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 "Yes, Your Grace."

The maid was as beautiful as a lotus breaking the surface. She was wearing a blue dress, which highlighted her glowing, porcelain-like skin, her oval face, and her graceful body. She slowly bowed to the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son, then stepped into the pouring rain.

Several Golden Armored Guards followed behind the maid, walking toward the distance and slowly disappearing.

"Lan Ji, let's go."

Heavenly Spring's Saint Son observed her until her shadow disappeared. He tucked a strand of hair on his forehead aside, faintly talking to the red-dressed girl who was holding the oil paper umbrella for him.

The girl in red was also very beautiful. Her face was like a doll, delicate and cute, and her knowing eyes sparkling as if they could talk.

"Can sister Lan kill the chef? Lu Ji is already dead. Your Grace, how about I volunteer? Please let Little Chi go." The girl in the red dress blinked, and she was suddenly excited.

Heavenly Spring's Saint Son smirked, slightly tapping on the girl's forehead.

"Silly girl. Lan Ji can work better than you."

Little Chi held the umbrella and rubbed her forehead, showing a happy smile.

"Your Grace, I just want to be helpful to you."

"Alright, go back, the Glutton God's Banquet is about to begin," Heavenly Spring's Saint Son said.

The red-dressed girl then quieted down, holding the umbrella while following the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son and stepping into the rain.

Ouyang Chenfeng was standing at the entrance of the noodles restaurant, clasping his hands. He looked at the pattering rain and sighed.

"I am afraid that something big will happen at the Glutton God's Banquet."


Bu Fang held an oil-paper umbrella, walking with Xiao Ya and following a group of people.

Xiao Yue was supported by several people, so he could only walk slowly.

The Glutton God City was very large and its streets were intricate. Bu Fang looked around, seeing a lot of restaurants, from which strong fragrance permeated and lingered.

Xiao Ya's eyes widened. She looked around curiously. She was craving when looking at those restaurants. She just knew about the Glutton God City through her grandfather's story. She did not expect to be able to enter the city in person one day. This was something she had never imagined.

Like what grandpa said, there was food everywhere!.

Xiao Ya saw a splendid restaurant in the distance. "Big brother, look, that is the dragon meat restaurant that Grandpa once told Xiao Ya! It has all kinds of dragon cuisine." She pulled Bu Fang's sleeve and shouted excitedly.

Bu Fang was surprised. That dragon meat restaurant was quite interesting. Dragon meat... Bu Fang was very good at cooking it. Actually, He was famous for cooking dragon meat back in the Light Wind Empire.

However, Bu Fang and the others did not enter that restaurant but walked along the street and entered a residential area.

It was the place the Valley of Gluttony had prepared for the experts from outside the valley.

After a long walk under the rain, everyone finally arrived at their destination.

Xiao Yue lived in a large house. His men were waiting for them there.

Bu Fang stepped into the house with Xiao Ya.

After arranging a room for Bu Fang, Xiao Yue returned to his room to recover from his injuries. He was wounded entirely and was bleeding everywhere. His blood was gushing terrifyingly.

Without the support of the Rampage Ramen and the Vigorous Beef Meatball, Xiao Yue might have already died under the swords of the six dangerous swordsmen.

The Saint Son Liancheng's six assassins were powerful, and so were the three maids of the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son.

"Tomorrow is the Glutton God's Banquet. You can rest now. We will leave when Young Master Xiao Yue gets better. The Glutton God's Banquet is an important event of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. There will be plenty of delicious food. You won't be disappointed," a middle-aged man who looked like a butler smiled and said to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang glanced nonchalantly at the man. Although he seemed friendly, Bu Fang did not feel his goodwill.

Bu Fang's mental energy was extremely great at the moment, far beyond the experts at same realm. He could recognize who was pretending.

"Oh, alright, I'm gonna walk around for a while," Bu Fang nodded.

Just then, he left the house under the butler's gaze. The butler was still smiling. As soon as Bu Fang left, his smile immediately disappeared. When he turned his hand, a white jade talisman appeared in it. A wave of vibrations entered the jade talisman. It was then broken; a message was transmitted.

The butler smirked and left.

When Bu Fang left the house, it was drizzling.

In fact, he did not care much about the Glutton God's Banquet. He was more concerned about how to catch the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish in the Sunset Lake.

The Sunset Lake was vast and boundless, and housed countless mighty beasts. Thinking about how to catch it really made him a little dizzy.

There were all kinds of restaurants on both sides of the Glutton God City. Bu Fang sauntered past the restaurants and raised his eyebrows while watching them. Then, he chose a restaurant and stepped in. After he had entered the restaurant, several black shadows holding longswords appeared.

