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 The moonlight shone on the jet black scales, which sparkled some dazzling light dots of spirit energy. The sharp teeth were revealed, as bright as jade and with a brutal aura. As the jaw opened and closed, the air seemed to be twisted broken.

It was a spirit beast in an alligator shape. Bu Fang was sent into the sky by a water column, which helped him see the body of this giant spirit beast, that was taking over the entire place. The beast's tail sprang like a deadly-sharp long blade. When it swept across the air, it seemed able to cut even the void.

The hair on Bu Fang's nape rose. It was the first time he felt so chilled.

Lan Ji was already petrified. She slumped on the ground, with her soft body shivering.

Green Teeth Ancestral Alligator... It was a horrible beast recorded in the books. Legend said that the first master of the Valley of Gluttony had sealed it in that Sunset Lake.

After so many years, the beast came up again.

The Sunset Lake was packed with beasts, and it was a bottomless lake. Rumor had it that there were beasts that were even stronger than this Green Teeth Ancestral Alligator in the deep areas of the lake. Anyway, no one had ever seen them.

It was unexpected that they had bumped into the Ancestral Alligator there... Lan Ji felt somehow suffocated, with her entire body stiff. She didn't dare to move as she was afraid that the Ancestral Alligator would attack her all of a sudden.

If this beast wanted to kill her, it would be as easy as flipping a hand.

The Golden Armored Guards were already dumbfounded. They were watching the Ancestral Alligator that could shade the entire sky. One eyeball of the alligator was even bigger than their bodies. Their entire bodies shivered. The bodies inside the golden armor shook continually, which made the pieces of armor clang on each other.


All of a sudden!

The Ancestral Alligator opened its mouth, which was able to swallow the sky. In that glimpse of time, it seemed that even the clouds had lost their luster. Its horrible aura struck them instantly.

The Golden Armored Guards felt their souls had left them already.

It's the Ancestral Alligator, not the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish! The four of them could fight the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish, but it was pointless to struggle against this Green Teeth Ancestral Alligator. The real matter was whether they could escape or not.

They all felt their limbs stiff and numb, which hindered their mobility.


All of a sudden, a Golden Armored Guard had his feet like jelly. He couldn't control the true energy so he fell directly into the lake. With an aghast face, he struggled hard in the water...

He was so scared that his soul seemed to leave his body. He turned and swam, trying to get as far as possible to save his life.

Rattle... Rattle...

In the dark night, the water sounds echoed distinctively, which rose the hair on people's napes.

The other three Golden Armored Guards had their pupils shrunk when they saw the scene. Without a bit of hesitation, they stormed immediately, dashing across the lake toward the shore. However, the faster they ran, the heavier their minds became.

Despair flooded them.

They were in the middle of the lake... too far from the land.

The water column that supported Bu Fang disappeared. He fell from the sky, pounding on the Ancestral Alligator's head.

That low thud terrified Lan Ji.

Bu Fang stood up from the Ancestral Alligator's head, with his face still emotionless. He patted the Vermillion Robe, exhaling slowly.

Rumble! Rumble!

The Ancestral Alligator's body shook hard.

Right after that, the four Golden Armored Guards were bewildered while dashing away.

They found that the Ancestral Alligator began to swim, slowly approaching them. The Ancestral Alligator's eyes looked like lanterns in the dark night, which were actually gazing at its food.

The Golden Armored Guards wanted to cry... Could you not look at us like that? We're really panic-stricken.

Gurgle! Gurgle!

The water boiled up instantly. Right after a rumbling noise, the sky-towering mouth snatched over the four Golden Armored Guards. The four of them were so scared that they wanted to cry. Their aura burst out, shooting true energy into the sky. Soul ladders emerged above their heads.

However, their moves were no use, and they couldn't make the Ancestral Alligator hesitate.


Their true energy columns shattered. The four Golden Armored Guards were swallowed within one bite.

One of them wanted to run, but the sharp teeth grabbed him and crushed him into a mess of bloody crushed meat.

Crack... Crack... Crack...

The Ancestral Alligator slowly chewed and swallowed. The noises of bones colliding made Lan Ji, who was trying to get up on the back of the alligator, slump again.

Bu Fang thought he must run now... He wasn't strong enough to deal with this giant monster... Even though he got the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand, he had no hope in this. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife could subdue the spirit beasts... but, this bad big creature looked absolutely terrifying.

However, looking at the alligator with abundant energy in its meat, which was about to materialize, Bu Fang had an urge to cut a block of its meat to cook.

Thus, Bu Fang strolled several steps on the back of the alligator. Under the thick and hard scales was a kind of meat which was full of energy.

Bu Fang patted on the scales and felt them. The cold temperature made his hand almost freeze.

It was too cold.

The Vermillion Robe swayed, releasing a flow of warm energy, flowing to Bu Fang's palm to cure his stiff hand. After his hand could move again, the corners of his mouth arched upward. Right after that, green smoke fumed from his palm, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged.

The ancient-styled, shiny black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife shimmered in the dark night. Bu Fang whetted the knife skillfully, then grabbed it tight.

Not far from him, Lan Ji wore a dull face, looking at Bu Fang who had an excited face and a knife in his hand.

What did he want to do? Was he insane? What's that kitchen knife for??? This lunatic... This retard!

