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 Bu Fang eventually still chose Sorceress An Sheng as his apprentice.

The system's judgment regarding one's talent was somewhat accurate. Although Sorceress An Sheng's Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs had only surpassed Nangong Wan's Red Braised Meat by a small margin, that little difference still resulted in a crushing defeat.

Nangong Wan pouted as she left Bu Fang's restaurant feeling disappointed. Before leaving, she still ordered a portion of Bu Fang's Red Braised Meat to have a taste.

After eating Bu Fang's version of Red Braised Meat, Nangong Wu once again tasted a mouthful of her version and immediately spat out her own Red Braised Meat.

What did it mean... How could the difference be so enormous?

Sorceress An Sheng's heart was filled with tremendous joy. Both her seductive figure and busty chest were trembling with immense excitement.

She could finally learn culinary arts from Owner Bu. In the future, she would then be able to cook dishes for herself, no matter how much she wanted to eat...

Her greedy heart felt as though it could finally be satisfied.

Bu Fang glanced sideways to the exhilarated Sorceress An Sheng. He then stood up lazily and said:

"Since you have already been accepted as my apprentice, come in with me."

Sorceress An Sheng was stupefied for a moment, and then her eyes began to shine brightly.

Come in? Perhaps it was Owner Bu's secret kitchen?

The grin on Sorceress An Sheng's face grew increasingly more abundant, causing her face to glow with a layer of red luster. She began to hop merrily as she followed closely behind Bu Fang, heading into the kitchen.

Once she entered the kitchen, An Sheng was instantly flabbergasted.

The marvelous setup in the kitchen had caused An Sheng to fall into a daze. The polished and squeaky white kitchen was constantly emitting a mild dish fragrance, causing the newcomer, Sorceress An Sheng, to be somewhat surprised.

This had complete differed from what she had been expecting.

Afar, Yang Meiji, who had been practicing her knife skills, was also shocked in place as she lifted her head and saw Sorceress An Sheng.

Both Yang Meiji and Sorceress An Sheng were staring intently at each other.

In the next moment, Yang Meiji suddenly burst forth with excitement.

"Miss An, you had also successfully become Owner Bu's apprentice? That is wonderful!" Yang Meiji said excitedly.

Bu Fang walked toward the stove with his hands behind his back as he looked at the dazed An Sheng and said: "Both of you are now my apprentices from this Cloud Mist Restaurant. You two will diligently study culinary arts and practice cooking under me. The responsibility of operating this restaurant will be handed over to you guys in future."

Yang Meiji and An Sheng were befuddled.

"At the distant Southern Wastelands, there is still a restaurant that belongs to me. There are two of my apprentices residing in that restaurant, and they should be your senior apprentice brother and sister. If there is a chance, you guys can get to know each other. Needless to say, their skill in culinary arts is definitely much better than yours. Hence, the two of you must work hard as well."

There was still a restaurant in the Southern Wastelands?

Yang Meiji and An Sheng's eyes met. Both of them were dumbfounded as they had never heard of this secret at all.


Suddenly, the kitchen began to move under their shocked gazes.

Within the kitchen, two small stoves emerged, and both were copies of the larger stove. The sudden appearance of these stoves caused Yang Meiji and An Sheng to feel somewhat miraculous.

"These two stoves will belong to you two from now on. Each of you will choose one stove and begin to practice on your knife skills," Bu Fang said warmly.

After informing them, Bu Fang then turned around to prepare the diner's food.

The unusual method of cooking caused An Sheng to stare in astonishment.

Yang Meiji then pulled along the dazed An Sheng to the stove. Both stoves had an obsidian black kitchen knife placed in front of them.

"Owner Bu's method of training knife arts is for us to cut up these carrots. Work hard, and you are free to ask me whatever questions you have," Yang Meiji said caringly.

She then turned over toward her stove and began practicing her knife skills.

"Chop carrots? This method actually trains your knife skills?" Sorceress An Sheng's busty chest trembled as she extended her hand to grasp onto that obsidian black kitchen knife.

In the next moment, she realized that no matter how much strength she poured in, she couldn't even slightly lift the kitchen knife.

What the hell?

An Sheng was dazed for a moment and then activated her true energy. Only then was she able to lift the kitchen knife. However, she could clearly feel that the kitchen knife absorbed her true energy at a rapid rate.

How was she going to practice her knife skills? It had only been a moment before she emptied her true energy.

She turned around to look at Yang Meiji, only to see that she was chopping the carrots with ease.

Wasn't her kitchen knife weird?

An Sheng clenched her teeth as she held up her kitchen knife, beginning to chop the carrots.


Night fell once more.

The shop had also ended its business hours.

Sorceress An Sheng dragged along her exhausted body as she left the restaurant. She was debilitated and couldn't even feel her hands anymore. The true energy within her body only lasted briefly before it dissipated completely. Soon after, she began to rely on brute strength in order to lift the kitchen knife up to chop the carrots.

Mastering culinary arts was really not that easy...


In the days that followed, Sorceress An Sheng and Yang Meiji were both undergoing Bu Fang's training on knife arts. Similarly, Bu Fang had also continued to train and hone his knife arts daily.

An Sheng was in complete shock when she saw for the first time Bu Fang's water-like movements, flowing in perfect synchrony as he trained on his knife skills.

She once again became aware of the difference between her culinary skills and Bu Fang's. It was as though heaven and earth.

An Sheng continued her dry and repetitive training, feeling somewhat bored of it as it was drastically different from the countless delicacies that she had imagined.

