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 The stiff-faced man had his muscles bulged as his terrifying power burst out. He roared loudly, and the great bronze doors slowly opened. The squeaking noise seemed to come from very far, arising with the vicissitudes of years.

Bu Fang and the others stood behind the stiff-faced man. They saw the light that shot through the narrow gaps that were expanding as the doors opened. It was somehow annoying to the eyes.

"This is the Gate of Hope. To challenge the chefs on the Tablet of Gluttony, you have to pass through this gate. It is the Gate of Hope that may fulfill your dreams." The old man stood with his hands clasped. Watching the bronze doors opening, it seemed he got some light surging in his eyes. His calm voice lingered in people's ears.

Jun Qingxiao was so excited that his face was red. The Gate of Hope... Well said! Wasn't their dream to defeat the chefs on the Tablet of Gluttony and replace them? They needed hope indeed...

After they walked through that gate, their dreams would begin.

Bu Fang wore an indifferent face. He was as calm as water. It was the Gate of Hope to the others, but he... was in a hurry!

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Bu Fang was absorbed into his thoughts. Of course, no one noticed it, as their eyes were gazing at the bronze doors. As the doors opened wider, they looked more thrilled.

Eventually, the bronze doors opened completely. Beautiful radiance shone on them, illuminating their blushing, excited faces.

The beautiful woman giggled. Her slender legs strode on the ground, swaying, while her laughter echoed.

After the stiff-faced man opened the doors, he exhaled, and both of his fists punched at the same spot, booming. He took one step forward and leaped up to the sky as if he was a spring.

The two of them turned into two jets of light, flying toward the floating platforms in the spacious Gluttony Square.

The audience in the building screamed in surprise when they saw them. Apparently, many of them knew the stiff-faced man and that beautiful woman. Of course, more people knew the woman, though. The two of them were also chefs on the Tablet of Gluttony. In other words, Bu Fang and the others could challenge them, too.

The chef robe of the stiff-faced man fanned out when he landed on the high platform, sitting cross-legged, with his face solemn.

The woman's body floated and swayed. Her voluptuous breasts bounced vigorously when she landed on her high platform, smiling like a blooming flower.

"Good, you boys, follow me," said the old man with a smile, still with his hands clasped behind his back.

After a moment, the old man proceeded to saunter to the spacious square. As he didn't walk fast, everybody followed him slowly.

One-two... One-two... They proceeded very steady.

As soon as the old man appeared in the open, the square had an uproar.

Seeing the ten contestants behind the old man, the audience was more excited, because their appearance meant that the Glutton God's Banquet had finally come to its climax.

Many experts were sitting cross-legged on the high platforms, smiling as they watched the warriors who would challenge them soon. Some looked focused, and some looked astonished.

Xiao Yue checked the crowd and found Bu Fang, who was strolling. The former was dumbstruck.

What's going on? How could Owner Bu be down there? How had he become a challenger? With his skills, he still wanted to challenge other people?

The little girl that was putting food into her mouth rolled her eyes when she saw Bu Fang. She muffled something, pointing her greasy finger. She looked so excited, indeed.

The Heaven's Pivot Saint Son, Liansheng, was surprised when he saw Bu Fang. His face looked awkward. Did the assassin he sent to kill Bu Fang fail? How could that brat be still alive? That kid is so lucky!

Anyway, hadn't the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son also sent someone to take his head? Did he fail, too?

If the Heavenly Spring's assassins failed, it wasn't a problem that his men failed.

When the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son saw Bu Fang, his aura bloomed instantly. After a grumbling thud, the entire high platform shook slightly. It looked as though it would collapse in the next moment.

"Damn you boy! You killed my Lu Ji and slashed my Lan Ji! If I don't mince your body, I can't vent the anger in my heart!"

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son gazed at Bu Fang. He rose his hand and slammed the table. The sandalwood table was smashed into powder that scattered around them.

He stood up. His face was as cold as water. The restrained aura around him could make people shiver.

Chi Ji saw the Saint Son as enraged as a wild lion and she slightly shivered, not even breathing loud.

"Saint... Saint Son, Your Grace, we're at the Glutton God's Banquet..." Seeing that the Saint Son was so outraged he could take action soon, Chi Ji tried to remind him with a soft voice.

"Glutton God's Banquet? So what? I'm the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son. The one I want to kill must die."

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son had his eyes sharp like electricity. The gold armor on his body radiated brilliantly. He took one step forward, hovering in the air. His terrifying aura spread instantly.

He rose his hand, and a lance appeared out of nowhere. It was an exquisite and luxurious lance carved with many arrays. The crystals inlaid on the lance glowed beautifully, providing the lance with energy.

The entire Gluttony Square seemed to be hit by a storm. There was sharp murderous intention around! The Heavenly Spiring's Saint Son's murderous intention aimed at Bu Fang!

Everybody was bewildered. After a while, they exploded in an uproar.

What happened?

Oh gosh, did the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son want to kill someone in the middle of the Glutton God's Banquet?

