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 Bu Fang brought along Xiao Ya as they slowly walked on the road.

It began to lightly rain from the sky. This rain was very sudden and strange, and the air on the streets air seemed to freeze at such moment, becoming bone-chilling.

Stepping on the bricks on the ground, Bu Fang's steps suddenly stopped. Xiao Ya followed closely at Bu Fang's side, a little terrified as she looked at the surroundings.

The rain scattered, with its speed getting faster and faster, splashing as it descended onto the ground.

In the next instant, a dainty figure slowly began to appear from the distance. As her thighs moved, her green long robe caused the hazy fair thighs to be faintly discernible, and it was very eye-catching. With her long hair scattered and fluttering slightly, her body radiated a brilliant radiance. The instant the rain descended on her, it bounced off.

The lady's red lips were thick, and as her mouth slightly curved, revealing an arc, there seemed to be playfulness and even disdain. However, in those curved red lips, there seemed to be nothing held back. The lady wore light green boots, the boots covered half her dazzling calfs, but the remaining skin had color and luster that was extremely mystifying.

A thin sword was pinched in her hand, and the edge of the thin sword was slightly shaking, as if there was a soundless blade hum resounding.

The lady's long eyelashes shook, looking at Bu Fang who in the middle of the long road.

"Thinking of leaving after offending his majesty the saint?" The lady gently opened her mouth. Her voice was gentle, as if she was blowing by the side of the ear.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, calmly looking at that lady.

The Heavenly Spring Saint had actually sent someone to make a move? As expected of someone who had to take revenge.

However, let her bring it on... Since she was here, then he just needed to kill her...

Bu Fang gently let out a breath. The green smoke in his hand revolved, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in the next instant, with true energy being poured into it. A dragon cry then resounded over the arc of the sky, ear-shattering! That pitch-black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife instantly became a golden knife that he leaned on his shoulder.

Xiao Ya stood behind Bu Fang, watching this scene shyly.

The atmosphere at such moment seemed to suddenly become violent and murderous.

The concubine in green watched Bu Fang's actions, with the curve on her lips widened as she began to laugh involuntarily.

"Little one, you... really are interesting. You actually still want to resist? Is there any meaning? With the ability of someone who has broken one supreme shackle, you still want to escape from this one?" This lady's cultivation was very strong, and although it could not compare to the saint's one, she was also an expert of the Divine Soul Realm, so naturally she was not weak.

Although Bu Fang felt a little thorny, he was not afraid. This lady's power was strong, but he had methods of his own.

As if she felt that she had talked long enough to Bu Fang, that green-robed lady lightly moved her thin sword with her hips swaying, as if she was dancing. Suddenly, the lady stamped on the ground with one foot.


The rainwater on the ground suddenly split into two halves, as that lady's speed was very fast, instantly accelerating in that moment. Her long hair fluttered, bringing a gaze filled with killing intent, locking onto Bu Fang's body. The lady's sword had already appeared in front of Bu Fang.

Bu Fang still held the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife on his shoulder and looked at the enlarging thin sword, but his eyes did not even blink. That calm and expressionless face made the green concubine's heart suddenly feel a little uneasy.

How would she not feel uneasy?

The green concubine felt that it was absurd. With her strength, killing the Divine Physique Echelon ant in front of her should be very easy.

Nevertheless, Bu Fang's appearance was too calm, as if he held victory within his hands... as if he had a card up his sleeve.

That appearance gave the impression he was sure of himself!

Could it be that this kid really had some kind of backing?


The thin sword moved, with its blade shaking, causing the raindrops to be sent flying. The green concubine's figure instantly retreated, looking cautiously at Bu Fang.

"You have a backing?!" The green concubine held up her thin sword and her red lips gently opened. Her bright red tongue came out, slowly licking over the blade of her long sword. That appearance was filled with enchantment.

Bu Fang watched quietly, single-handedly holding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, allowing the rainwater dripping on his body to flow freely. Then, the Vermillion Robe raised slightly, scattering a wave of fluctuation, causing the raindrops that had come close to evaporate.

"You guess," Bu Fang opened his mouth and said.


The killing intent in the green concubine's eyes surged. Was there a need to guess? Killing was even better! Those that offended his majesty the saint... all had to die!

No matter if he had any backing, her one blade would cut everything!

The green concubine's slender legs moved again, with her feet stepping on the ground, causing the rainwater to split apart once more. A horrifying killing energy condensed, and the sword intent surged forth as if condensing into a shapeless big sword that cut down toward Bu Fang.


The air seemed to be cut apart by this sword.

Bu Fang's brows furrowed.

That domineering blade energy was spreading, causing the hair on his forehead to flutter.

Bu Fang gently let out a breath, tilted his head and looked at the green concubine as if he was looking at an idiot.

The true energy in his hand scattered and the dazzling golden light of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife instantly vanished, once again assuming that simple and unadorned appearance. Bu Fang spun his knife and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife instantly vanished into smoke.

"Still pretending! You think this one will still believe it?! Die!" The green concubine's red lips opened as mockery flashed past her beautiful eyes. The sword pierced toward Bu Fang, covering the entire sky with sword light.

Xiao Ya hid behind Bu Fang's back. As the sword light neared, she squeezed Bu Fang's clothes, shutting her eyes.


The entire Heaven and Earth shook, and the clouds on the sky seemed to scatter.

Suddenly, the long street went quiet. Only the sound of coughing blood resounded.

The green concubine's long sword shattered, and her body lay slanted on the ground. Her eyes were filled with fear while they looked at that white-haired and white-browed elder that had unknowingly appeared.

The elder crossed his arms, and his vast long robes moved even without wind, appearing to be an immortal. His gaze coldly swept over the lad who had collapsed on the ground. He slowly raised his palm.

