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 "Oh, you really want to participate?" The chef was very surprised. He had never thought that this young chef would want to join. Didn't he know that the Glutton God's Banquet competition was... very frightening?

Bu Fang glanced at the chef who was skeptical. He couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth.

"You don't need to be skeptical. Just lead the way. I'm in a hurry."


The chef was somewhat speechless when he heard that. All of a sudden, he recognized that the young man in front of him was a little crazy.

You? In a hurry? You think that it's easy to pass the contest?

The chef didn't say anything, just staring at Bu Fang for a while. Then, he gave a meaningful smile and turned around to lead him.

Bu Fang's Vermillion Robe fluttered as he followed the chef. The two of them, one after another, stepped into the Glutton God's Building.

The Glutton God's Building was really big with around ten floors. Each floor was packed with the native residents of the Valley of Gluttony. The walls of the building were made of some unknown crystal material. Through the walls, Bu Fang was surprised when he saw those residents with their frantic faces and excited eyes. They were crazy about the one hundred chefs inside the Glutton God's Building.

"Did you see that... If you want to show your talent in the contest, you have to face those crazy fans. Will you be scared?"

The chef walking in front of Bu Fang seemed to feel his curious look, talking to Bu Fang while smiling.


Bu Fang was bewildered. His dictionary didn't have the word "scared".

"Don't talk much. Pace up. I'm in a hurry."

The chef became sluggish, and his face reddened. This young man... What a mindless person he was! Can't we just talk a little?!

"Okay okay okay, you don't have time. Yeah..." The chef shook his head, panting with rage.

Bu Fang's corners of the mouth rose indifferently. He turned to watch through the walls and the crowd of crazy people. He saw what was the so-called Top 100 Chefs Challenge.


Bu Fang squinted as he seemed to spot a familiar figure.

"Is that Zhou Tong? He also takes part in it?" Bu Fang mumbled.

The ears of the chef leading him moved. He shot Bu Fang an astonished look.

"You know Chef Zhou Tong! Chef Zhou Tong's background may be out of the ordinary. He's the favorite disciple of our Valley of Gluttony's Great Elder. His cooking talent is so amazing. He just returned several days ago and went on secluding cultivation. When he got out, he had reached the first-grade level! He used to be extraordinary, and now he's even more extraordinary!" appraised the chef.

"You shouldn't talk, just lead the way. I don't have much time left," said Bu Fang.

Pfft... The chef felt as though an invisible arrow had just darted toward his chest, got through and turned around. It was so irritated he wanted to cry.


The chef's chest thrust inward and outward. Eventually, he sighed and turned around to continue their way.

A moment later, they came to an ancient-style wooden door.

The door was really old with some cravings of patterns, which were somehow mysterious, dragging people's minds into them.

"Ah... Are those patterns some sort of formation?" Bu Fang arched his brows and asked himself.

"You got keen eyes. Those lines on the door were created by our Valley of Gluttony's Blacksmiths... Actually, they wanted to carve them on the kitchen knives, but the Grandmaster got the idea and put them on the door." The chef did have a good hearing. He turned and answered Bu Fang.

"Carved on the door... What can they do?"

The chef was speechless... God knows what they could do!

"Okay, alright, you shouldn't talk, just lead the way," said Bu Fang with a sigh.

The chef wanted to cry. He did think about it. "We're here, kiddo!"

Bu Fang smoothly "ahed" then pushed the door, getting in.

"Hey... Kid, you just walk into the room like that?" The chef was dumbstruck. Then, he paled, trying to stop the other. However, he was late. Bu Fang had pushed the door and stepped into the room.

This kid was really in a hurry?

When Bu Fang pushed the door, a light fragrance came to his nostrils. That fragrance made his eyes narrow. A moment later, he opened his eyes wide, and everything became clear in his vision. Everything in front of him was clear, and he saw many things.

Many eyes were gazing at him. So many people in different shapes. A man was holding two kitchen knives, clanking rhythmically and sonorously. Another man held a spirit beast, eyeing it. And, a strange man was holding a black pot on his head, trying to balance it.

As Bu Fang entered the room, he surprised the others, making them shoot looks at him.

"Hahaha... My senior fellows, excuse us. We're here to join the contest. Please assist us." The chef then seized the time to get into the room, bowing to apologize to the other chefs. His face was twisted.

"Pst... You're a third-grade chef, and you dare to join this contest? Who gave you the courage?"

A man with some scars crossing his face snorted disdainfully. He glanced at the chef, then smirked.

"I... I'm called Jun Qingxiao, please give me some advice!"

Jun Qingxiao, the chef that led Bu Fang there, had his face blushed and cramped, talking with a bowed head.

"Hah! I think it's funny." A beefy man covered in muscles slowly got up. His hands were stroking a snake-like spirit beast that was fuming cold air. The snake's head was luminous, reflecting light.

