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 "Boss Bu... give this one bowl of noodles."

When Xiao Yue said this sentence, there was a smile on his face. He really did not think that Bu Fang would show up at such moment.

Although according to common sense, there was no use in Bu Fang appearing... as someone who was familiar with the Light Wind Empire, how could he interpret Bu Fang with common sense? Bu Fang was someone who created miracles. One couldn't simply judge his ability through his appearance alone.

Hence, Xiao Yue said this sentence, as he remembered that Bu Fang had a kind of empowering ramen... The Rampage Ramen could let his cultivation explode once more, increasing his ability by quite a bit. It was the key to his comeback this time.

The rain continued to fall, getting more violent as it fell.

The rhythmic splatter of the rainwater splashed on top of the oil-paper umbrella with plopping sounds, as if it was about to flip the umbrella over.

However, the hand holding onto the umbrella was strong, causing the oil-paper umbrella to remain sturdy as a rock even under the heavy rain.

Bu Fang brought Xiao Ya along as he slowly advanced. He saw Xiao Yue, who seemed to be in a sorry state with his entire body bleeding even under the washing of the rain. Then, he saw the six people around Xiao Yue holding long swords. He also felt the sword energy that was sharp beyond compare lingering in the air. That energy made his skin break out in goosebumps.

Nevertheless, he did not retreat but walked on, bringing Xiao Ya along. He continued moving forward, slowly walking with his feet that stepped onto the wet ground.

Xiao Ya followed closely behind. Ever since this lass had met Bu Fang, the things that she had experienced had led her to become confused.

On the battlefield, Xiao Yue's words made everyone shocked.

The eyes of the six swordsmen narrowed, looking toward the direction where Bu Fang was walking over.

Very quickly, Bu Fang landed in their sights, but his weak energy was then laid bare. In an instant, the six swordsmen felt a wave of strangeness. Did this Xiao Yue give up? Pulling someone in, and acting as if he was his lifesaver? The person that came forward had a very weak energy level as he was only in the Divine Physique Echelon. How would he save Xiao Yue?

Furthermore.... Eating noodles? At this time, when he was so close to death, this Xiao Yue actually wanted to eat noodles? How was this type of person a peak genius of their Heaven's Pivot Holy Ground? How was this an existence that made the Heaven's Pivot Saint worry endlessly?

He was there as a joke, right?

The six swordsmen looked at each other. Their faces revealed that they did not understand, and there was also a wave of mockery.

On the second level of the restaurant, Liancheng also tilted the wine cup, tasting it. He also saw Bu Fang, recognizing the youth who dared to challenge the Heavenly Spring Saint in the Noodle King Establishment.

In that instant, a mocking sneer leaked out onto Liancheng's face.

"Has Xiao Yue given up? Smashing the pot when it's already cracked... Finding someone who is bound to die as a lifesaver... If others can't even save themselves, how will they save you? This time, Xiao Yue, you have to die."

Liancheng's lips rose, revealing a smile. The hand that was pinching the wine cup put in strength. With a cracking sound, that wine cup was instantly shattered, and the shards that scattered became powder, mixing with the alcohol in the liquid and becoming murky.

The alcohol and the cup then became a bundle of liquid.

Xiao Liancheng pointed his finger, and instantly that ball of water then flew out toward the air, exploding afterward.

This was like a signal, causing the six swordsmen who were in a dazed condition to recover. The sword intent faltered for an instant, then surged forth again. The six men once again slashed over Xiao Yue.

And that youth...

According to the orders of the Saint, similarly... they would kill him without question. Since the Saint wanted him dead, then he should die.

Plip plop.

The water droplets splashed about.

Bu Fang stopped his footsteps, calmly looking at the six people who rushed toward Xiao Yue. The entire rainwater was dispelled under the sword energy of the six people, causing the vapor to cover the surroundings, turning everything into a hazy scene.

"Xiao Ya, hold the umbrella tightly. Don't get wet."