"You... you can't kill me. I am the maid of the Heavenly Spring Saint! I am the Heavenly Spring Saint's woman!" The green concubine felt a kind of pressure and energy that was terrifying to the extreme being emitted from the elder's body, and her heart began to shake, so she roared in fear.

"Heavenly Spring Saint? What plaything is that..."

When the elderly lightly said this sentence, the green concubine eyes instantly froze. In the next instant, his slammed down.


A formless fluctuation dispersed in an instant. The green concubine's hair fluttered rapidly, and the light in her eyes dimmed. Just after a while, her life energy had vanished.

The personal maid of the Heavenly Spring Saint... was dead.

While killing this lady, the elderly looked as if he was killing an insignificant fly. Afterwards, he turned his head to look at Bu Fang and Xiao Ya. His gaze landed on Bu Fang's body, seeming slightly cold, but when it landed on Xiao Ya's body, it became gentler.

"The Glutton God's Banquet is just around the corner. As of today, The Glutton God City has endless conflicts, with the appearance of many saints of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. It's a turbulent time. I let you take care of this lass, but did not let you make trouble," the elderly said.

Bu Fang lightly looked at this elderly as if knowing that the latter would make a move, and the corners of his mouth pulled backward. His gaze was filled with meaning as he lightly said:

"Got it. I won't cause trouble, but other people should also not provoke me..."

Bu Fang brought Xiao Ya into the distance, and their figures vanished under the blanket of the rain.

The elderly crossed his arms, looking at Bu Fang and Xiao Ya's vanishing silhouettes. The expression on his face was strict. It was unknown what he was thinking.


In the Noodle King Establishment, the Heavenly Spring Saint held a bowl of steaming noodles in his hands. The luster of the soup of the noodle was revolving, looking glamourous, and its aroma rolled forth, arousing one's appetite.

He then brought the bowl in front of him closer, ready to gently drink a mouthful of the soup.

However, before he drank it, his figure slightly shook and his eyes widened as sorrow instantly spread out from deep within them. The two maids that were quietly standing behind him both froze.

"The green concubine is... dead."

Holding the bowl, the Heavenly Spring Saint said sorrowfully. There seemed to pain flashing past his face.

"A blood debt must be paid in blood... Green concubine, this saint will definitely take revenge for you," the Heavenly Spring Saint said. In the next instant, he drank a mouthful of the steaming soup.

The two maids behind the saint were filled with disbelief.

How could it be? Green concubine went to kill a Divine Physique Echelon ant, so how did she die? Did something happen?

That Divine Physique Echelon ant actually had the guts to kill someone of the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land...

He deserved to die!

At this moment, the faces of the two women were filled with killing intent. If they ever saw that chef, they would kill him without questions!


Rainwater dripped on the ground, splashing around, and sword energy dashed through the rain, splitting it apart and bringing forth a sharp slash.

The long sword on Xiao Yue's back hummed, and in the next instant, it rushed toward the heavens, forming a revolving sword light that caused that sword energy to shatter.

His gaze was sharp beyond compare. The sword energy swept horizontally around his body, and the long sword floated above his head.

Below, from the ground, figures floated up, bringing with them killing intent alongside their sword energy.

"The six massacre fencers under Liancheng?" Xiao Yue coldly swept his gaze over the six figures that rose from the ground, calmly saying.

From afar, on the second level of a restaurant, Liancheng's face was filled with a gentle smile. After pouring clear alcohol into his cup and looking at the hazy scene of rain, he gently toasted.

"Great wine." Xiao Liancheng praised. "Good wine, good scenery, and something good happening... kill him."


Xiao Yue's gaze shot forth, looking at Liancheng at the second level of the restaurant. His face was cold beyond compare.

The energy of the six swordmen moved at the same time as if the sharp sword intent wanted to rip Xiao Yue into shreds.

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The clashing of the long sword rung out ceaselessly, and as sword light revolved, the killing intent covered the entire scene. The combat began to explode at that moment.

On the long street, there were a few figures, but there was only the sound of combat resounding.

He was facing the attack of six powerful swordmen, and their perfectly complimenting methodical attacks caused Xiao Yue's heart to jump in fright, as if he would be killed in the next instant.

He had known that Liancheng would make a move, but he didn't think that his method would be so severe, directly sending the strongest six swordmen under his control to kill him.

This was meant to be his burial ground!

With a wave of his finger, the long sword above his head split into countless copies. A whistling sound rang out along with them, and while covered in sword light they clashed against the sword intent that the fencers sent out.

Huge explosions occurred, and a terrifying fluctuation spread out.

The rain in the sky became heavier and heavier. Rustling as it descended, it washed over Xiao Yue's figure.

He single-handedly held his sword, kneeling on the ground with one knee. Wounds covered all his body, and there was still some sword intent moving around them...

He raised his head as the sharp energy in his eyes diminished. He was still persevering, and even though he was surrounded by six fencers, he still did not choose to run.

A sword user could only press on!

Liancheng savored the wine, looking at that fight while smiling and watching Xiao Yue's entire body of wounds. Fresh blood flowed down the latter's entire body, and the corner of Liancheng's lips instantly curved upward, showing that he was satisfied.

Suddenly, from within the blanket created by the rain, two figures slowly walked closer from the distance. The two held umbrellas, with the rainwater splattering on top and splashing around, letting out plip-plop sounds.

Xiao Yue gently coughed out a mouthful of blood, turning his head to look at the position of the people who held the umbrella. First, he seemed to be in a daze, but in the next instant the corners of his mouth formed a smile.

"Boss Bu.... give this one a bowl of noodles."