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 Boom! Boom!

The terrifying massive waves arose in the Sunset Lake. A horrible aura diffused everywhere.

Bu Fang ran madly with long strides. He had to run for his life. The invulnerability state of his Vermillion Robe had been used. If he got another slap, he would become like the maid of the Saint Son, Lan Ji. She has been smashed.

Thus, Bu Fang had to run as fast as he could. Gliding across the lake surface, he continually dashed forward. Gusts of strong wind burst the velvet rope he used to tie his hair, making his hair flutter.

Rumble! Rumble!

The Ancestral Alligator opened its mouth wider, roaring and hissing angrily. Its four legs moved really fast above the water surface. Almost instantly, it reached Bu Fang.


Around Bu Fang, countless Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish darted like the arrows with their open mouths, trying to bite and swallow him.

This Sunset Lake was so horrible. There were too many spirit beasts!

No wonder why even the people from the Valley of Gluttony didn't want to fish there. If they were careless and fished up an alligator, they would die unknowingly.

Bu Fang jumped high then dove directly into the water.

The Ancestral Alligator's claw came, and the entire lake surface exploded.

The alligator's giant eyeballs rolled, looking at a spot far ahead, where a figure got out of the water and continued to crazily dash on the water surface.


The alligator felt that tiny ant teasing it. It was furious!

Bu Fang got out of the water, took out the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and sent his true energy in it. The ancient Black Turtle Constellation Wok swelled up in the wind, turning into a giant pot that could shade the sky.


Bu Fang wielded the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, hitting it on the Ancestral Alligator's face.

The giant Ancestral Alligator didn't even blink. Its eyes moved as the murderous intention gushed from it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Bu Fang smacked his tongue. Alright... This big guy's really big. Tough and stink.

Bang! The Black Turtle Constellation Wok vanished.

Each of Bu Fang's hands held onto a Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish, and he sprinted. Then, after a jump to get farther away, he resumed his escape.

The shore appeared in his sight. Seeing it, Bu Fang accelerated.

Rumble! Rumble!

The Ancestral Alligator's claws patted, bringing chaos upon the entire Sunset Lake.

From a bird's view, it was a giant beast chasing after a tiny dot. The image made people breathless.

"This big-head is going too far... I just took a tiny piece of meat! Is it worth chasing after me like this?!?"

Bu Fang could feel the true energy in his body draining fast. His face turned slightly dark. Was it true that he was going to become alligator feces? It would be a little embarrassing then. All of a sudden, a loud thud echoed as if something had bumped into the wall.

The entire Sunset Lake seethed.

Bu Fang was surprised. He turned around and saw the Ancestral Alligator roll its eyes, bumping into an invisible wall. A big symbol appeared in the sky where thunderbolt whips elongated. The thunderbolt whipped on the Ancestral Alligator, leaving burning strips on its body!

The Ancestral Alligator's front claws clutched on the invisible wall, rolling its eyes and gazing at Bu Fang. The alligator's mouth, full of sharp teeth, showed its savage aura.

"A seal?"

Seeing that Ancestral Alligator was trapped, Bu Fang was surprised. He grinned as he exhaled in relief. He lifted his head, watching the giant Ancestral Alligator being lashed by thunderbolts.

The Ancestral Alligator was very irritated. It opened its mouth wider as if it wanted to swallow Bu Fang with one bite.

However, the Sunset Lake had a seal that imprisoned the alligator.

It was so furious that its tail continually sprang, hitting hard on the invisible wall. Fine cracks appeared densely on the wall.

Although the seal was shaking hard, the Ancestral Alligator couldn't break it. Bu Fang cocked his head and watched the Ancestral Alligator. He rose one finger, waving it several times to the alligator.

"Don't rush. One day, I'll come back here to see you. Of course... With the premise that your meat tastes really delicious," said Bu Fang casually.

Then, he turned around and left.

The Ancestral Alligator seemed to understand Bu Fang's words. Its scales fanned as it lifted its head and roared.

Actually, it was accumulating energy in its mouth.

Bu Fang was startled in fear when he heard the grumbling explosion. He turned around and saw the Ancestral Alligator open its mouth, shelling a light column which was full of furious energy. That light column hit the giant symbol hovering in the sky. It shook the symbol, but the thunderbolt whips still came afterward, barring the alligator.

The Ancestral Alligator had attacked for a while without a positive result. Then, it decided to leave. Another grumbling splashing noise echoed when the monster dove into the lake.

Strong waves were risen. However, they weren't restrained by the array as they towered over Bu Fang.

The waves sent Bu Fang to the shore. When he landed, he felt the true energy in his body empty. After putting the two Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish, which were as big as fat carps, into his system storage bag, Bu Fang sat down cross-legged.

He took out two hot Oyster Pancakes that has a mouthwatering smell, chomping down on them. After finishing the Oyster Pancakes, he felt his true energy recover relatively, and his face looked better.

"Hmm... I should go find Wenren Shang. I wonder what delicacy he can cook with the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish."

Bu Fang stood up, brushing the dust on his body. He turned and looked at the imposing Glutton God City.

At this moment, a white-silver hue was rising from the East. He hadn't noticed that the night was almost gone.


Inside the luxurious Glutton God City, the light was still on, which illuminated the sky. The bustling noise seemed neverending there.

