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Nethery continued to eat the fish merrily, and Bu Fang's face also revealed a hint of redness as he opened his blood-red lips to let out a breath of air.

This Paper-Wrapped Fish was so unbelievably delicious. Moreover, it even had its own unique and alluring fragrance, causing Nethery to be utterly intoxicated by it. She copied Bu Fang's action by sitting on the chair and paired both her beautiful and seductive legs together, radiating an otherworldly beauty.

Yang Meiji and An Sheng both had a sloth-like look on their faces. The thick aromatic wine fragrance from the Paper-Wrapped Fish had already inebriated the two ladies.

Bu Fang held his hands behind him as he strolled across the restaurant. He paused and glanced toward the three of them and said: "Enough. An Sheng, you should head back already. Remember to come earlier tomorrow to practice your knife skills."

Sorceress An Sheng seemed somewhat drunk and enchanted with the dish's taste as she casually made a waving gesture toward Bu Fang's comment.

After sending off Sorceress An Sheng, Nethery headed back to the Netherworld Ship to rest, and Yang Meiji also went back upstairs stealthily without alerting anyone. Gradually, the restaurant became silent and peaceful again.

Bu Fang gaped calmly toward the restaurant as he walked into the kitchen.


The warm morning rays entered through the windows, dispersing the lingering chilly intent brought forth by the autumn season.

Bu Fang stepped out of bed and walked toward the window. He wore his Vermillion Robe and did a few stretches lazily as he let out a seemingly lethargic yawn.

That was the day he would make his way to the Valley of Gluttony. Regardless of the Heaven-Swallowing Spirit Spot Fish or for the urgent mission, it's still inevitable for him to make a trip there.

He had personally encountered Wen Renchou and Zhou Tong, who were from the Valley of Gluttony, while both of them had astonishingly high-level of attainment in the culinary arts. According to them, the Valley of Gluttony withing the Hidden Dragon Continent was a paradise for chefs, and an innumerable number of chefs were residing there.

Chef's paradise... As someone who aimed to be the God of Cooking at the top of the food chain in this fantasy world, wasn't it inconceivable for him to not go for a trip there?

However, before his journey there, Bu Fang had to adjust his body to its utmost condition. It was unavoidable for Bu Fang to face some challenges along the way, and it might even be possible for him to be dragged into several Chef's Challenge.

Chef's Challenge had always posed an extraordinary level of risk for Bu Fang.

With but a thought, Bu Fang had a crystalline-like knife cabinet appear right in front of him. Within the cabinet lay an icy kitchen knife that emitted an aura of epic chilliness around it. That was the result of losing a Chef's Challenge. Their possessions would be confiscated and reaped away as someone else's spoils of victory. Moreover, they would also lose their right to cook again.

Bu Fang was extremely clear that he would be unable to avoid any Chef's Challenge issued to him. To make things worse, there might even be a chance for a real war to erupt once he entered the Valley of Gluttony. He would be putting himself in immense danger for this journey of his.

However... So what if it was dangerous? Bu Fang stretched his hand and fingers as he revealed an indomitable expression.

He walked out of his room and made his way to the kitchen on the first floor. Within it, An Sheng and Yang Meiji had already begun their daily training on knife skills. The two of them seemed to be genuinely motivated by Bu Fang's knife arts that were exhibited on the previous day, causing them to train more intensively than usual.

They had hoped that one day, their knife arts too would be able to reach Bu Fang's miraculous level of achievement. Wouldn't that be breathtakingly impressive for them?

"In the next few days, I probably won't be in the restaurant. Nonetheless, you two had better continue to train in your knife arts diligently. Do not slacken off because of my absence. Remember, cooking is the same as another kind of practice. All of them require work for the reward. Only through hard work will your efforts be paid off," Bu Fang said seriously.

Yang Meiji and An Sheng were instantly stupefied. Boss Bu was leaving the restaurant? The two of them shook off all random thoughts and took in deep breaths as they nodded solemnly.

Work for the reward? Who doesn't know that!

Yang Meiji and An Sheng were both alchemists, and as such they were exceedingly familiar with this phrase. Alchemy was also an occupation that required tremendous effort. However, there were as many talented individuals as trees were in the forest, whereas not everyone would be able to succeed.

They too required countless days of training and tempering for them to hone their alchemy skills to such a profound level any further. To Yang Meiji and An Sheng, cooking was actually not much different from alchemy...

Bu Fang was somewhat surprised by Yang Meiji's and An Sheng's earnestness as they slightly differed from his expectations.

Within the restaurant, both Lord Dog and Nethery lay lethargically on the table as they gazed anticipatively toward Bu Fang.

"I might be leaving this restaurant for a few days, so you guys have to await my return for some good food. Of course, I can prepare a few Chili Strips in advance for you guys," Bu Fang said calmly.

When he mentioned Chili Strips, Lord dog and Nethery both gradually shrank their eyes...

"Bu Fang, brat, Lord dog isn't hungry. Isn't it for just a few days? It will pass by in the blink of an eye for me," Lord dog said smugly.

Nethery also seemed somewhat stunned as she scratched her head and said, "No need for Chili Strips, no need for them. It will also pass by in a jiffy for me."

Bu Fang had his suspicions. Why did this human and dog pair have such a big reaction when he mentioned Chili Strips?

Eighty sat on his chicken butt as it laughed while observing Lord dog's and Nethery's reaction. No one knew whether it was mocking them or just laughing at itself.

However, under Lord Dog's murderous gaze, Eighty immediately halted its laughter.

Bu Fang grinned and paid no heed to them anymore. He then went to the kitchen to prepare a plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and a bowl of Dragon Blood Rice and headed back into his room.

