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The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son helped himself to a sip of strong wine. The bitter flavor expanded on his tongue immediately. Trickles of wine fell from the corners of his mouth to the ground.

Sorrow flooded his eyes. He threw the tumbler on the table, trying to press down his agony.

Chi Ji sat cross-legged by the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son. She was dumbstruck when she heard him.

Lan Ji... was dead? How could it be?

Chi Ji was bewildered, looking at the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son. His wine was running from his tumbled glass, puddling the table.

She didn't know why she was chilled and mournful.

Lu Ji had been killed, and now Lan Ji was dead too... It was really horrible.

Checking the handsome side of the Saint Son's face secretly, she found him trying to suppress his flame of wrath.

Lan Ji was the maid the Saint Son liked the most because she was more mature and careful than Chi Ji and Lu Ji. Moreover, she was the most beautiful one. No wonder how sorrowful the Saint Son was when a maid like that died.

"Good... Little chef, good." The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son calmed down, recovering his face back to normal. He glanced at Chi Ji. She pulled herself together and served him a new tumbler full of wine.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son received the tumbler and gobbled it down. Right after that, the energy from his palm crushed the tumbler into powder.



The Sect Master of the Grand Barren Sect had his eyes bulged. He placed a dish aside, but his chest thrust inward and outward continually, and his face turned dark. He lifted his head, looking at the little girl across his table.

He didn't believe that the kid was still eating...

However, he was desperate. In fact, that kid was still eating a lot. And, more importantly, not only eating, she was eating happily. She didn't look full at all.

Ghosts knew what freak that little girl was!

She had eaten food enough for ten... Was she still human?

The amount of spirit energy in ten portions of food was enough to make an expert at the Peak of Divine Physique Echelon Realm explode, let alone a little girl like her.

The Grand Barren Sect's Master gasped, with his face as though he got constipation. His belly swelled like a big ball now.

He wanted to puke... The full belly irritated him a lot...

The experts around burst out laughing when they saw the Sect Master of the Grand Barren Sect. The best foodie, the Grand Barren Sect's Master, gave up. That little girl... What kind of monster was she?

Many people were very curious, gazing at her.

Feeling people gazing at her, the little girl lifted her head, and her shy face revealed that she was nervous.

"I... I'm full."

The little girl slowly placed the dish she had just picked up. She pouted, seemingly a little wronged. Everybody around looked speechless.

Are you full? Do you look like you're full?

Xiao Yue gave a reluctant smile. He tenderly rubbed the girl's head. Although he didn't know how she could eat that much, being able to eat was good fortune already.

"It's okay. If you want to eat, just eat. You don't need to mind the others," said Xiao Yue.

Hearing him, the little girl lifted her head, and her eyes were so bright that nothing could compare to them.


"Then why you are still pretending?" encouraged Xiao Yue.

The little girl was so excited that she turned to the lady in a chef coat immediately, asking enthusiastically, "Food enough for five more people, please."

Xiao Yue, "..."

The waitress, "..."

Everybody else, "..."

That little girl, could she be some pig's reincarnation? No, even if she were a pig, she couldn't eat that much.

More food arrived. Everybody watched the little girl putting food into her mouth. Look at her, she could even eat a corner of the sky!

All of a sudden, on a high platform, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son stood up. He slowly turned to see Xiao Ya, but his eyes looked cold and indifferent.

Xiao Yue was the first one who felt the murderous aura. The long sword on his back vibrated.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son walked away from the high platform, which was floating in the air. He stepped and walked on the void, heading to Xiao Yue's platform.

"Heavenly Spring's Saint Son... What do you want?" Xiao Yue's brows rose. At the moment the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was approaching his platform, he hissed.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son clasped his hands behind his back. His golden armor sparkled in the sky, which was slowly brightening. The invincible aura and imposing manner from him permeated everything.

"Give me that little girl," said the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son calmly. His target was that little girl because he had seen her before, and he knew that she used to accompany Bu Fang.

Today, two of his maids had died in Bu Fang's hands. How could he stay indifferent anymore? He wanted to make Bu Fang pay with his blood for this blood grudge.

Hearing him, everybody was dumbstruck.

This gluttonous little girl... She finally provoked someone?

Even the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son couldn't stand her... Did he want to stop this foodie?

It was unknown why, but someone suddenly exhaled in relief.

