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 Yang Meiji and An Sheng wrecked their brains and stared at Bu Fang in astonishment as he flipped the fat fish up into the air with just a single flip.

The fish flew across the air, drawing an arc, and its scales were scintillating with a blinding glow, looking as eye-catching as ever.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun around, and a sword light streaked across the stupefied gaze of both women. That light streak was moving at such high speed that it was not detectable by the naked eye. The scales of that fat fish got removed briskly, causing them to scatter across the skies like a blooming flower.

That fish fell onto the table perfectly, landing on Bu Fang's kitchen knife. He then used some strength to gently toss it back into the air, and as the fish remained floating, Bu Fang flipped it around and similarly began to descale it at high speed.

Thud! The scaleless fish then fell upon the stove with its mouth wide open.

Yang Meiji and An Sheng stared in dismay. They were no longer newbies in knife arts. By observing Bu Fang's skills, they were completely taken to a whole level about the possibilities of knife arts. It was merely too breathtakingly beautiful.

Bu Fang flicked his fingers slightly, and the kitchen knife began to dance gracefully in his hands. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife made a clean cut on the fat fish, and with a swoosh, a fillet was professionally removed from the fish. He then proceeded to do the same for the other side of the fish.

With a blink of an eye, the fish had only its head left, connected to its body.

After separating the body, Bu Fang began to process the piece of fish fillet meticulously.

Firstly, he used the sides of the knife to slap on the fish meat. In the next moment, his fingers flashed like lightning as he systematically removed all the fish bones from the meat.

After removing all the bones, Bu Fang began to carry on the next step.

He pressed his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife on the fish meat and used it to cautiously make a straight cut across the fish, separating its skin from its flesh.

The tender fish meat was separated from its smooth skin by Bu Fang. After segregating the two components, Bu Fang then disposed of the fish skin. He placed the meat into a porcelain plate where it waited for its next step.

Subsequently, he began to prepare the rest of his ingredients.

He took out a blood-red spiritual ingredient that was overflowing with enriched spiritual essence. His kitchen knife then made a beautiful arc, cleanly cutting the spiritual fruit into half. As for his other ingredients, they were all reduced into strips and placed on a plate.

Bu Fang also gathered all the remaining spiritual fruit juice, in preparation for its next usage.

He lit up the stove. After heating it and adding some cooking oil into it, a calm and warm sizzling sound began to emit from the stove.

Bu Fang then mixed some minced spirit beast meat and a portion of spiritual herbs and began to stir fry it furiously, causing an intoxicating fragrance to scatter out.

After stir-frying it, he then poured the food onto a pre-prepared plate.

Just like this, all the sauce and ingredients needed for the Paper-Wrapped Fish were prepared, and only the final processing was required before the completion of this dish.

Bu Fang retrieved a translucent white paper that emitted a faint glow. Albeit it looked ordinary, this paper had an extraordinary aura to it. It gave people a mysterious and unfathomable feeling.

After using the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife to shape the paper into a heart, Bu Fang was ready to use it to wrap the cooked meat.

He spread the paper wide open and went ahead to grab the skinned fish meat. Firstly, Bu Fang spread the sauce ingredient that was prepared from stir-frying spirit beast and spiritual herbs. He then placed the fish fillet above the prepared sauce and lay the already cut strips of spirit herb on top of the fish fillet, completely covering it.

After all of that had been done, Bu Fang looked as if he suddenly remembered something and hurriedly left the kitchen, heading for the restaurant. He then proceeded to the Path-Understanding Tree and grinned in front of the sound asleep Blacky.

Bu Fang then extended his hand and grabbed two pieces of leaves from the Path-Understanding Tree before making his way back to the kitchen. He rinsed the leaves and placed them above the nicely cut strips of spiritual herbs.

After that, he went over to take the White Jade Porcelain Urn and removed its seal. Instantly, a thick, unparalleled aromatic fragrance from the White Jade Porcelain Urn diffused throughout the area.

It was the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding brew that Bu Fang had brewed recently. It was fermented from Seven-Stripes Path-Understanding Tree that he had within the restaurant. Its aroma was unprecedented and could be smelled even from miles away.

However, its appearance was only meant for cooking.

Bu Fang then poured a small glass of it, and the fragrance from that clear glass of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew was distinctly intoxicating.

Yang Meiji and Sorceress An Sheng were in an intoxicated daze as they inhaled deeply at the fragrance. The smell of this brew inebriated both of them.

This wine smelled so wondrous... How could it smell so lovely?!

No one had ever seen Owner Bu take out such a wine...

Yang Meiji and An Sheng both swallowed a mouthful of saliva as they felt a heartache. This wine of such superb quality had actually been used as an ingredient for cooking... Owner Bu was such a wastrel!

Of course, Bu Fang paid no heed to their reaction. He poured that cup of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew over the fish's meat, preparing to wrap it. This was the final and most crucial step of them all.

Bu Fang grabbed the already prepared egg-white and smeared it all over the indestructible paper to prepare for its final meat-wrapping process.

He then slowly wrapped the indestructible paper inch by inch around the meat. Bu Fang repeated this process two times, causing the meat to be wrapped and sealed airtight.

Subsequently, a cute looking paper ball emerged as the product.

Yang Meiji and An Sheng both stared in shock... What the hell was that? Was that thing edible? Why must he wrap the fish meat with paper? Unless it was meant to prepare the fish for a deep-fry? But could this paper really be eaten?

Owner Bu's dish... was really unfathomable.

As though Bu Fang sensed the two shocked gazes from behind him, he tilted over and gave the two of them a glance. His mouth twitched upwards and revealed an esoteric smile.