These shadows exchanged looks, gazed at the restaurant's plaque and went back into hiding.

As Bu Fang had already entered the restaurant naturally, he didn't know what happened outside. This restaurant was quite cold and cheerless, which was very different from the other bustling restaurants in this city.

Moreover, compared to those lively restaurants, the inner space of this restaurant was too small it could hold only a few tables and chairs. Although the restaurant was small, it was really clean and tidy.

When Bu Fang went in, a short-haired girl went to the counter. The girl smiled and looked at Bu Fang. She was wearing a long chef coat, but it was not a first-grade chef's uniform. Obviously, she was not the chef of this restaurant.

"Welcome, what food do you want to order?" the girl said with a smile.

"You didn't give me the menu. How can I order?" Bu Fang sat down, tilted his head then looked up at the young girl, asking.

The girl grinned.

"There are things you don't know. Chef Wenren of our restaurant doesn't like to set up menus. Whatever you want to eat, just order. If Chef Wenren can cook it, he will do it. If he can't, he won't," answered the short-haired girl.


Bu Fang was surprised, raising his eyebrows. The chef didn't like to set up a menu?

"Just order whatever I want? The chef of this restaurant must be a bit crazy, well, crazier than me."

However... such a crazy chef was just what Bu Fang was looking for.

Bu Fang looked at the girl. Somehow, she felt tense. That was the way Chef Wenren often looked at her.

"Do you have any dish with the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish as the main ingredient?" asked Bu Fang.

The Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish?

The girl was startled. She breathed in a sip of cold air, looking at Bu Fang with suspicious eyes.

"Sir... Are you kidding?" The girl was looking at Bu Fang with disbelief as she said.

That was a kind of spirit beast in the Sunset Lake. That beast was incredibly fierce and vicious. It was an extremely frightening and terrifying beast, indeed. Moreover, catching that fish was more difficult than catching the other ones. Even if it was caught, it would be much more difficult to process the fish. After all, if it were handled wrongly, the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish would become deathly toxic. Even a powerful Saint could be poisoned to death.

This kind of spiritual beast, even in the holy-land of gourmet food, was rarely eaten.

Why did this young man want to eat such kind of food? Was he causing trouble?

"Well... Can't you do it?" Bu Fang frowned, asking.

Bu Fang did not know how difficult it was to cook the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish. He was just skeptical.

The girl became somewhat embarrassed.

"Well, if you can't cook it, just forget it," Bu Fang felt a little regretful as he thought he could get a chance to taste the fish. This restaurant was just a dud.

"Ahem, ahem... Do you want to eat the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish?"

The girl was embarrassed, but suddenly, a tall man came out of the kitchen. The man was slim but upright, with an ashen face and a frail body. He was wearing a chef robe, which looked similar to Ouyang Chenfeng's chef coat.

Obviously, this man was a first-grade chef.

"Yes," Bu Fang looked at him and nodded. The young man held a gourd in his hand. He removed the lid and drank a sip of the liquid in the gourd. A scent of wine escaped. Bu Fang's heart fluttered.

"It's possible that you can eat the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish. This great chef can cook it. However, we don't have the fish here. If you want to eat it, you have to catch it yourself."

The young man walked to Bu Fang, pulled a chair and sat down. He glanced at Bu Fang and suddenly shuddered. He found an aura from Bu Fang's body which made him tense.

"Are you also a chef?" The young man glanced at Bu Fang while pouring a sip of wine into his mouth.

"Yes. Do you know how to catch the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish?" Bu Fang asked. "Since you know how to cook it, you must know how to catch it."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The man smirked. He gently exhaled a breath filled with the smell of liquor.

"If you want to eat fish, then go fishing. Fishing, you understand? Go fishing in the Sunset Lake," The young man said. Then he stood up, holding the gourd and walking back to the kitchen. "Anyway, this great chef wants to remind you to be careful. Don't let the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish eat you. Turning into fish dung is very interesting, ha ha ha ha!"

The young man laughed and gradually disappeared.

However, Bu Fang fell into deep thought with the man's words.

That's right... Go fishing! Go fishing in the Sunset Lake! If one wanted to eat fish, one had to go fishing to catch the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish.

Bu Fang grinned. He stood up and quickly looked at the kitchen.

That chef was interesting!

He must have some old stories.

After he got that fish, the spiritual fish, he would come back to hear that chef's stories!

Bu Fang left the restaurant under the stunned look of the short-haired young girl. His foot stepped on a puddle and made the bubbles splash around.

In the next instant, his heart tightened.

A sword light suddenly came from the darkness as murderous aura filled the area.