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 "Then I will engage in a Chef's Challenge with you."

Bu Fang tilted his head and glared coldly toward Fei Jin. The former's expression remained as calm as ever, as though whatever he had mentioned earlier was of little consequence to him.

However, what came out of his mouth caused countless people to feel chills being sent down their spines.

Chef's Challenge?

This brat actually dared to engage in a Chef's Challenge against Fei Jin? Did he even know what the hell was a Chef's Challenge? Or even the meaning of this phrase?

Why would this brat issue a challenge so boldly?

Within the Valley of Gluttony, not a single soul would be unaware of what the term Chef's Challenge meant. It was because of how prosperous this occupation known as a chef was. Chefs often had problems with each other and they had always relied on Chef's Challenge to sort it out.

If someone wasn't happy, they would settle with a Chef's Challenge.

Within the Valley of Gluttony, Chef's Challenge was reinforced by the Tablet of Gluttony, with the Oath of Gluttony being the very witness. Each and every Chef's Challenge possessed ultimate authority that reigned above all.

Once one lost, his kitchen knife would be confiscated and subsequently, he would lose his right to cook as well. Of course, there were still exceptions such as if a big shot in the Valley of Gluttony had decided to help the loser clear away his Oath of Gluttony.

Never did Fei Jin expect, even in his wildest dreams, that the demented kid in front of him wouldn't cower in fear, but would instead issue a Chef's Challenge upon hearing about his reputation.

Did this brat get his brain fried?

Fei Jin had never seen the name Bu Fang appearing on the Tablet of Gluttony. Therefore, theoretically, Bu Fang shouldn't be too skilled in his culinary arts. Since Bu Fang didn't have any superlative culinary arts, where the hell did he muster his courage to resist Fei Jin?

Was he actually retarded?

Everyone had gotten back into the situation at this moment as they began to mock the brat named Bu Fang. This kid actually chose the path of a Chef's Challenge; wasn't he seeking his death? If he had just continued to swing the black obsidian wok around brutally, these people would really be unable to resist anymore.

However, since he chose a Chef's Challenge, he had already set his path for defeat.

Chef Fei Jin was a master chef that had almost got his name carved onto the Tablet of Gluttony. He was the signature chef of this restaurant and held the number one chef's position within this village!

That little girl, Xiao Ya, had never foreseen that Bu Fang would suggest a Chef's Challenge, causing her little face to have a hint of anxiety and distress on it.

"Big brother, don't challenge him to a Chef's Challenge," Xiao Ya said anxiously toward Bu Fang. One could clearly see how troubled she was.

Although this Fei Jin had a somewhat terrible personality, his culinary arts were indeed one of the best in this village. It was remarkably dangerous for big brother to have a Chef's Challenge with Fei Jin.

The waitress let out a mocking laugh after she heard Bu Fang's words.

"Challenging master chef Fei Jin to a Chef's Challenge, this brat... is indeed seeking death! Master chef Fei Jin, trample ruthlessly upon him! Let him know what true culinary arts is!" The waitress shouted at the top of her lungs.

Master chef Fei Jin's lips curved into a mocking arc as the fats on his face began to tremble slightly.

Chef's Challenge...

It was really as he wished.

That obsidian black wok had caused him to feel some headaches and inconvenience. Perhaps he might not be as battle-worthy as this brat, but regarding culinary arts, who else other than those freaks whose names were on the Tablet of Gluttony did master chef Fei Jin fear?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He was all set to welcome those that challenged him to a Chef's Challenge!

"Come on! We will do a Chef's Challenge as you wish! Damn brat, you are seeking death, so why not let this chef lend you a hand." Fei Jin burst out in laughter while he slapped his stomach profusely, causing waves of belly fat to ripple about furiously.

Bu Fang still had his head tilted to one side as he looked at the excited Fei Jin with a confounded look. What was he so happy about? What the hell was this fella all excited about? Bu Fang knitted his brows and said calmly:

"Let us begin our Chef's Challenge, you may set the rules."

