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 The Black Turtle Constellation Wok's lid had gradually opened like a blooming flower under the scrutiny of the large crowd. It was intoxicatingly beautiful.

As the petals bloomed one by one, rays of light shot out toward the skies from within.

Its beauty was breathtaking. Many were praising vigorously and even more, were utterly enthralled by its charm.

A dish that glowed?!

Everyone held in their breaths as they stared at the dish within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with their eyes wide open, and exclaimed in unison.

Fei Jin served up his piping hot Stir-Fried Beef Offal as it emitted waves of aromatic fragrance and subconsciously peered towards Bu Fang's Black Turtle Constellation Wok. As Fei Jin gazed towards the rays of light bursting out from the wok, accompanied by steaming hot vapor, an ominous feeling swelled up within his heart.

The wok was opened.

Bu Fang glanced coldly toward Fei Jin. Subsequently, he extended his hands towards the Egg Custard within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Everyone looked at Bu Fang with some reservation and surprise as their hearts were subconsciously filled with anticipation toward Bu Fang's Egg Custard.

"A dish that glows... It seems almost magical!"

"I've never seen a glowing dish, and it is probably very delicious too!"

"Will master chef Fei Jin lose today? But he's a third-grade chef!"

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The diners were all commenting among themselves. Unknowingly, the confidence they had for Fei Jin disappeared along with the appearance of the shining rays. This awesome feeling was unexplainable even to themselves.

The little girl Xiao Ya stared at Bu Fang with a look of daze in her eyes. She stood the closest to Bu Fang, hence when the egg-like fragrance floated out, she was the first one to beam her eyes in bliss irresistibly.

The waitress remained at her original position as she continued to mock coldly toward Bu Fang. She refused to believe that a random foolish brat that jumped out to defend a stupid little girl would be able to defeat their restaurant's head chef.

Under the crowd's scrutinizing gaze, Bu Fang extended his hand into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and slowly retrieved the porcelain plate lying within.

Everyone involuntarily let out waves of exclamations as they stared at the porcelain bowl.

This bowl was indeed ravishing!

As though it had become a glass-like bowl, the carvings scattered across the bowl looked like they had all come alive, flowing elegantly under the embrace of the sun's rays. It was absolutely gorgeous. However, the most attractive aspect of that porcelain bowl was still its contents, the Egg Custard.

That Egg Custard was completely flawless, and its surface was as smooth as a mirror. Piping-hot gas and its delightful fragrance flowed gently across its surface, as though a gentle gust pushed it.

The seemingly rich egg-like aroma caused everyone to irresistibly squint their eyes, and they all heaved a deep breath of it.

Such fragrance! How did it smell so nice?!

The crowd was astonished within their hearts as they couldn't believe their noses.

"Y-you... How is it this fragrant?!"

Fei Jin's fat face trembled in disbelief while he held his plate of Stir-Fried Beef Offal in his hand.

Egg Custard? This wasn't some heaven-defying dish; it was a relatively simple dish that every household knew how to cook.

That was the reason why Fei Jin guffawed mockingly within his heart when he heard Bu Fang was cooking an Egg Custard for their Chef's Challenge.

However, he was instantly flabbergasted when Bu Fang finished cooking his dish.

Was this thing really an Egg Custard?!

"This is definitely not an Egg Custard!!" Fei Jin rebuked frantically.

Time had passed, and astonishment still lingered within his eyes.

"Are you mentally disabled? This is a bowl of glass Egg Custard. If it isn't... just count it as my defeat," Bu Fang smirked as he replied with ridicule. That mocking gaze caused Fei Jin's face to turn green instantly.

"God damn it! If this is really a bowl of Egg Custard, do you still think this chef will cower before you? So what if you are capable of cooking up a bowl of Egg Custard?" Fei Jin exploded with rage, causing his veins and arteries to become more distinct.

The waitress ordered someone to place a table between Bu Fang and Fei Jin.