"A third-grade chef and... someone that isn't even a third-grade chef yet... Are you here to amuse us? Do you really think that you can come here just to have fun in this contest? These uneducated, young chefs... I think I have to beat them up to show them that it isn't easy to match equally with a chef."

After the sturdy man talked, instantly, the entire room burst into loud laughter. Someone had laughed so much that tears rolled down his face.

Jun Qingxiao was both embarrassed and indignant as he saw people laughing at him.

"I... I believe I can do that! My teacher told me I can do it!" Jun Qingxiao tightened his fists, encouraging himself.

Bu Fang threw him a glance, with his mouth twitching.

Scanning his eyes around the crowd of chefs with different expressions, he reached his hand to pat Jun Qingxiao's shoulder. Then, he stepped forward.

"Hey... Hasn't the contest started yet? I'm in a hurry."


Jun Qingxiao, who thought he was receiving Bu Fang's encouraging pat, heard his words and almost vomited blood.

Bro... Brother. Are you really in a f*cking hurry?

Bu Fang's words had ceased the laughter in the room. Everybody now gazed at him. Some of them sneered. Cold hostility shot out from the crowd's eyes. People snorted in disdain...

"You little ill-bred chef, do you think this is your kitchen? In a hurry? Hurry to go home and get some breastfeeding?"

The bald man who was rubbing the cold snake patted his own head, talking coldly. The people around also booed and taunted correspondingly.

Bu Fang's emotionless appearance gave them the impression he was arrogant, which irritated them a lot. What are you? Dare to be haughty here? Do you think you're the Masterchef on the Tablet of Gluttony?

Jun Qingxiao's face grew a grimace. He pulled Bu Fang's sleeve, signaling him to retreat.

However, Bu Fang acted as if he felt nothing.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

While the atmosphere in the room was at daggers drawn, the door squeaked opened. Three figures slowly walked into the room.

Walking in the front was an old man with handlebar mustache. His eyes lazily scanned through the crowd in that big kitchen.

Following him were a man and a woman. The man wore a solemn face, and his appearance was like that of a stiff corpse. The woman looked evilly beautiful with fiery-red lips and seductive eyes. Her voluptuous breasts pushed her chef coat forward.

The three of them walked into the room, which also changed the air there.

"All the contestants are here, right? Anyone who comes later is not qualified to join. You little mischievous kid, follow me." The old man with handlebar mustache had his jaw tremble when he talked.

The chefs in the room straightened their postures and respectfully nodded to the old man.

This old man was actually the Valley of Gluttony's Sixth Elder, Elder Tuan.

"This contest isn't limited to people of a certain culinary skill. However, if your culinary skill level is too low, you will cause trouble. Ladies and gentlemen, please assess yourselves. If you are kicked out of the Glutton God's Building and become a laughingstock, don't blame us for not warning you earlier," said the stiff-corpse-faced man.

Hearing him, everybody shivered.

Then, their eyes moved, falling on Bu Fang and Jun Qingxiao, who were standing near the entrance.

Jun Qingxiao was... a third-grade chef.

Bu Fang... A chef that wasn't even a third-grade chef.

These two had the biggest possibility to be thrown out of the Glutton God's Building. With this sort of competence, they would come last in this competition. Especially the fellow that said he was in a hurry...

"Good. Follow us, all of you. Our contest is simple. Nothing's complicated..." said the voluptuous and extremely charming woman. Her cute soft voice had softened people's hearts.


Many people had lustful eyes as they saw the woman's hot figure. Their Adam's apple moved. After a moment, the woman turned around, swaying her body while moving.

The mustached outrageous old man didn't move, neither did the stiff-faced man.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The chefs in the room followed the woman, walking past the two of them.

Bu Fang and Jun Qingxiao strode after them.


When Bu Fang walked past the old man with the handlebar mustache, the super lazy old man's eyes batted as he turned to look at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang also looked at him. Their eyes met in midair.

Bu Fang's indifferent eyes made the old man surprised and bewildered.

Looking at Bu Fang and Jun Qingxiao disappearing, the old man had deep and profound eyes.

"What is that? Teacher?"

The man with his paralyzed face seemed to sense the old man's strange move, asking.

"That little chef... has a bold aura. Interesting... Can you check his profile?"

The stiff-faced man was perplexed. After a while, he took out a white jade talisman and poured his true energy in it. The jade talisman then showed a lot of profiles. Searching through his documents for a while, his stiff face turned serious.

"Teacher, there's no profile of that young man in our database. Perhaps he's not a chef from our Valley of Gluttony," said the man. "The other is called Jun Qingxiao. He's Old Cui's new apprentice."

"Old Cui's apprentice? Interesting... That bold young man isn't a chef of our Valley of Gluttony? Hah, even more interesting. Tell Lin Na to take care of that little chef. We, the Valley of Gluttony, can't fail in our hospitality."