The setting of rules without any regards?


This was just pure and utter madness!

Where the hell did this retarded youth come from, first challenging master chef Fei Jin, and also allowing him to set the rules however he wished? Did he think that his culinary arts were unparalleled in this world?

This was the Valley of Gluttony, and within it... there were countless experts in the culinary arts!

Moreover, master chef Fei Jin was also a third-grade chef. He wasn't someone this youth was able to afford offending. With a glance, one could tell that Bu Fang didn't come from within the valley. A random chef from the outside world dared to challenge a chef from the Valley of Gluttony... Who the hell gave him such courage and confidence?

Fei Jin's fat face trembled slightly as he revealed a predatory smile. A blinding light glimmered within his hands as a set of chef's robe appeared, and Fei Jin then proceeded to wear it.

This robe of his was unique and different compared to the others. It had three golden lines sewed near the sleeves and felt more comfortable and overbearing compared to other ordinary chef's robes.

This chef's robe belonged exclusively to the Valley of Gluttony's third-grade chefs.

Bu Fang's Vermillion Robe was utterly different from that particular chef's robe. Fei Jin couldn't determine Bu Fang's level in the culinary arts at all. However, Fei Jin remained somewhat confident. Since Bu Fang came from a place outside of the valley, what did he have to fear?

Any chef not from the valley... was complete trash within the eyes of chefs from the Valley of Gluttony.

"So this master chef shall decide upon the rules, and you will have to wait and cry! You insolently mad brat!" Fei Jin ridiculed coldly.

A group of people instantly took their steps forward and gradually made their way to the room on the second floor. The furniture there had already been moved by the waitress, providing enough space for the two of them to conduct their Chef's Challenge.

After the word of an ongoing Chef's Challenge went around, many people came to watch it with excitement, obstructing all four corners of the room.

In order to allow the audiences to have a chance to see Bu Fang's embarrassment, the waitress didn't chase any of them away.

At this moment, this round of Chef's Challenge suddenly became the center of attention in the whole restaurant.

The stove had already been prepared promptly.

Fei Jin wore his third-grade chef's robe and sneered mockingly toward Bu Fang. A dense and weighty dark metallic kitchen knife appeared within Fei Jin's hands. The knife was tremendously heavy as it was manufactured and smithed by precious metals.

It emitted a somewhat domineering aura.

"I won't explain much regarding the rules. There is a pile of ingredients over there, you choose whatever you want, and I choose whatever I want. There are fifty diners here, and they will be responsible for judging our finished dishes. Victory belongs to the side that has a higher number of points. Alright?" Fei Jin explained.

Bu Fang gave a sidelong glance to him and said coldly: "Whatever suits you."

His laid-back attitude caused the crowd to breathe in a mouthful of cold air. This youth was exceedingly rampant.

The waitress, alongside other people, held their hands tightly as they stood at a distance, anticipating Bu Fang's look of defeat after losing to Fei Jin.

No one was able to remain calm after losing a Chef's Challenge. If one lost, they would then lose their right to continue cooking. Moreover, they would have their kitchen knives confiscated. It was an extremely gruesome and cruel challenge.

To a chef, that only spelled disaster.

"You brat... you are quite the audacious one. Let's hope that you won't end up crying for your mother," Fei Jin said irritably. Bu Fang's attitude had led to him getting somewhat frustrated.

Ignoring Bu Fang, Fei Jin then walked toward the pile of ingredients at the corner. These ingredients were mainly used by this restaurant to serve their diners. Although they weren't of exceptional quality, this was, after all, a Chef's Challenge. They were competing in terms of culinary arts and not the quality of the ingredients.

Fei Jin used a type of bull spirit beast. Rich and overwhelming spiritual energy was permeating throughout the bull-type spirit beast. Fei Jin then tossed that massive spirit beast onto the stove as he grabbed his dense and black metallic kitchen knife.

He didn't execute any form of fancy knife skills. Instead, he chopped down viciously onto the bull's brain.


