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 Fei Jin?

Bu Fang's brows furrowed as he watched Fei Jin gradually emerge from the crowd.

Did he plan to settle things after everything was over? Could it be that he was now looking for Bu Fang because he lost the Chef's Challenge?

Looking at the figure approaching him, Bu Fang spat out a mouthful of energy and stepped firmly on the ground as his Vermillion Robe fluttered around him. He spread his hands and pushed Xiao Ya behind him while glancing at his surroundings through the corner of his eyes.

Although Fei Jin's expression was apprehensive, there was a trace of madness in his eyes.

Losing the Chef's Challenge meant that his future as a chef was completely destroyed. Even his kitchen knife was taken from him. At this moment, he was left with almost nothing.

Originally, he had the opportunity to have his name on the chef's honor roll of the Tablet of Gluttony, but because of Bu Fang... he had lost everything. His heart felt on the verge of collapse and he suffered an incredible amount of heartache. This was why he wanted Bu Fang dead. Only then could his hatred be allayed.

He knew Bu Fang was extraordinary and was actually able to overcome many challenges with his black wok.

However, he just could not believe that with that black wok, this fellow, at only the Divine Physique Echelon Realm, with only one shackle broken, could match strength equally with someone at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm. Amongst those that he managed to rope in by calling in favors, there was one person at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm. To ensure that everything went well, he threw in everything he had.

Hence, the moment he looked at Bu Fang, his eyes were inundated with a menacing blood-red glow.

An enemy at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm....

Bu Fung creased his brows again. His gaze was filled with heaviness. If Whitey or Nethery were there now, that mere peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert would not be a problem at all.

However, at such a moment, he was alone and, at the same time, needed to protect the girl behind him. Bu Fang was at a loss.

Of course, he could choose to utilize the Gourmet Array... but setting up the Gourmet Array required time, and his opponents would obviously not give him sufficient time to prepare it.

"Kill him!"

The fats on Fei Jin's body jiggled and the meat on his cheeks trembled as he roared.

Behind him, an expert began to act. His eyes flashed and, in an instant, his true energy exploded out. The terrifying true energy twisted around in the air as strands of energy chains started swaying.

Rattle rattle rattle!

The chains collided violently, and the sky seemed on the verge of being sundered.

This was the horrifying pressure of someone at the peak of Divine Physique Echelon Realm!

Boom boom!

The expert's expression was cold, he remained silent and looked toward Bu Fang with cynicism in his eyes.

He was amused that Fei Jin called in a favor from him just to deal with someone who had only broken through one shackle of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm. A mere expert who had only broken through one shackle, Fei Jin himself could have handled him with more than enough energy to spare.

Nevertheless, he actually wasted a favor.

It was fine too. Ultimately, owing someone a favor was inconvenient, and settling it as soon as possible could put his mind at ease. Hence, he acted with all the force he could muster. True energy gathered around him like a raging tornado. Turbulence and ripples slowly came to life in the waters of the Sunset Lake.

Bu Fang retreated a single step. Under the strong gale of the true energy, the tie bounding his hair together snapped and his hair begun to whip around him.

The Vermillion Robe he was wearing also fluttered violently, with its intense red color causing his robe to look as if it would ignite any moment.

Bu Fang took a deep breath and raised his pale and elegant palms towards the sky. In an instant, a piping hot bowl of ramen dropped into his open palms.

The expert who was attacking Bu Fang was stunned...

This fellow was actually eating during a fight? Who was he looking down on?

He heard that this fellow defeated Fei Jin in a Chef's Challenge, so his culinary skills were definitely not ordinary. However, since he had already offended Bu Fang, he could no longer show any mercy.... He had to pull this weed out by its roots!

At this point, the peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert's killing intent multiplied in intensity.


The green tiles on the floor were almost completely crushed from being stepped on. A terrifying pressure landed on Bu Fang, intending to crush him flat to the ground.

Xiao Ya stood timidly behind Bu Fang, with her face crimson red due to the intense pressure exerted on her.

Although Bu Fang blocked most of the pressure on her, the tiny amount that she felt was still sufficient to inflict great discomfort to her.


Finishing the bowl of ramen in a single gulp, Bu Fang stared emotionlessly at the expert who was shooting toward him. As he wiped his mouth, he could feel the true energy within his body surging up and rising rapidly.

He hauled the Black Turtle Constellation Wok out, which grew larger and larger as it approached the expert.

A loud explosion sounded out.

The expert's eyes opened in shock as he backed up a single step.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok spun back into Bu Fang's open palm.

Bu Fang's expression revealed nothing. Although he had only broken through one supreme chain, at this moment, his battle prowess was incredible. With a flip of his hand, a stick of steaming hot Vigorous Beef Meatballs floated into existence. Grasping it lightly, he put the entire stick in his mouth and ate it all.

The juice of the beef meatballs exploded out, causing all the surrounding experts to look on wide-eyed in disbelief.

Fei Jin also felt extremely astonished.

This fellow.... Was he actually eating in the middle of a battle? He really was as arrogant as one could be!

When the Vigorous Beef Meatballs entered his stomach, Bu Fang's brows inadvertently rose as he felt a wave of strength rise up rapidly in his arms. His eyes shone with a divine light.

