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 Chapter 64: Egg-Fried Rice Matched with Fish Head Tofu Soup

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The atmosphere within the store suddenly quieted down. The oppression coming from the emperor as he contemplated was causing Xiao Meng and Ji Chengxue to hold their breath.

Emperor Changfeng was still Emperor Changfeng after all. He spent a few dozen years battling the sects outside of the borders and destroyed numerous sects that used to be incomparably glorious. The intimidating aura and killing intent exuded from his body was extremely concentrated.

However, Xiao Meng was slightly frowning as he leaned over to the emperor's ear and softly whispered, "Your Majesty... don't forget about the background of this store. The big black dog lying at the entrance is a supreme beast. There's going to be some difficulty if you wish to destroy this store."

The corner of the emperor's mouth slightly widened as he glanced at Xiao Meng and simply said, "Great General Xiao, I remembered that you said in your report that as long as someone doesn't cause trouble within the store, that supreme spirit beast would not intervene, am I correct?"

Xiao Meng was slightly surprised for a moment. He did not understand why the emperor would ask such a question but he still solemnly nodded. "Yes, Your Majesty."

"Then, it's simple. The rules of this store is that as long as someone doesn't cause trouble within the store, the supreme spirit beast would be unable to intervene. There are many methods to ruin this store, but there aren't many methods that would allow us to both ruin the store and prevent the supreme spirit beast from intervening. However, it doesn't mean that there isn't any." The emperor's index finger lightly tapped the surface of the table and created a dull thud.

Xiao Meng's pupils slightly constricted as he thought, "There are other methods? Could His Majesty find someone who could suppress a supreme spirit beast within the imperial city?"

"General Xiao, you're naturally unaware of various business tactics since you're constantly out in the field. Even though this store has a supreme spirit beast, it's still a store and there are certain rules that it follows. If I forbid anyone from patronising this store, do you still think it'll be able to continue operating?" The emperor chuckled as he reminded Xiao Meng.

A sudden realization dawned on Xiao Meng as a wondrous expression appeared on his face. He thought, "That's right. With the pride of the supreme spirit beast, as long as no one caused any trouble within the store, it would definitely not intervene. Targeting the business was the most simple and effective method."

"Haha, there's no need for General Xiao to worry. I am only speaking without thinking. As long as Owner Bu's dishes are able to satisfy me, why would I interfere with his business?" The emperor started to chuckle while stroking his beard.

"Xiaoyi, serve the dish," Bu Fang called out. While the others had been chatting outside, he had completed another dish.

"Smelly boss... If your dishes don't satisfy the emperor grandpa, he's going to forbid others from entering your store," Ouyang Xiaoyi leaned into the kitchen and softly whispered to Bu Fang while she was picking up the dish.

Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded and did not seem to care in slightest as he replied, "Oh."

"Eh? Smelly boss, are you not worried?" Xiaoyi was pouting as she asked. She was reminding the smelly boss out of the kindness of her heart and he actually responded with an indifferent attitude. How exasperating!

Bu Fang patted Xiaoyi's head and said with a smirk, "There's no need to worry. There's no one who wouldn't be satisfied by the food made by this God of Cooking."

Ouyang Xiaoyi went into a daze as she stared at Bu Fang, who was filled with confidence. Her eyes were almost shooting out stars as she thought, "The confident smelly boss is really handsome!"

"Go, don't let the customers wait," Bu Fang said.

Ouyang Xiaoyi nodded and eagerly carried the dish toward Ji Chengxue's table.

"Your Highness big brother, here's your Lees Fish. Please enjoy your meal," Ouyang Xiaoyi charmingly said as she placed the Lees Fish in front of Ji Chengxue.

Ji Chengxue nodded. He subconsciously glanced toward the emperor and discovered that the latter was attracted by the mixed aroma between wine and fish of the Lees Fish.

The emperor's gaze had drifted toward the Lees Fish. His face filled with wrinkles was slightly trembling and he seemed to be swallowing his saliva.

"Father... Would you like to give this a try?" Ji Chengxue respectfully asked.

When the emperor heard Ji Chengxue's words, he shifted his gaze away and simply said, "There's no need, eat it yourself. I've already ordered mine... By the way, what's the name of this dish?"

"Lees Fish," Ji Chengxue respectfully replied.

The emperor nonchalantly nodded. He slightly closed his eyes and stopped paying any attention to his surroundings.

Ji Chengxue sighed. His gaze while looking at the emperor was slightly gloomy as he thought, "Why does father dislike me so much... I am your son as well and I've also been fighting at the frontlines. Why can't you give me the slightest concern at all?"