Bu Fang passed the oil-paper umbrella to Xiao Ya, and the latter held the handle with both hands, retreating a few steps and looking at Bu Fang with her eyes.

When the umbrella was out of his hands, the rainwater splashed toward his body. However, the Vermillion Robe on Bu Fang's body moved even without wind. A wave of formless energy shook, causing the rainwater to scatter before reaching him.

"One bowl of noodle? Right, I'll make one for you right now," Bu Fang lightly said.

When Xiao Yue heard that, he started laughing loudly in an instant. The humming of the long sword in his hand actually became even stronger, and his sword swept out horizontally as the weapon whistled continuously.

"Then thy will wait for it!"

The six took a step back in fright when seeing Xiao Yue's suddenly exploding confidence, all retreating a few steps.

Green smoke revolved around Bu Fang's hands, and the Black Constellation Turtle Wok appeared. It was heavy, simple and unadorned, as if it carried a terrifying pressure.

Liangcheng, on the second floor of the restaurant, narrowed his eyes. What was this youth going to do? Actually taking out a wok... Was he really going to cook up noodles?

These six swordsmen were unable to comprehend it, but they did not care. Their objective was only to kill Xiao Yue. If he did not die... If he returned back to the Heaven's Pivot Holy Ground, they would be in deep trouble. His talent was too shocking. If they gave him enough time to grow, then they would definitely be played to death!

In reality, ever since Xiao Yue had entered the Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds, his growth till today had made many hearts chill.

Since they had already made a move on Xiao Yue, then there could not be any trace of kindness. They had to kill him mercilessly!

The six streams of sword light instantly burst forth, revolving on the arc of the sky, as if forming a long dragon, surging as it roared.

Xiao Yue grabbed the sword singlehandedly. His hair, wet from the rainwater, stuck to his face, but his gaze was sharp beyond compare. His killing intent then swept horizontally. Holding the sword with both hands, he slashed.

Colliding with the sword dragon that was condensed from the six streams of sword energy, his entire body was sent flying, and the wounds on his body ripped open, with his blood spilling forth. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, stumbling as he retreated a few steps, then stabilized his figure.

The six swordsmen's faces also underwent a change, spitting out fresh blood from their mouths.

The clash this time.... had injured both sides.

Still, they knew that Xiao Yue had already exhausted his limited abilities. With one more move, they would kill him for sure.

However, Xiao Yue did not care about them, turning his head to look in Bu Fang's direction.

Bu Fang spat out a golden flame from his mouth. That flame seemed to surge forth like a flame dragon. The steam rolled forth as the rainwater seemed to evaporate in that moment, becoming a mist. The mist made everything hazy as it rose, dispersing out and enveloping the surroundings.


The flame became smaller, thrusting itself into the bottom of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

With a move of Bu Fang's thought, from the system's storage space, a bag of Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water instantly appeared above it, being poured into the Black Constellation Wok with splashing sounds.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was really hot, causing the Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water to start boiling after a quick moment.

Bu Fang's face was expressionless. With a move of his hand, strands of noodles as thin as strings flew out instantly, then floated around surrounding his body. It was beautiful, attracting people's eyes.

With a plopping out, the noodle then descended into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, being swallowed by the boiling Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water.

With bubbling sounds, the steam rose like a long dragon. It spun in the air, rushing toward the heavens and attracting countless eyes.

The six swordsmen were stunned. This guy actually started making noodles on the spot?

But... was there such a need? Could a bowl of noodle save anything? Even a bowl of noodle from the first-grade chef Ouyang Chenfeng would be unable to help Xiao Yue escape that situation!

Xiao Yue had to die. This youth that was cooking noodle... also had to die!

Liancheng looked at the scene that was slowly becoming hazy, involuntarily letting out a mocking smile.

"Really young..."

In the next instant, his eyes began to shine, as if there was silver light revolving, and the white haze in front of them scattered. The scene in front of him became clear once again.

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A bowl of blue and white porcelain plate flew out, floating on top of Bu Fang's palm. He then gave the few people in the distance a glance, then reached out his hand to tap on that wok.

