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 "Whitey has mistakenly eaten the God-Slaying Pike from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court... It is beginning its evolution process. The process will stretch for an indefinite period. However, it will not be completed soon. Whitey will be going into a deep coma shortly after. Host, please do not worry," the system's solemn voice rang within Bu Fang's mind, stunning him with the information.

Really... Did this Whitey spoil its stomach?

Beginning its evolution process... for an indefinite period of time... So what this system meant was that no one knew when Whitey would wake up?

Bu Fang ran his fingers across his chin as he frowned. According to what the system had mentioned, the Crazy Clothes-Stripping Demon Whitey would not appear any time soon.

He sighed softly as a light flashed across his eyes. After the system's explanatory voice disappeared, Whitey was turning transparent at a rate visible to the naked eye. Soon after, it vanished entirely from everyone's vision.

Yang Meiji displayed a look of astonishment as she saw Whitey vanish from her sight. What was happening? What the hell did Bu Fang do? How did this big block of a metallic lump just disappear like that?

With the disappearance of Whitey, Shrimpy, who was always lying on Whitey's head, looked around with a perplexed face. He seemed somewhat confused at where Whitey went to.

Bu Fang picked up Shrimpy and placed it on his shoulder as he glanced toward Yang Meiji.

"Why are you not going into the kitchen to practice your knife skills?" Bu Fang said sternly.

Yang Meiji's body clenched as Bu Fang's tone had invoked her memories of her previous alchemy teacher.

Bu Fang's grinned as he observed Yang Meiji entering the kitchen. He then walked toward the bronze gate to open it. Rays of sunlight then permeated into the restaurant, instantly lightening up one's mood.

The weather was indeed pretty decent that day.

As the gate opened, the gentle yet cooling morning breeze gushed in through the gateway, making one involuntarily shut their eyes to take a deep breath.

After Bu Fang made his way into the kitchen, he began his usual routine of preparing Blacky's and Nethery's breakfast, the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and Dragon Blood Rice.

Yang Meiji greedily inhaled the sweet aroma that permeated the air. She then irresistibly swallowed a mouthful of saliva as the dishes were done.

Bu Fang then served the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, as well as the Dragon Blood Rice to the girl and dog respectively. He was suddenly stupefied as he realized that there were two figures charging in furiously at a shocking speed from outside the gate.

These two figures had a unique gracefulness to them.

"Good morning, Owner Bu!" Nangong Wan greeted Bu Fang as she removed the cloth revealing the exquisite beauty beneath it.

The other figure had alluring curves, coupled together with a busty figure. It was the sorceress alchemist, An Sheng. This woman had a terrifyingly stunning figure as her busty chest swayed continuously in all directions. She smiled merrily towards Bu Fang and said, "Good morning, Owner Bu."

Bu Fang wrecked his brain, and a suspicious look slowly unveiled upon his face. What did these two women want... Why were they giving Bu Fang such odd looks?

Not far from there, Nangong Wuque lazily strolled in. Upon entering the restaurant, Nangong Wuque gave Bu Fang a sly grin. That grin caused the latter to have chills down his spine.

Just as Bu Fang retrieved his scrutinizing gaze from Nangong Wuque, Nangong Wan and Sorceress An Sheng dashed toward Bu Fang's side.

Bu Fang was utterly shocked. What the hell were these two women planning?

"Owner Bu, you must be tired from work, come and take a rest here."

Sorceress An Sheng gave a wide smile as she pulled along Bu Fang's arm, pinning him onto a chair.

Bu Fang frowned.

At a distance, Lord Dog and Nethery were eating their food while focusing on deducing what was happening. It seemed... intriguing.

Nangong Wuque brought along his mischevious smile as he found a seat. He then raised his legs and sat in a somewhat uncouth manner as he looked intriguingly toward Bu Fang.

Nangong Wan's beautiful face had a hint of solemness in it as she gazed at Bu Fang sternly.

Sorceress An Sheng also stared at Bu Fang seriously.

"Just say what you guys need..." Bu Fang said calmly as his gaze swept across the two ladies.

Sorceress An Sheng's and Nangong Wan's eyes met, and a spark could be seen within their eyes.

The next moment, Nangong Wan let out a deep sigh and said toward Bu Fang: "Owner Bu! I heard you were looking for an apprentice. How about you consider taking me in?"

Bu Fang was stunned in place as the words came out of Nangong Wan's mouth. No one would have thought that two of them came this early in the morning just to ask him about such a trivial matter.

Sorceress An Sheng similarly blinked her eyes in anticipation, with a hint of excitement blazing within them.

So these were the two female disciples that got delivered to his doorstep?

Bu Fang's lips twitched slightly...

Unfortunately, he only had the capacity to take in one more apprentice and did not know which of the two ladies was more suitable. He would positively welcome anyone that wanted to be a chef's apprentice. However, he still had to take in someone with a decent amount of talent in cooking.

"There is only one slot left, so only one of you two can be chosen," Bu Fang said.

Just as he finished his sentence, a drastic change in the restaurant's atmosphere could be felt almost instantaneously.

A tense aura permeated throughout the restaurant as if they were about to draw their swords and go into a battle.

Nangong Wan and Sorceress An Sheng stared at each other as if invisible ripples were radiating from their eyes.

