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 Palmed to death by an old man...

Who was the old man Bu Fang had mentioned? Everybody felt bewildered.

However, after that moment of confusion, they were left with fright. They followed Bu Fang's line of sight and they saw Chu Changsheng, who was relaxedly drinking wine.

The old man Bu Fang mentioned was Chu Changsheng?

Chu Changsheng had killed the Heavenly Spiring's Saint Son's maid?

Everybody was shocked as they knew this thing was big. If Chu Changsheng did that, would the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son still want to attack Bu Fang?

Everybody was curious to see it. The Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony had attacked the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's maid to help a little chef. Did Chu Changsheng really appreciate Bu Fang? Hey... Was that kid Chu Changsheng's illegitimate child?

Everybody took a deep breath when that thought popped up in their heads.

They didn't need to think further. No matter what, currently, the Valley of Gluttony had a tense relationship with many Holy-Lands. In this critical moment, every word or move of the Valley of Gluttony's Great Elder would create a big shock.

If it were really a maid who was killed... she would actually be a Saint Daughter, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Daughter. People thought that Chu Changsheng wanted to offend the Holy-Land.

Bu Fang's words had quieted down the clamorous Glutton God's Building.

The mustache of the Sixth Elder twitched again.

What the heck?!?

That kid was poisonous, wasn't he? He just walked out of the Glutton God's Building, and that mother****er could create such a big mess like that!

Would the Great Elder attack the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's maid for a little chef he had never met before? If you wanted to lie, you should fabricate something more reliable! Some didn't buy it, but many did. They couldn't persuade themselves not to believe it.

It was because Chu Changsheng was too calm. His calm face gave many people a twinge in their balls.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was bewildered. However, he finally pulled himself together.

"Do you want to fool me? Why would Elder Chu help you attack my people? Don't think that you can survive if you get Elder Chu involved in this! Today... You must die!"

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son had his face twitched. The murderous aura arose in his eyes one more time. The long lance boomed, reverberating deafeningly.

The intimidating aura was like a meteor shower that shook everybody.

It was too frightening!

That was the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's competence. He was a Divine Soul Realm expert with a five-step soul ladder!

Bu Fang watched the energy rippling and the sky starting to twist, and his brows knitted together.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was really formidable. He was the strongest expert Bu Fang had ever met until now... Ah, except for Nether King, Blacky, and that giant alligator.

A Divine Soul Realm expert with a five-step soul ladder... Really extraordinary.

Furthermore, Bu Fang didn't have the invincible defense of the Vermillion Robe. He was a little down, indeed. If he were attacked, he wondered if he could use the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to resist for a while.

With his body intensity, perhaps the shockwaves would break his body even if he hid inside the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Xiao Yue's eyes shrank. With Owner Bu's power, how could he resist even one strike of the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son? Receiving that lance, he would be sent to his deathbed right away!

Everybody clamored. They didn't expect to see a bloody event right when the Glutton God's Banquet had just started.

It was really... stimulating, though.

Boom! Boom!

The energy rippled rumblingly. The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son had eyes like daggers. His gold armor released cold and sharp beams under the sunlight.


The terrifying pressure made Jun Qingxiao and the others tremble, and their legs were soft.

The Sixth Elder squinted as he was somewhat angry.

Those talents behind him would challenge the chefs on the Tablet of Gluttony during the Glutton God's Banquet. The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was just a guest, but he dared to attack their challengers!

They didn't put the Valley of Gluttony in their eyes...

Did the Holy-Land want to turn their back to the Valley of Gluttony?

However, since they wanted to do that with only a Saint Son, they had disdained the Valley of Gluttony a lot!

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The Celestial Saintess' eyes moved. As she rose her slender hand, a flow of energy started to move around her body. It was a mysterious energy that looked as if she had white mist shrouding her entirely.

She... It seemed as though she wanted to take action. However, it seemed the Celestial Saintess had noticed something. She snorted, and then her raised hand picked up her cup, helping herself to some wine.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son continued his slash.

The Sixth Elder with a mustache was shivering. His robe was fluttering in the light wind.

"You want to die!" bellowed the Sixth Elder.

Then, light bloomed and rose high from his body.

However, at the precise moment the Sixth Elder released his aura, a faint voice echoed:

"Don't create a mess..."

The people surrounding them were perplexed. They moved their gazes around and found Chu Changsheng in a far distance. He was still calm with his poise. His white hair and brows fluttered with the breeze.

Rumble! Rumble!

He wielded the cool liquid in his cup. A drop of wine floated in front of him. Chu Changseng threw the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son an indifferent look and flickered his fingers.


