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 Spirit beast egg?!

Everyone stared at Bu Fang in astonishment as he grabbed a few spirit beast eggs that were overflowing with a rich layer of spiritual essence, as flabbergasted expressions slowly unveiled upon their faces.

Did this youth actually plan to defeat master chef Fat Jin with a few eggs?

All egg-related dishes were categorized as one of the easiest recipes to prepare. Although these dishes still possessed a decent taste, they were naturally lacking when compared to the Stir-Fried Beef Offal.

Nonetheless, this was all solely due to the difference in the quality of ingredients.

"Perhaps this kid has just become a chef?"

"Maybe, perhaps he only knows how to cook some egg-fried rice or something..."

"Hehe... Who knows if the only dish that the kid knows is soft-boiled eggs."


The crowd around them began to chatter incessantly between themselves while they all observed Bu Fang with a look of scorn.

Fei Jin shook his head gently as he felt an incredible sense of relief. Initially, he had feared that this kid might be a dark horse, capable of utterly destroying him. However, from this situation, one can simply tell that this brat is merely putting on a strong facade.

He actually thought of using eggs to defeat Fei Jin.

Stir-Fried Beef Offal was Fei Jin's signature dish. Regardless of the ingredients or culinary arts required for this dish, it was still at a much profound level compared to any egg-related dishes. Fei Jin would unlikely be in a disadvantageous position when competing with Bu Fang.

When a thought like that surfaced within his mind, he began to boom with overwhelming confidence, and the sound of collision between his ladle and metal wok gradually became more and more intense!

"You trashy brat, you had actually hoped to defeat master chef Fei Jin with that tiny bit of skill. Youngsters nowadays... they really don't know their limits," the waitress said mockingly as she let out a cold laugh.

The looks of disdain from the crowd grew even more apparent.

Bu Fang calmly walked back to his stove, paying no heed to the mockeries at all.

They could mock and laugh all they wanted. This bunch of people... really had no clue at all.

Bu Fang placed the few spirit beast eggs down before he got to his stove. His entire stove only had a few puny spirit beast eggs. Compared to Fei Jin's stove that had an eye-catching bull-type spirit beast, Bu Fang's stove was indeed extremely lacking.

Just eggs?

This time around, the crowd was really stupefied. There was neither rice nor any other ingredients.

What the hell was this brat planning? An omelet? Or was he really preparing soft-boiled eggs?

Everyone began to reveal weird expressions.

The little girl called Xiao Ya, who initially had a hint of worry within her heart, similarly had no idea what was going on as she stared at Bu Fang

However, once she caught a glimpse of Bu Fang's composed manner, confidence began to swell up within her heart. Perhaps... big brother did indeed have some plan of his own! Xiao Ya must have faith in Big Brother.

"Have you given up? Do you want to go up against my Stir-Fried Beef Offal with just a few eggs?"

Fei Jin put down his wok laboriously as a loud metallic noise was made, causing the flames blazing within the wok to die down slowly. A thick aromatic fragrance instantly permeated out from the wok.

He grabbed a wooden bucket with one hand and poured away the blood-red liquid in the bucket that was used to wash the beef offal. He picked up a string of bull's intestine from the bucket and began to cut it up into smaller pieces with his black metallic kitchen knife. He then tossed the cut up intestines into the wok.


Flames began to rage on, lighting up the skies. The remaining ingredients and spices were all added into the wok, causing it to emit an increasingly rich and fragrant aroma.

"Why do you think you have the right to look down on eggs?" Bu Fang gave his head a slight tilt and looked at Fei Jin with a tranquil gaze.

Looking down on eggs? Fei Jin was dumbfounded... When the hell did he mention anything about looking down on eggs?

He merely stated a fact about the limiting nature of egg as ingredients!

However, Bu Fang did not even give Fei Jin as much as a glance when the latter wanted to rebuke him.

The stove in front Bu Fang was in a terrible condition, causing his mouth to twitch slightly. He then gave a sidelong glance toward the waitress that stood relatively far away.

A glow of light flashed from his hands as the Black Turtle Constellation Wok began to grow in size rapidly. A rumbling sound ensued the restaurant. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok then suddenly came crashing down viciously onto the stove.

That enormous sound had attracted everyone's attention, causing them to glance over.

Fei Jin and the others' faces immediately turned black upon seeing the appearance of this black obsidian wok... This wok was god-damned poisoned!

In the audience's view, the stove immediately got destroyed the moment that black obsidian wok landed ruthlessly on it.

"Nobody wants this trashy stove," Bu Fang mentioned calmly.

Subsequently, with but a thought, Bu Fang's system storage space produced many porcelain plates. Numerous porcelain plates hovered in the air as they spun elegantly. Bu Fang gave a gentle wave, causing a spirit beast egg that had suddenly flown out to crack in half.

With its eggshell removed, the glistening egg white and the yellowish egg yolk landed gently onto the porcelain plate.

With one hand behind himself, Bu Fang had the porcelain plate land delicately onto his other hand. With a thought, the egg white and egg yolk within the porcelain plate began to spin at an astonishing rate, mixing together furiously. Soon, the product of it became somewhat creamy and orange in color as it was evenly mixed up.

"Why don't you save some dignity for yourself! I am considered benevolent for preparing a stove for you," the waitress mocked coldly as she saw Bu Fang's smug face.

Without a stove, it would be even more challenging for Bu Fang to attain victory. The presence of a stove was of utmost importance to a chef.


The porcelain plate was in front of Bu Fang's chest as its contents were still getting spun and mixed non-stop, imitating a miniature whirlpool.

Many of them had their suspicions as they saw his action and mused to themselves. What the hell did this brat plan to do?!