Xiao Yue stood up, facing the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son. Of course, he wouldn't let the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son take the little girl away. He had agreed with Bu Fang to take care of her carefully.

"What if I say no?" Xiao Yue's face was cold as if he could actually release cold mist.

Far from him, Liancheng was holding a tumbler full of wine and smiling. His finger gently knocked on his tumbler, throwing a glance at Xiao Yue, "Brother Yue, why do you have to offend the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son for a little gluttonous girl like that?"

Xiao Yue arched his brows, indifferently looking at Liancheng. "You. Shut up."

His words weren't polite at all. It was like a slap in Liancheng's face, which made his smile vanish instantly.

"You really want to court death yourself," said Liancheng.

"If you don't hand over the little girl, I won't care if you are a genius from the Heaven's Pivot Holy Ground or not. One word. Die."

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was trying to restrain his terrifying wrath, which had made his words full of murderous intention.

Xiao Yue shuddered inwardly. He knew that the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was serious. It wasn't like the previous time that he had aimed at Xiao Yue because of Liancheng. The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son wanted to deal with that little girl.

Why was that?

When did the girl offend the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son? Did the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son hold prejudice against gluttonous people? He didn't like foodies?

The long sword vibrated, buzzing continually. Xiao Yue grabbed the sword, with his sword energy arising.

"At your condition, I can kill you using only one finger. Do you really want to stop me?" The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son hovered upright, looking down at Xiao Yue and talking unconcernedly.

Liancheng watched the fun from a distance. Many people surrounding them didn't dare to breathe loud.

He was the Saint Son of a Holy Ground under the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. No one dared to offend him. Even the masters of the big forces didn't dare to sneeze now.

The experts of the first-class forces like Luo Danqing and the Master of the Grand Barren Sect could only observe. It wasn't convenient for them to join this dispute. Moreover... they didn't need to get involved for unwanted trouble.

All of a sudden, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's eyes shrank, looking over his shoulder.

In that area, a graceful body sat on a floating platform. Her slender fingers had sprayed some drops of wine, making a wind-tearing noise.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son rose his hand to stop the drops of wine. He looked at that area skeptically, "Why are you interfereing in this, Celestial Saintess?"

"When it's possible to let people off, you should spare them... Xiao Yue is an old friend of mine." Her pleasant voice arose. The Celestial Saintess said while admiring her exquisite wine bottle.

Everybody was frightened, taking in cold breaths. No one had ever expected that the Celestial Saintess was Xiao Yue's friend.

So, they knew each other?

More than that... Xiao Yue could make the Celestial Saintess save him. What was the relationship between them?

Liancheng's pupils shrank as he looked at that in disbelief...

Xiao Yue knew the Celestial Saintess? How could it be... He was just a country boy from a barren land! How could he know the Celestial Saintess?

Damn it!

If it was true... Xiao Yue should really die!

Liancheng looked dark, with his murderous aura rising.

Xiao Yue was a little bewildered too. He hadn't expected that the Celestial Saintess would help him. Was it because of that little girl?

"Alright, I won't touch Xiao Yue. Give me the girl, I will let go of the old things," said the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son.

"No way," Xiao Yue wielded his long sword, with sword energy still bursting.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son turned to study Xiao Yue, and his face was cold. Xiao Yue stared back at him, completely unafraid.

"Okay... I'll spare your life this time."

After a long moment, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son said coldly, then returned to his seat.

Xiao Yue exhaled in relief. His long sword returned to its scabbard.

He looked at the little girl and the little girl looked him using the eyes of someone who suffered an injustice.

I can eat a lot... It's not my fault.


It rained again.

Bu Fang slowly emerged in front of the cold and cheerless restaurant inside the Glutton God City. Lifting his head, he found the restaurant closed.

"Oh, the owner's not home. Is he going to the Glutton God's Banquet?"

Bu Fang walked along the long street and found many restaurants closed, too. Apparently, they had closed to join the Glutton God's Banquet. No doubt that Wenren Shang had gone to the Glutton God's Banquet.

Bu Fang exhaled lightly. If he wanted to find Wenren Shang to cook the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish, he had to go to the Glutton God's Banquet.

"So, I have to go then."

Actually, Bu Fang also wanted to join the Glutton God's Banquet.

The rain fell diagonally.

Bu Fang strolled in the rain, heading to the building where the Glutton God's Banquet was taking place. It was a brightly illuminated place, with beams of light shooting up into the sky magnificently and dazzlingly.