Fei Jin slammed the plate of Stir-Fried Beef Offal onto the dining table heavily. That immensely fragrant dish glistened under the sun's embrace, scintillating with an oily glow as it radiated an alluring contrast in color. It was as if a hot and seductive dancer stood in front of them, utterly captivating their eyes.

On the other hand, Bu Fang gently placed his Egg Custard onto the table unhurriedly.

That Egg Custard within the porcelain bowl radiated a pale yellow luster, completely engulfed in the translucent hot vapoury mist. Its texture and surface were comparable to a perfect mirror, constantly reflecting off rays of light, completely eye-catching and beguile. The Egg Custard had a seemingly translucent and pale yellow surface, just as polished as a mirror, comparable to crystals, gems or even jade. Simply breathtaking.

It was like a white dress beauty constantly playing her flute within the bamboo woods, with her silky black hair fluttering gracefully under the influence of the wind from the bamboo forest.

A simple bowl of Egg Custard, yet so refined and elegant.

These were two completely different types of dishes.

The diners were all dumbfounded by this situation. No one had ever foreseen that the Chef's Challenge this time around would actually produce two dishes of completely different styles.

Where would they even start?!

The robust Stir-Fried Beef Offal or the refined and elegant Egg Custard?

These two dishes were both equally luxurious and alluring, causing people to have tremendous difficulty when choosing between them.

"Why are you guys hesitating? Since master chef Fei Jin has finished cooking first, it will only be natural for you guys to taste his Stir-Fried Beef Offal first..." The waitress commented mockingly at a corner.

Her fox-like eyes then cynically glanced toward Bu Fang.

The diner's first impression would undoubtedly determine the winner between the two oppositely styled dishes. If they were to taste the Egg Custard first, the Stir-Fried Beef Offal might really be in a losing position. However, if they were to taste the Stir-Fried Beef Offal first, the waitress still held onto her belief that this brat Bu Fang had no chance of victory.

The burst of flavors from the Stir-Fried Beef Offal... That insane pleasure wasn't something that a single bowl of Egg Custard was capable of negating away!

Xiao Ya began to feel anxious as she opened her mouth as though she wanted to say something while standing behind Bu Fang.

However, Bu Fang simply patted her head and stopped whatever she wanted to say.

"It's alright. Just let them taste the Beef Offal first if they wish. It doesn't matter to me," Bu Fang said.

Everyone gave Bu Fang a weird look. This brat's heart was indeed generous. It was still understandable for him to use an Egg Custard to compete with someone's Stir-Fried Beef Offal, but not to let the diners taste his opponent's Stir-Fried Beef Offal first.

What a foolish move!

"Hey, brat, you are really a moron! I doubt you have the ability to back your foolishness up!" Fei Jin gave his belly a good slap, causing waves of belly fat to jiggle about furiously.

In the next moment, the diners had all ceased talking and began to queue up in an orderly fashion. One by one, each of them grabbed a pair of chopsticks and picked up a piece of that Stir-Fried Beef Offal.

A mouth of Stir-Fried Beef Offal would bring one to the heavens.

The diners all noded uncontrollably in satisfaction. After swallowing their portion, they even licked their lips vigorously, and the Stir-Fried Beef Offal's spiciness had caused all the customers to blush slightly.

Although it was exceedingly spicy, it was still somewhat bearable for the diners. Such exact precision was tremendously challenging to attain, and that was the main attraction for the diners. Fei Jin's Stir-Fried Beef Offal was what enabled this restaurant to rise to its current status as the number one restaurant in this village.

After the diners had finished eating the Stir-Fried Beef Offal, everyone seemed to become more distracted, not holding much expectations toward Bu Fang's Egg Custard.

That was exactly what Xiao Ya was worried about.

However, whenever she looked at Bu Fang, he was still as composed as ever, to the point where it became somewhat irritating. Bu Fang even pulled a stool over to lean against as he gently exhaled a mouthful of air.

"Okay. After tasting the Stir-Fried Beef Offal, it will be my Egg Custard's turn. Come, queue up in an orderly manner, and remember, do not fight over it."

Do not fight over it?

His sentence stupefied everyone.