Many of them had no clue regarding what Bu Fang planned to do.

Someone within the crowd suddenly thought of something.

"Perhaps this kid is planning to cook up an egg custard?"

Egg custard?

This person's exclamation had befuddled many others.

That's right! It was likely to be egg custard, but... to use this seemingly bland dish in achieving victory against master chef Fei Jin's delicious Stir-Fried Beef Offal, his brain was perhaps not working properly?

Bu Fang lit up the stove and began to heat his wok.

Bu Fang heaved a deep breath, and with a considerable puff, a cluster of golden flames spat out from his mouth and dug towards the bottom of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

This was one of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

Once the obsidian flame was sent out, a majestic and noble aura came crashing outwards.

The raging flame that blazed beneath Fei Jin's wok began to shudder as it gradually extinguished as the Obsidian Flame's overbearing pressure suppressed it.

Fei Jin's face was stupefied as he raised his head, realizing that the raging flame was actually blazing beneath Bu Fang's black wok.


This brat actually had such wonderful stuff?

It was an exalted Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame!

However, the shocked look quickly disappeared upon Fei Jin's face. Bu Fang owning a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was indeed not within his expectations. However, when he thought of the terrifying capabilities of such a flame, Fei Jin was still confounded by Bu Fang's decision in using such a powerful flame to cook. Wasn't Bu Fang seeking his own death?

Moreover, the egg custard that Bu Fang seemed to be preparing was one that had stringent requirements over the flame's control and spiritual energy fluctuation. Just one careless mistake over the flame's control would cause the dish to become repulsive and disgusting.

Fei Jin's mouth curved into an arc as he continued to fry furiously, awaiting Bu Fang's self-embarrassment.

As always, Bu Fang continued to disregard Fei Jin. His hands were covered by a thin layer of knife-like true energy as he ran it past the plates.

The knife-like true energy then perfectly cleared out all the layers of foam formed by the egg white and egg yolk from the porcelain plate.

After adding in certain spices, Bu Fang began to wait patiently for the egg-like liquid to settle down.

He retrieved some Heaven Alps Spring Water from his dimensional storage and poured the crystal-clear water into the porcelain bowl, diluting the liquid within. This caused the egg-like liquid within the bowl to turn a few shades lighter.

Bu Fang then once again used his knife-like true energy to remove all the foam within the bowl.

He gently let out a mouthful of air as he concentrated his mental force to sense the enormous fluctuations of spiritual energy within the liquid, while his mouth was gently lifted into an arc.

Bu Fang's palm possessed a dense layer of true energy, and he used it cover the bowl, causing such a layer to materialize and form a membrane around the bowl's opening.

With a single thought, a few formless needle-like projectiles shot out towards the membrane, piercing a number of holes on it.

A seemingly bland spiritual energy then gushed out from the holes like geysers.

After the preparations were done, Bu Fang proceeded to place the porcelain bowl into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

With a thought, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was then sealed up.


Bu Fang placed his hands down and began to sense the fluctuations of the spiritual energy flowing within it.

Bu Fang's composure caused many to watch on with disbelief. They realized that Bu Fang was indeed cooking an egg custard... This brat actually had the guts to cook an egg custard at such moment! How the hell did he think that this dish was enough to match up or even defeat master chef Fei Jin's Stir-Fried Beef Offal?

He was simply seeking death!


Fei Jin burst out in laughter as he flipped the wok open, causing the beef offal within to rise high up into the air. A domineering fragrance burst forth, causing in the numerous people around him to nod in approval.

"Such fragrance! This smell... This is the authentic master chef Fei Jin's Beef Offal!"

"This smell is so much more aromatic compared to the one from his apprentices' dishes!"

"It's been a long time since I have tasted master chef Fei Jin's Stir-Fried Beef Offal. It really is quite appealing. Perhaps I might get the chance to have a taste later."


Many people exchanged glances with each other. Some mumblings were heard, and some of them even began to drool uncontrollably.

With a flip, the Beef Offal that was scintillating with a faint oily glow, coupled with its overwhelming fragrance, landed within the ladle as a white colored porcelain plate was placed above the stove.


Fei Jin rapaciously flipped the ladle into the porcelain bowl and slowly removed it.

Instantly, a rich and domineering fragrance burst forth with vigor, as if the Beef Offal itself was jumping out of the plate, becoming the center of attention.

Everyone let out sighs of exclamations as they couldn't help but praise!

With a toss, the ladle landed in the black wok with a loud metallic sound.

Fei Jin grinned smugly as he removed the water stains on his hands. He pushed his nose toward the Stir-Fried Beef Offal and took a deep breath. Instantly, the pleasant fragrance from it caused his eyes to beam in bliss.

The fats on his face also began to tremble with joy.

"Hehe, perfect! This brat... is going to lose! Even with your Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, this chef shall destroy you in an unsightly manner!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

With his hands behind his back, Fei Jin lifted his head and gave his third-grade chef's robe a thug, as he revealed a look of extreme arrogance. He looked toward Bu Fang with disdain written across his face.

Bu Fang still remained rather composed as he glanced calmly toward Fei Jin, still expressionless. He waved his hands and pressed it onto the Black Turtle Constellation Wok as he sent his mental force crashing out like a tsunami.

That formless mental force fluctuation caused Fei Jin's face to change slightly, unveiling hints of skepticism. However, he quickly regained back his composure and mused to himself, "so what if he can do that? Don't tell me that this kid's egg custard has the ability to defy the heavens?!"

"Three, two, one... phew, done."

Bu Fang counted in his heart and he suddenly let out a soft sigh, lifting the corners of his mouth to form a smile. He gently extended his fingers, tapping on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

That tightly sealed lid immediately burst open like a blooming flower.