was like a bottomless cave that would never be filled.

Too much spirit energy... Xiao Yue felt a headache. Would this little girl explode in the next minute?

However, he didn't have much time to take care of her. If she wanted to eat, just let she eat then! The match between Bu Fang and that famous chef was his focus now. It had been a long time since he had the chance to see Owner Bu fight against someone with his cooking skills. In this chef's paradise, Owner Bu would have the chance to meet his equal rival.

The other challengers kept silent for a long time before choosing their opponents. Of course, they wouldn't act like Bu Fang, who had chosen one of the Top 10 Chefs right at the first round. It didn't have any meaning to them. The Top 10 Chefs weren't something they could touch. They understood their competence well, though.

Jun Qingxiao chose a chef that was in the bottom part of the stele. He wanted to get on the stele safely first. The others also chose their opponents.

In fact, except for Bu Fang, all the challengers had chosen the chefs ranked 50 and lower. After all, their actual competencies weren't much inferior to this level. If they won, they would be more confident to challenge the chefs of the Top 50...

They wanted to make a stable progress, and they weren't in a hurry! They would take it slow and nice.

"Okay then, the first match. The little chef versus the first-grade chef, Wenren Shang." Sixth Elder stroked his mustache, smiling.

A moment later, the entire ground shook. A massive arena arose from the ground, surrounding Chu Changsheng.

With Chu Changsheng in the center, two stoves appeared by the two ends of the arena. The stoves all looked exquisite with sparkling lights. They were the extraordinary tools, indeed.

Apparently, the Valley of Gluttony took care of the Glutton God's Banquet very well.

Bu Fang swayed his hand and one Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish flew toward the famous chef.

Wenren Shang guffawed. His eyes shone with joy. He flew out, with his chef coat floating.

He caught the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish with one hand, while the other hand of his opened the bamboo gourd to gulp down his good liquor. He wielded his hand and the liquor disappeared.

"It must have been strenuous for you to catch the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish. I should show my talent."

Slowly landing by his stove, Wenren Shang shot a faint look toward Bu Fang.

Inside the Glutton God's Building, a soft and delicate voice arose, cheering Wenren Shang on. It was from the young girl with the ponytail from his restaurant. She looked quite sad while squeezing and pushing among the crowd, waving her small hands and cheering for him.

Wenren Shang grinned, with his eyes moving.

In the next moment, Bu Fang frowned as he found out that Wenren Shang's aura had changed. Just in the blink of an eye, he had become very sharp, as if he was now a lion that had just awakened.

In a dazzling halo, a blazing kitchen knife emerged in his hand, spinning.

"It's the Sunlight Knife! It's Grandmaster Cui's masterpiece of arts!"

"Wow! It's a famous kitchen knife! He's from the Top 10 Chefs... He's so extraordinary!"

"Gosh! Do they need to compete? Look at that knife, who could beat it... I'm afraid only the peak chefs could... The monstrous chefs that top the tablet!"

When the audience saw the Sunlight Knife, they got a lively uproar as they were filled with admiration and excitement.

Bu Fang was shaken when he saw the kitchen knife. It was really superb. Bu Fang felt as though that knife got intellect.


Bu Fang was dumbstruck. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife had intellect too, but Bu Fang couldn't control it as of the moment. That's why Bu Fang was more frightened.

Wenren Shang didn't mind the others yelling and cheering. When he grabbed the knife, his aura changed. He became meticulous and solemn. Of course... his confidence was like a colossal mountain. It was a chef's confidence.

"The Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish has some toxin in the flesh. It requires extreme dedication to process..." Wenren Shang said calmly. Then, the Sunlight Knife in his hand flipped, swiftly cutting through the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish in just a wink.

"Swish," blood splashed out.

The Sunlight Knife sparkled as it didn't get a single blood drop on it. The knife moved fast like the light, cleaning out the fish's organs.

The audience took a deep breath. They saw that the fish had only one tiny cut on its abdomen that was almost imperceptible. After its internal organs were removed, the entire fish looked intact, vivid and lifelike.

This move had charmed many people.

After that, people were more amazed. After Wenren Shang finished processing the fish, he placed the knife on the chopping board the Valley of Gluttony had prepared. He then patted the fish with his bare hand.

When his hand was lifted from the fish, sharp and transparent bones were drawn out.

The center of the fish's bone had a black fiber. It was where the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish stored its toxin. With the slightest mistake, the chef would cut that bone, and the toxin would burst out...

Nevertheless, the fish didn't hide its toxin in those bones only.

His hand wielded the kitchen knife once again. Wenren Shang focused and wielded his tool, slashing the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish.

Not far from him, Bu Fang had cyan smoke wound around his hand. The archaic, pitch-black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand... He got light sparkling in his eyes as he watched Wenren Shang process the fish.