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 The Earthy Ugly Fish! This fish was as ugly as its name suggested. Its body was riddled with warts and fierce, sharp spines. Whenever it took a breath, a thick and sloppy liquid would ooze from its gills.

When Bu Fang closely examined the fish, he could not help but raise his eyebrows. This fish was so ugly that no one would want to eat it.

However, since this fish was bait for the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish, it was not unwanted.

Bu Fang twirled the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, then he quickly cut apart the ugly fish. Not too bad; that fish was somewhat like the ones in his previous world! Although the fish was ugly, the texture of its meat was extremely delicate. The meat also gave off a nice smell.

This explained why the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish would eat the ugly fish. As it turned out, the quality of the ugly fish's meat was excellent, making it really good food.

Bu Fang tied a piece of the meat to the tip of the fishing hook; after that, he gently exhaled. The preparations were finally completed.

With the fishing rod and the remaining bait on his shoulders, Bu Fang walked back toward the Sunset Lake.

The sky gradually became darker, and the downpour continued. It was unknown when it would cease.

Bu Fang held the fishing rod and faced the vast and turbulent lake. The wind blew at his long hair and feathered robe, causing the latter to flutter wildly. Bu Fang was not wet, however. The raindrops were stopped by an invisible force before they could land on him.

With a wave of his hand, a black shadow suddenly appeared. It was a small leaf boat that was now of the surface of the turbulent lake.

Bu Fang took a step forward and climbed aboard the small boat, carrying his fishing rod with him. He expressionlessly gazed at the vast and cold lake. A violent mental energy suddenly spread out. The leaf boat was like a stone that had just fallen atop a calm lake, causing ripples to spread outward.

A rumbling sound echoed.

Suddenly, an unknown force began to propel the small boat, causing it to slowly move forward.

Bu Fang sat cross-legged at the hull of the boat, holding the fishing rod. He had yet to start fishing because he did not feel he had reached an appropriate location yet.

The perpetual rain was like a closed curtain. His lone figure atop the small boat was all that could be seen braving the heavy downpour. He kept drifting toward the center of the Sunset Lake.

At that same moment, shadows appeared at the bank of the lake. The strong wind whistled, causing the girl's blue dress to flutter. Her petite figure was very prominent under the wind.

She frowned as she watched Bu Fang gradually disappear into the rain.

"What's that chef going to do?" She whispered softly.

"Madam Lan Ji, the Sunset Lake is in front of us. In the rain, the lake is extremely dangerous. Shall we still proceed forward?" asked a Golden Armored Guard.

When it rained, the Sunset Lake resembled a scary beast with its maw wide open. This made people respect the lake, and they did not dare venture too close to it.

"Go. The Saint Son issued an order. We must kill that chef."

Lan Ji countenance was cold. She raised her beautiful legs and stepped onto the surface of the lake, then she walked toward its center.

The Golden Armored Guards glanced at each other but said nothing. With the heavy weapons on their backs, they began to walk atop the rolling waves of the lake.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


The Glutton God City had been bustling with excitement since nightfall.

Although the night was a wet one, the long roads were still noisy. It was as though the chefs, who had been hidden in the restaurants, had come out once more. These people each held a candle in their hands, and they carefully protected the flames from the rain. They were walking slowly toward the center of Glutton God City.

A very splendid architectural tower was situated there. This tower was really tall and brightly lit with beautiful oil lamps. It had ten stories; each one was brightly lit. The tower was square-shaped and hollow in the middle, wherein a vast square was built. This square had a huge yard with countless seats and a tall, jet-black stone stele.

The stone stele's design was ancient, and there were numerous names recorded on it. Mysterious spirit energies revolved around the stele. This was the Tablet of Gluttony of the Valley of Gluttony. The names recorded it belonged the top chefs in the Valley, who were at least first-grade chefs.

No second-grade chefs were allowed to be on the list.

The big tower that housed the stele was the Glutton God's Building of the Valley of Gluttony; it was the largest building there. It was even famous across the Hidden Dragon Continent. As a ten-story building, the tower was really vast.

This made the dense crowd around it look like ants.

These people were entering the tower with expressions of anticipation. They were awaiting the opening of the feast.


Xiao Yue, who had donned a white robe, walked out of a secret room. His aura was still a little feeble, but his face was no longer pale. After a half a day of rest, he had finally recovered a bit of strength.

He had found Xiao Ya, but he did not know where Bu Fang was.

Bu Fang had already told him, so he wasn't surprised. He was just curious about Xiao Ya, who Bu Fang was very concerned about. He took the young girl out of the house and went to the tower.

That night, the opening ceremony of the Glutton God's Banquet would take place. Almost every one of noble status was to attend the solemn ceremony. Although the opening ceremony was not the most important part of the Glutton God's Banquet, most found it more interesting.

In the Noodle King Establishment, Ouyang Chenfeng had just closed for the day early. He had donned a chef robe, and with a gentle smile on his face, he joined the crowd walking toward the tower.