Xiao Meng felt helpless as well. He walked toward Ji Chengxue's table and poured a cup of wine. The both of them clinked their cups together and started drinking together.

As the rich fragrance of the dishes continuously drifted out from the kitchen, the emperor's eyelids that were tightly shut slightly twitched and his eyes finally opened.

Having finished his food, Ji Chengxue stood up and respectfully saluted the emperor. He said in a calm tone, "Father, I still need to attend the campaign ceremony, so I'll be leaving early."

The emperor nodded and waved his hand to indicate that he could leave.

Ji Chengxue meaningfully glanced at the emperor's figure and his eyes focused for a moment. Then he turned around and left as the sleeves of his robe fluttered like rolling waves.

"Xiaoyi, serve the dish," Bu Fang's voice rang out from the kitchen once more.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes lit up. She knew that the next dish was for the emperor. She was waiting for this moment just to watch the scene when the emperor was subdued by Bu Fang's dish.

The improved Egg-Fried Rice was overwhelmingly fragrant. The light golden and viscous egg fluid wrapped around the pearl-like rice grains seemed to be emitting a faint radiance that was captivating to the eyes.

"Emperor grandpa, here's your improved Egg-Fried Rice." Ouyang Xiaoyi placed the plate of Egg-Fried Rice in front of the emperor and her large eyes were filled with expectation as she looked at him.

"Good, good. Xiaoyi, why are you working here as a waitress? Did your grandfather agree to this?" The emperor gently said as he patted Ouyang Xiaoyi's head with a kind smile.

"Hmph, if grandpa dares to prevent me from coming here, I'll pull his beard!" Ouyang Xiaoyi gleefully said while her eyes narrowed into a slit.

The emperor was laughing as his gaze shifted toward the Egg-Fried Rice. With this look, his gaze changed.

As the emperor, his requirement toward food was very strict. Inside of the imperial palace, the chefs within the imperial kitchen were all carefully selected among tens of thousands of chefs within the Light Wind Empire. They were all elites within the culinary world.

The dishes that he had tasted were innumerous and his evaluation ability toward food was incomparable to ordinary people.

Regarding the plate of Egg-Fried Rice, putting aside the fragrance, the appearance itself had already completely attracted his attention. It was cooked not like those traditional Egg-Fried Rice. The eggs of Bu Fang's Egg-Fried Rice were eighty percent well-done and were poured onto the rice grains like a sauce.

The emperor used a porcelain spoon to lightly scoop up a spoonful of rice, and the egg fluid left a string-like trail as he lifted it up. Hot air was rising up from the gaping hole created and was accompanied by a fragrance as it assaulted his nostrils. He was completely enveloped by the smell and it seemed as if he had fallen into a sea of fragrance.

As he shoved the spoonful of Egg-Fried Rice into his mouth, the egg fluid, that was eighty percent well-done, instantly solidified. It was filled with springiness and produced a peculiar feeling as it ricocheted off his tongue and mouth walls.


After finishing a mouthful of Egg-Fried Rice, the emperor could not help but scoop another spoonful... It was completely a subconscious movement.

"It's so fragrant! It's so delicious!" The emperor's eyes completely lit up. He had not eaten such a delicious food for a long time, food that was able to widen all the pores on his entire body.

While the emperor was enjoying the Egg-Fried Rice, Ouyang Xiaoyi was once again carrying another dish over. It was the overwhelmingly fragrant Fish Head Tofu Soup that was contained within a large blue and white porcelain bowl.

The milky-white soup was rocking within the bowl. The barely noticeable jade-like tofu was brilliantly glowing while the tender fish was exuding a meaty aroma.

"Emperor grandpa, eating Egg-Fried Rice while drinking Fish Head Tofu Soup is the most comfortable thing to do. Here, try Xiaoyi's most favorite Fish Head Tofu Soup."

When Ouyang Xiaoyi saw the emperor's intoxicated expression, she was extremely happy like a flower had bloomed within her heart. She placed the bowl of Fish Head Tofu Soup in front of the emperor and even personally filled a small bowl for him.

When the milky-white fish soup that exuded a rich fragrance was matched with the rice fragrance from the Egg-Fried Rich, the emperor's appetite was immediately triggered as he felt hunger pangs coming from his stomach.

After tasting a mouthful of fish soup, the flavor of the fish and the aroma of the tofu blossomed at the tip of his tongue and enveloped his taste buds. He could not help but exclaim, "This fish soup... Excellent!"

From a distance, Xiao Meng breathed out a sigh of relief as he thought, "Your Majesty, it's great that you're happy. As long as you're happy, you won't think of interfering with Owner Bu's store and I won't need to face the supreme spirit beast. Everybody is happy."