That would be fun!

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was aiming at a little chef? He was just an innocent challenger!

Bu Fang cocked his head, looking at the godlike Heavenly Spring's Saint Son in the sky. The boundless pressure from him continually pressed onto Bu Fang, as if it wanted to force him to lie on the ground. However, to Bu Fang, it seemed ineffective.

The people around retreated with a grimace, whereas Bu Fang stood still. He lifted his head. His indifferent eyes and the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's murderous eyes met.

The Sixth Elder's handlebar mustache slightly rose. He raised his palm and waved it. The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's aura was hindered.

"What do you intend to do, Heavenly Spring's Saint Son? They are the challengers... Why do you want to intimidate them?" The Sixth Elder's senile voice arose.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son held his lance tight and walked in the air, with murderous aura erupting from his eyes.

"That chef wearing the red and white chef robe killed two of my maids... Tell me, doesn't he deserve to die?" said the Heavenly Spring Saint Son.

Everybody clamored, looking at Bu Fang in fright.

That little chef dared to kill the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's maids? Where did he get his courage? Offending the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son wasn't different from offending the entire Heavenly Spring Holy-Land. He would receive horrible retaliation.

On the high platform, Celestial Saintess had a thin white veil covering her face. Her black hair swirled as her beautiful eyes studied Bu Fang.

Xiao Yue arched his brows. The sword behind him moved. Buzzing, it flew out. He move out, intending to fly with his sword.

However, a person stopped him.

Liancheng smiled, looking at Xiao Yue. "Brother, don't act restlessly. Don't bring trouble to our Heaven's Pivot Holy Ground."

"Move," Xiao Yue pressed his anger, talking coldly.

"Ah... Then you have to see if you got the ability." Liancheng's sleeve wielded. A long blue sword fell into his hand, pointing diagonally to the ground with some kind of natural murderous aura.

The entire Gluttony Square was at a daggers-drawn state at that moment. The situation quickly turned into a storm, of which the audience couldn't catch up yet. How could a little chef create such a state of mutual hostility like that? Who in the world was he?

The Sixth Elder was a little speechless, turning to look at Bu Fang.

In a hurry... You were in a hurry to come here to wreak havoc? As soon as you came, you messed up the situation.

Ouyang Chenfeng, the chef from the Noodle King Estabilishment, smiled, looking at Bu Fang. He didn't expect that he would come there as a challenger. He was a little excited, indeed. He had witnessed Bu Fang's competence. Thus, he was somewhat anticipating it.

Wenren Shang, who Bu Fang had been looking for, was still drinking liquor from his gourd. He was actually stinking with an alcohol smell. However, when he saw Bu Fang, he smiled.

"Interesting. This kid shows up again."

The tense atmosphere at daggers drawn made the Gluttony Square somehow depressing. Many people didn't dare to breathe loud as they were waiting to see how the situation would develop.

The great elder Chu Changsheng sat still. He poured some good wine for himself. As the wine flowed down his throat to his stomach, his face looked more tender.

"Don't create a mess. The Glutton God's Banquet needs to be carried on. If you have any dispute, please solve it after the feast." All of a sudden, Chu Changsheng placed his tumbler on the table, speaking gently. His voice reached people's ears instantly.

Everybody was so bewildered that they had to take a deep breath. Chu Changsheng had spoken.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son had a dark and cold face. His eyes turned to gaze at Chu Changsheng.

"Elder... My maids shouldn't be killed resentfully like that. This man... must be minced into thousands of pieces."

Chu Changsheng halted while pouring his wine. After a while, he added but his head didn't lift up, "I don't care what you want to do. Just wait until the Glutton God's Banquet ends."

"I can't wait! It won't take a long time to kill that low ant. Elder, give me the time of a breath!" The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son didn't talk more after this, with eyes as sharp as electricity. The lance in his hand swayed and accelerated, aiming at Bu Fang.

The Saint Son moved like an eagle spreading its wings. The tip of his feet touched the handle of the lance, sending energy as he thrust himself toward Bu Fang over his lance.

Everybody clamored, screaming.

The Heavenly Spring Saint Son had ignored Chu Chengsheng's words. He took action in the Gluttony Square! It's a slap, an insult to the Valley of Gluttony!


Rumors had it that the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was extremely haughty, and now they saw it with their own eyes. It was true!

He didn't care what Chu Changsheng, a rare talent, had warned him about. He decided to attack. Simple but overbearing.

When Bu Fang saw the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son plunge from the sky, his mouth twitched.

He turned to look at Chu Changsheng, while his eyes were contemplating.

"Hey, old man, you look like the man who killed this fellow's maid with a single palm. I wasn't the one who did it. I won't carry this black pot for you," Bu Fang said calmly.

His voice wasn't loud but it was audible to the entire yard. People dropped their jaws and rolled their eyes.

Stepping on his lance with a rainbow-like, murderous aura, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son halted. His face twitched slightly.