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 A wisp of smoke and a burp.

Everybody gawked and dropped their jaws. They all felt that their worldview changed. Being a chef, they had met people who ate a lot of things.

However, it was the first time they saw someone eat fire. Furthermore, it wasn't an ordinary flame. It was the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame that could burn people into ashes.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was scorching, fierce, and terrifying. If someone swallowed it, it would burn him into ashes down its way to his stomach.

How could this fellow do that?!?

Moreover, look at him! It seemed the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame tasted good.

The old man with the handlebar mustache had his mouth twitched. He looked at Bu Fang as if the young man was a monster. He wasn't really strong, but this young man had given him a lot of surprises.

"Wait a minute..."

The old man became bewildered. He looked at Bu Fang, with his pupils enlarging. He couldn't help but draw in a cold breath.

The others were scared by the old man's expression. Would something bad happen soon? Everybody was so skeptical and frightened, but some of them had the courage to learn from the old man and gaze at Bu Fang.

Jun Qingxiao was dumbstruck. Bu Fang had brought him so many surprises. His ultimately exquisite knife skill, his perfect flame control, and he could even eat the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame...

Where did this monster come from!

This sort of monster, in the Valley of Gluttony, wouldn't stay anonymous as one word of his could shock everybody!

It's the Glutton God's Banquet, indeed! All sorts of monsters are coming!

Anyway, what the Sixth Elder wanted to express...

Jun Qingxiao turned to observe the Sixth Elder, the stiff-faced man, and the beautiful woman watching Bu Fang. The Elder's expression was a little... exaggerated.

Was he admiring the young chef and recognizing him?

Everybody was suspicious.

However, in the next moment, the old man rolled his eyes as if he wanted to tear his eyelids, with his curved ends of the mustache arching further.

"You... You spit my Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame out, right now!" The old man looked at the empty, high platform, having a bad premonition.

That boy had eaten the fire. Would he return it?

It's the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame... Even though it wasn't a top one, it had cost them a huge amount in order to obtain it! This kid actually ate the flame... The elder's heart felt as though it was bleeding.

Everybody was dumbfounded!

So, Bu Fang didn't want to return the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame? Impossible... That flame... What the f*ck! He wouldn't return it!

The others then imagined. According to Bu Fang's bizzare character, it was possible that he wouldn't return the flame. Instantly, people gazed at him with awkward looks on their faces, waiting for his answer.

Bu Fang slightly exhaled, glancing at the old man and parting his lips.

"Since I have the skills to eat the flame, why should I return it?"

His answer left people dumbstruck. They didn't know what they should retort. What he said was reasonable to the point that they couldn't retort?

The old man stagnated. His mustache was almost blown away in his anger. This fellow had eaten the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, and he sounded as if he was righteous.

He moved, taking one step ahead. In just a blink, everybody saw a flower in front of them. After a moment, the old man appeared in front of Bu Fang. He rose one hand, patting on Bu Fang's shoulder.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


A flow of mental force gushed from the old man, trying to find the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame in Bu Fang's body.

However, shortly, the old man turned silent.

That's because he couldn't sense the aura of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame in Bu Fang's body. It seemed the flame was digested already.

He ate it?

The old man looked as though he got constipation. The corners of his mouth twitched as he felt a heartache.

"As I got the ability to eat fire, I won't puke, and I can't spit it out," said Bu Fang sincerely.

The more he talked, the bigger the pain the old man had. He was regretful now. Why did he give the real Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame to that kid to eat?

However, after a while, the old man gazed at Bu Fang, and his eyes changed continually. Then, he smiled as if he had got something through.

Bu Fang shuddered when he saw the old man's smile. "This fogy has something evil in his head. That's why he got such a despicable smile..."

Many people in the crowd didn't get it.

However, the old man was now wearing a tender visage.

"Hey, young man, aren't you in a hurry? We should move to the third challenge directly."

The old man caressed the curved ends of the mustache, smiling.

Bu Fang arched his brows. Something was strange. Absolutely. How could this old man become so calm?

However, what the old man said was actually what Bu Fang wanted. Thus, he didn't oppose.

After that challenge, half of the contestants failed.

The old man clasped his hands, squinting and walking away. Seeing his back, people thought that the storm was coming... It was extremely terrifying.

They came to another room, which was new to them, but it was also a very clean kitchen with rows of stoves.

The rigid-faced man and the beautiful woman followed the old man, taking a group of people with them.

