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The rain seemed to be completely torn apart. Sharp sword energy was cutting through the air in the glazing, whistling wind. The dark clouds in the sky scattered, and the rain became pitter-patter.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The sword energy glowed like sun rays, hitting the ground and swallowing Xiao Yue completely. The bolts of sword energies collided with each other, booming and constantly echoing.

Six jets of sword energy from the sky enhanced that energy previously sent, making it even more appalling.

It was a deadly situation. That frightening power made many people retreat.

Because Xiao Yue was the top genius of the Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds, the Heavenly Pivot's Saint Son really wanted to take his life. This kind of attack could even kill a Divine Soul Expert with a four-step soul ladder! Let alone Xiao Yue, who had just condensed one step of his soul ladder. Even if his fighting competence was amazing, his body's defense could not keep up with it!


The six swordsmen held longswords and landed in the distance. Rain fell again, soaking them. Raindrops dripped down the sword tips, splashing on the ground. They gasped fiercely, and their hearts shuddered.

Xiao Yue was indeed the top genius of the Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds, who was favored by the Great Elder. He was the monstrous genius that could potentially replace the Saint Son Liancheng.

Thus, the six swordsmen were trying very hard to kill him. If they allowed him to grow, he would be definitely a nightmare.

But now, everything was over.

Even the Saint Son Liancheng now took action. The power of his sword energy was incomparable, and it coupling with the joint efforts of the six swordsmen... Xiao Yue must have been completely torn apart by the sword energy.

On the second floor of the restaurant, Liancheng was sitting sternly. His eyes were shining in a silver hue as if he was trying to understand everything. However, Xiao Yue was completely shrouded in the violent energy that clashed about. Liancheng was unable to see him.

Suddenly, the sword energy spread.

Liancheng's silver eyes shrunk, as though he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"What... How is it possible!" Liancheng shouted. He stood up with a gloomy face. His own chair was completely broken and crushed into pieces by the sword energy around him!

"You're still alive! Xiao Yue, Xiao Yue... You are very lucky!" Liancheng clenched his fists tightly. His arrogant smile vanished. He thought that Xiao Yue would have died in the earlier deadly situation as he had taken part in the fighting himself.

He and the Great Elder had stipulated that, if he made a move, it would break the rules... He had put away his honor to join the fight, but still, he could not kill Xiao Yue.

Bu Fang was holding the umbrella. The rain dropped on the umbrella, running down the umbrella's rips.

Xiao Ya opened her eyes wide, looking at the place full of sword energy.

Bu Fang was very calm. His black pupils seemed to see through all the sword's movement to find a figure in there.


An overbearing aura spread slowly.

Suddenly, the sword energy all over the sky was completely crushed.

A sword cry echoed, accompanied by a scream. Then, all of a sudden, a beam of light flew out from the place filled with sword energy, darting toward Liancheng.

Liancheng stood on the second floor of the restaurant, raising one hand. Sword light floated in front of him, and when it dissipated, a sturdy sword was revealed. It was a divine sword which was transparent but sharp and shiny. He touched the sword, and it turned into a jet of light. In just a blink of an eye, it slipped into its scabbard, falling behind his back.

"What a lucky person!" Liancheng looked at the figure that slowly emerged.

Xiao Yue's eyes were red. Many tufts of his hair were cut off. His cut hair was floating in front of his forehead. He opened his mouth, breathing heavily. The sword intent from his body was fluctuating, and his aura was constantly rising, like an explosion echoing. His lips were red and swollen, and there seemed to be a glittering hue in his eyes.

"Too spicy, Owner Bu!" Xiao Yue bellowed. His tears almost came out. "How could this Rampage Ramen be so spicy? It seems to be different from what I used to eat!"

Although it was spicy, its effect was surprisingly marvelous. Xiao Yue felt that his fighting power had increased dramatically, reaching an unimaginable realm. Perhaps at this moment, he was comparable to the Divine Soul Realm experts with a three-step soul ladder!

The important point was... his current body had become incomparably strong, as if it could bloom with sparkling light. His strength was unmatched, and his punch could break the mountains and rivers!

Owner Bu's ramen was... as always, spicy!

"Ha ha ha! Spicy! Good!" Xiao Yue shouted. His hair fluttered.

The downpour of rain from the sky seemed to be flying upward in this long scream.

The six swordsmen suddenly changed their faces, holding their swords. Then, their aura rocketed!

However, they found out that their sword intent could not suppress Xiao Yue's!

When did this guy become so strong?!

They all found it difficult to understand...

"Noodles? A bowl of noodles can have this effect?" The silver eyes of Liancheng flashed as if he was looking through something. He muttered. It was no wonder that Xiao Yue sought a bowl of noodles in such a desperate situation. The effect of this noodles was beyond the expectations of all of them.

Liancheng already knew this type of noodles was not the ordinary one. It contained spiritual energy in it... It was truly scary!

"Kill him! Kill him!!"

Liancheng screamed. Taking advantage of Xiao Yue's current aura, which had not yet climbed to the acme, Liancheng patted his palm on the railing of the second floor. The entire railing exploded.

The six swordsmen nodded, shouting. Their swords swayed, cutting through the rain curtain.


Six people stepped on the water and quickly galloped.

The swords clanged. The lethal battle was coming!

However, this time, who... who would kill who?!

Xiao Yue felt that his body turned into a furnace. His energy was constantly surging, and his eyes were radiant. He grinned, which then became an extravagant smile. He was holding the sword with one hand and stepping on the ground, which trembled slightly...


