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 Fire Control Challenge?

Bu Fang was surprised. The next challenge would be on fire control. It was the first time Bu Fang took such a test.

Many people would think that controlling the actual flames wouldn't be a big demand for a chef. Controlling the duration and degree of the heat would be more important.

However, Bu Fang deemed that if someone couldn't control the flames, how could they control the duration and degree of heat?

The old man clasped his hands and continued to move forward. The stiff-faced man and the beautiful woman followed him, walking away.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

They left the kitchen shortly.

Everybody followed them to another room.

This room was special. It wasn't another kitchen as Bu Fang had imagined. It seemed to be a closed space, which was really hot.

The high temperature had scared some people.

At the moment Bu Fang entered the room, he could feel the hot air moving around. This burning heat surprised him, but it also gave him a familiar feeling.


A Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame?

The Fire Control Challenge would use a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame to test them?

It was worth the reputation of the Valley of Gluttony: they were rich and overbearing!

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was something one could meet by chance, not by demand. Bu Fang was really lucky to get the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame. The Valley of Gluttony used them to test the contestants... Even the Pill Palace couldn't afford that.

The old man still walked upright with his hands clasped behind his back. People followed him, with faces full of curiosity.

Shortly, they came to a high platform. Thirty people who had passed the previous challenge gathered around it.

The stiff-faced man looked at the crowd, talking casually, "In the Fire Control Challenge, you will be asked to control the flame. Of course, this flame isn't something ordinary. The stronger the flame is, the more spirit energy and better fragrance your dishes can have. It can promote the best of your food. However, it's more difficult to control the strong flame.

"It's also the reason why we set up the Fire Control Challenge."

The beautiful woman scanned the group, then continued the stiff-faced man's topic. "This challenge will use the flame provided by the Valley of Gluttony. It's what you should be concerned about. This flame is very hot."

The stiff-faced man nodded to the woman then walked to a corner.

Shortly, something boomed. It seemed that something had just been opened up. The entire place was lit up, as if it was a lantern with burning fire inside.

At the center where they gathered, a cluster of red flames shot up into the air, burning furiously. A scorching hot temperature filled the room.

Everybody was startled, trying to retreat.

"This is the diluted Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. Although its power isn't as strong as the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, and its heat isn't as hot as the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, it's the tool to test you guys this time," said the woman.

She came to the flame and rose her hand to cover it in midair.

A moment later, the air surged.

The flame revolved, illuminating her face in a red light.

Boom! Boom!

The fiery flame burned harder, releasing intensive heat. However, a moment later, the flame was pressed down, becoming like a little kitten.

"What you need to do is to control the flame. Each of you has the time of drinking half a small cup of tea. I hope you can do your best." After speaking, the woman returned to stand by the old man.

No doubt that the old man was also the judge of this challenge.

Facing the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, even though it wasn't the real one, everybody looked stern.

It was understandable to ask alchemists to control the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, but they were chefs! In which given circumstance they needed to control such a furious flame? The functions of the flames to them were just to heat up and cook the ingredients well.

Regarding the kind of flame it was, it wasn't really important.

"The first contestant..."

The woman didn't mind the others' mood, calling their names directly.


Bu Fang wore an odd face when he saw the red flame. Although it was burning hot, to Bu Fang, it wasn't really threatening. Anyway, he got a real Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame in his body.

Jun Qingxiao shivered while walking toward the flame, reaching out his slender hands.

The flame dashed toward him. After a boom, his face turned extremely ugly.

"So hot..." muttered Jun Qingxiao.

However, he just said that, but his hands never ceased moving. As his energy was expanding, the flame was under his control. It quietly melted like a cute kitten.

After a moment, Jun Qingxiao's facial expression changed. Instantly, the flame rose high.

Boom! Boom!

The flame rolled, surging like an enraged beast.

"Good... You can descend now." The old man interrupted Jun Qingxiao's Fire Control test, talking directly.

Jun Qingxiao was surprised, climbing down the platform.

Bu Fang nodded. He didn't think that Jun Qingxiao could control the flame skillfully like that. He had surprised people, indeed.

"Worth being Old Cui's disciple. That old man must have taught the kid how to control the flame..."

The old man with the handlebar mustache grinned as he looked at Jun Qingxiao leaving. A moment later, his eyes turned to Bu Fang.

"You're up." He told Bu Fang gently. He didn't know why he didn't get used to seeing this kid.