"The third challenge isn't difficult. After this challenge, you can get to the Gluttony Square and challenge the chefs on the Tablet of Gluttony. If you win, then congratulations! You will replace him to get your name on the Tablet of Gluttony!" said the old man.

His words were really stimulating. And indeed, it stimulated people.

Someone couldn't wait, asking, "What is the next challenge?"

Hearing him, the old man rose his hand to caress his mustache.

"It's good that you asked. The first challenge was the Knife Skill. The second challenge was the Fire Control. So, the third challenge... of course, it's not that simple."

Everybody looked earnest, listening to the old man, waiting to know what would be the third challenge.

"Actually, the third challenge doesn't have any limitation. You just need to cook a dish. If your dish meets my requirements, you'll pass," announced the old man.

The third challenge was actually cooking?

Everybody was bewildered. They were silent for a moment. Cook a dish? Why would he have to act mysterious like that?

The stiff-faced man and the beautiful woman nodded.

"Help yourself to a stove and cook. Do not use true energy. Do not use your own cooking tools." The stiff-faced man said seriously, with his sharp eyes scanning the group, giving people goosebumps.

Everybody was bewildered. They weren't allowed to use their own tools? No true energy, either? They had to use their basic cooking skills? Everybody was perplexed. Ever since they had become chef apprentices, they were taught to use the true energy to cook.

And now, they weren't allowed to use true energy... The contestants weren't used to it.

"Your ingredients are over there... I hope you can cook gourmet food that satisfies people." The stiff-faced man pointed to the area that displayed the cooking ingredients. Those cooking ingredients had full, moving spiritual energy. They were ingredients with a high level of spiritual energy. However, they weren't allowed to use their true energy to cook...

The Valley of Gluttony... really rocks!

The ingredients were simple: fist-sized spirit beast's eggs to be joined with three different ingredients including spirit rice that looked like the crystal pearls, some glossing green leafy vegetables, and a block of full-energy spirit beast meat.

The ingredients weren't complex. With the premise of not being able to use the true energy to cook, those ingredients were suitable for their dishes.

"You can start now. You got the time that it takes for a joss stick to burn." The beautiful woman slightly shook her body, which made her round breasts bounce as if they were about to jump out. Her red lips parted as she spoke.

Hearing her, after a moment, everybody moved, dashing toward the cooking ingredients. Shortly, they had picked almost all of the raw food. The spirit beast meat wasn't much. The chefs had to vie for it.

Of course, the spirit beast meat would taste much better than the spirit rice and vegetables. Those people who got the spirit beast meat held excited smiles on their faces. On the other hand, those who couldn't have the meat looked a little dejected.

Jun Qingxiao and Bu Fang didn't hurry, so they didn't have many options when they arrived there. Bu Fang threw Jun Qingxiao a glance, with his face still emotionless. Jun Qingxiao looked hesitant. He observed for a while, then chose the spirit rice.

"Only a part of spirit rice and spirit veggies left..."

Bu Fang nodded, taking the last pieces of the cooking ingredients. It was some sort of leafy vegetables with shining green radiance. It looked really fresh and its spirit energy level was also high.

"I will cook Egg-Fried Rice... But I'm not sure my dish could beat theirs." Jun Qingxiao exhaled. He checked Bu Fang, then walked to his stove.

Egg-Fried Rice?

Bu Fang pulled the corners of his mouth upward, then returned to his stove.

Around him, the others were bustling about with their woks.

Bu Fang's hand waved and he took out a woolen rope from his system storage. He tied his hair up and then exhaled gently.

"Do not use true energy... Oh I miss this feeling."

A moment later, Bu Fang wielded his hand and the kitchen knife on the fine iron stove fell into his hand, spinning and releasing a radiance.

With flashes of light from his knife, Bu Fang cleaned the spirit vegetables and cut them into cubes. The green juice oozed, bringing about a slightly bitter flavor. He took out a porcelain bowl, and the egg was moved around Bu Fang's flexible fingers for a while. Then, he knocked it on the bowl.

After a swift "swish", the egg fluid fell into it.

Without using true energy, Bu Fang held the bowl and used the chopsticks to stir the egg.


Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The aroma of food surged vigorously. The chefs had come to the finishing stage of their dishes.

The old man squinted, clasping his hands. Taking in the fragrance that filled the air, his face turned ruddy.

"I'm waiting with great expectation." The old man beamed.

Eventually, the joss stick burned down. The old man rose his hand. A wave of energy expanded from him, leaving almost everybody shaken. A moment later, everybody stopped cooking. They had finished their dishes.

"Okay... Time's up. The challenge has ended. Let me taste the dishes that you cooked with those simple ingredients."