"System, I am done with my preparations for the journey toward the Valley of Gluttony." Bu Fang sat on the chair with caution as he said toward the system.

The system did not give him a reply immediately. Only after a few moments of silence did the system reply with a grave tone:

"Activating abrupt mission; preparing transportation to Valley of Gluttony..."

The system's voice suddenly strayed further and further from Bu Fang's senses, as though it suddenly reappeared miles away from him. Numerous familiar white spots levitated up toward Bu Fang's eyes as if a layer of hazy radiance covered the whole room.

A familiar transportation array appeared.

Bu Fang scrutinized these white spots intensely while his mouth twitched helplessly.

In the next moment, these white spots gathered onto his head at light speed, materializing into a whitish, crystal-clear array. The array then began spinning furiously, emitting terrifying fluctuations of energy.

The wind howled furiously, and waves came crashing down like a tsunami.

Bu Fang's body slowly disappeared into the distance, completely engulfed by this maddened storm.

A buzz was heard, and the room reverted to its original peaceful state.

Within the restaurant, the laid down Lord Dog lazily opened his eyes and gazed toward Bu Fang's room as he let out a dreadful yawn.

He turned around and said toward Nethery who was swinging her seductive long legs aboard the ship: "Hey girl, that brat Bu Fang is gone. Why didn't you leave with him?"

"I can't shake off the ill-feeling for this journey that the brat Bu Fang had gone for... It seems disastrous."


In the center of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, the maestoso mountain peaks stood high up like numerous sharp sword that sought to pierce the heavens.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Within the intensely populated forests, there stood many trees that were comparable to the skies in height as their trunks penetrated the very heavens, making them emit an ancient and primordial aura.

These regions of vegetation and forests had a surprise in store for them as they continued forward. Ahead, there stood an enormously large and crystalline lake, radiating glistering rays from the sun. Many ancient structures were built surrounding the huge lake. Smoke piped out of the structures and gushed toward the heavens.

This was the Valley of Gluttony's Sunset Lake. According to legends, a terrifying beast resided beneath the lake, and every year, the Valley of Gluttony would cook up a humongous feast to pour into the lake to appease and feed the creature that lived in it.

There had even been rumors that it was an ancient savage beast called Glutton that had made Sunset Lake its residence.

Of course, these are all random guesses made by outsiders. Regarding what resided beneath the lake, no one had any idea. Not even the Valley of Gluttony's major powers had a clear idea of what was in the lake.

Outside of the valley, in a place called the Hundred Miles Track, a stream of white spots suddenly appeared out of nowhere and began to cluster together at high speed. It then transformed into a transportation array. The array shone with radiance as it spun, causing a frenzied storm to erupt.

A blurry figure slowly emerged from the chaotic storm.

Bu Fang wore a Vermillion Robe that fluttered about violently within the terrifying storm. The contrasting red and white Vermillion Robe made Bu Fang looked a lot sharper. The violent storm suddenly dissipated as he stepped onto the mountain track.


A mountain breeze carried some chilly intent as it gently howled past Bu Fang.

The winter skies were greyish and monotonous, and what accompanied it was the traces of snowfall.

"This is the Valley of Gluttony?" Bu Fang observed his surroundings and mused to himself. There was nothing but mountain tracks and cloud-filled mountain peaks around him. There seemed to be some difference from what he had expected.

After giving a thought, Bu Fang continued.

The spiritual energy there was significantly more abundant, even more so compared to Heavenly Mist City. This was, in fact, the central region of the Hidden Dragon Continent, and had undoubtedly the richest and most condensed spiritual energy compared to other places.

Bu Fang inhaled and exhaled rhythmically as if he was able to feel the gushing spiritual energy that lingered between his nose. This place was indeed a paradise for cultivators. There would definitely be plenty of spiritual beings prospering within such a region rich in spiritual energy. It would also definitely be filled with various top-quality ingredients.

Bu Fang then continued with his hands behind his back.

Suddenly, a loud rumble came crashing down from the skies.

A crowd roared past the heavens, and each and every one of them was radiating a fiery aura. Space itself trembled as they stomped past the skies.

Within their ranks, a cold and handsome-faced youth that wore a golden robe emitted a crushing pressure seemingly capable of striking fear into the hearts of whomever he gazed upon. As though the youth had a hunch, he suddenly stared down from the skies and landed his sight onto Bu Fang.

However, he immediately reverted his gaze in disdain as if he could sense Bu Fang's cultivation level. That golden-robed youth then swung the lightning whip within his hand, whipping the red dragon and causing it to emit a long screech as it burst forth with vigor and dashed across the skies.

That youth utterly disregarded a mere person that was at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm.

"Saint lord, the next hundred miles will be within the Valley of Gluttony's territory. Will milord be traveling on foot?" A hoarse yet mighty voice sounded off as if it was congratulating the youth aboard the war chariot.

"Why do we have to get off the chariot... A mere Valley of Gluttony is not worthy of the Royal Court's time, we will charge through it," the youth said coldly with a crisp voice.

Silence ensued the next moment.

The war chariot rumbled with gusto as all the commanders charged forward, heading into the Valley of Gluttony.

Bu Fang watched the scene played out expressionless with his hands behind his back.

"The Valley of Gluttony is just a hundred miles away? Let's continue." Bu Fang let out a sigh of relief and continued on non-hurriedly.

Regarding the prestigious-looking saint that was filled with vigor and enthusiasm... Bu Fang paid no heed to him.

After traveling for a hundred miles, Bu Fang's view suddenly transformed as he took a single step forward.