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 The lake water reflected the dark night sky, and thick mist hovered around like clouds.

After casting his fishing line into the lake, Bu Fang calmly waited for a fish to bite. He was standing completely still, motionless like a mountain.

At the spot where the hook with the bait had fallen, a little ripple spread out like a fluttering wave.


More ripples appeared, breaking the calm surface of the water. As the ripples collided with each other, little waves began to form.

At that point, Bu Fang's eyes opened slowly, and his hook dangled slightly.

Shadows slowly emerged from the thick mist, from all four directions, completely surrounding him.

Tap tap...

A drop of water fell onto the surface of the lake, and then complete silence returned.

A woman in a blue dress glided forward like a fairy. Her beauty almost seemed supernatural. She looked at Bu Fang expressionlessly.

"Who will save you this time? We're now at the center of the Sunset Lake; you can't escape," Lan Ji said.

However, Bu Fang said nothing and continued fishing quietly. The dark clouds above the lake began to scatter, unveiling a clear sky. Although it was still dark, the glittering stars in the sky could now be seen.

Tap tap...

The shadows slowly walked forward, and the sound of their feet meeting the surface of the lake broke the silence again.

The shadows belonged to four beefy Golden Armored Guards The huge weapon each of them carried on their backs made them look terrifying. Their weapons were also golden and emitted wisps of cold air. They all had faint smiles on the faces as they gave Bu Fang teasing looks. It had really been a hassle to kill this young chef. From the Valley of Gluttony to the Sunset Lake, this kid was good at moving.

Most importantly, he has been really lucky, receiving lots of help along the way.

Both Ouyang Chenfeng and Wenren Shang were first-grade chefs in the Valley of Gluttony. Not only were they good at cooking, but they were also really skilled at combat. They had both helped Bu Fang, so the guards could not attack him. Even if they had attempted to, it was very unlikely that they would have succeeded in killing him.

Hence, they had to bid their time and patiently wait for an opportunity.

Now, their chance had finally come. They never expected this stupid guy to venture to the center of the Sunset Lake alone.

The Sunset Lake was inherently dangerous, yet this guy had come there alone. Wasn't it suicidal? Look at what he was holding...

Lan Ji and the others almost began to question the man's sanity. Going fishing in the Sunset Lake, of all places, was just too funny.

Fishing in the middle of the Sunset Lake? No way! Only a few first-grade chefs dared to do this. Where did this kid gain the courage to go fishing in the Sunset Lake?

As there were no scary beasts coming now, a quick battle would be all that was needed to kill this brat. Since they were now of one mind, they momentarily exchanged gazes.

A storm began to brew. Gusts of wind brushed against the surface of the lake.

The Golden Armored Guards took out their huge weapons and swung them, temporarily suppressing the roaring wind. However, a horrifyingly huge wave was now rushing toward Bu Fang. The restless lake surface was now disturbed by more waves. The turbulent water rocked the small boat heavily.

However, Bu Fang remained standing upright, as firm as a mountain. His gaze shifted to Lan Ji, who was standing far from him.

Lan Ji's eyes remained cold.

"The Saint Son has issued an order for your head in order to worship Lu Ji with. You are definitely going to die," Lan Ji spoke coldly.

After she said that, the Golden Armored Guards rushed forward. As they trampled on the waves, their horrifying auras kept rising.

Bu Fang raised an eyebrow. Green smoke orbited his hand, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared, exuding a radiant light.

"Just a black wok! Let's see if I can smash your wok!" A Golden Armored Guard, whose muscular body bulged like a dragon's, rushed forward with a large golden ax. As soon as he reached Bu Fang, he swung the golden ax at the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The ax was so forceful; it was as though it intended to cleave through the heavens. It struck the Black Turtle Constellation Wok heavily.


The collision caused a loud bang, giving rise to even bigger waves.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok hovered above Bu Fang's hand, and the force of the previous collision pushed the small boat even further away.

The Golden Armored Guard's lips trembled. He had exerted all his strength on that strike, but he had failed to break the brat's black wok.

Was that really a wok?

His palms had gone numb. If it wasn't for the surging true energy in his body easing the numbness, he would have been unable to keep holding his battle ax.

Rattle... Rattle... Splosh...

The fishing rod trembled, and the spirit beast tendon line began to stretch.

Seeing this, the other Golden Armored Guards, who had intended to strike, felt their bodies go cold, and they began to tremble a bit. They took in breaths of cold air and watched the fishing line with great vigilance.

Although they considered Bu Fang an easy target, if the brat managed to attract horrible spirit beasts, it would be all over for their Valley of Gluttony.

Bu Fang was momentarily startled, but his eyes quickly lit up.

