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 The woman swayed, walking in the lead. Following her was a bunch of chefs who continually gulped their saliva.

Of course, there were some who acted naturally and seemed not interested in that woman.

Walking through a door, the delicious smell of food came to them. The room in front of them turned spacious immediately. The extremely large first floor had turned into a giant kitchen with rows of stoves and stations. There were chefs cooking busily at each station.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After each dish was finished, it was carried away.

They saw a chef covered in sweat who looked totally exhausted.

Many people became skeptical. They couldn't help but ask the woman.

"Why he's still cooking? The diners must have finished already, right? Or are they still eating? How many of them are still eating..." sighed someone.

The woman turned her head, showing the beautiful side of her face. She looked at the sweating chef, covering her mouth to let out gentle laughter. "The Glutton God's Banquet has many feasts. That chef's in charge of one table. It's truly a food festival, then. Of course, he can't rest yet."


Everybody took a deep breath as they felt sorry for that chef. The others just needed to cook a dish, and this chef had to cook a dozen... Really terrifying. No wonder why he looked so exhausted. Everybody thought that if they had to do the same, they would be knocked out. One should know that cooking not only wore out the physical strength but also the true energy. Once the chef didn't have enough true energy, it would create internal fatigue. That kind of fatigue was really hard to treat, and it would affect their conditions a lot.

Bu Fang clasped his hands behind his back, slowly following the crowd. He also watched the rows of chefs cooking continuously. It was the first time he saw such a giant kitchen. That kind of bustling ambience was enough to make people admire the Valley of Gluttony. It wouldn't have become the holy-land of chefs for nothing.

The kitchen had so many people walking back and forth.

Bu Fang naturally heard the woman's words. A food festival?

He pouted. He wouldn't indulge the greedy gits.

Lord Dog and Nethery were the big foodies. Every time they asked Bu Fang to cook more, Bu Fang denied righteously. Thus, Bu Fang thought that the chef was a little dumb.

Walking through the buzzing cooking area, Bu Fang and the others entered another area, which was quite quiet and empty.

The woman stopped walking and turned around to look at the crowd.

"This place will host the first challenge of the contest, the Knife Skill Challenge!" The charming woman said smilingly. Her beautiful face bloomed with a dazzling smile.

Almost all the chefs there were dazzled.

"Only thirty people will be chosen after the Knife Skill Challenge. I hope you guys will perform your best to get a slot," said the woman.

Then, she took one step backward.

Standing a little afar from them, the old man with the handlebar mustache clasped his hands, watching quietly. The rigid-faced man stood behind him emotionlessly.

"Find your position. I will provide the kitchen knife and the ingredients..." announced the woman.

Listening to her, the chefs hurried to find their stove.

The stiff-faced man snapped his fingers, aiming at the beautiful female chef. A feeble sound arose in her ears. The woman was a little bewildered. She turned to look at the old man with a mustache, smiling with a nod.

A moment later, the woman strode forward, with her body swaying through each stove.

As she was passing each station, she waved her hand and radiance would sparkle. Afterward, a blue kitchen knife and the ingredients would appear.

They were the materials for this Knife Skill Challenge. A blue kitchen knife and white jade radishes.

"Everyone will have one kitchen knife and three white-jade radishes. Within the shortest time, you should carve the radishes the best you can. We will grade and the ones we approve will get to the next round," said the woman.

While talking, she was delivering the kitchen knives and radishes.

Eventually, she walked to Bu Fang. Looking at his calm makings, the woman gave a slight grin.

Bu Fang glanced at her skeptically. A moment later, the woman rose her hand and a blue kitchen knife with some black stripes arose together with three dwarfish white-jade radishes.


Bu Fang furrowed his brows. With his experience, at first glance, this kitchen knife was the worst there. The lines of formation on its were uneven, and the knife's material wasn't good, either.

This woman... Did she want to mess with him?

Did she deliberately do that to him? She gave him a scrap of a knife, and also undersized radishes. Naturally, compared to the other meaty radishes, his were so much worse.

Bu Fang lifted his head to glance at the woman, with his eyes focused.

The woman beamed at him, nodded and turned around to walk away.

"Good! You can start now. You have the time of burning one joss stick to show your knife skills."

The woman stretched her slender creamy finger, rubbing her red lips and smiling.


Bu Fang furrowed his brows. He didn't know why that woman wanted to aim at him... Anyway, it would be good to be aimed at. It was good to finish that early! He was in a hurry!

Thus, Bu Fang wasn't really bothered with that. He wielded his hand and the blue kitchen knife with some faint black stripes fell into his hand.

The knife moved, releasing dazzling blue light.

Bu Fang played with the knife, and his mouth twitched. The radishes and the knife were trashy enough. It didn't feel comfortable when he grabbed the knife, anyway.

Jun Qingxiao had his eyes on Bu Fang all that time. He didn't expect that the senior would give Bu Fang a trashy knife and those ingredients... Did she deliberately do that?

Somewhat excessive...

