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 Firerain Falling Blossom Noodles?

This was an extremely dazzling and imposing noodle dish-there seemed to be a brilliance rippling across the surface of the dish. On the boiling-hot broth of the noodles, crimson sparkles danced around. In an instant, the sparkles split open to blossom like flowers in spring.

"This noodles is indeed miraculous!" Xiao Yue exclaimed in surprise, looking at the noodles dish with unconcealed interest.

"Are you the Dao of Sword genius, Xiao Yue of Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds?" The ponytailed waitress asked Xiao Yue after leaving the bowl of noodles in front of Bu Fang.

Xiao Yue did not expect this waitress to actually recognize him, however, he did not express his surprise much and simply nodded.

Xiao Yue met his current master not long after leaving the Light Wind Empire to travel the continent. His current master was an elder of the Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds, and after accepting him into the sect, he began instructing Xiao Yue in the ways of the Dao of Sword.

In fact, he displayed an unparalleled talent in the practice of the Dao of Sword. He could be considered one of the shining stars of the younger generation. Although he could not be compared to the true saints and saintesses of the holy ground because of his cultivation in martial prowess, his name could still instill awe in the hearts of those who heard it.

Bu Fang did not pay much attention to their conversation.

He held up his chopsticks and tapped the surface of the table with the ends of his chopsticks lightly.

Following that, he used a ladle made from an unknown mineral to scoop up a ladleful of steaming hot noodles broth. The broth was crimson red. Intermittent bursts of light emanated from within, like fading flower petals falling off. It was incredibly eye-catching.


Bu Fang slurped up the entire ladle of broth. A surge of heat burst out within his mouth.

Involuntarily furrowing his brows, Bu Fang's expression was slightly heavy. This broth was delicious, and Bu Fang commended it in his heart. However, he felt that something was off! He picked up his chopsticks, not intending to continue drinking the broth but instead began to eat the noodles. Since it was a noodle dish, the main actor was still the noodles.

Bu Fang extended the chopsticks into the bowl and picked up some noodles. The orange-yellow color of the noodles was brilliant as its smooth surface reflected the incoming light. Piping-hot noodles, with small droplets of crimson broth glistening on them. It seemed as though a rain of fire had just passed through.

Firerain Falling Blossom Noodles... As expected of the blossoms which fell in a rain of fire! The overwhelming presentation of the noodles dish truly did not let its name down!

However, Bu Fang was not impressed by such gimmicks. He raised his eyebrows as he looked at each strand of noodle.


When the noodle entered his mouth, the bouncy and elastic texture of the noodles immediately assaulted him. It made Bu Fang feel as if his entire oral cavity was being subjected to a pleasurable massage.

The noodle's texture was perfectly balanced, additionally, there were still numerous mysterious flavors infused within it. There was the medicinal flavor of spirit herbs, the fragrance of spirit flowers and many other rare and unique ingredients... This technique which layered so many complexities within a bowl of noodles was obviously not easy.

After one mouth of the noodles, Bu Fang's heart was still full of astonishment.

Although the ponytailed woman was observing Xiao Yue because of the rarity of the appearance of such characters in the Valley of Gluttony, she was carefully observing Bu Fang's reaction as well. She truly believed that nobody would be able to resist the delectability of Chef Ouyang's noodles dish. She believed that this young man here would be completely captivated by Chef Ouyang's delicious noodles!

She was proven wrong shortly. She realized that Bu Fang did not wolf down the noodles like the other customers, instead, he slowly placed his chopsticks on the table and dabbed at the corners of his mouth with a napkin.

What was happening?

Why was this young man not eating? Was this noodle dish not to his liking?

"Why aren't you eating?" The ponytailed waitress asked curiously, "Chef Ouyang dislikes wastages. If Chef Ouyang finds out about this, you definitely would not have the opportunity to patronize the Noodle King Establishment in the future," the ponytailed waitress reminded Bu Fang out of goodwill.

Bu Fang gave her a side glance and gave no reaction whatsoever.

"The noodles were delicious, and the broth was exquisite, however, this technique to make the noodles isn't a good one," Bu Fang said plainly.

When the ponytailed waitress heard what Bu Fang said, her face darkened instantly. This was the first time in her experience that a customer dared to nit-pick in the Noodle King Establishment.

That's right, nit-picking.

Judging from Bu Fang's behavior, he was obviously nit-picking. He took only one bite of the noodles and one mouthful of broth before beginning to criticize, so this was definitely nit-picking!

"Kind sir, that wasn't a nice thing to say. The Firerain Falling Blossom Noodles was prepared by Chef Ouyang himself, and the kneading technique also belongs to him. How dare you criticize the noodle-making technique? And... sir, what authority do you have to say things like that?" The ponytailed waitress answered with a heavy expression.

Bu Fang looked bewilderedly at this woman from the corners of his eyes.

"Must everyone who patronizes the Noodle King Establishment praise the food here? How can any perfect dish exist in this world...?"

Xiao Yue's face turned ugly. He looked at the ponytailed waitress and said, "Owner Bu is someone who understands cooking. If he doesn't have the authority to criticize the food, then who can have this authority?"

The ponytailed waitress had never expected that Xiao Yue would stand up to speak for Bu Fang. It seemed like the relationship between Xiao Yue and this young man was quite deep. However, did this rascal think that with Xiao Yue supporting him, Noodle King Establishment could do nothing to him?

