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 Fei Jin's massive body began to tremble uncontrollably.

He had realized that this round of Chef's Challenge had a somewhat apparent winner already decided. Undoubtedly with him being the biggest loser of them all.

It could be seen from the diner's expressions that Bu Fang's Egg Custard had utterly crushed Fei Jin's Stir-Fried Beef Offal.

As unbelievable as it may seem, this was the undeniable truth.

As an experienced chef, he possessed the ability to quickly uncover the diner's thought about the dish they ate.

After eating his Stir-Fried Beef Offal, the diners then went ahead to eat Bu Fang's Egg Custard. However, the blissful expression that scattered across their faces had wholly overwhelmed the appearance they had when eating Fei Jin's Stir-Fried Beef Offal.

This caused Fei Jin's heart to quiver intractably.

He had without a doubt, completely lost this battle.

This seemingly easy and sure-win Chef's Challenge had resulted in a complete loss for Fei Jin...

The surrounding diners had finally come back to reality after tasting Bu Fang's delicious Egg Custard. Everyone gave Fei Jin a somewhat pitiful glance, but they all stared at Bu Fang in disbelief.

Within the Valley of Gluttony, the rules and regulations of a Chef's Challenge would be able to easily detect the diner's judgment regarding the dish after they had a taste of it. Therefore, the impartiality of a Chef's Challenge was unquestionable.

The Oath of Gluttony had already begun to activate.

Fei Jin's face was filled with terror as his body gradually floated up into the skies, radiating with a bright glow.

The light rays rapidly gathered upon his forehead, forming the visage of a monstrously massive beast. That beast seemed as though it was capable of swallowing the heavens, sending immense chills down the spines of whoever looked at it.

Nonetheless, Bu Fang's body similarly radiated an intense glow. However, that glow was somewhat gentle and warm, indicating a victor's radiance of glory.

"The Chef's Challenge is over. Bu Fang is the victor. Fei Jin is the loser.

"Punishment from the Oath of Gluttony shall begin now... Fei Jin has lost the Chef's Challenge, and he will be reaped of his right to cook, and his kitchen knife will be confiscated, never to become a chef again."

The deafening sound boomed out relentlessly, as if someone was hitting on an enormous bell.

Fei Jin's body turned cold and fell onto the ground, quivering in fear as he heard the Oath of Gluttony's announcement. Above his head, a beam of light shot out toward the skies and the oath instantly materialized into a thread, sinking into Fei Jin's forehead. His eyes suddenly turned dark as he collapsed onto the floor.

Fei Jin was in a daze. He was extremely familiar with the process of a Chef's Challenge, he had been in multiple Chef's Challenges and had even achieved numerous victories.

However, he would have never expected to be utterly defeated in the hands of a young man.

With his loss to Bu Fang in this gruesome Chef's Challenge, Fei Jin's right to cook had been abolished and his kitchen knife got confiscated as well.

He would no longer be a chef from that day onwards...


The black metallic kitchen knife flew out from his hands, as though an invisible force had been pulling the knife toward Bu Fang. Although the kitchen knife that belonged to Fei Jin wasn't considered precious, its value wasn't cheap either. This knife had accompanied him since the start of his chef career.

Bu Fang extended his hands as he grabbed onto that kitchen knife. This obsidian knife was renowned for its enormous weight. However, it seemed as light as a feather in Bu Fang's hand. Truth to be told, compared to the obsidian black kitchen knife that Bu Fang used at the stove previously, this knife was actually a lot lighter.

Bu Fang knitted his brows slightly as he looked at the depressed Fei Jin. Bu Fang then peered at the obsidian kitchen knife in his hands and let out a soft sigh.

With a thought, a crystalline knife cabinet gradually appeared in front of him. Bu Fang opened the cabinet and placed that obsidian kitchen knife he won into the lowest shelf of the cabinet.

Everyone let out an exclamation as they saw Bu Fang take out that knife cabinet and unveiled petrified gazes while they looked toward Bu Fang's direction.

A knife cabinet... That was something only a second-grade chef could possess because when one reached that stage, almost every kitchen knife they used would have some sort of spirituality imbued within them. Only kitchen knives with spirituality were worth keeping, and only that would give one a sense of accomplishment and pride when they achieved victory in a Chef's Challenge.

Fei Jin would never have thought that Bu Fang had a knife cabinet with him. If he had known earlier that Bu Fang had a knife cabinet, he would undoubtedly avoid engaging in a Chef's Challenge with him. He wasn't retarded enough to be undergoing a Chef's Challenge with a second-grade chef.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

When he thought of this, his gaze toward Bu Fang suddenly became increasingly vicious!

He felt that Bu Fang had deceived him. If Bu Fang were to reveal his culinary skills earlier, Fei Jin would never have the guts to engage in a Chef's Challenge with him.

Suddenly, the crowd went silent once again. Within their sight, in the crystalline cabinet, lay a sapphire-blue kitchen knife. That kitchen knife radiated a chilly intent, causing them to feel goosebumps across their bodies!

"That was chef Wen Renchou's kitchen knife! He was our Valley of Gluttony's adventurer that went on an expedition in the outside world! How is it possible for his kitchen knife to be here?!" A bewildered individual exclaimed in shock as he pointed toward that icy kitchen knife.

Some of them had disbelief on their faces.

However, Bu Fang merely gave them the chance to view it for a brief moment, and with a wave of his hand, that knife cabinet vanished into thin air.

With the radiance gradually dispersing, the whole room suddenly fell into a tranquil state.