Astonishment could be heard from the surroundings as they witnessed the bull's head fall onto the ground. Fresh blood spurted out unceasingly, causing the scene to be somewhat unruly and gruesome.

Nonetheless, this bloody scene had stirred everyone's emotions as their eyes blazed with anticipation and elation as they watched Fei Jin cook.

Bu Fang remained inscrutable in the face of this bloody scene as he glanced toward Fei Jin chopping up the spirit beast with vigor. That little girl Xiao Ya stood behind Bu Fang as she clasped her hands tightly, looking at Bu Fang with eyes filled with worry.

She really wanted Bu Fang not to take part in this Chef's Challenge precisely because she knew how strong Fei Jin was regarding culinary arts.

Moreover... It was apparent that Fei Jin was going to cook his signature dish, Stir-Fried Beef Offal, from the ingredients that he had chosen. This dish was the signature dish of this fancy restaurant. Many of the villagers had specially made their way down here solely for this dish.

Fei Jin had actually chosen this dish as his option for the Chef's Challenge this time around.


The black metallic knife slit past it ferociously. The bull's stomach immediately got ripped apart, causing blood to spurt out uncontrollably once again, dying the whole scene blood-red.

Fei Jin then hung a predatory smile upon his face as his fat head jiggled profusely. As he continued to dismember the bull, the excitement on his face became even more apparent!

Blood had dyed his face red as he raised his head to give Bu Fang an arrogant and overbearing stare.

"You stinky brat... Just wait for your defeat! I am going to make you cry for your mother!"

Fei Jin rolled out his tongue and licked the bull's spirit beast blood that got onto his face, looking even more savage and overbearing.

Light the fire, heat the pot!


The fiery glow from the stove blasted forth into the heavens as Fei Jin tossed all the processed ingredients into his wok. A spatula spun within his hand, and he immediately dug it deep into the sea of ingredients.


As he continued to fry the dish, hot vapors were steaming out unceasingly. A fragrance unique to this Stir-Fried Beef Offal began to diffuse throughout the room.

Many within the crowd unveiled astounded looks as they smelled this particular fragrance.

That's our master chef Fei Jin! This plate of Stir-Fried Beef Offal was much more sophisticated and fragrant compared to the ones made by the apprentices in the restaurant.

The waitress repeatedly nodded in satisfaction.

With this master chef Fei Jin as their signature cook, this restaurant shall continue to prosper!

When the time came, when master chef Fei Jin's name got carved onto the Tablet of Gluttony, their restaurant would definitely boom in popularity, and might even get its reputation spread into the Immortal Gluttony Village.

It was common knowledge that to open a restaurant in the Immortal Gluttony Village, one must first fulfill the requirement of having their name carved onto the Tablet of Gluttony ranking. For one to open a restaurant within the Valley of Gluttony, they must at least have a third-grade chef backing them up.

Fei Jin was considered one of the stronger third-grade chefs, and that was why this restaurant was able to grow in popularity.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle!

Fei Jin's lips curved up when he looked at Bu Fang. He then grabbed a bottle of alcohol, removed its lid and poured its content into his mouth. Followed by a loud laugh, he then poured the remaining liquor into the wok, causing it to erupt with raging flames.

The audiences then let out a sigh of exclamation.

Bu Fang gazed calmly upon everything, he moved his gaze onto the maddened Fei Jin and let out a soft sigh of relief. He then started to make his way toward the pile of ingredients with hands behind his back.

Bu Fang's action had attracted many scrutinizing gazes. Many of them were slightly baffled as to what kind of dish would the brat that had the audacity to challenge master chef Fei Jin prepare in the face of the Stir-Fried Beef Offal.

That little girl Xiao Ya was also somewhat curious.

The waitress continued to hold her hands tightly as she glared mockingly toward Bu Fang.

Fei Jin gave Bu Fang a disdainful smile as he held the spatula in one hand while controlling the flame.

Under the scrutiny of the crowd, Bu Fang extended his hands and hand-picked some spirit beast eggs from the mountain-like pile of ingredients.