"Let us do it this way. Both of you will return home to cook a dish. Bring it tomorrow to let me taste it." Bu Fang looked at both the ladies and added on, "I will give an all-rounded appraisal to determine my next apprentice."

Sorceress An Sheng and Nangong Wan both nodded their heads thoughtfully. This is the test Owner Bu gave them?! Since it was a test, they would definitely give it their best shot. It was a battle between two women!

A flame sparked in their eyes as they each found a spot to sit down and order some food.

At a distance, Nangong Wuque lifted his mouth and gave a smirk.


Night fell.

The kitchen of the Nangong Residence was completely lit up. Many servants were surrounding the exterior of the kitchen as they all looked curiously into it, mumbling to each other.

Nangong Wuque leaned against a pillar and stared helplessly toward the kitchen.

Nangong Wan had already been in the kitchen for one whole night. No one had any idea on what the hell she was doing. Not even Owner Bu would spend such a long time to cook one dish.

What the hell was that brat doing?


A shocking sound resounded throughout the place, causing everyone gathered behind the door to inhale a deep breath and take a few steps back.

Nangong Wuque's mouth also twitched slightly.

"Why is she so stupid? What in the world is she doing?"

Nangong Wuque shook his head slightly and stealthily made his way toward the kitchen. He felt interested and wanted to know what exactly happened in there.

However, the kitchen door opened before Nangong Wuque successfully made his way over.

A thick layer of smoke emerged from within, causing its surroundings to become seemingly hazier. Within the haze, a graceful figure gradually appeared.

Nangong Wuque, together with the rest of the servants, stared with their eyes wide opened.

In the next moment, Nangong Wan's figure became more apparent as she held a piping hot dish in her hands.

She successfully prepared it?

Everyone present was astonished by the flowery cat-like Nangong Wuque.

This lady had never done any chores, and she actually succeeded in cooking a dish?

This was indeed rather impressive!

Nangong Wan seemed somewhat proud as she then looked toward Nangong Wuque and said:

"Big brother, come and taste your little sister's culinary skills."

Nangong Wuque stared in shock as shivers ran down his spine. This brat actually called him big brother... Something was wrong!


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Sorceress An Sheng was a renowned genius alchemist of her generation and naturally had her own position within the Star Tower.

There was no activity outside of the tightly shut chamber that solely belonged to Sorceress An Sheng.

Behind the doors, Mu Bai and Jiang Ling stared intently at each other. Sorceress An Sheng invited both of them, and neither of them had any idea what was going on.

After a long while, just as both of them were preparing to leave, the door of the secret chamber finally opened gradually. Its interior was lit up by candlelight. Moreover, a dish's fragrance was permeating through the air as well.

Mu Bai and Jiang Ling had a stupefied look on their faces. Why did this prodigious alchemist start cooking all of a sudden?

If this was to be made known to Grandmaster Gu He... he would definitely be utterly enraged! Is this brat planning to abandon alchemy for culinary?!

"Come, have a taste of this lady's skills!" Sorceress An Sheng spread her messy hair and gave a side glance toward Mu Bai and Jiang Ling.

This expression... It gave Mu Bai and Jiang Ling chills, and an ominous feeling surfaced in their hearts.


Day two, Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Bu Fang blinked his eyes as he looked at the lively Nangong Wan and Sorceress An Sheng.

However, Nangong Wuque was absent on this day.

Bu Fang calmly sat down on his chair. Sorceress An Sheng and Nangong Wan felt somewhat constrained as they both simultaneously looked at Bu Fang.

In front of Bu Fang, two different dishes lay. Both of them had a decent appearance and looked rather appetizing...

Bu Fang looked at them and smacked his lips.

The system similarly underwent a diagnosis on Nangong Wan and Sorceress An Sheng's talent in the culinary arts. The results were that Sorceress An Sheng indeed had a slight advantage, talent-wise...

Although Nangong Wan's talent in the culinary arts was still pretty decent, when compared to Sorceress An Sheng, she was admittedly a level lower.

Nonetheless, Bu Fang still gave them a chance to have a fair fight.

That was the reason why Bu Fang picked up his chopsticks, aligned them, and went ahead to get some of Nangong Wan's dish.

Her dish this time around was Red Braised Meat. Although the size of the portions was somewhat inconsistent, the overall color of the dish still looked somewhat fresh. The chopsticks landed on a piece of meat.

Bu Fang frowned slightly. This piece of meat was overcooked, and with just a pinch of the chopsticks, Bu Fang was able to determine its flaws. He then placed the Red Braised Meat into his mouth and chewed a few times.

As he continued to chew, Bu Fang couldn't help but frown.

This texture... This taste... was like poison.

Bu Fang's face twitched for a few moments, and he then looked at Nangong Wan coldly.

"Tell me... Did you let Nangong Wuque taste your dish the night before?"

Nangong Wuque had definitely tasted that dish. Otherwise, why would he be absent this day?

This Red Braised Meat could only be described as... salty as hell. After rinsing his mouth with Spiritual Spring Water, Bu Fang then shifted his gaze toward Sorceress An Sheng's dish.

With just a look, Bu Fang frowned again.

These two women were rather ambitious towards cooking. One chose to cook Red Braised Meat, whereas the other chose to prepare Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs...

These two dishes have a rather high level of difficulty.

Looking at Sorceress An Sheng's dish, Bu Fang smacked his lips and extended his chopsticks. He picked up a piece.