The waitress's smug look instantly turned ugly. She had never seen anyone so shameless! Who the hell wanted to fight over his Egg Custard? Which one of your eyes saw anyone struggling over your dish?

Damn! This guy was actually insane!

Fei Jin was also caught off-guard by Bu Fang's words. His fat face trembled slightly as he gave Bu Fang a death stare.

"Fight over your Egg Custard? Where the hell did your confidence come from?"

"Hurry up and eat it," Bu Fang sat on his chair as he played with his long white polished nails, not even raising his head while he said calmly.

Fei Jin was instantly enraged as his belly trembled with fury.

The diners similarly had a mocking smirk upon their faces.

The crowd then began to line up orderly as each of them clasped a soup spoon within their hands. The first guy stood before the piping-hot Egg Custard while his mouth still had a lingering taste from the Beef Offal.

This Egg Custard was like a naked beauty, stirring up their nefarious desires.

"Try it," Bu Fang said as he glanced toward the first diner.

That diner was stunned as he immediately recovered his composure and dug his soup spoon into the dish. That tofu-like Egg Custard broke apart instantaneously like a mirror in perfect condition getting shattered. Its rich aromatic fragrance burst forth with vigor as it gushed out from the custard's tear, rushing high up into the heavens!


White vapor erupted from the dish-like geysers as they blasted onto the first diner's face. That diner seemed drunk and intoxicated as he irresistibly breathed in a mouthful of air, causing his face to flush with a bright red color immediately.

"G-good... Good... This is excellent and absolutely delicious!"

This penetrative fragrance seemed to have exceeded everyone's expectations. Nonetheless, no one had ever anticipated that once the custard broke, a scent of such thickness and vigor would burst forth so overbearingly!

Fei Jin's eyes shrank.


It was as though the Egg Custard was jelly. With the Egg Custard getting removed, a tender and delicious egg "flesh" jiggling about underneath it was revealed.

The diner's nostrils began to expand as they gazed greedily upon the crystal-like egg cream and obstreperously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


When the Egg Custard entered his mouth, the diner's eyes instantly bulged out ballistically while his pores contracted at an astonishing rate. White vapor seemed to have escaped from his nostrils as the Egg Custard began to dance about within his mouth cavity, making his whole body tremble intractably.

Gentle and pure?

Like an innocently naked beauty?

These were all damn lies!

The taste of this Egg Custard... was ferociously tyrannical.

That diner felt as though he got wholly engulfed by the egg's shell. When he took in a mouthful of Egg Custard, his imaginary shell completely shattered as he felt like a chick, one that hoped to spread its mighty wings across the lands.

"Okay done, next. Slowly, take your time. Don't fight over it," Bu Fang said placidly as he gave a sidelong glance toward the intoxicated diner.

That seemingly drunk diner suddenly came back to reality as a look of anxiety surfaced onto his face.

"No! Let me have one more scoop! Just one!"

The diners that were queueing behind then gave him a massive slap to the face, completely knocking down onto the floor.

"How about I fight over your sister!" The next diner carefully extended his soup spoon into the custard as he reprimanded angrily.


The jelly-like Egg Custard began to dance around elegantly on the soup spoon while it emitted an alluring fragrance, intoxicating people around it.

"Madness! This group of people has got to be mad!"

Fei Jin's forehead began to sweat profusely as he stared at the group of people fighting over a bowl of Egg Custard like savage animals. He could not believe his eyes. He didn't want to believe it. Why did this group of people still craved for the bland Egg Custard after having eaten his Stir-Fried Beef Offal?

How spectacular could a bowl of Egg Custard be?!

"What? You don't believe that my dish is good?" Bu Fang leaned sideways against the chair as he said smugly to the flabbergasted Fei Jin.

Fei Jin gaped in shock.

"If you don't believe it, come and have a taste," Bu Fang said calmly. However, as he turned over to the Egg Custard, his brows instantly twitched. "Oops, they have finished all my Egg Custard... I specifically told them not to fight over it."

As Fei Jin looked at Bu Fang's grave expression, he felt as though an invisible slap landed on his face.