Wenren Shang, who was still holding onto his bamboo gourd, stumbled out of the restaurant and headed toward the tower. He also intended to attend the opening ceremony.

Many stores along the long roads of the Valley of Gluttony were closed. Nobles and chefs from these stores walked out with imposing dispositions and headed toward the tower.

The atmosphere in the entire Valley of Gluttony now seemed somewhat different.

On the spacious square of the Glutton God's Building, countless tables were lined up, and circular high platforms floated in midair. Those floating platforms had also been arranged neatly.

From a distance, they looked like countless twinkling stars.

These positions had been prepared for the nobles of the great forces in the Hidden Dragon Continent, while the bottom positions were for the guests.

The colossal Glutton God's Building was beyond imagination.

Heavenly Spring's Saint Son also arrived at this time, with his hands clasped behind him. He had donned a golden armor that sharpened the true energy emanating from his body, making it seem like a spear that sought to pierce through the heavens and the earth.

Behind him was a young girl in red. She had a beautiful face and luscious lips.

They entered the Glutton God's Building and under the guidance of the waiter, heading to a high floating platform.

There were precious fruit and elixirs filled with spirit energy atop the floating platforms. They had been neatly placed together with a gourd of sparkling, excellent wine.

Heavenly Spring's Saint Son landed on a floating platform, sporting a peaceful expression. He strode forward casually, sat at the table, and crossed his legs.

"Setting Sun Jade Spirit Wine! Smelling it is enough to tell how delicious it is. It is truly unspeakable," said the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son with a faint smile.

A small distance away, someone else smiled in return; it was the Heaven's Pivot's Saint Son, Liancheng, who was seated on another platform, also with his legs crossed. He poured the crystal-clear wine into a tumbler, and it began to reflect the sunlight, sparking vividly. The Heaven's Pivot's Saint Son shook the tumbler gently and also praised the wine incessantly.

Some bells rang out, and a lady-who had donned a thin, white silk dress, which made her resemble an angel-landed on another platform. Her bearings were extraordinary, like an angel, which made people respect her.

When the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son and the Heaven's Pivot's Saint Son saw this lady, they gave her slight bows.

"Welcome, Celestial Saintess." Then, Liancheng raised the wine tumbler and began to cheerfully speak to the veiled girl.

On the other platform, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son had a passionate expression, and with a smile on his face, he nodded.

The Celestial Saintess' black hair cascaded like a waterfall, and her eyes were charming and intoxicating. Toward the two Saint Son's attempt at conversation, the Saint Daughter did not reply at all, and her gaze remained cold.

Experts from many forces within and outside the Hidden Dragon Royal Court began to arrive.

Pill Palace's Master, Luo Danqing, had also taken a seat. He had arrived in the company of the Master of the Grand Barren Sect, the Master of the Wind and Thunder Pavilion, and a group of powerful experts in the mainland.

As soon as this group arrived at the Glutton God's Banquet, the atmosphere at the venue seemed to improve.

The diners and local chefs from Valley of Gluttony, who were already seated, were also enthusiastic.

That night was only the opening ceremony of the Glutton God's Banquet, not the main banquet, yet so many people had been looking forward to it. This was because they could get to see the top chefs in the Valley of Gluttony. Their talent at cooking made people greatly admire them; even the Saint Sons and Daughters also wanted to please these chefs.

There was even a special first-grade Chef in Valley of Gluttony.

The Glutton God's Banquet was not just a festival; it was, in fact, a great baptism ceremony mainly for assigning ranks on the Tablet of Gluttony of the Valley of Gluttony.

In the Valley of Gluttony, there were a lot of chefs who practiced hard. They had been looking forward to the Glutton God's Banquet for an opportunity to showcase their talents. Once their rankings increased to the top of the list, they would shock the world.

Not only was this their chance, but it was also their reunion; hence, everyone was serious.


After everyone had taken their seats, thunder rumbled in the sky.

At that moment, the Glutton God's Building seemed to wake up.

A figure slowly approached from the center of the square. He was hunch-backed and had donned a baggy brocade robe. He also had a solemn expression on his face.

When this person, who had his hands clasped behind his back, reached the center of the square, everyone became silent. When everyone in the tower saw who it was, they sucked in breaths of cold air.

"The Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony, Chu Changsheng."


A little boat had been drifting forward slowly for an unknown amount of time, and the downpour had reduced to a drizzle. One could not tell at what point the winds reduced and the waves disappeared.

Sitting on the boat with his eyes closed, Bu Fang looked to be asleep. His breathing was uniform and smooth.

When the boat came to a stop, Bu Fang opened his eyes. He let out a breath and stood up, causing the water underneath the boat to form ripples. He swung his hands, and the fishing rod's line was cast far from him. With a soft splash, the baited hook plunged into the water.

Bu Fang calmly stood there, quietly fishing.

More ripples began to form as shadows appeared atop the misty lake.