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 Lord Dog did not seem to care about the escaping-in-a-flurry horned dog. It laid under the Path-Understanding Tree, then continued sleeping soundly.

Whitey reached out its head from the kitchen, with its violet eyes slightly shining. It raised its big hands, rubbing its round head.


A dull sound rang out as a human figure came in from the bronze gate, appearing inside the restaurant. This figure carried a huge long pike on its shoulders, which was engraved with mysterious stripes. The stripes would shine at times, as a terrifying and oppressing energy revolved on the long weapon.

"Oh... This is the inside of the restaurant? It is pretty exquisite and comfortable," Shadow Demon muttered.

It was such a comfortable environment, so why did the horned dog have a face of meeting a ghost?

Leaning the long pike on his shoulder, Shadow Demon scanned his surroundings.

His figure was pitch-black, and in the dark environment, it was as if he had no figure at all. However, the cold moonlight shone in from the window, causing the interior of the restaurant to light up.


An instant later, Shadow Demon froze. He saw a seven striped Path-Understanding Tree. This was good stuff... This small restaurant was actually growing a seven striped Path-Understanding Tree! This type of tree could be considered a divine-level spirit tree already.

Under the tree, lay a dog, a black dog, looking at him with one eye opened.


So there was a dog in the restaurant too. Could it be that this dog had scared the horned dog away? Was this dog really so amazing?

Shadow Demon's gaze swept horizontally, then it saw the Netherworld Ship beside that black dog. Nether energy was scattering from the Netherworld Ship, causing Shadow Demon to involuntarily narrow his eyes.

"Nether energy... Is this the energy of the creature from the Netherworld? That creature of the Netherworld is hiding within this broken ship?" Shadow Demon said.

In the next instant, his shoulders shook. In a split second, the God-Slaying Pike was spun by him and then held firmly into one hand. Terrifying energy dispersed.

"Since the creature of the Netherworld is found, then let's directly settle this," Shadow Demon lightly said.

It was just that, after he said it, he suddenly felt the gaze of the black dog that was not too far away landing on his body. He gave the black dog a glance suspiciously, then realized that the black dog was looking at him like it was looking at an idiot.

What gaze was this black dog using?!

"Not sleeping at night, all of you guys are running to this small store to stoke your hair coquettishly? Do you have nothing better to do after eating your fill?" Lord Dog said.

Shadow Demon froze once more. In the next instant, he felt shocked! This was actually a dog that could talk?!

No wonder... Such an abnormal dog must have been a crucial link to horned dog's frantic escape. There was a high chance that the horned dog was scared off by this dog!

Shadow Demon deeply took in a breath, readying the God-Slaying Pike. With its spin, a terrifying pressure surged forth.

"To hit the dog you must first see its owner! That horned dog just now... Was it you that scared it off?" Shadow Demon coldly said. The long pike in his hand pointed at Lord Dog.

Lord Dog once again stood up, with the fats on its entire body slightly shaking.

"I really hate others pointing pikes at me," Lord Dog said.

It strutted its elegant cat steps, taking one-two steps and coming in front of the long pike. Raising its delicate dog paw, it pressed it on the top of the long pike, and with a boom, the long pike was then pressed onto the ground.

The horrifying strength left Shadow Demon's heart shocked. No matter how much strength he put in, he was still unable to lift the long pike.


Shadow Demon's heart suddenly had a bad premonition. No wonder that damned dog would run! This fat dog in front... was really not ordinary!

Maybe it was this black dog that was the creature of the Netherworld that killed Jiao Ya with the God-Slaying Bow. Otherwise, it was impossible to explain why this dog was so mighty.

However, Shadow Demon was not Jiao Ya. Even if this dog was a creature from the Netherworld, with the God-Slaying Pike that was even mightier than the God-Slaying Bow, he had nothing to fear!

The energy of Shadow Demon's entire body surged. As the true energy raged forth, the God-Slaying Pike seemed to come to life, with the stripes on it trembling. With a low howl, the true energy on Shadow Demon's arms spread out like a dragon, revolving around him like chains. A huge strength was summoned from Shadow Demon's arms.

Lord Dog calmly looked at that Shadow Demon, and in the next instant, looking at the other side's constipated look, Lord Dog's mouth pulled back.

Wasn't this another clown?

A delicate dog paw rose again to the air, then tapped down gently.


The long pike slammed onto the ground with a boom.

Shadow Demon held his breath, looking at the God-Slaying Pike on the ground with a dumbfounded look. His little heart pounded rapidly. He didn't grip it well, yes... It must have been because he didn't grip it tightly enough!

He swallowed a mouth of saliva, and with a flick of his toes, retrieved the long pike from the ground.

Holding the long pike single-handedly, he spun the long weapon and the edge of the pike directly headed for Lord Dog. The momentum was domineering!

Nevertheless, in the next moment, Shadow Demon was dumbstruck, because something happened that made him feel a chill to his bone.

A cracking sound rang out.

That black dog had directly, with a single strike of its paw, broken the God-Slaying Pike into two halves.

What the hell?!

What exactly happened!!

Shadow Demon's entire being was about to explode. This was just too terrifying! This was the God-Slaying Pike, this was a divine tool of the Heavenly Spring Holy-land of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court! This was not a long pike that could be bought for one gold coin off the street!

How could it be so easily shattered?


Now he knew why that horned dog ran... This black dog was really terrifying!

The creature of the Netherworld... Could that really be the level of a creature of the Netherworld?!