Throughout the days, Bu Fang had never really instructed them on actual cooking. He had only allowed them to continue practicing and further honing their knife skills, solidifying their foundation.

Knife arts were every chef's foundation; it was of utmost importance for them to be shaped properly.

One day, Bu Fang pulled out a chair and lay comfortably in it as he squinted his eyes under the sun's warm embrace. The temperature had begun to decrease gradually, carrying with it some chilly intent as the season slowly transited into autumn.

Nethery held a cup of Sour Plum Juice in her hands as she sat in a chair beside Bu Fang. Her eyes beamed blissfully as she sipped delectably on the drink.

This woman seemed to be addicted to Sour Plum Juice.

Lord Dog continued to sleep beside the Path-Understanding Tree. Each breath he took caused heaps of vapor to encircle the Path-Understanding Tree, causing the tree to subconsciously undergo an evolution process.

The tree had evolved from its original five stripes Path-Understanding Tree to the current seven stripes Path-Understanding Tree, astonishing everyone.

Suddenly, the still and peaceful Bu Fang that sat on the chair opened his eyes.

Within his mind, he had received yet another abrupt mission. This abrupt mission had caused Bu Fang's brow to frown involuntarily.

"Abrupt mission: please enter the Valley Of Gluttony to hunt for ingredients, the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish, and prepare a plate of Paper-Wrapped Fish. Permission and qualifications for advancement will be granted upon completion of this dish. Abrupt mission's reward: preparation method for the Immortal Wine."

This mission came at the very last minute, totally exceeding Bu Fang's prediction. Nonetheless, this mission's content had also made Bu Fang slightly startled and dreadful...

Head toward the Valley of Gluttony?

No one would have thought that the mission's location this time would be the Valley of Gluttony. Moreover, it was to hunt for ingredients over at the Valley of Gluttony, the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish...

Until the system's reminder, Bu Fang had completely forgotten about the Paper-Wrapped Fish. It looked like he had to earnestly research on procedures regarding preparations for this dish named "Paper-Wrapped Fish".

Moreover, its difficulty level might rise due to the usage of the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish. Being the dish ascertaining Bu Fang's advancement... its difficulty was indeed mind-boggling.

Bu Fang stood up from his spot and began to lazily stretch his waist.

The number of diners had already diminished, it looks like the operation for this day was going to be over soon. Bu Fang returned the chair to its original position and made his way back into the kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen, Sorceress An Sheng, who was adjusting her sleeves as she held her kitchen knife in another hand, was caught chatting genially with her counterpart, Yang Jimei. Both of them were utterly staggered as they immediately dashed back to their respective stoves and carried on with their knife skills training.

They even revealed a discerning smile to Bu Fang.

"That's right, the knife skills training is about to come to an end for you guys. In the near future, I will have to leave for a trip, you guys had better double up with your training. I will personally test you two on your knife skills when I get back. For the one who fails... there will be harsh punishments." Bu Fang stood in front of his own stove and said mischievously.

Sorceress An Sheng and Yang Meiji were both startled. Both of them revealed a look of tremendous excitement when they heard that their training for knife skills was coming to an end.

However, upon hearing Bu Fang's requirements of testing their knife skills, as well as a hidden punishment that the loser was supposed to receive... They unveiled flabbergasted looks on their faces.

Bu Fang gave no heed to their subsequent reaction as he frowned and squatted in front of the stove. He pondered profoundly and dissected the information within his mind, regarding the procedure of cooking the Paper-Wrapped Fish.

He then moved on to give a trial test on cooking the Paper-Wrapped Fish.

After all, this dish played a paramount role in his advancement.

Paper-Wrapped Fish could neither be classified as an undemanding dish nor could it be categorized an arduous one.

Bu Fang stood in front of the stove, a heap of green smoke encircled his hand, and in the next instance, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his grasp.

An Sheng and Yang Meiji, who were in the kitchen, suddenly heard a sound similar to a dragon's roar.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Bu Fang then took out many different ingredients in front of the two lady's eyes.

These ingredients were utterly foreign to the two ladies. Both of them froze in shock. Was Owner Bu inventing a new dish now?

Bu Fang first squatted down and took out a succulent, live and active fish from the drawer. The meat on this fat fish was luxuriant and succulent, and it could be classified as a top-tier ingredient.

Other than this fat fish, Bu Fang had also prepared various kinds of spiritual herbs and spiritual fruits.

A thick spiritual aroma permeated the kitchen.

Aside from these ingredients, Bu Fang had also taken out several things that An Sheng and Yang Meiji had never seen before.

Bu Fang walked to a far corner that had a cabinet sitting there and then proceeded to unveil the cabinet. Yang Meiji and An Sheng looked over at the same time and simultaneously inhaled a breath of cold air.

Within that cabinet lay a gargantuan egg. There was a layer of spiritual energy fluctuating around the egg as an overwhelmingly crushing pressure scattered across the room.

It was a Phoenix Egg!

Owner Bu actually hid a Phoenix Egg.

However, Bu Fang did not get the Phoenix Egg. Instead, he took out a flagon of White Jade Wine. He placed the flagon of wine on the stove and then took out the most vital ingredient for this Paper-Wrapped Fish. It was the indestructible paper that the system had prepared for him.

After preparing all these ingredients, Bu Fang began to cook his Paper-Wrapped Fish with strong vigor and excitement. He spun his knife, and it danced around elegantly within his hand. With a gentle flip, Bu Fang then tossed the fat and succulent fish high up into the air.