"Finally, it's my turn... I'm really in a hurry." Bu Fang walked out of the crowd, talking with an emotionless face. This time, no one dared to ridicule him. Bu Fang's knife skill had convinced most of them. God knew what else this kid got.

"In a hurry? Then try to get it done as quick as you can..."

The corners of the mouth of the old man arched as he eyed Bu Fang.

Bu Fang rose his brows, walking to the flame. After the flame was diluted, its power was reduced massively. To Bu Fang, it wasn't really challenging. He rose his hand, covering the flame.

From a distance, the stiff-faced man saw Bu Fang standing in front of the flame. He pressed his lips and sent his true energy to the formation in front of him.

Boom! Boom!

The flame in front of Bu Fang burst furiously and directly! The flame rose higher in the sky.

Everybody was startled, hurrying to back off.

Bu Fang's face was unconcerned. His Vermillion Robe slightly swayed as it released a layer of energy to separate him from the heat.

"If you're in a hurry, take action now. If you can press down that furious flame, you'll pass. What do you think?" said the old man.

The flame at this moment had an extremely high temperature, which was almost as fiery as the real Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. Ordinary people couldn't endure that kind of heat, and they weren't strong enough to control that flame.

Bu Fang glanced at the old man.

People surrounding him paled.

Jun Qingxiao's face reddened. The Sixth Elder was aiming at Bu Fang again.

"Okay," answered Bu Fang. "You may release the real Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. This thing isn't straightforward enough," added Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's words surprised everybody else. The beautiful woman was perplexed, and the rigid-faced man was bewildered. The old man squinted, looking at Bu Fang with the corners of his mouth arching... Interesting characteristic.

He rose one hand, waving at the stiff-faced man.

When the stiff-faced man got the signal, he was somewhat anxious. The array moved and the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was fully released.

Boom! Boom!

The high platform seemed not able to endure such a high temperature. It was about to melt.

The transformation of the flame and the tremendous heat made people move backward.

Although they weren't weak, the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was really a threat to them.

Bu Fang's hair fluttered. The flame hissed and roared like an enraged beast that showed its fangs to Bu Fang, who in turn looked at the flame. The scarlet flame was reflected in his eyes.

Not bad! This is enough!

After a moment, Bu Fang chuckled. His mental energy torrentially flowed like water.

Rumble! Rumble!

As his mental energy pressed on the flame, Bu Fang thought he heard some roaring. The flame resisted Bu Fang's mental energy, struggling hard and burning down every wisp of his mental energy that came near.


Bu Fang was surprised. He didn't expect the flame to be so furious like that.

The beautiful woman sneered, watching Bu Fang. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, which showcased her stunning curves.

However, at that moment, people were all concentrating on Bu Fang.

How could a chef control the fiery Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame? If Bu Fang were an alchemist, he could try once.

Bu Fang was trying to probe it. His mental energy shot like a lance, thrusting into the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. He took long steps, slowly approaching.

After a moment, everybody gawked and dropped their jaws. They had to take a deep breath immediately!

"This boy is crazy!"

"My God... What am I watching? What the heck is that?!?"

"Huh? Is he really human? "


People shuddered because they were watching something they would never forget.

The old man with the handlebar mustache and the beautiful woman were dumbfounded.

Bu Fang walked to the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, with both of his hands reaching out. His surging mental energy had to struggle a lot to suppress the flame.

Press it... Press it...

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was slowly shrinking.

Eventually, it became a fiery fireball, full of scorching power.

However, what made people really shudder was the next scene.

Bu Fang tucked his tongue out, licking his lips, and his eyes were hot. Then, he shoved the compressed Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame fireball into his mouth.

Shoving it into his mouth...

Everybody quieted down, followed by an uproar.

Holy sh*t!

That fellow could eat... fire?

Okay, not only eating fire, he actually ate the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame? The flame that could tear people's bodies apart?

And, more importantly... at the moment that fella ate the flame, why did he have to make such an excited face? Was it really glory to eat the fire? Was it really happy to eat it?

It would burn him!

The old man's hand trembled. He had almost plucked his boastful curved ends of the mustache.

Bu Fang had shocked him, indeed. He had shoved the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame into his mouth... Since times immemorial, only this kid could do that?

Would he die? Even though he was in a hurry, he didn't need to eat the flame... The brutal Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame would burst him open!

Everybody stared at Bu Fang, waiting to see the flame rip him apart.

However, after a long moment of silence...


Bu Fang parted his lips to let out a wisp of smoke and a burp as though he was really full.