The drop of wine was broken, being sent away. The broken drop enlarged in the sky, turning into many wild beasts. They opened their terrifying mouths, dashing toward the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son.


The onlookers dropped their jaws as they didn't think that Chu Changsheng would take action. He attacked the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son! It was his rapt skill that materialized things!

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son eyes shrank. His entire body glowed as he roared. The muscles in his body bulged while he moved in the sky. A moment later, he grabbed his long lance, and a dazzling star arose behind him. On the star, there seemed to be a giant shadow that was observing everything underneath.


The radiating lance met the wild beats created by wine. Loud and grumbling explosions reverberated.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son groaned in the sky. He backed off as if he was walking on the ground until he landed. His hand clutching the long lance rested. His eyes drilled in Chu Changsheng.

"You're truly Chu Changsheng... I admit my defeat! Anyway, you can protect him today, but not forever. When I have a chance, I will take his head and place it in front of you!" Heavenly Spring's Saint Son hovered arrogantly in the sky. The great star was moving behind him, and the shadow on the star was releasing boundless pressure.

Everybody felt so tense.

Bu Fang felt his flesh tighten...

In this entire square, only Chu Changsheng was at ease with his natural poise. He was pouring wine and enjoying it.

When he finished his wine, Chu Changsheng's eyes moved. He glanced at the sky where the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was hovering with murderous aura.

"Even if Heavenly Spring Holy-Land's Sacred Master was here, he wouldn't dare to talk to me like that. Who do you think you are?"


Chu Changsheng's words made people inhale in fright.

Was he angry?

Chu Changsheng was finally enraged?

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son rolled his eyes, wielding his long lance.

However, after a moment, Chu Changsheng raised his hand. The spirit energy within ten miles was distorted and gathered, becoming a sky-towering palm.

"Sit down for me!"


The palm slammed down.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son roared as gold light radiated from his gold armor. The lance thrust outward, trying to break the sky.


Smoke and dust spread out.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was patted on the high platform. He vomited blood and couldn't move his body.

"Behave. If you cause another mess, I will ask the Heavenly Spring's Sacred Master to come and bail you out himself." Chu Changsheng exhaled. His loose robe swayed a little, then he continued to drink his wine.

"The Glutton God's Banquet continues."

When Chu Changsheng's words vanished, people then pulled themselves together from the terrifying situation. They were really frightened, though.

"He's the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony, a legendary character... He used only a palm to subdue the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son. That fellow wouldn't dare to fart now!"

"Haha, that Heavenly Spring's Saint Son is haughty. When Chu Changsheng was young, he dared to attack the Sacred Master. How could a Saint Son threaten him!"

"He got a life lesson now. Anyway, is that little chef Chu Changsheng's illegitimate kid?"


People clamored and discussed boisterously. They looked all excited and talkative.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was pressed onto the high platform and couldn't move. Blood trickled downed the corners of his mouth. However, he still gazed at Bu Fang with chill-to-bone murderous intention.

"Haha, this kid should learn how to behave! He needs to be taught well!" The Sixth Elder laughed. He caressed his mustache, grinning. His words were like an arrow that shot through the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's heart in just a wink. It made him even more grimaced!

"Good. The Glutton God's Banquet begins!" The Six Elder laughed. He waved his hand to calm down the experts of the Tablet of Gluttony, making them sit neatly.

It would finally start!

"And now, ladies and gentlemen... Choose your opponent! Remember, you have three chances to challenge the others! Win once and your name will be on the Tablet of Gluttony!

The Sixth Elder said while smoothening his mustache.

The challengers behind Bu Fang suddenly shivered. They had light sparkling in their eyes. Jun Qingxiao lifted his head, with his eyes filled with fighting will.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin as his eyes scanned the sky. He was the one who spoke up first, "I'm in a hurry, so... There you are!"

Everybody was bewildered. They looked in the direction Bu Fang's finger pointed out. It was Wenren Shang, who was sitting on a high platform.

Wenren Shang was gulping wine. He blinked when Bu Fang pointed at him.

Seeing that Bu Fang pointed at Wenren Shang, people took a deep breath! This kid was... really haughty! He had challenged a chef who was in the Top 10 of the list!


Sunset Lake.


After a low, grumbling explosion, the entire Sunset Lake was shaken, sending ripples all over the place.

Boom! Boom!

The shaking noise expanded and created more ripples, bringing high tides that washed on the lakeshore. Bubbles exploded and splashed high in the sky.

The swimming fish that had always wandered around the lake all quieted down.

After a while, the sound of something being broken arose. The lake blasted instantly. Monstrous, giant waves rose high into the sky. A scale-covered claw stretched out from the lake, patting on the shore, making the shore settle deep down!