He was unable to win... So he ran! Looking at that God-Slaying Pike that had been broken into two, Shadow Demon did not say a word, turning his body to run.

If he didn't run, he would be an idiot.

One step, two steps, three steps... Bang!

Goddamn it! This senior had actually been so frightened that he forgot his ability to go through walls!

Shadow Demon climbed up from his butt, silently cursing, then resumed his escape through the wall. Opening his steps, he then began to flee. As the Shadow Demon of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, he was supposed to not be scared.

If there was no fear, then he just needed to do it!

However, even the God-Slaying Pike had been shattered... What was there to fight?!

If he didn't run, then he was even more foolish than that horned dog! How could he be more stupid than a dog? So he had to run!

Under the moonlight, a human and a dog sprinted crazily. That was their lost youth that elapsed...

Lord Dog looked at the person who was crazily running off, letting out a yawn. He picked up the God-Slaying Pike pieces from the floor. After taking a look at it, it stuffed it into its mouth.

Munch munch.

The God-Slaying Pike was then chewed into pieces in his mouth. The broken pieces flew everywhere.

"This taste... Really cannot compare to the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs."

After swallowing a few mouthfuls of the pieces of the God-Slaying Pike, Lord Dog spit out the remaining pieces with a face of disdain, then waved toward Whitey, whose head was poking out with its violet eyes flashing.

Whitey had a confused face.

Lord Dog pointed at the fragments of the God-Slaying Pike, then turned and returned to lie under the Path-Understanding Tree.

In a while, a snoring sound began.

He really wished the sun would rise earlier, so he could eat the fragrant Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs...

Lord Dog's heart mumbled, and while mumbling he descended into a deep sleep.


Shadow Demon ran crazily for many miles, then clutched his chest while leaning on the wall, panting. From afar, the horned dog also leaned against the wall limply, spitting out its tongue with a face of sadness from somebody that did not believe in love.

It looked at Shadow Demon clutching his chest. It gave a "humph", as if saying.... You also ran out alive.

Shadow Demon's face was hidden in the shadows, completely making it hard for one to see his appearance clearly. However, it was obvious that he seemed to feel lucky. As an expert of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, his knowledge of the creatures of the Netherworld was much better than the one from ordinary disciples like Jiao Ya.

Although the creatures of the Netherworld were collectively referred to as creatures of the Netherworld, they were strictly divided. Its level and grade were strict, like the strength classification on the Hidden Dragon Continent. The Divine Realm was split into Divine Physique Echelon Realm and Divine Soul Realm, while the creatures of the Netherworld had similar classifications as well.

Before coming there, Shadow Demon thought that he would be up against an ordinary spirit-level creature of the Netherworld, but he did not think that he would be up against this black dog. It was so terrifying that he was suffocating, and even the God-Slaying Pike had been shattered.

Without a question, to be able to easily shatter the God-Slaying Pike... the ability of this creature from the Netherworld might have already reached the Virtual level! This was equal to the level of the saints and saintesses of the great seven sacred lands in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court! It was akin to a Divine Soul Realm existence that had condensed at least a five-steps soul ladder!

As for the even higher-leveled Great Virtual... Shadow Demon though for a bit, but in the Hidden Dragon Continent, there shouldn't be such an existence.

"Horned dog, tell me... What should we do now? The task this time could be counted as a failure." Shadow Demon leaned against the wall, sitting down beside the horned dog and saying.

The horned dog looked at the side with a panting sound.

"We didn't accomplish anything, and the God-Slaying Pike was shattered. If we go back like this, I will be grabbed by Supreme Lord Qi to soak in the pig cage..." Shadow Demon said. His words were filled with sorrow.

He ended his vacation early, thinking it was an easy task, but in the end... he had actually met a Virtual-level existence of the Netherworld. This type of task shouldn't be entrusted to him. An existence on the level of a saint should be sent instead!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Did Supreme Lord Qi feel unhappy with him, setting him up to soak in the pig cage?

This was too much!

The more Shadow Demon thought the more his liver hurt. At last, with an angry "humph", he smacked the ground with his palm, causing the former to fracture!

"To hell with this! Horned dog, let's run! We will not go back to the Royal Court, just wait for this mess to blow over. Then, we go back, say we fought for three hundred rounds with this creature of the Netherworld, obtaining heavy injuries, but avoided the chase while healing up," Shadow Demon seriously narrated.

Horned dog spat out its tongue while nodding. What he said made sense, so the dog agreed with both paws. A human and a dog's eyes met, then in the next instant, crazily sprinted off, going through the walls to leave the Heavenly Mist City toward the vast horizon.

It could be imagined that this news would take very long to return to the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

At least in this period of time... The Cloud Mist Restaurant would be peaceful.


The morning sun bathed the earth in its glorious rays.

Bu Fang opened his eyes, and after going to the bathroom to wash up, he walked down the stairs.

Walking to the entrance of the building, he suddenly froze, turning his head curiously. He saw Whitey lying flat on the restaurant floor.

"What is the situation? Whitey lying on the floor to sleep in the day?" Bu Fang was slightly suspicious.

Within the restaurant, Yang Meiji looked at him innocently, expressing that she did not know anything either.

Meanwhile, Lord Dog and Nethery, these two gluttons, sat in front of the dining table, looking at Bu Fang with a face of anticipation.

Bu Fang blinked his eyes, giving Whitey a look.

At this time, the serious and solemn system's voice suddenly rang out in his mind.