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 At night, the two edges of the crescent moons hung on the arc of the sky, emitting a cold glow. The light scattered like a veil, enveloping the ground, causing it to seem incomparably hazy.

The Cloud Mist Restaurant, under the envelope of such a veil, seemed to be dispersing a dazzling radiance. Looking at it from afar, it seemed like a cold beauty.


The sounds of footsteps rang out.

The gravel on the ground was stepped by a foot, ringing out with a shattering sound.

A pitch-black figure that was wrapped in a black robe appeared. At this figure's side, a body entirely pitch-black was crouching, clearly that black dog that had the silver horn. The black dog spat out its tongue, and its eyes in the night seemed to be incomparably bloodshot.

Shadow Demon leaned the extremely huge God-Slaying Pike on his shoulders, looking at the little store that was scattering a cold beauty under the moonlight from afar.

"This is where Luo Danqing directed me toward? Jiao Ya died in the hands of the expert of this restaurant?" Shadow Demon's entire body was pitch-black, so it was not possible to even see his features clearly. Not even his eyes could be seen.

His voice was extremely magnetic, but within such magnetism, there was a sharp edge.

He narrowed his eyes, looking at the restaurant from afar and deeply sucking in a breath.

Was the creature from the Netherworld staying at that restaurant? This restaurant was pretty interesting, actually daring to keep a creature from the Netherworld...

The Hidden Royal Dragon Court seemed to hold a grudge against the Netherworld, as the higher level of the Royal Court had issued more than one announcement to hunt the creature of the Netherworld.

Countless saints had fought with the creatures of the Netherworld in the Sacred Land of the Royal Court, but who would have thought that this restaurant would actually dare to harbor a creature of the Netherworld!

"How daring... However, an ordinary creature from the Netherworld causing such a big fanfare really makes one feel irritated." Shadow Demon leaned the God-Slaying Pike on his shoulder and slowly started to walk toward the restaurant.

Although he said it was irritating, he still had to make a move, because this was a task entrusted to him by Supreme Lord Qi. For this task, he had actually cut his vacation short! Hence, to not find anything interesting, he would eat a loss.

"Horned Dog! You're up!"

After walking two steps, Shadow Demon suddenly realized that the horned dog was still crouching in its spot spitting out its tongue. His brows instantly furrowed, and a feet landed on the horned dog's butt, causing that dog to wildly howl, spreading its paws, then dashing toward the restaurant!

Puff puff!

The horned dog leaped high as the moonlight scattered down, shining on its figure, causing its dog fur to seem extremely round and shiny. The horned dog's silver horn was even more dazzling. It raised its head, feeling itself being incomparably noble.

With a swishing ringing out, the horned dog directly slammed onto the bronze gate of the restaurant.

Out of everyone's expectations, that bronze gate did not let out any sound. The horned dog's figure actually passed straight through the bronze gates, entering the restaurant.

Within the kitchen, Withey's eyes instantly lit up. Its brilliance bloomed, and the energy on its body became incomparably dense. It slightly moved its head, looking at the distance from the kitchen.

As the horned dog's figure landed on the ground, its dog nose twitched. It raised its head, and its dog mouth curved upward. A noble dog had to maintain the elegance of a dog. The horned dog opened its steps, slowly treading into the restaurant.

In the pitch-black darkness, the horned dog's bloodshot eyes, were like two lit candle lights, incomparably clear.

Suddenly, the horned dog's figure slightly froze. Its dog head turned in curiosity, looking at a specific direction. There, a dark green Path-Understanding Tree lay. That Path-Understanding Tree actually had seven streams of silver stripes, looking very exquisite. When the leaves of the tree shook, there seemed to be a dense spiritual energy surging forth.

Under the tree, lay a figure. It was a dog.

What the *(#&%? A dog?!

In that restaurant, there actually was a dog?

The horned dog froze, but its tongue came out while it looked at the fat dog laying on the ground, snoozing out white air from its nose. He looked at that black dog's fat body, then looked at its own slim and handsome figure, and instantly raised its head proudly.

Indeed this dog is still the handsome one! This dog is a noble horned dog, do you see this horn on its head? Isn't it beautiful? Isn't it dazzling?! That was the proof of a noble dog!

The horned dog's dog mouth pulled back, letting out a low dog howl, as if letting out a proud snigger. It opened its dog steps, walking to Blacky's surrounding, walking around this fat dog once, becoming more condescending as it looked at it.

How can the difference between the dogs be so huge?!

Under the Path-Understanding Tree, Lord Dog's tightly shut eyes suddenly trembled. The moment those eyes opened, in an instant, it was as if light was shining out, and the entire restaurant was lit up in the blink of an eye.

The proud horned dog still raised its head, still intoxicated in its dog imagination. Without comparison, one wouldn't know that it was better than the other.

Suddenly, the intoxicated horned dog felt its entire body quivering. It was as if a terrifying surge of energy had awoken, and in an instant it wrapped around its doggy figure, causing it to feel like it was in an ice-cold cavern.

The horned dog became cautious in an instant, with its silver horn scattering a dazzling radiance. The light was dazzling, being emitted from its peak.

The horned dog's energy then began to surge forth, sweeping its surroundings while being incomparable domineering, trying to find out where did that dangerous energy come from.

However, even after he swept through, he did not find anything, causing him to involuntarily feel a little suspicious. Could it be that its senses were wrong?

"What dog are you? Acting all big in front of Lord Dog in the middle of the night?"

Lord Dog looked at that horned dog that was stroking its hair, coquettishly standing in front of it speechlessly. Its heart was slightly confused. A black dog appeared in the middle of the night, walking around it here and there. Even if it was Lord Dog, it felt its entire body tighten. This dog... what was it intending to do?!

