Xiao Yue was imbued with agitation as the will of sword emanated from his body. The sword in his hand was blooming with brilliant rays of light due to the sword luster.

The crowd around him was breathless. Not a single soul dared to speak or stand up for him as his rival was no other than the Heavenly Spring Saint Son. The Heavenly Spring Saint Son, whose status was honorable and cultivation level exceptional!

Even Xiao Yue was nonplussed to the reason behind the Son's decision to deal with him, let alone the crowd.


The Heavenly Spring Saint Son pressed his palm downwards, and the air vibrated with a light buzz instantly.

Xiao Yue felt the sword in his hand quiver for a moment, almost dropping out of his grasp, and he creased his brows. He had exhibited exceptionally high aptitude since he was accepted by the elder of the Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds as a disciple, after leaving the Light Wind Empire. His cultivation level was mounting steadily and he had become one of the top talents in the Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds. Even the Saints there held him in high regard.

The Saints of both the Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds and the Heavenly Spring had always been on good terms, so was the Heavenly Spring Saint Son trying to help Heaven's Pivot Saint Son get rid of Xiao Yue? If that was true, such action was too outrageous!

Xiao Yue's cold gaze was as sharp as the tip of the sword.

The Heavenly Spring Saint Son was slightly startled as he looked at the figures emerging from the kitchen.

"What a domineering and impressive presence. I run a small business, so would your royal highness mind showcasing your dominance outside my little noodle shop?" Ouyang Chenfeng had his hands at his back, as his face was astringent. Every step he took caused his energy to surge.

As a first-grade chef in the Valley of the Gluttony, Ouyang Chenfeng was highly capable and was unafraid of even the Heavenly Spring Saint Son. Even if he was a tad fearful, it was only attributed to the status of the Saint.

Once Ouyang Chenfeng's imposing presence entered the picture, the pressure on Xiao Yue was reduced and his face changed slightly.

"Oh, chef Ouyang, it has been a long time since we last met. I truly miss your Heaven Burial Noodle!" The Heavenly Spring Saint Son said as he turned his head to look coolly at Ouyang Chenfeng.

He was still a first-grade chef from the Valley of the Gluttony. Although the Valley of the Gluttony was only a subsidiary of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, its ability was on par with the Sacred Lands. Being the holy land of all chefs in the entire Hidden Dragon Continent, the mysterious master of the Valley of Gluttony was someone all Saints were wary about. Hence, the first-grade chef of the Valley of Gluttony would be utterly respectable too.

"No, no, if the Heavenly Spring Saint Son would like to eat it, I would cook it immediately. However, the preparation for this noodle is complicated, and its cooking process is even tougher. I am just worried that the Saint would get impatient while waiting."

Ouyang Chenfeng clasped his hands behind his back. His chef robe snuggled closely to his body under the fearsome coercion of the Heavenly Spring Saint Son.

Upon hearing Ouyang Chenfeng's words, the Heavenly Spring Saint Son heaved lightly. He only needed to raise his hand and everyone's heart pulsated. Was it true that the Heavenly Spring Saint Son would be attacking soon? Did he have the courage to do it?

That was the Valley of Gluttony... The Heavenly Spring Saint Son was to attend the banquet for the gluttony dishes. If he were to wipe out a first-grade chef of the valley, how on earth could he attend the banquet thereafter?

Everyone was baffled, but the Heavenly Spring Saint Son had no fear.

The shimmering palm swept toward Ouyang Chenfeng. The Heavenly Spring Saint Son seemed to have made up his mind. He would kill Ouyang Chenfeng who dared to stop him in his challenge.

Ouyang Chenfeng's heart shuddered. He did not imagine that the Heavenly Spring Saint Son would be so merciless in his attack. These saints and saintess were getting increasingly insolent at the Valley of Gluttony!

Did they think that the Valley of Gluttony could be lorded over so easily, only because their master had disappeared for a long while?

When the Heavenly Spring Saint Son was about to hit the target, a laugh broke out from outside the door. The stagnant air seemed to have fragmented by that laughter, and everyone felt the burden off their chest.

Who was that?

The leader of the pack was a man in a loose robe. He was not extremely handsome, but the imposing presence of him was extremely gruesome. Every part of him was vibrating with every stride.

"The Heaven's Pivot Saint Son! Why is he here?"

The man who identified the saint gave him a peculiar look. The Heavenly Spring Saint Son was plotting against the top talent from the Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds, then the Heaven's Pivot Saint Son appeared himself. There seemed to be a weird connection.

The Heavenly Spring Saint Son looked askance at the Heaven's Pivot Saint Son.

"So it is brother Liancheng, what a coincidence!" The Heavenly Spring Saint Son showed some restraint on his presence and greeted the oncoming saint of Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds by cupping his fist. The Heaven's Pivot Saint Son did likewise. They seemed to know each other quite well.

"Since brother Liancheng is here, I would do brother Liancheng a favor by pardoning this impertinent lad," the Heavenly Spring Saint Son said lightly. He entered the restaurant with his entourage.

When the Heavenly Spring Saint Son walked past Xiao Yue, he tilted his lips and glanced at him with disdain. He squinted his eyes abruptly, and his gaze fixated at the little girl, Xiao Ya, who was sitting shyly there. Then, he frowned.

