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 With a step, the scene in front of Bu Fang suddenly changed drastically.

He felt as though his vision suddenly became blurrier. He let out a long sigh, then the scene before him gradually became more distinct and clear.

Beneath his feet was a concrete pavement. Weeds were growing in between the bricks and from a distance, one could see the vast lake that stretched far beyond what the naked eye could see as its ripples glistened radiantly with rays of sunlight reflecting off it.

Bu Fang observed his surroundings after leaving the mountain tracks. It took only a single moment for him to enter the valley that was filled with an enormous lake and greenery captivating to his eyes.

This should be the Valley of Gluttony. Previously, an array was set up along the Hundred Miles Track, and upon stepping into the array, it was equivalent to getting transported into the valley.

Bu Fang's current location was somewhat considered rural as there were little to no people present. He looked toward the horizon and saw several patches of densely populated infrastructures. These buildings were meticulously structured; every one of them had a chimney-like opening that continued to spew out smoke endlessly.


Above the heavens, a quake could be felt, and in the next moment, a blinding light radiated throughout the skies as a group of people suddenly appeared within.

Apparently, this group of individuals also made it past the Hundred Miles Track to reach this place. These individuals emitted a terrifying pressure as they carried somewhat stern expressions. Some had stone swords behind their backs, whereas some had long spears with them. These people were a group of compelling individuals that came from the Hidden Dragon Continent and had rushed to this place after receiving an invitation from the Valley of Gluttony to attend their Glutton God's Banquet.

Bu Fang even saw some familiar faces within the group.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

For example, there was the cold-faced youth that carried a massive sword behind his back. He was Ximen Xuan, someone that Bu Fang had met before. Although he still had his cold and unfriendly demeanor with him, he still followed respectfully behind one of the leading major powers.

That major power had a robust physique, and his muscles were as intricate and defined as a horned dragon's ones. His eyes were shining with gusto, as if they were the eyes of a god, preparing to shoot out at any moment. This individual was the leader of Grand Barren Sect's Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven, Ta Baye.

The Grand Barren Sect's leader was really someone who was heavenly gifted.

Other than the Grand Barren Sect, the Wind and Thunder Pavillion, Ancient Shura City, Puppet Sect and the other major powers who had overwhelming power had all made their way there. It could be said that this was a clash of the continent's major powers.

Even powerful individuals that represented the Pill Palace had arrived. Bu Fang stared astonishedly at the graceful Luo Danqing within the crowd as his brows twitched slightly in shock.

Nevertheless, he remained calm after such a series of disbelief.

Luo Danqing didn't discover Bu Fang's presence as he conversed happily with other individuals within the group. Afterward, he continued his journey onwards and disappeared into the horizons.


A rumble was heard. A terrifying sword intent scattered across the entire heavens. In the skies above, a series of incredibly dominating sword light appeared as though it was about the bisect everything within its path, followed by the appearance of numerous figures.

All these figures were riding atop flying swords as they wore their cotton robes. Each one of them had a calm look on their faces. Nonetheless, they too emitted terrifying auras, especially the leader of that group. Even the space around him was slightly distorted due to his overwhelmingly powerful sword intent.

Suddenly, Bu Fang was startled as he looked on at the group of sword-riding figures. Within it, he spotted a somewhat familiar figure. Bu Fang frowned as he continued to watch on curiously. That man flying atop the sword seemed to have a hunch as well, and then turned his gaze over and coincidentally came in contact with Bu Fang's.

The man was surprised as his face shrank rapidly.

"Owner Bu?!"


The Valley of Gluttony did indeed live up to its reputation. Bu Fang sighed helplessly as he continued his path along the pavement by the side of the lake.

There were as many major powers there as there were stars in the night sky, simply innumerable. Just those that he had seen previously was enough to utterly destroy the Pill Palace.

However, this was precisely the reason why Bu Fang began to feel intrigued by the Valley of Gluttony. Being able to lure so many influential individuals over, this Valley of Gluttony was definitely extraordinary.

Of course, his primary purpose of visiting the Valley of Gluttony was to complete his abrupt mission: hunt down the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish residing within the Sunset Lake.

Bu Fang uncontrollably smacked his lips as he gazed toward the vast and seemingly endless lake.

Although it sounded relatively simple, catching a Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish... would indeed be tremendously grueling and onerous.

After all... the lake was so damn vast, and who the hell would know the position of the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish?

Bu Fang involuntarily frowned as he stood beside the lake with his hands behind his back. His feathered robe fluttered gently as the majestic lake breeze howled against him.

Within the lake, fish would surface now and then, causing its scales to shimmer with a scintillating glow under the sun. These fish spat out mouthfuls of spiritual energy every now on then, further enhancing its spirituality.

Suddenly, the fish that flew above the water surface got swallowed within a gulp from a much larger and vicious-looking fish. Water then splattered about, forming miniature looking waves.

Bu Fang gazed peacefully as the lake's gentle breeze continued blowing upon him.

Under the surface of the lake, a seemingly enormous shadow swam past him, causing Bu Fang's eyes to shrink almost instantaneously. A rumble was heard, and ripples could be seen forming above the water's surface. Soon after, that gargantuan shadow rushed out of the lake. It opened its enormous and savage mouth to swallow the large and vicious-looking fish as a whole.

A splash resounded throughout the area as the figure plunged back deep into the lake, causing mountainous ripples to gush outwards like a tsunami.

The enormous waves crashed downwards, causing the chilly water vapor to slap against Bu Fang's face viciously.

At the corner of the skies far away, many people burst out in peals of laughter as they saw this scene played out, pointing fingers at the gigantic shadow that swam across the waters.

Bu Fang then let out a soft sigh.