Lord Dog's voice that was filled with magnetism caused the horned dog to slightly freeze. In the next instant, it seemed to think of something and turned its head, meeting Lord Dog's eyes that were filled with meaning.

This dog was actually able to speak?!

The horned dog's bloodshot eyes widened. This was inconceivable!

Lord Dog slowly climbed up from the ground, with the fats on its entire body shaking, looking at that stirred up dog with narrowed eyes.

Step step step!

The fur on the horned dog's entire body stood up and it retreated continuously. Its silver horn scattered its light, flickering on and off.

"Say something.... Not letting a dog sleep in the middle of the night?" Lord Dog lightly said.

The horned dog widened its eyes, with an appearance of constipation.

Talk? Did this fat dog think that every dog was like it, being able to speak?!

The horned dog gave a "humph" and suddenly raised its chest. It suddenly thought: why did it need to be so scared? Just because the other party could speak in human language? Was being able to speak human language so amazing?

The horned dog's eyes narrowed, then began to bare its fangs at Lord Dog.

Lord Dog's dog mouth pouted, becoming even more speechless. A crazy dog broke into the restaurant in the middle of the night, even acting big in front of Lord Dog.

Lord Dog looked at the horned dog, slowly opening the steps with its dog paws. The graceful cat steps were displayed, and that footwork was incomparably alluring.

The horned dog was stunned.

Tap tap tap!

Once again, it retreated quite a few steps! It was incomparably shocked as it stared at Lord Dog with its cat steps. A black dog that could speak the human language, and even strutted cat steps? What mutant was this?!

Lord Dog strutted with its cat steps, quickly coming in front of the horned dog. The former's entire body of fats shook, raising its head to look at the horned dog.

The horned dog finally recovered from its shock. In an instant, it opened its mouth to let out a bark!


The horned dog's bark was low and filled with a wave of balefulness.

It was confident that with this bark of his, the fat dog in front of it would definitely tremble with those fats.

However, it was wrong.

Lord Dog still looked at it with a speechless face.

In the next instant, Lord Dog raised its delicate dog paw.


With a tap of the paw, the horned dog was smashed onto the ground with a confused face, not knowing what had happened.

Struggling to climb to its paws, its anger surged, and the baleful look in its eyes rose sharply. The fur on its entire body became ferocious as if it were many needles standing up.


Tapping its dog paws on the ground, the horned dog let out a long howl, with dark energy condensing in its open mouth.

That fluctuation seemed to be terrifying, and the air seemed to be trembling under the fluctuation of this energy. The might of this horned dog... was horrifying!

On the other hand, Lord Dog still had a face of calmness. The corners of its mouth pulled backward, watching the horned dog condensing energy. It once more raised its delicate dog paw, then struck against the other party's head.

With a bang, the horned dog was once again smashed into the ground, and the energy in its mouth dispersed.

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Lord Dog was speechless.

The horned dog was shocked and scared. This fat dog... was too much!

It once again struggled to climb up from the ground, and because of its fear, the light on the silver horn on its head dimmed.

Lord Dog brows raised, "You, a horned dog, actually still dare to glare at your Lord Dog?"


"Disturbing your Lord Dog's sleep in the middle of the night?"


"Acting big in front of your Lord Dog in the middle of the night?"


Lord Dog was waving its delicate dog paws, again and again, each time slamming the horn dog onto the ground.

The horned dog was scared silly. Why was this dog so violent...

Just as Lord Dog was about to wave its delicate dog paw another time, the horned dog was so scared that it lay on the ground rubbing its dog paws together. It seemed to be saying... Big Brother Dog, I was wrong!

Lord Dog tilted its head, giving that dog a look, then giving a "heng" at last, and struck down with a bang again.

"Oh... Look at that little gaze of yours. Are you jealous of your Lord Dog's entire body of fats?"

The horned dog wanted to cry, but it was unable to do so... A noble horned dog... was actually being trampled on the ground by a black dog watching the store...

This was such a miserable thing.

It wanted to fight back, but it realized that it was unable to do so at all; it was not an opponent for this black dog. This black dog capable of speaking and strutting cat steps... was too much!

They were both dogs; why was there a need to trouble another dog?

Lord Dog's dog mouth smacked together. He seemed to have gotten slightly addicted to hitting the other dog, but because he was unable to think of any other excuses, Lord Dog stopped moving its delicate dog paws. It turned its body, twisting its butt and strutting its cat steps, going back under the Path-Understanding Tree to lie down.

The horned dog's rubbing paws movement also finally stopped; its tears were whirling.

It was finally over.

The horned dog felt that its noble and beautiful horn had been smacked slanted by that fat dog. Without another word, the horned dog opened its dog paws, dashing towards the outside of the restaurant.

However, a bang rang out!

The horned dog directly slammed onto the gate, almost causing its nose to be smashed slanted. What the hell?! He had been smacked by that paw till he had forgotten his ability to go through walls.

The horned dog wanted to cry, but it did not dare to. After struggling to its paws, it once again slammed the gate, this time activating its ability and dashing out.

Once it dashed out of the restaurant, it seemed to have rushed out of hell!

It was excited, it was happy, its heart was feeling so elated!

Shadow Demon still had the God-Slaying Pike leaning against his shoulder, ready to go through the wall into the restaurant, when all of a sudden the horned dog frantically ran out, causing him to jump back in fright.

"This damned dog! More and more unreliable... Other than looking nice, what use do you have?!"

Shadow demon looked at that black dog's frantically escaping figure, opening his mouth and scolding. Turning and twisting his head, with the God-Slaying Pike on his shoulder, he raised his chest and then went through the wall, stepping into the restaurant.