In an instant, Xiao Yue appeared in front of a swordsman. The swordsman blinked, shuddering as he felt a sense of killing intent in his heart! He spun, and his sword swept across like a swift swallow.

"One force breaks all things! Die!" Xiao Yue's muscles bulged. The powerful force exploded, making his sword become overbearing. No matter how exaggerated the skills of the swordsman were, Xiao Yue thrust his sword, directly slashing at it!


The sword light instantly scattered!

The swordsman's sword, who was spinning like a swallow, directly cracked under Xiao Yue's sword. His sword was broken into pieces.

However, Xiao Yue's sword did not stop. With the intention to kill, he slashed it down.

A clattering sound rang out!

That swordsman was immediately cut in half by Xiao Yue's sword. Blood splashed instantly, scattering in the sky. The raging sword caused the swordsman's body to explode.

Xiao Yue landed on the ground. The rushing rain all over the sky turned into blood rain.

Bloody and violent!

Xiao Yue gasped. His mouth was swollen red, but his chest felt like a fire.

Bu Fang raised his hand and covered Xiao Ya's eyes.

"Kids shouldn't watch this," Bu Fang said casually.

Xiao Ya nodded obediently.

The remaining five swordsmen looked at Xiao Yue as they were extremely terrified. Was this the same guy who has previously allowed them to bully him? How did he suddenly become so savage? He killed their comrade with one slash? Even their comrade's sword was broken?!

Such a huge transformation... just because of a bowl of noodles?

Xiao Yue cocked his head. His cold eyes ruthlessly looked at the five swordsmen in the distance. He moved slowly while the tip of his sword was dragging on the ground.

His sword's tip scratched the ground, making a shrill sound that gave the five swordsmen in the distance goosebumps.

"Are you the six killing swordsmen? Are you the bloody executioners? Do you want to kill me?" Xiao Yue asked slowly. "You are all going to die."

Xiao Yue's eyes were red. His frantic rage surged. He stomped his foot once more and suddenly disappeared.

Sword energy spread across the sky.

The rain was hit by the energy and became similar to countless sharp arrows that darted toward the five swordsmen.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five of them waved their swords to block the rain, but, in the next moment, their bodies suddenly became stiff. Xiao Yue was approaching. His true energy was surging, and the sword was raging like a roaring dragon.

The five men cried, rushing against the power.

However, the swords in their hands were all sent away, and there was blood in their mouths. There was a panicked expression in their eyes.

They finally knew why Xiao Yue was able to kill their comrade within one attempt. This man's might had become extremely formidable. Xiao Yue was originally known for his mighty power, and the sword in his hand was a hefty one. The hefty sword in the hand of swordsman with such violent power easily sliced a swordsman into half.

At this time, Xiao Yue's power had become even more frightful. The swordsmen's hearts were trembling.

Liancheng was standing on a high place. The silver hue in his eyes gradually dissipated, revealing dark pupils. He was staring at Xiao Yue with his gloomy and murderous face.

Xiao Yue once more dragged the sword, cocking his head and looking at Liancheng. His mouth provoked the latter, full of ridicule and disdain.

"Xiao Yue... how dare you!" Liancheng's suppressed his sword energy and said coldly.

Xiao Yue looked at Liancheng and laughed. His mouth was red and swollen, which made his appearance quite funny now. Suddenly, Xiao Yue reached out, pointing his middle finger at Liancheng.

The long sword swept over. The five heads of the swordsmen suddenly flew away with terrified expressions on them!


Liancheng's eyes reddened. His sword clanged, then soared up into the sky. However, there was a black shadow that slowly fell behind him, holding the sword and putting it back into the scabbard.

"Saint Son Liancheng! You have agreed with the Great Elder that you wouldn't join this battle. You've already violated the rules." The voice of this shadow was clear and pleasant to the ears. It was actually a female voice, which was somewhat heroic.

Liancheng listened to the female voice, and his aura subsided. He looked at Xiao Yue and took a deep breath.

"Xiao Yue, brother, you're really extraordinary. However, I despise you. See you again." Liancheng smiled again and moved downstairs.

Xiao Yue's lips were still swollen. He gazed at the shadow, while his eyes looked a bit complicated.

The shadow was wrapped in a black robe, looking at him deeply. She quietly sighed and disappeared immediately.

After that, Xiao Yue suddenly grinned, turned around, and clasped his hands together toward Owner Bu.

"Thank you very much for your ramen, Owner Bu... It's the same recipe with a great taste. I missed eating it." Xiao Yue praised with his bleeding lips and draining aura.

The Rampage Ramen and the Vigorous Beef Meatball's effects would subside after the blast. Furthermore, for a long time, Xiao Yue could not obtain the enhanced power from that delicious food.

Bu Fang nonchalantly looked at Xiao Yue, nodding.

"You're here this time to join the Glutton God's Banquet, aren't you? Let's go and we can join the feast together!" Xiao Yue sheathed his long sword and said happily.

Bu Fang was a bit surprised, glancing at Xiao Ya.

"All right! Take Xiao Ya with you. She was looking forward to joining the feast for a long time."

Bu Fang's words surprised Xian Yue. "Are you not going?"

Bu Fang mused. He turned his head and looked at the mist under the rain curtain above the Sunset Lake, which looked like a wild beast from that chaotic time. He said, "I have more important things to do."


At the Noodle King Establishment, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son slowly walked out of the shop. A red-dressed maid opened an oil paper umbrella to block the rain for him.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son held his hand and looked at the distance, with his face indifferent.

"Lan Ji, go find the chef... He has to pay with blood for killing a woman from my Heavenly Spring. Bring the Golden Armored Guards and take the head of that chef to me."