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 The sword intent raided all of a sudden. The splashing water from the puddle hadn't even fallen as the sword intent had already pierced through it. It was so sharp that it could even cut through the void.

A huge explosion rocked the vicinity, bringing with it a wave of horror.

Bu Fang furrowed his eyebrows, and goosebumps sprouted all over his body.

Black shadows rushed out from the within the darkness, sporting terrifying murderous intents. The sword energies-which were so dense that they almost seemed solid-attacked Bu Fang from all directions, leaving no avenue for escape.

Bu Fang stood still, however. His Vermillion Robe fluttered in the wind, rising up by the sword energy. Light scattered from his robe.

"You interfered with the Saint Son's matter, and now the Saint Son has issued an order for your head."

A hoarse voice resounded, and suddenly, the sword energy thickened, becoming more brutal. The water on the ground burst like sharp swords flying toward Bu Fang.

"The Saint Son's order?" Bu Fang raised his eyebrows. "The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son? But I didn't ruin his business. Maybe, it's the Saint Son Liancheng. Maybe..."

Bu Fang shuddered. He could feel the sword energy all around him approaching rapidly. Then, his face darkened, and his countenance turned murderous. Green smoke curled around his hand and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared. As soon as it emerged, the wok covered Bu Fang completely.

The bolts of sword energy finally arrived and attacked the wok, but none was able to damage the wok in the slightest; all they did was cause the wok to shake slightly.

After the onslaught, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok suddenly flew up, shrunk, and returned to Bu Fang's hand.

The swordsmen in black were also a bit frightened. They quickly retreated, landing far away from Bu Fang, but they still encircled him.

Bu Fang raised the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and coldly looked at them.

As soon as the swordsmen were about to strike once more, two people slowly walked out of the restaurant behind Bu Fang.

"Hey, you're fighting in front of my restaurant. Are you looking down on us because this restaurant has no customers?"

The slender figure leaned against the door frame, flipped open the lid of a bamboo gourd, and took a sip of liquor. Light-yellow wine dripped from the corners of his lips, and he raised his hand to wipe it off with his sleeve. After that, he coldly stared at the intruders.

It was the first-grade Chef Wenren Shang! Why did he come out there? Wasn't it true that Wenren Shang's restaurant did not get involved in the business of others?

This development caused the swordsmen to frown, and they could not help glancing at each other.

Wenren Shang was a first-grade chef. Although his reputation in the Valley of Gluttony was not good, he was still a chef at the same level as Ouyang Chenfeng. Hence, the swordsmen were a bit worried.

"Chef Wenren Shang. This is the Saint Son's matter. Can you give his grace some face?" a swordsman coldly asked. The sword in his grip was trembling slightly.

"The Saint Son? The Hidden Dragon Royal Court has so many Saint Sons. I don't know which Saint Son you work for, so why should I care about him? Do not mess up in front of my restaurant. Now, get lost."

Wenren Shang waved his hand in dismissal and took another sip of wine from the bamboo gourd. The rich aroma permeated his mouth, making him feel pleased.

The swordsmen all wore cold expression. They whispered to each other briefly before shifting their gazes to Bu Fang.

"Chef Wenren, we will have to offend you, then. This man interfered with the Saint Son's business, so the Saint Son ordered us to kill him," another swordsman said.

After saying so, he rushed toward Bu Fang with incredible speed, and his sword energy swirled, causing a loud bang to resound. The other swordsmen took a leaf from his book and attacked as well. Suddenly, the air was once again filled with sword energies and killing intent.

Bu Fang emotionlessly watched them approach before letting out a small sigh.

The moment Bu Fang was ready to strike, however, Wenren Shang suddenly stood straight. His bamboo gourd trembled slightly, and a drop of yellow wine burst out of it. The drop of wine hovered in front of Wenren Shang, who quietly watched the swordsmen approach. Suddenly, he flicked his arm, and that drop of wine turned into countless wine arrows. That scene was beautiful and reminiscent of a fairy scattering off her flower petals.


A massive explosion rang out, and a swordsman, who was struck by a terrifying force, was sent flying backward.


The swordsmen's gaze shifted to Wenren Shang, but his expression turned to one of terror.

"Do you really want to interfere in the Saint Son's matter? Be careful not to offend someone who you really shouldn't be causing any trouble for," another swordsman coldly said.

Wenren Shang raised his eyebrows and silently looked at the swordsmen. He raised his hand once more, and countless drops of yellow wine could be seen hovering above his palm.

The wine drops were round and shiny, and their interiors seemed filled with surging energy.

"If you wish for more, only death awaits you," Wenren Shang said.

Bu Fang, who still held onto his wok, turned to look at Wenren Shang in surprise. Wenren Shang was very brave. Was he trying to help him? Or was he just enforcing his restaurant's rule?

Nevertheless, Bu Fang nodded slightly at him.

The swordsmen, on the other hand, trembled when they heard the warning.

