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 "You stupid brat! What's the use of having you here?! I've only asked you to buy some ingredients, and it's okay if you took slightly longer! But look at what the hell you bought back?!"

A shrilling voice resounded from the kitchen, causing many of the diners to squint their eyes involuntarily. This sharp voice was really too high-pitched, causing tremendous discomfort to the ears of ordinary people.

What accompanied the shrill voice was an anguished wail of a little girl. That voice seemed somewhat familiar to Bu Fang, causing him to frown inadvertently.

That voice... Was it that little girl's voice?

"What happened there?" Bu Fang gently asked the waitress who was pouring tea for him.

The waitress was startled as she immediately revealed a smile on her face and replied, "Pay no heed to that, boss. That's the chef of our restaurant disciplining some rowdy and immature brat. It's rather common here, so please ignore it. You can take a look at what to order."

Rowdy and... immature brat.

Bu Fang's face instantly turned colder after listening to that waitress. He slammed the menu onto the table and stood up furiously in front of the waitress.

"I forgot to mention, that brat has quite a good relationship with me," Bu Fang said coldly. He then waved his feathery sleeves and headed toward the wailing's origin.

His steps got wider and wider, eventually disappearing from the waitress' sight. That waitress suddenly recovered from her state of shock and the warm smile vanished from her face as she screamed: "Are you here to cause trouble? Somebody get him!"

Bu Fang hastened toward the kitchen, appearing within it after a few steps.

As his footsteps became apparent, everyone in the kitchen was confounded as they turned around to look at Bu Fang.

The scene that unfolded caused Bu Fang to scowl violently, revealing a death stare as his eyes continued to boil with fury.

The bamboo bag was thrown at one side, with its ingredients scattered all over the floor. A small and fragile figure was lying at a corner not far away. While the little girl's face was filled with tears of anguish and terror. She held her tiny body with both her hands, covering up the copious tears found throughout that old and worn out chef's robe, as fresh red blood gradually seeped through from the wound found across her petite husk.

This brat wasn't just anyone. She was the chatterbox that had previously led Bu Fang to this very restaurant, Xiao Ya.

However, the current Xiao Ya did not have any liveliness nor innocence as before while she lay on the floor terror-stricken, with her hair in total disarray. Her face was filled with overflowing tears, and her petite body was packed with whip scars that were bleeding profusely.

She knelt on the floor while pleading for forgiveness to the arrogant and chubby Fei Jin, who was holding a long whip.

That Fei Jin's eyes held only disdain, and mockery as fluctuations of true energy can be detected from his hands. With a wave, he caused the long whip to hover in the air.

The whip landed, and that little girl abruptly felt a chill being sent down her spine as she began to tremble.

"Stop hitting me... sniff, I am in the wrong..."

Xiao Ya wept miserably as she pleaded for forgiveness.

Upon seeing such a scene played out in front of him, Bu Fang instantly felt a surge of emotions well up within his chest, causing his expression to instantaneously turn into one filled with rage and fury.

"Wrong? Do you know what went wrong? You bought the wrong ingredients, causing me to miss my auspicious timing. I will forgive you for wasting crystals, but to cause this chef to miss his auspicious timing to cook, do you know how grave of a sin you have made?!"

Fei Jin let out a snicker as the blubber across his face trembled violently. With a wave of his hand, the long whip once again lashed out mercilessly towards Xiao Ya.

A loud slapping sound was made when the whip once again landed on the little girl's petite body.

Xiao Ya let out another anguished howl as she curled up like a snail, crawling furiously while another bloody scar appeared on her worn-out chef's robe. Bead-like tear droplets cascaded down her cheeks.

The reason this Fei Jin was so angry was none other than the prestigious Glutton God's Banquet of Valley of Gluttony, since he had never gotten his name carved onto the Gluttony Tablet, and hence that fact too away his chance to participate in cooking for the Glutton God's Banquet in the Immortal Gluttony Village, causing him to have a whole lot of pent up frustration.

Coincidentally, this unlucky little girl had come into his way, giving him the opportunity to vent his pent up anger upon this poor little girl.

After rounds of venting, this Fei Jin indeed felt a lot better.

That was the reason why he continued furiously. One whip after another, that Fei Jin unveiled a perverted and crazed look on his face as he saw the fresh blood that gradually seeped from Xiao Ya's wounds.

"You stinky brat! Do you still dare to talk back to this chef?!"


Another whip was lashed out.

However, it was blocked by someone else this time around.

Fei Jin squinted his eyes as he stared coldly at the skinny figure that stopped his whip from a distance.

The little girl who was weeping profusely on the floor felt as though the whip didn't land on her. Hence, she lifted her head as her tears continued to streak down endlessly, only to see the scene where Bu Fang held onto the Fei Jin's whip tightly.

"What are you doing?" Bu Fang asked coldly.

He activated his true energy within his hands, filling it up with tremendous strength. He then pulled against the long whip rampantly.

The startled Fei Jin immediately lost his balance. With just a single pull, Bu Fang had caused him to land on his ass after taking a few steps forward.

"You damned brat! Are you seeking death?!"

Fei Jin stood up almost instantly as though he was about to explode. He was in so much anger that his fats were all trembling violently.

Bu Fang held the long Whip with one hand as he gave a cold stare toward Fei Jin. Bu Fang then took two steps forward, moving to the little girl's front and he swayed his feathery robe, causing it to flutter elegantly.

"What kind of person are you if you beat up a little girl?" Bu Fang said coldly.