"Fish! I got a fish! Will it be the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish?" Bu Fang grinned. In his heart, he was hoping it would be. Immediately, true energy encased his hands, and he began to pull with all his might.

Seeing this, even Lan Ji could not help widening her eyes, with her cold countenance instantly disappearing.


The Glutton God City was brightly lit and its Glutton God's Building was huge and luxurious.

In the spacious square within the Glutton God's Building, everyone's eyes widened when the Elder who had donned a baggy arrived at the center of the square. Even those on the floating platforms looked shocked.

The Elder had white hair and brows. His body exuded a terrifying aura that unnerved everyone present, but it also prevented them from noticing his existence. It was indeed fancy.

With his hands clasped behind himself, the Elder walked forward slowly. As he walked, deafening sounds reminiscent of a morning bell and evening drums filled the square.

Everyone present earnestly listened to the sound, which seemed to contain a great sense of morality, causing some people to contemplate. Even the Saint Sons and Daughters nursed great admiration for this old man. This was because of his identity. He was the Great Elder of Valley of Gluttony, Chu Changcheng. He was a legendary old man who had attained a lot of glorious achievements.

Many Saint Sons of the holy places in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court also knew and greatly respected him.

The Elder was hunch-backed and senile, and this made many people also feel sad when they saw him. Even magnificent experts succumbed to age. The Elder's aged appearance made the Saint Sons and Daughters feel bitter in their hearts. Even an arrogant being like the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was very respectful in front of Chu Changcheng. With a wave of his sleeve, he rose from his seat.

"I'm very glad everyone can visit the Valley of Gluttony to attend the upcoming Glutton God's Banquet. I hope you all find your favorite dishes in the Valley of Gluttony; this way, everyone can be happy." After his speech, Chu Changcheng finally declared the feast started.

Immediately after, ladies donning chef robes flew in. Their fluttering long hairs and smiles made them resemble fairies. The dishes they carried soared toward the table of each guest, causing their eyes to widen.

Some dishes emitted icy blue mist, while some glowed brightly.

These dishes were all visually captivating, even in the dark, and they attracted the attention of the guests.

The high, floating platforms also had maids serving dishes onto them. After serving the dish, the maid would speak about the background of the dish, cooking skills, and the level of cooking of each dish. This made the experts somewhat excited.

So dishes had a unique way by which they must be eaten to maximize enjoyment, so they had to be verbally introduced to the guests.

The atmosphere in the square within Glutton God's Building was a harmonious one. Strong aromas of various dishes lingered in the air, and the sounds of an iron two-string being played filled the surrounding.

A woman was singing softly in a very pleasant tone of voice, like a nightingale.

Someone could be seen playing the two-stringed instrument on a platform. The melody was audibly captivating.

The high platform where Xiao Yue sat belonged to him alone. Xiao Ya was craning her neck to stare at the colorful dishes that had been served on their table. They made her drool.

"Eat, little girl. Owner Bu asked me to take care of you, so I'll have to feed you well. Just eat as much as you can, but no alcohol," Xiao Yue said with a smile as he ruffled Xiao Ya's hair.

He placed a steaming hot dish in front of her, and its pleasant aroma drilled into her nostrils, causing her stomach to growl.

Right after she took her first bite, the little girl lost control and began to sweep through all the dishes on the table.

Xiao Yue was calm at first. How much a little girl could eat?

His calm expression soon disappeared, though.

He stared at Xiao Ya in disbelief. The girl was like an abyss, sweeping through every dish on the table. The speed with which she ate caused him to sweat bullets.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After getting hold of himself, Xiao Yue could not help but laugh. It was quite fortunate that she could eat that much. He waved a waitress over and asked her to serve more food. An unlimited amount of food could be served at the Glutton God's Banquet. Everyone was free to order as much as they wanted so long as they could eat it.

This was the general rule of the Glutton God's Banquet.

However, not many people ordered a lot of food during Glutton God's Banquet. This was because the dishes were not ordinary; they were filled with spirit energy. Taking in too much spirit energy could make one's belly explode.

The waitress did not seem to mind the additional order, though. She flew away and returned soon afterwards with more food.

However, it was not long before Xiao Yue and the waitress went stiff again. This was because the little kid had already completely swept through the second serving of food.

When Xiao Yue's gaze shifted to the little girl's greasy lips, he could not help but laugh. Of course, how would someone from Bu Fang's team not be extraordinary? That kid didn't look special, but she was secretly a huge glutton. Xiao Yue now wanted to see just how much the girl could eat!

This was the Glutton God's Banquet, after all, so she could eat as much as she wanted!

He did not believe that a little girl like her could eat up a corner of the sky!

"Bring more food! Let's feed the kid! Hahaha!"

Xiao Yue ordered the waitress once more, then he raised his tumbler and drank more wine while laughing contentedly.