As Wenren Shang was someone unfathomable, they were not sure how to kill Bu Fang in front of him and still return safely. Hence, they stood down before slowing retreating into the heavy rain.

Rain poured down from the sky, forming puddles all around.

Bu Fang nodded at Wenren Shang once more before disappearing into the rain.

"Chef Wenren Shang, why did you help him? He came to the restaurant and caused trouble for us by requesting to eat the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish." The short-haired girl looked at Wenren Shang with a puzzled expression on her face.

Wenren Shang smirked. His slender figure turned around and returned into his restaurant, all the while drinking wine from his bamboo gourd.

"That guy is interesting. The Glutton God's Banquet would be meaningless if he died so soon."

The short-haired young woman was so confused. She glanced in the direction Bu Fang left before turning to look at the departing Wenren Shang. Even when he had gone, she was still confused.

From a corner in the distance, a girl wearing a blue dress watched Bu Fang leave. Behind her was a group of Golden Armored Guards. They looked very dangerous; the killing intent they emanated made that fact even more obvious.

"Madam Lan Ji, do you want to take action?" A Gold Armored Guard asked out loud in a deep voice.

The girl was as beautiful as a lotus that had just bloomed. Her eyes were gorgeous, and her gaze was deep and calm. As she watched Bu Fang vanish into the rain, she shook her head sideways.

"No. This is Wenren Shang's territory. It will not be good to have him against us. Furthermore, Wenren Shang is one of the most enigmatic first-grade chefs, and even the Saint Son does not want to mess with him; hence, we should not cause trouble, either."

The guards nodded and spoke no more. All they had to do was obey.

"Follow the chef. When you get the right opportunity, kill him."

Although the girl was as gorgeous as a fairy, her words were wicked and laced with killing intent.


When Bu Fang left the restaurant, he headed straight forward. He was pondering how he would fish in the Sunset Lake. "If I want to go fishing, I must have fishing tools, such as a fishing rod, fish bait, etc."

However, he had no clue where to find these things.

In the rain, Bu Fang slowly sauntered out of Glutton God City, headed toward the edge of the Sunset Lake. There were numerous tall trees filled with spirit energy swaying constantly. When Bu Fang reached them, a look of surprise crossed his face before it was replaced by a grin.


A tree collapsed to the ground, crushing many shrubs beneath it. He took the straight trunk with one hand, slowly moving it on the ground so that the bark was cracked. After that, he walked out of the forest and toward the Sunset Lake.

"I'm gonna make a fish rod just long enough to fit the spirit beast's tendon in my system storage bag." Bu Fang touched his chin as he thought.

Suddenly, green smoke curled around his hand, and the glistening Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand. After checking if the blade was sharp, Bu Fang took out a Chili Strip from the system storage and sucked on it. He raised the knife before swinging it downward.

Soon, Bu Fang finished cutting the tree with his knife, but it was still very thick.

He took the glittering spirit beast tendon from the system storage bag and tied it up. After that, he admired his handmade fishing rod. Although it was a bit ugly, it was fully functional.

Bu Fang tied a hook to one end of the tendon and walked slowly toward the lake. When he reached the edge, he swung the huge trunk, and the hook, which he had attached to the spirit beast tendon, fell into the water.

As the strong winds from the lake blew at his feather coat, the beast tendon shook for a bit before starting to stretch.


Bu Fang blinked. What the hell? I got a fish without any bait?

He took a step backward and pulled the trunk up.


The beast tendon trembled from the force. Soon, the lake water splattered all around as a fierce beast was pulled out of the lake.

"What fish is this?"

Bu Fang was startled. Catching a fish without using any bait... should not be a good omen. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

As soon as the monstrous fish was pulled above the water, its pupils swiveled around and spotted Bu Fang. A fierce glint flickered in its eyes, and it slowly opened its maw, revealing rows of glinting, sharp teeth.


An aggressive roar resounded throughout the lake, and right after that, the fierce beast leaped toward Bu Fang with its open maw. Bu Fang raised the fishing rod with one hand, and green smoke enveloped his other hand. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok instantly appeared and was used to smash the beast's head aggressively.


The groggy beast fell back into the Sunset Lake.

"Oh... Is that the Earthy Ugly Fish? It's the food of the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish... Not bad. It can be used as fish bait," Bu Fang said, surprised.

He pulled the trunk again and the beast was once again pulled out of the water.

As soon as the beast spotted Bu Fang again, it opened his mouth and roared even louder than before.

Bu Fang raised his eyebrows, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok reappeared.

With a bang, the wok made contact with the beast's head again, causing its teeth to scatter everywhere. This made the fish scream.

Soon, Bu Fang began walking away from the lake, with the fishing rod on one shoulder and the fish on the other.

The girl in the blue dress strolled in the rain, which seemed to have no intention of stopping soon. She was looking straight in Bu Fang's direction, and the Golden Armored Guards behind all emitted killing intents.