Instantly, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok let out an exploding sound. From within, shining-white noodle strands flew out, landing in the bowl.

After scooping a ladle of Abyssal Chilli Sauce, he made it into a soup and added to the noodles.

Swiftly, a bowl of steaming Rampage Ramen has done.

With a thought of his will, from within the system's storage space, fragrant meatballs flew out, and light revolved around the bowl.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared, and with a spin of his knife, Bu Fang chopped that Vigorous Beef Meatball into two halves, causing the oil juice to scatter into the ramen while they floated on top of it.

With a ringing sound, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok vanished, as well as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

The blue and white porcelain bowl was firmly held in Bu Fang's hands. The warmth of that bowl transmitted into his palms. The fragrant Vigorous Meatball Rampage Ramen was done.

Xiao Yue smelled the fragranced that was dispersed in the air, and his tired face involuntarily revealed an expression of fondness. Although the fragrance was weaker due to the washing of the rain, he was still very intoxicated.

"The noodle you wanted... is done."

The Vermillion Robe fluttered, causing the rainwater to be swept away.

Bu Fang pointed his finger, tapping the side of the blue and white porcelain plate and causing the bowl to fly out toward Xiao Yue.

What was so mystifying about a bowl of noodles?!

Observing the Berserk Ramen that did not seem very out of the ordinary, the six swordsmen looked at each other.

On the second floor of the restaurant, Liancheng's silver eyes swept his gazer over everything. Under his spirit eyes, that bowl of Rampage Ramen let out a shocking level of spiritual energy. That spiritual energy was revolving methodically as if it was condensing into a magic array.

That magic array was extremely mysterious, and he would even find it hard to see through.

But without questions, this bowl of noodles was definitely not ordinary!

No! It was definitely not ordinary!

No wonder Xiao Yue wanted this bowl of noodle. If the spiritual energy that had condensed in the magic array was absorbed by Xiao Yue, the ability that he displayed would definitely be terrifying!

A hand slammed on the dining table, and the longsword that still hadn't been drawn on Liancheng's back instantly whistled as it flew out. On the sword body, light shone and dense sword energy revolved, as if there was a sun filled with sword intent, flying toward Xiao Yue.

"Kill him! Don't let him touch the noodles!" Liancheng coldly said, with his voice transmitting out while booming!

The hearts of the six swordsmen froze. Everyone's eyes revealed shock, but in the next instant, with sword intent revolving, they burst forth, shooting toward Xiao Yue.

The entire scene had become strange.

From where Xiao Yue stood, on his left a steaming Rampage Ramen was leisurely flying over, but on his right, there was a brutal explosion of energy as the empowered sword intent rushed toward the heavens with its sword light, and also the six dashing swordsmen.

The two sides were completely opposites, out of anyone's imagination.

Both were racing against time.

Xiao Yue propped his sword as he stood on the spot. He turned his head to look at the Rampage Ramen that was floating over, and his face instantly revealed a smile. He did not care about the sword intent of Liancheng and the killing intent of the six swordsmen that were getting closer.

He straightened his waist and reached out a hand, grabbing the blue and white porcelain bowl. After he grabbed the bowl, he directly faced the sword intent that was like a mini sun, and the six swordsmen that surrounded him with sword intent.

The corner of his mouth opened up, and he poured the Rampage Ramen in his mouth.

In the next instant, that sword intent that was like a sun engulfed the position where he was standing with a boom. The six swordsmen sword energy also rushed toward the ninth heaven, chopping down!!


Bu Fang gently spat out a breath, then patted his hands, shrugging off the water stains on them. He slowly walked in front of Xiao Ya, retrieving the umbrella in her hands, then held it himself.

As the rainwater splashed as it landed on the oil-paper umbrella, Bu Fang calmly looked in the distance, with the corners of his mouth curving upward.

"A bowl of ramen and even a meatball was added. It should be enough to end it."