"Do you need to exchange one white-jade radish of mine?" Jun Qingxiao discreetly talked to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was very surprised, and his face turned more tender. "No need, I'm in a hurry."


Jun Qingxiao was speechless. Hurry your sister! With this sort of broken radishes, how could you win?

He turned away as he thought his good intention was regarded as an evil one. He snorted then began to seriously consider his cooking material. He focused wholeheartedly. The kitchen knife spun in his hand. A moment later, it slashed down!

Pop! Pop! Pop!

The white-jade radish let out soft sounds. Pieces of radishes flew everywhere. No voices were heard in the room. Everybody was grabbing their kitchen knives and dealing with their white-jade radishes.

The woman came to the old man with the handlebar mustache. She slightly bowed to him and stood behind him.

"Teacher, why do we have to make things difficult for that kid?" the woman asked skeptically as she didn't understand.

The rigid-faced man threw her a glance, talking unconcernedly, "That kid isn't a chef of the Valley of Gluttony. I didn't find his profile in our database. Perhaps he's from the outside."

A chef from the outside?

And he dared to join the 100 Chefs Championship? That young man did have the guts...

"A chef from the outside dares to come here. Of course, he got some talent. He's not ordinary... It's a test to him. If we let him enter the 100 Chefs Championship that easily, our Valley of Gluttony's reputation would be ruined," the old man clasped his hands, looking at Bu Fang and talking casually.

Soon, his eyes became focused, and his pupils shrank. Taking a deep breath, his boastful, curved-end mustache twitched.

The evilly beautiful woman and the stiff-faced man looked at the old man's expression and became suspicious. They followed his line of sight, and then, they also took a deep breath.

Knife radiance sparkled continually as skillful knife techniques were performed there. An overbearing aura was diffusing at that spot. That invisible overbearing aura made people surprised and somewhat terrified.

The woman's seductive eyes gawked. She parted her lips and had to rise her delicate hand to cover her mouth in surprise.

The stiff-faced man's nostrils enlarged, with his eyes concentrating.

"This kind of knife skill..."


Bu Fang stroked the blue knife with an indifferent face. He spun it in his hand. After a while, he grabbed it and eyes his gaze.

A moment later, the knife in his hand moved, patting horizontally on the radish and sending it into the air.


Blue light slashed as if it could tear the sky. An aura shot out from behind him.

Instantly, the white-jade radish revolved in the air. After a "swish" its skin was peeled off.

Bu Fang studied the white-jade radish as he was imagining what shape he should carve.

The three white-jade radishes he got were dwarfish and they didn't even have similar shapes. They were actually trash. However, Bu Fang didn't mind.

He got an image in his mind already.

Bu Fang pressed his lips together with the image in his mind.

He grabbed the spinning knife, and the radish in the air stopped moving, falling. He extended his knife and caught the radish.

The knife tip moved and pieces of radish meat flew everywhere.



Jun Qingxiao carefully placed his kitchen knife down and wiped the sweat on his forehead. Adoring his work, he looked satisfied.

This time, he had done much better than his usual performance. Knife skill wasn't something he was good at, but his skill wasn't bad under the effort his teacher spent on him. His teacher told him that knife skill was the foundation of a chef. He must master such skill.

In front of him was a realistic white-jade blooming flower. The petals were as thin as a cicada's wings that could be broken by the slightest touch. It could be passed as an authentic one. Furthermore, he didn't use much time to carve this flower. It was around half of the joss stick, though.

This record was neither slow nor fast.

He wondered what kind of product that young chef could do. With that trash ingredient and kitchen knife, it would be very difficult for him to finish the work.

Jun Qingxiao lifted his head to check. Indeed, the joss stick had burned just halfway. Around him, the other chefs were concentrating on their masterpieces.

Of course, there were some chefs that had finished their works. Their eyes met through the air.

Indeed... My teacher was correct. Chefs in the Valley of Gluttony were all excellent chefs!

The Valley of Gluttony has so many chefs, so many excellent ones. He couldn't be too arrogant.

Jun Qingxiao nodded to himself then turned to Bu Fang.

He wanted to see what Bu Fang had done. If it were really difficult to Bu Fang, he could give Bu Fang his knife. Anyway, he had finished his work.

However, when he turned to Bu Fang, he found Bu Fang was balling himself on a chair that came out of nowhere. The man had his eyes closed as if he was sleeping.

"What the... Did he give up?"

Jun Qingxiao felt a twinge in his liver...

"You... You..." Jun Qingxiao looked at Bu Fang, but couldn't finish his sentence.

Bu Fang opened his drowsy eyes, glancing at Jun Qingxiao. He yawned, "You guys are too slow. I'm in a hurry..."

What? You are in a f*cking hurry?!?

Bu Fang's words left Jun Qingxiao dumbstruck. After a moment, he suddenly recalled something so he turned to see Bu Fang's station.

In front of his eyes was a jewel. It felt like an ancient brutal alligator opened its mouth to bite him!

"An... What the heck?!"