Holding the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in one hand, he planted his feet firmly on the ground and hurled it out explosively.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok cut across the air, seeming as if it would crack even the sky.

The expert's face turned dark. With five chains swaying and entangling around him, he bunched his muscles and rose up to meet the flying wok with a palm strike.

Bang bang bang!

Bu Fang felt an inexhaustible amount of energy in his body.

The expert was forced to retreat under the onslaught of Bu Fang's wok.

The surrounding onlookers could only gasp in shock as they looked at Bu Fang as if they were looking at a demon. Where did this horrifying existence come from?! Having broken through only one shackle, yet he was able to force a peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert to retreat!

Fei Jin was trembling hard as he felt disbelief and despair.

"Impossible! Kill him! You must kill him!" Fei Jin howled.

Suddenly, his eyes darted around and landed on Xiao Ya some distance away. His apprehensive look changed into a terrifying one in the blink of an eye.


His figure cut through the air as he appeared instantly in front of Xiao Ya.

Xiao Ya looked at Fei Jin with a terrified expression.

The shadow cast by Fei Jin's enormous size completely blotted out her small figure.

Bu Fang glanced towards Xiao Ya through the corner of his eyes, his brows furrowed, and a cold look flashed in his eyes. He stepped forward, and his figure shot toward them as he attempted to prevent Fei Jin from laying a hand on Xiao Ya.

The expert invited by Fei Jin was truly enraged by now.

Being suppressed by an insect was already shameful enough. If he were to let Bu Fang escape from him, then he would really have to kill himself with a piece of tofu.

With a supersonic boom, all the five swaying chains went limp at once.

The peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert appeared in front of Bu Fang to block his way, with a gloomy and dark expression on his face.

"You must've used some secret technique to increase your battle prowess! If that's the case, then this time you have to die!"

A secret technique that could enable someone who had only broken through one shackle of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm to battle equally with someone who was at the peak of that realm was definitely not ordinary. This meant that Bu Fang's background was extraordinary as well.

Since he had already offended someone like that, he had no choice but to completely eliminate him. There must be no evidence left behind! Otherwise, there could be dire consequences!

"Scram!" Bu Fang looked at the expert icily and said plainly.

A smile tugged at the expert's lips as he punched out toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's eyebrows rose, and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife instantly appeared in the form of green swirling smoke that solidified in his hand. A resplendent golden light shone out. Bu Fang held the incredibly sharp Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and swept it outwards, slashing it toward the expert.


Fei Jin looked coldly at Xiao Ya.

Looking at this girl, the fiery rage in his heart rose to new heights. It was because of her that he entered a Chef's Challenge with Bu Fang. And because of that, he had now lost the right to cook! This stupid girl was the cause of all his problems!

Bu Fang must die, and this girl... had to die as well!

This time around, Fei Jin would not show any mercy. He would kill that girl with one strike!

True energy swirled around and gathered in his palm. The energy concentrated there seemed slightly hazy, however, it contained a deadly amount of power. If this palm strike hit its mark, this girl would be smashed to a pulp!

Xiao Ya seemed to be aware of this fact as well. Although she was young, she was extremely mature and perceptive. Ever since her grandfather passed away, she had experienced too much. She bit her lips tightly and stared unwaveringly with her big eyes at Fei Jin's palms, which exuded an intense killing intent.

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Waves suddenly began rolling around violently in the Sunset Lake. The waters rose towards the sky, causing huge waves to form. The splashing water turned into raindrops, causing a downpour.

Everyone was stunned as the rain enveloped them.

A chill entered Fei Jin's heart. His palm was right above Xiao Ya's head. He was trying desperately to strike downwards, however, to his dismay, he found that, no matter how hard he tried, his palm did not seem to be able to complete its trajectory.

What was happening?

Fei Jin shivered.

His eyes met Xiao Ya's eye. Her gaze... It caused all the fats on his body to tremble involuntarily. It was like a savage monster's gaze...


How could it be so terrifying?!

The lake water drenching him seemed as if it were a giant hand, squeezing his throat tightly. Even breathing became an arduous task.


Fei Jin's eyes constricted while looking at the transformed Xiao Ya, and his whole body crumpled to the floor.

In the distance, Bu Fang saw Xiao Ya's transformation as well. He let out a sigh of relief.

The Sunset Lake seemed to have formed some sort of resonance with Xiao Ya's transformation. The lake waters churned along with her power.

Many terrifying gazes shot out from within the lake.

It was the Sunset Lake's extremely powerful spirit beast.

However, all this was not Bu Fang's focus, as he continued staring at Xiao Ya. He then took a deep breath.

At this moment, Xiao Ya's appearance changed drastically. She became a mysterious spirit beast wreathed in dark mist.


A humanoid hand reached out, however, its skin was obsidian black and shone with a light that sent shivers down the spines of those who saw it. The black hand slapped down viciously. Fei Jin, who had a fearful expression on his face, was instantly smashed into minced meat.

Everyone felt intense fear and shock at the sight unfolding in front of them.

In the next moment, the spirit beast covered in dark mist twisted its head aggressively and looked towards Bu Fang and the others.

The peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert who was battling against Bu Fang was scared out of his wits and he sat down heavily. He stretched out his hands to point at the spirit beast, with a look of terror on his face.

He could only manage to mumble fearfully, "Glut... Gluttony?!"