Although Xiao Yue was outstanding... he could hardly protect himself on this trip to the Valley of Gluttony. Originally, she had wanted to advise Xiao Yue to get a favor from him, but now... she could not care less!

The ponytailed waitress stared at Xiao Yue for a moment, with all traces of warmth rapidly disappearing from her eyes.

"If everything is as I thought, then the first step of this noodle-making technique should be to pour the broth into the flour, allowing the flavor to permeate the noodles before continuing to knead the flour. Although this technique is good, the focus has been shifted away from the noodles," Bu Fang explained calmly.

The ponytailed waitress creased her brows, and the icy look on her face grew more frigid by the second. Suddenly, her expression changed to one of respect as she stood aside and looked expectantly toward the kitchen.

At that moment, a man wearing a chef robe walked over with a bowl of noodles in his hands. This man looked handsome, and the robe he was wearing was intricately designed and looked as if it was shining resplendently.

Loud hearty laughter accompanied the entrance of this man.

"This young sir isn't bad. I also think that this noodle-making technique has certain flaws in it. I've been improving and researching this noodle-making technique, however, this is the first time someone has mentioned it in my Noodle King Establishment."

The man reached Bu Fang's table and took a seat while smiling merrily at Bu Fang.

When the ponytailed waitress saw the appearance of the man, she withdrew several steps respectfully. Without a doubt, this man was the first-grade chef of the Noodle King Establishment, Ouyang Chenfeng.

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Bu Fang looked at Ouyang Chenfeng, and truly felt an extraordinary aura around this chef.

The aura exuded by Ouyang instantly made Bu Fang's heart tighten.

Ouyang Chenfeng looked at Bu Fang similarly, and a complicated expression surfaced on his face. Inexplicably, when he looked at Bu Fang, he felt a pressure emanating from him. Only those monstrous chefs in the Valley of Gluttony could pressure him so.

Where did this young man come from? He was able to taste the flaws in his noodles with just one bite!

Truthfully, the flaw could not be considered major, however, Ouyang himself was rather fixated on this flaw, and continued to strive to remove it from his techniques.

"Could there be any suggestions forthcoming from this young sir?" Ouyang Chenfeng asked as he looked toward Bu Fang.

The ponytailed waitress gaped in shock in the distance.

What? Chef Ouyang was asking for suggestions from the young man? What authority did this young man have to provide suggestions to Chef Ouyang?

Chef Ouyang was a first-grade chef!

A first-grade chef of the Valley of Gluttony!

Among the top ten characters in the Valley of Gluttony!

On the other hand, Xiao Yue was used to witnessing such preposterous occurrences. Although he had not tasted Bu Fang's dishes in a long while, he trusted his judgement and firmly believed that Bu Fang's culinary skills were not weak.

The interaction between Chef Ouyang and Bu Fang was slowly gathering a crowd. The moment Chef Ouyang appeared, all the attention of the customers were drawn to him.

Listening to Ouyang Chenfeng asking Bu Fang for any suggestions caused the onlooking crowd to have the same reaction as the ponytailed waitress.

Bu Fang glanced at Ouyang Chenfeng, but in the next moment, he actually stood up. The crowd was shocked, subsequently, all of them began mocking Bu Fang.

"This kid can't fake it anymore eh?"

"Act... continue to act! You really think you're some great chef?"

"Look at his chef's robe... he's not even a chef from the Valley of Gluttony! Who does he think he is?!"


Many people were cursing Bu Fang loudly in their hearts, they were disgruntled that this young man of unknown origins dared to pick a fight with Chef Ouyang-he was pretentious to the max.

However, in the next moment, they were all proven wrong.

They realized that they had underestimated this youth. He was not merely pretentious to the max, he was infinitely pretentious!

"Let's go, can I use the kitchen?" Bu Fang looked at the seated Ouyang Chenfeng before calmly stating.

Ouyang Chenfeng was obviously taken aback by this abrupt and unexpected answer. He paused for a long moment before raising his eyebrows and answering, "Yes."

The ponytailed waitress's eyes could not possibly open any wider. What did that youth mean? Could it be that he wanted to make noodles himself?

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

This fellow really dared to follow through...

More than a few customers were shaken. Could this young man truly possess culinary skills? Could he really be a chef who was even more outstanding than Chef Ouyang?

Impossible... How could any chef outside of the Valley of Gluttony be better than the chefs from it?

Was he going to show some real skills?


"Come, young sir, this way please." Regaining his wits, Ouyang Chenfeng stood up and gave a slight smile.

Bu Fang patted Xiao Ya's head lightly and said, "Wait here for a while, I'll be back really soon. Xiao Yue, please help me take care of this girl."

Xiao Yue gave a start before nodding.

In the next moment, Bu Fang turned and followed Chef Ouyang to enter the kitchen, disappearing from the view of the crowd of customers.


Outside, a large troop of people and horses rushed toward the Noodle King Establishment. A war chariot screeched to a stop, and a tall and sturdy figure could be seen standing imposingly on it.

This person was wearing a golden robe and a golden crown, and his aura was exceptional. Clasping his hands behind his back, he walked down leisurely from the chariot toward the Noodle King Establishment.

The troops split toward the sides to carve out a path for him. The surrounding human traffic was cordoned off and no one was able to get near the Noodle King Establishment.