He stared at Xiao Ya, with something swirling in his eyes. He sensed a black mist shrouding Xiao Ya.

"There seems to be something odd about this girl..." The Heavenly Spring Saint Son stuck his hand out to catch Xiao Ya upon saying the sentence.

When Xiao Yue saw that, his heart trembled and his sword he had at his back swung to his hand. The luster of the sword gyrated like a dragon and slashed toward the Heavenly Spring Saint Son.

"Stop it," said Xiao Yue huskily.


Xiao Yue was almost immediately blocked by the two maids behind the Heavenly Spring Saint Son. They held slender swords, and their agitated energy rushed toward Xiao Yue, blocking his body. The Heavenly Spring Saint Son did not stop, but continued to capture the little girl with his palm.

Slap. A fair and slender hand caught hold of the hand of the saint. The saint froze and saw an equally impassive face when he looked up gradually. That was a familiar face.

"How dare you disrupt the Heavenly Spring Saint Son? Who do you think you are?" said the Heavenly Spring Saint Son.

Bu Fang looked sideways at the Heavenly Spring Saint Son, and with his remaining hand, he tapped on Xiao Ya's head, enabling her to hide behind his back.

"You bully a child and dare call yourself a Saint?" said Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's hand was abruptly flung off the Heavenly Spring Saint Son's hand. The saint squinted his eyes at Bu Fang.

"You are courageous... But you are in no position qualified to speak to me in that manner."

The Heavenly Spring Saint Son put his hands behind him and looked sidelong at Bu Fang, then twitched his lip and strolled into the restaurant, ignoring Bu Fang.

Bu Fang watched the Heavenly Spring Saint Son enter the restaurant with an apathetic glance. His face was devoid of emotion. He tapped Xiao Ya's head and gave a light breath.

Ouyang Chenfeng came over, frowning as he said sternly to Bu Fang, "Leave, little friend. You are putting yourself in a precarious position by provoking the Heavenly Spring Saint Son. Or you could stay put in this noodle shop. As arrogant as he is, he would not kill someone right before my eyes."

The Heavenly Spring Saint Son was notorious for being a vengeful man, sparing no one who had offended him. The three maids under him had powerful cultivation levels, akin to the three sabres in the saint's hands, ruthless and cruel, killing in great numbers. Xiao Yue was badgered by two of them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"It is not necessary." Bu Fang slanted his gaze at the Heavenly Spring Saint Son, who had by then found a seat. Bu Fang held on to Xiao Ya's hand and turned around to leave the noodle shop.

Could Ouyang Chenfeng's noodle shop be able to squash the killing urge of the Heavenly Spring Saint Son? There was a hint of uncertainty from the looks of it.

Bu Fang decided to leave the noodle shop not because he doubted Ouyang Chenfeng's ability but there seemed to be a frightful existence embedded in Xiao Ya's body, it would be uncontrollable if it broke out. If the Heavenly Spring Saint Son persisted in killing them, so be it.

Bu Fang heaved gently and made his exit.

The two guards standing at the sides of the door looked gravely at Bu Fang and Xiao Ya. Bu Fang looked at them but did not speak, eventually diminishing into the crowd.

Then, a beautiful figure emerged from the crowd. It was a lady in an emerald green long dress, with an alluring and charismatic figure. All the guards bowed in awe to her.

The lady stared at the direction at which Bu Fang left and on her face was a sardonic grin. "He thinks he can still leave after provoking the saint? He is still too young..."

"Swish." In an instant, the lady vapourised into a ray of green light and disappeared into thin air.

Xiao Yue looked at the Heaven's Pivot Saint Son, whose face was full of a benevolent and gentle smile. The saint of Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds tapped on Xiao Yue's shoulder and looked as though he was trying his best to advise him, "Junior Yue, the banquet to be held at the Valley of Gluttony for the deities of gluttony presents a good chance for you to learn and tune your skills. You should not offend others especially so when there are so many here which you could not afford to be on bad terms with. This is a piece of sound advice your senior is giving you. Do heed it."

Xiao Yue sneered and shrugged the saint of Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds' hand off his shoulder, then turned around to leave the Noodle King Establishment.

The Heavenly Spring Saint Son had been finding fault in him since entering the noodle shop for no rhyme or reason, so there was no doubt it had to be Liangcheng's doing. Liancheng had always been envious of his talent, afraid of him usurping his position as the Saint. He had indeed been unscrupulous.

As a top talent invited by the Valley of Gluttony, Xiao Yue would naturally be assigned with a lodge and he went straight ahead to it once he was out of the noodle shop. However, as he strolled, the din in the surroundings subsided. The illuminated arch of heaven dimmed. The cold winter wind rustled through, howling while stirring up the fallen leaves, eventually landing bleakly on the ground.

Xiao Yue paused, but his aura was suddenly razor-sharp. He averted his gaze and fixed it hawkishly at a distance ahead.

The dark clouds gathered and the rain drizzled. The splattering rain resulted in a change of the entire presence of the surroundings. The buzz and the chants of the sword resonated as the rain showered from the sky and cut through the air like sharpened swords.