At this moment, everyone held in their breath as they stared at Bu Fang, stupefied. This youth in front of them was actually a second-grade chef, and he would definitely be a master chef in the Tablet of Gluttony ranking! This kind of existence was qualified to open a restaurant even within Glutton God City. Who would have thought that such a powerful individual would actually come to that restaurant to have a Chef's Challenge with Fei Jin...

Everyone felt somewhat sorry and unlucky for Fei Jin. Why did he have to mess with this second-grade chef?

The waitress's face instantly turned aghast as a hint of distrait could be seen from her eyes.


Master chef Fei Jin had actually lost? Everything still seemed somewhat phantasmagorical, their restaurant's stalwart had actually lost to a youth in a Chef's Challenge. This defeat meant that Fei Jin had already lost all rights to cook unless a prominent figure from the Valley of Gluttony chose to hide his name from the Oath of Gluttony. Otherwise, Fei Jin would forever lose his life as a chef.

It was this precise moment that Fei Jin got forever banished into a road of no return. No ordinary man could withstand this kind of immense fluctuations in life. Fei Jin was no exception. Although he was a third-grade chef, the kind of desolate feeling caused him to almost have a mental breakdown.

Bu Fang calmly glanced over the dispirited Fei Jin and then shifted his gaze over to the waitress. He then gave the dumbfounded little Xiao Ya, that stood there in a daze, a gentle pat while he gradually made his way into the distance.

Xiao Ya woke up from her daydream and quickly dashed forward to follow Bu Fang.

The surrounding crowd also began to come back to reality. Instantly, everyone's face began to burn with a raging passion!

This man in front of them was a second-grade chef. If they were able to recruit him into their restaurants, they would instantly soar up to being the best restaurant in this village!

It was undeniable that a chef was of utmost importance to a restaurant.

Suddenly, everyone charged out of the restaurant while they followed closely behind Bu Fang. Each and every one of them was putting up their best performance to attempt to convince him.

Only the stupefied Fei Jin was left kneeling on the ground. He had been defeated and had lost his right to cook. He was no longer the prestigious chef and pillar of this restaurant.

He crumbled.

"It is all because of that damn brat!" Fei Jin furiously raised his head as his fats began to jiggle vigorously. He stared toward the waitress who stood completely still in place. "It was all because of that fellow. I am going to kill him! Do you want to help?!" Fei Jin snarled as he gritted his teeth.

The waitress seemingly got woken up by this sentence of Fei Jin, one that was filled with murderous intent. She then anxiously dashed toward the entrance of the restaurant.

"Kill? Kill your damn head! That guy is a popular second-grade chef. If I am able to recruit him, my restaurant will continue to stand atop as the best restaurant in this village! As for you, damn fatty, our restaurant had always been treating you fairly well. You can use your savings to live a comfortable life within the village," the waitress glanced at Fei Jin and said. Afterwards, she went after Bu Fang as she walked while twisting her waist.

The entire second floor had only left the lonely Fei Jin kneeling on the floor. He then let out a furious roar as he stood up from the floor, destroying the stove with a single punch.

"I swear that I will kill you!" Fei Jin was infuriated and filled with vengeance.


Bu Fang rejected all the different restaurant's invitation. He had his own restaurant, and hence he would naturally not work in any other restaurant as their chef. His ultimate goal was to become the God of Cooking at the top of the food chain in this fantasy world. There was no way he would work for another restaurant as their head chef.

Dishes made by a real chef were able to instill happiness and glee upon their consumers.

The reason Fei Jin lose was that he had always been cooking many delicacies as a routine. He had long lost his passion for food and even began to look stiff and numb when preparing dishes. It was without doubt that the dishes he made would not have any feelings or passion within them.

Xiao Ya walked beside Bu Fang while she brought him toward the direction of Glutton God City. The two of them proceeded toward the direction of the Glutton God City.

Bu Fang needed to hunt for a Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish, while Xiao Ya knew that this fish was considered a high-quality ingredient and hence would not be found within the village. They definitely had to traverse to the Glutton God City's outskirts.

Spiritual beasts often gathered within that area of the Sunset Lake in large numbers.

Coincidentally, the Glutton God City was also organizing the Glutton God's banquet, and Bu Fang could enter the banquet to have a taste of various delicious dishes.

Even though the previous village's dishes were somewhat appealing, they were still lacking in some areas. According to Xiao Ya, the authentic Valley of Gluttony delicacies all resided within Glutton God City. Only chefs with their names on the Tablet of Gluttony were allowed to open their own restaurants.

The two of them continued on with their journey as they promptly exited the village's borders and entered the rocky pavement alongside the lake. This rocky road would be able to lead them closer to the Glutton God City. After all, that city existed in the center of this entire Valley of Gluttony, being incredibly magnificent.

Above the skies, an endless amount of powerful individuals flew past with vigor. All of them made a trip there to attend the world-renowned Glutton God's Banquet. Terrifying amounts of energy filled the skies as they boomed past with astonishing speed. Some powerful individuals rode atop their swords, and some took a stroll across the air.

All of them headed towards the enormous and awe-inspiring city rapidly, like a massive crowd condensing into a singular point.

The skies darkened as the sun that hung high up above the majestic heavens gradually sunk into the horizons. The rays from the sunset shone upon Bu Fang and Xiao Ya, elongating their shadows onto the lake's surface as they sparkled slightly.

Suddenly, Bu Fang frowned while stopping in his steps.

A horrifying gust of wind suddenly raged on around him.

"Who is it... Come out now." Bu Fang snorted coldly.

Xiao Ya's heart clenched as she hid behind Bu Fang.

Afar, a fat and chubby figure gradually emerged along with a few other figures while their faces were filled with a ruthless predatory gaze.

"You want to escape after acting all heroic? I, Fei Jin, will not let you win this Chef's Challenge easily!"