He then continued: "Why aren't you two continuing your practice on knife skills? It seems that you guys are ready for my test..."

Yang Meiji and An Sheng were stunned as they quickly and haphazardly dashed back toward their respective stoves to practice their knife skills.

Bu Fang disregarded them as he meticulously held up the fish meat wrapped with indestructible paper and walked to the corner of the kitchen. He then opened the bronze oven and placed the already wrapped fish meat deep into it.

Only after adjusting the oven to its ideal temperature, did Bu Fang let out a soft sigh.

Finally, the Paper-Wrapped Fish was considered somewhat finished up till this step.

After Bu Fang shook his hands and got rid of all the water on them, he placed his hands behind his back and looked toward Yang Meiji and An Sheng, causing both of them to feel immense pressure weighing down on their shoulders.

Nonetheless, they were still tremendously intrigued by that bronze cabinet-like stuff that Bu Fang was using.

Was it considered done after Owner Bu placed it into the bronze cabinet?

Would it be ready afterwards?

Perhaps, there was some cooking formation placed within this oven that was able to enhance one's dish further?

Owner Bu's culinary equipment were all pretty advanced...

After a long while, Bu Fang walked back into the cooking area. He opened the oven and retrieved the Paper-Wrapped Fish that was laid within it. The Paper-Wrapped Fish was all bloated up and had a slight tint of gold on it. Bu Fang then cut a small hole on it, causing an aromatic fragrance to burst out of it.

However, he knew that this dish was yet to be completed as he once again placed the Paper-Wrapped Fish that had a hole on it into the oven, but this time, it was for a rather short period.

Soon, Bu Fang extinguished the flame of the oven and retrieved the Paper-Wrapped Fish that lay within it.

He then placed the golden Paper-Wrapped Fish onto a porcelain plate as it emitted layers of piping-hot vapor.

Yang Meiji and An Sheng both glanced over curiously and stared at the puffed up ball of paper with a bewildered face.

This thing... Was it also considered a dish?

"Owner Bu... How do we even eat this thing?" An Sheng the glutton was somewhat curious about this dish.

Bu Fang gave An Sheng a calm glance and ignored her question. Instead, his hand spun, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared.

He then gently made a cut across the Paper-Wrapped Fish, dissecting the paper ball. A heap of hot vapor gushed out frantically from within the paper ball.

Bu Fang's hand swung, and the wine jar containing the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew emerged within his hands instantly. He then proceeded to pour the clear wine into the Paper-Wrapped Fish.

Swish... Whitish hot vapor continued to gush out from the paper ball.

An aromatic fragrance instantly permeated the area, infiltrating Bu Fang's nostrils and causing him to let out a blissful squint irresistibly.

"It... It smells so nice!"

"There is some wine fragrance within it, accompanied with some meat fragrance... and a unique taste. It allows people's mind to become clearer and fresher." An Sheng and Yang Meiji both uncontrollably squinted their eyes blissfully while they were intoxicated by the fragrance, unable to recover.

Bu Fang then split open the paper ball, revealing the fish meat that was hidden beneath it. That fish meat was already cooked, and the little alcohol that was boiling within it caused the meat to tremble slightly.

The spiritual herbs used were as beautiful and exquisite as a blooming flower.

"Come and have a taste," Bu Fang said calmly to the two exhilarated women.

Bu Fang grabbed a pair of chopsticks and paid no heed to the two of them as he directly went to pick out the center portion of the fish meat. That tender fish meat was scintillating with a charming glow under the searing light, causing its lines to become even more apparent.

As Bu Fang held the dish across his nostrils, the fragrance from the fish meat, as well as the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew suddenly burst forth onto him and gushed into his nose, causing Bu Fang to inhale a deep breath of air irrepressibly.

"It's pretty well done and has a nice smell." Bu Fang grinned.

He then stuffed the piece of fish meat into his mouth. As it entered his mouth, the tender and succulent fish meat instantly burst forth with flavor, melting within his mouth cavity and filling it with a thick aromatic wine fragrance, causing him to be deeply enticed by it.

Bu Fang continued to chew intently. However, whatever he chewed was not just fish's meat, but rather a mixture of meat fragrance and wine fragrance together in harmony.

There was only one word to describe this: delicious!

Yang Meiji and An Sheng were already going crazy from anticipation as they looked at Bu Fang's drunken look. They also extended their chopsticks and picked up a piece of fish meat individually, placing it into their mouths.

"Hm!!! Delicious!"

An Sheng was trembling with excitement that her whole face instantly turned blood-red. Her eyes were filled with tremendous joy as her chest heaved vigorously.

Yang Meiji was also enthralled, having been her first time eating such delectable fish meat. She felt as though she had personally been there with a school of fish as they swam throughout the vast and majestic ocean.

It was... simply delicious.

As though she had detected the unique fragrance that was diffusing out from the kitchen, Nethery who had always been in the restaurant suddenly shouted Bu Fang's name.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched as he held the Paper-Wrapped Fish up and left for the dining area.

Lord Dog gazed intently at the Paper-Wrapped Fish, whereas Nethery had already sat on the chair, filled with tremendous prolepsis.

This glutton of a woman...

Bu Fang gently shook his head as his mouth twitched.

As he observed the excited Nethery eating her share of Paper-Wrapped Fish with delirium, Bu Fang's heart shook slightly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The Paper-Wrapped Fish this time around was made from ingredients that were of relatively low quality. I seemed that Bu Fang had to go for a tour around the Valley of Gluttony.

He had to make this trip for the sake of Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish within the Valley of Gluttony to prepare a more delicious Paper-Wrapped Fish.