"Who the hell are you? How dare you stick your nose into my problem? In this village... What rights do you have to tell me what I can or can't do?" Fei Jin roared as he gritted his teeth.

He had been tripped by a little brat who had only broken through one shackle... How embarrassing was that!

Fei Jin's true energy began to circulate, and in the next moment, three loose chains materialized behind his back and shot upwards into the skies.


The chains clashed together aggressively as a terrifying aura began to spread out.

The bad-tempered waitress also brought a group of people with her as she charged in. The majority of these people were cultivators at the Divine Physique Echelon realm that had at least broken one or two shackles.

The innocent-looking little girl was horror-struck as she saw the number of people that had surrounded them.

"Big brother, just let me be... It's my fault, quickly get out of here." Xiao Ya gritted her teeth while bearing her pain as she pushed Bu Fang's leg.

Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows and gave Xiao Ya's head a gentle pat.

Regardless of the circumstances, Bu Fang would never be able to tolerate someone bullying a little girl like that.

"You stand back," Bu Fang said calmly.

As if Bu Fang's calmness and confidence infected Xiao Ya, she no longer cried and slowly took a few steps back, looking at him curiously.

Bu Fang then turned to look at Fei Jin.

Fei Jin's mouth let out a cruel and ruthless smile. His chest harbored an immense amount of pent up frustration, and this brat Bu Fang had voluntarily offered himself up. It seemed like this little girl had indeed been slightly lacking for Fei Jin to release all his exasperation.

However, his vexation should be more or less released if after beating up this brat.

"Since you are seeking death... Don't blame this chef for being merciless!"

A rumble ensued the kitchen.

Fei Jin's body overflowed with a fiery aura, and with just one step, an enormous, savage-looking beast materialized in front of Bu Fang, forming a punch that came shooting forward as the fats jiggled around copiously.

Three chains were let loose, exploding forth with a domineering aura.

Fei Jin had a crazed expression as he crushed everything within his path!

In his eyes, this brat had merely broken through the bindings of just one shackle. This type of level... could be crushed as easily as an ant!

"What the hell was this?"

Fei Jin's gaze was instantly filled with despair, and his face turned ugly as he stared toward the black obsidian wok in Bu Fang's hand.

"Crush this wok..." Bu Fang said calmly.

Subsequently, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok began to sway furiously, landing on Fei Jin's face with a loud rumble.

Fei Jin's domineering aura had been utterly destroyed the moment the wok smashed on his face. He flew backward profusely and uncontrollably. His eyeballs almost flew out of his eye sockets.

A loud rumble was heard.

Fei Jin climbed up miserably from the floor while in a dazed manner, as Bu Fang's smash had almost dislocated his nose.

"You..." He quivered in shock as he pointed his fingers toward Bu Fang. He was so angry that he became speechless!

Bu Fang grabbed the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with one hand as he gazed upon Fei Jin expressionlessly.

Everyone, including the little girl, was staring in utter shock and disbelief from afar. A cultivator that had broken through three shackles was actually destroyed with a wok smash by a brat that had only shattered one shackle.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

What the hell was going on?

"Attack! Everyone attack! This brat is here to create trouble, capture him for me!" The waitress screamed frantically as she felt that something was wrong the moment Fei Jin got sent flying away.

Fei Jin was their restaurant's head chef, a third-grade chef from the Valley of Gluttony, a man of prestigious status and hence no accidents must happen to him.

After all, without Fei Jin, their restaurant would never have the ability to claim to be the best restaurant in that village.

Although that little village was not considered large, with Fei Jin as their signature attraction, their restaurant was able to sustain itself comfortably within the village, akin to fish swimming around in water!

The guards immediately came around, and numerous war cries began to echo throughout the kitchen. Countless different types of true energy burst forth, materializing many loose chains that were swaying around.

All of them charged incandescently toward Bu Fang, emitting an extraordinarily domineering pressure.

Bu Fang swept his cold gaze across these people as he lifted the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with ease, injecting his true energy into the wok. That black wok seemed as though it came alive. The carvings on it were beaming with a blinding glow as it shot out vehemently. The wok began to spin frantically, emitting a grave and majestic howl.

The guards paid no heed to this wok as they simply executed a punch, hoping to pin it down.

However, their faces changed dramatically when they came into contact with this black wok.


Countless figures collapsed to the floor and coughed out mouthfuls of blood as the terrifying black wok seemingly crushed them. The waitress gaped at it panic-stricken while that Fei Jin was in a daze while sitting on the floor.

Perhaps this guy was one of the genius disciples from the holy land? He was able to suppress someone who was stronger than him despite only having to shatter one shackle, or were they actually blind?

That waitress was trembling in fear!

She held her napkin tightly as she pointed toward Bu Fang and said unceasingly: "You, this rascal, how dare you create trouble at one of the restaurants in the Valley of Gluttony! Don't you know... Our head chef Fei Jin is a powerful cook that has the chance to enter the Tablet of Gluttony ranking!"

"Tablet of Gluttony ranking? What the hell is that..." Bu Fang mused to himself.

After hearing the waitress' words, Fei Jin began to heave up his chest proudly and had a look of arrogance on his face as if what the waitress had just said was something that he took tremendous pride with.

"Hm... So, according to what the woman said, you should be an extraordinarily strong chef, right?" Bu Fang tilted his head as he questioned Fei Jin calmly.

"Since that is the case... Then I will engage in a Chef's Challenge with you."