"That is our Sunset Lake's renowned spirit beast. It is actually quite terrifying." Suddenly, a soft and tender voice came from Bu Fang's back, slightly startling him. He turned around, only to see a little girl standing before him.

The little girl tilted her head as her eyes shone with a bright glow. She wore a slightly tattered and dirty chef's robe with her sleeves rolled up. Her hair was also in a complete mess while she carried with her a bag too big for her size.

"Are you also here to participate in our Valley of Gluttony's Glutton God's Banquet?" The little girl asked curiously.

Bu Fang looked at this brat suspiciously and eventually nodded after some hesitation.

"Kind of," Bu Fang replied.

After hearing Bu Fang's confirmation, this bratty girl's eyes instantly radiated with an intense glow. She pulled down her loose sleeves and smiled toward Bu Fang. "I am so envious of you. Participating in the Glutton God's Banquet allows you to taste dishes made by chefs whose names are on the Glutton's Tablet. You might even get the opportunity to taste dishes made by special-ranked chefs! How wondrous would it be if I got the chance to taste some first-grade chef's dishes."

That little girl carried her specially made bamboo bag while scratching her head as if she had remembered something important, and even her mouth was left open.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched slightly, but he too had a similar thought in his heart. Were all the dishes served for the Glutton's God Banquet personally cooked by first-grade or even special-ranked chefs?

Earlier on, Wen Renchou was merely a second-grade chef, whereas Zhou Tong was only a first-grade chef, however, both of them were already exceptionally strong in the field of culinary.

Bu Fang began to anticipate within his heart.

"Okay, I have to leave now, if not that fat uncle from that restaurant will beat me up again. Older brother, please be careful. Although this Sunset Lake doesn't seem to have any danger, there are still countless spirit beasts within it. From time to time, there will be cases of them murdering humans." The little girl reminded Bu Fang passionately as she tightened her bag strap, preparing to depart.

Her dirty-looking chef robe looked even more ragged from behind. Obviously, she was having a great deal of difficulty carrying the bag.

Bu Fang frowned as he saw the little girl withdraw from his sight.

He then stepped forward to give the girl a slight help with her bag.

"How about you let me carry the bag while you help me familiarise with the Valley of Gluttony?" Bu Fang suggested calmly.

As he took over the bag, he gave its insides a brief glance.

"Spirit Fire Grass, Black-Nailed Inkfish, Seven-Star Fruit... All of them are pretty decent ingredients." Bu Fang swept his gaze across the bag's interior and analyzed the ingredients within it in detail.

The little girl suddenly panicked when she felt the weight behind her gradually disappear and was only relieved when she heard Bu Fang's words.

However, this little girl then said: "That won't do... I need to head back to the restaurant. Otherwise, the fat uncle will scold or even beat me up. Big Brother, how about you head back to the restaurant with me and after the restaurant is closed, Xiao Ya shall bring you on a trip to familiarise with the Valley of Gluttony?" That little girl stared at Bu Fang with her eyes wide open. Somehow, Bu Fang had always given her an inexplicable feeling of comfort.

Unknowingly, she wanted to get closer to him.

"Alright," Bu Fang replied as he then hooked the bag onto his shoulders, indicating that he wanted Xiao Ya to lead the way.

That little girl instantly became overjoyed as she skipped onwards merrily.

"Big brother, you can call me Xiao Ya. My grandfather used to call me that." That little girl turned around and said to Bu Fang while her big round eyes beamed with ebullience, displaying her endearing side.

"You can call me Bu Fang," he said as he nodded in approval.

The two of them strolled along the pavement of the lake's circumference as the little girl continued to chatter on without stopping. Whenever she was tired, she would use that filthy chef's robe of hers to wipe her little face, making her look like a little pussy cat.

After a rather short walk, Bu Fang began to make out the shape of buildings in the distance.

"That is the village that Xiao Ya lives in. There are many other villages like this scattered throughout the Valley of Gluttony!" Xiao Ya explained with vigor.

Villages? Bu Fang narrowed his eyes.

"The Valley of Gluttony mainly consists of many villages. There is only one big capital, and that is the Immortal Gluttony Village surrounded by all the other villages. It is the gathering place for countless expert chefs and the culinary paradise for all the chefs in our village. The Glutton God's Banquet this time around will be held there at the Immortal Gluttony Village," Xiao Ya mentioned.

She then led Bu Fang into her village. This village was considered relatively lively, and it could even be regarded as a small city of its own. Nevertheless, it was still not comparable to Heavenly Mist City, but it was definitely more prosperous than the Light Wind Empire.

Under Xiao Ya's guidance, they've passed through numerous crowds and finally got to their destination.

"That is the restaurant that Xiao Ya works at," she informed Bu Fang as she pointed to a beguilingly furnished building not far from there. That restaurant did indeed look magnificent. Although Bu Fang had seen many other restaurants on his way there, this particular one had the most exquisite decorations.

He then passed the bamboo bag back to the little girl. Soon after, the little girl ran wobbly back into the restaurant.

Bu Fang began to observe his surroundings as he placed his hands behind him.

There were restaurants all around him, and a thick aromatic fragrance permeated the air around him constantly, as though there was an endless supply of delicacies being cooked in this area.

This is undeniably a chef's paradise.

Bu Fang mused astonishingly to himself.

"Hi boss, are you here to eat? Come, take a seat here." A beauty with an alluring figure introduced enthusiastically as her eyes lit up when she saw Bu Fang approaching.

She then passed Bu Fang a menu after leading him to an empty seat.

Bu Fang sat upright with a calm expression. Just as he was about to view the menu, a series of berating was heard, and a little girl's heartbreaking wails accompanied it.

This familiar wail caused Bu Fang to frown inadvertently.