Lan Ji was aghast seeing Bu Fang rise his knife and aim at the Ancestral Alligator's meat. She couldn't believe it. She felt so horrible. Then, she turned around, running away!

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"He's insane! This lunatic wants to eat the Ancestral Alligator!"

Lan Ji didn't look elegant and calm anymore. And now, in her eyes, Bu Fang was a maniac... Who dares provoke the Ancestral Alligator! Who dares dream about the Ancestral Alligator's meat! Was it something ordinary people dare to dream of?

That little chef hadn't even reached the Divine Soul Realm... Yet he was aiming his knife at the Ancestral Alligator's meat! He wanted its meat!

"I heard the alligator meat isn't good. But this big buddy has too much spirit energy in the meat. I think it would taste good..."


Bu Fang believed in the sharpness of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. As soon as he cut it, the Ancestral Alligator's scale was cut out.

After removing the scale, Bu Fang immediately wielded his kitchen knife, sending his sufficient true energy into the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. The knife bloomed dazzlingly. In the gold light, it seemed a dragon was winding around the knife.

Right after that, the gold-dazzling knife was thrust into the Ancestral Alligator's flesh.

The Ancestral Alligator was chewing and swallowing. Immediately, it halted.

It's the silence before the storm! Lan Ji covered her mouth. She was on her edge of cracking. Bu Fang... was actually a lunatic!

Right after that, the Ancestral Alligator felt the pain. Its eyes shrank as it opened its mouth and roared. That roar made the entire lake surge, rising the bubbles and waves to the sky.

Lan Ji stood on the Ancestral Alligator's back. She trembled, then fell toward the water. However, she swayed in midair, stomped on the water surface and dashed away, with her blue dress fluttering.

At this moment, there was only a wisp of thought left in her head...


Run away from this nightmare!


Blood splashed. Bu Fang dug a large block of meat from the back of the alligator. The meat was fulgent with moving light. The essence and spirit energy seemed to materialize, moving on the meat.

"Good meat." Bu Fang appraised, then put the meat away.

All of a sudden, he felt the alligator shake hard, which sent him away, falling hard into the lake. The giant eyeballs gazed at him with the pupils as the best swords in the world. The Ancestral Alligator roared angrily at Bu Fang's face.

The terrifying roar had risen the harsh waves on the lake.

The fleeing Lan Ji was brought back by the big wave, accidentally falling next to Bu Fang. Seeing Bu Fang, she screamed ear-piercingly, trying to run like crazy without giving him a word.

However, at such moment, she couldn't run.

The Ancestral Alligator hissed and bellowed. It was really enraged. A claw snatched over with full force. The lake exploded as if it was alive.

Those two tiny ants were moving back and forth on its back! They didn't want to live anymore!

The alligator sprayed hot air from its mouth.

Lan Ji shivered, trying her best to duck that claw. She was almost petrified in that fright.

Bu Fang's body leaned to one side, dodging that claw.

If it caught them, even if they were on the lake, the Ancestral Alligator could still crush them into minced meat.

Rumble! Rumble!

However, the Ancestral Alligator had thrown itself into a frenzy, with its claws coming unceasingly.

Lan Ji gasped for her breath after evading those attacks. Her true energy was insufficient now. She was desperate.

Right after that, a shadow came over her head. She looked up and saw a savage giant claw cover the entire sky. Her face was dumbstruck.


The water bubbles rose up into the sky with the tinge of blood in them.

A blue ribbon flew out, flowing away with the water.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's maid, Lan Ji, was dead.

Bu Fang wore the Vermillion Robe. In the dark night, he looked like a shining lamp. The Vermillion Robe adjusted Bu Fang's aura. Even after dodging the attacks several times, Bu Fang was just panting lightly.

Suddenly, a terrifying force was generated. The water surface underneath Bu Fang was blown away.

Bu Fang's mind flickered, jumping forward.

Then, the giant claw appeared, splashing the lake water. The water bubbles shot up into the sky. Spirit beasts, fish and shrimps dashed away from the lake, striking toward Bu Fang as if they were all crazy.

Bu Fang arched his brows and raised his hand. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife arose, slashing once. He pierced through two fish at once.

"Eh? Aren't they the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish?"

Bu Fang looked at the two small spirit beasts that his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife had split apart. He was surprised as they looked familiar.

All of a sudden, right next to him, the storm rose again.

Bu Fang's hair rose, with his heart shivering.


A terrifying force whipped him, sending him away. The Ancestral Alligator had swung its tail and hit Bu Fang.

However, red light had surrounded the Vermillion Robe. A wave of energy shrouded him, saving him from the lethal attack of the Ancestral Alligator. The Vermillion Robe had an initiative function, which was an invincible state that lasted for some seconds. Without this invincible state, Bu Fang would have been ripped apart or broken by the alligator's tail. His body swayed once, and Bu Fang landed on the lake, which was a distance away from the Ancestral Alligator. Obviously, the alligator's tail had struck him far away.

Bu Fang glanced at the Ancestral Alligator that was flying across the lake, taking a deep breath.

Each of his hands held onto a Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish as he started to flee.

The Ancestral Alligator opened its mouth, roaring. It started to chase after Bu Fang with rising waves.