Xiao Yue held a wine bottle. He hadn't poured wine for himself as he was gawking and dropping his jaw watching the little girl eat.

The waitress wearing the chef robe who served their table looked terrified, with her lips trembling.

"So many dishes... Is this little girl a monster? How can she eat a lot like that? Won't her stomach burst soon? Won't her body burst because of the energy from the food?" The girl in the chef robe looked numb as she had so many questions in her head.

Although the food was provided endlessly in the Glutton God's Banquet, it was just a saying. Would they really order and supply endlessly?

Normally, during the Glutton God's Banquet, some people could actually finish three courses at most.

However, today, this little girl had finished five courses already... And look at her, it seemed she could eat until the doomsday.

Xiao Yue was dumbstruck. He had assumed that this little girl could eat a lot, but he hadn't thought that she could each that much...

Was she the reincarnation of some hungry ghost? Was her real body a pig?

Shoving the last piece of delicious food into her mouth, Xiao Ya contentedly put the dish aside then turned to look at the girl in chef robe, showing her puppy eyes.

"Don't look at me like that... I'm scared." The girl was so scared that her little heart shivered. "Don't tell me that the kid still wants to eat more."

Xiao Yue sweated in embarrassment. She was the one Owner Bu had brought there. And she could eat a lot!

"Bring another portion, please..." Xiao Yue was reluctant. He couldn't do anything else than order more food.

The girl in chef robe rolled her eyes at Xiao Yue. He let her eat more... He indulges the little girl too much!

Xiao Ya felt really happy. She felt her stomach bottomless. As soon as she got a good bite, she wanted another one. She couldn't stop. And, taking in those delicacies, she felt so warm inside. This warm and cozy feeling made her eat more.

The female chef gulped, with sweat rolling down her forehead.

Right after that, she turned around, gliding away to ask someone to serve more food.

The situation over there had caught people's attention. Many people were very curious because almost all of them had finished their meals. No one would order more food.

However, only Xiao Yue's table was ordering continually.

The Master of the Grand Barren Sect had so many muscles in his body, which contained terrifying, explosive energy. He glanced at Xiao Ya, with the corners of his mouth twitching. He couldn't believe that a little girl could eat more than him. The Grand Barren Sect was specialized in training the bodies. Most of them ate a lot to have tremendous power. He couldn't believe that someone in this Glutton God's Banquet could actually surpass him in that matter. It made him somewhat unconvinced.

"Young lady! Bring me one more portion. I have to eat more!" said the Master of the Grand Barren Sect to the waitress serving his table.

His waitress, in the same chef robe as the other, was surprised. She nodded and flew backward, asking people to bring more food. A moment later, mouthwatering food was served.

Xiao Ya also got more food.

The Master of the Grand Barren Sect glanced at Xiao Ya and laughed. He stretched his arm to pick up the shiny food and shove it into his mouth.

Munch munch!

While eating, the Grand Barren Sect's Master was gazing at Xiao Ya as if he was competing against her discreetly.

Xiao Yue also caught the scene, and so did many other people. They thought it was interesting.

"Kid, kill him! Show him who can eat the most!" Xiao Yue didn't want to be polite to the Grand Barren Sect. When he was in the Southern Border, the experts from the Grand Barren Sect also came there and made the land their training grounds. They had trespassed the forces in the Southern Border as if they were just low ants.

If Xiao Yue hadn't experienced a lot of challenges to whet his characteristics, with his original hot temper, he would have greeted the Grand Barren Sect's Master with his sword.

And now, that Grand Barren Sect's Master had brought himself in. Let the little girl slap him in the face! Since the little girl was from Owner Bu's team, Xiao Yue trusted her!

The little girl was so satisfied when she eyed the table full of food, drooling. She didn't wait, just lifted a dish and opened her mouth to sweep the food in. Her powerful move made people gasp in surprise.

The Grand Barren Sect's Master also gawked...

How could that kid be so bold?


The Grand Barren Sect's master pounded the spirit beast's leg he was holding on the table. Then, he picked up the plate, sweeping food into his mouth.

He didn't believe that he, the Master of the Grand Barren Sect, couldn't eat more than a little girl! He had to prove... Who could eat the most!

Pouring two dishes full of food into his mouth continually, the Grand Barren Sect's Master had his nostrils enlarged, panting. His mouth was glossy with oil.

He was trying his best to chew and swallow, with his brows knitting together.

Gulp. Gulp.

He took a jar of good wine, pouring it directly into his mouth. The wine flowed down his neck.

"Good! Keep it up!" The Grand Barren Sect's Master swallowed the food in his mouth. He was very excited, bellowing. He continued to sweep more food into his mouth. However, right after that, he was surprised, because...


The little girl piled up another dish she had finished lashing clean. She exhaled and wiped her mouth contentedly. Then, she turned around to look at the chef at her table.

Did she finish?

The Grand Barren Sect's Master looked bewildered. Is this kid sick? She can eat more than me!

From a far distance, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son indifferently rose his tumbler. His eyes stopped by Xiao Ya, with his brows aching. He grinned as he looked somewhat pensive.

"That little girl... There is something odd about her."

All of a sudden, he was shaken. Then, he gobbled up his wine, with his eyes full of sorrow.

"Lan Ji... is dead! Damn it!"