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 "Congratulations to the host for completing the temporary mission. Now releasing the mission reward, please accept it," the system's solemn and serious words resounded in Bu Fang's mind, causing him to freeze. In the next moment, the corners of his mouth curved upward, and his eyes shot out the colors of anticipation.

If not for the system mission this time, Bu Fang would actually not mind Zhou Tong opening a store in front of the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Since the mission was completed, the Paper-Wrapped Fish recipe that Bu Fang had been anticipating should appear any time now.

As expected, after a moment of silence, the method of preparation of the Paper-Wrapped Fish appeared in Bu Fang's min. It was a very detailed method, causing his eyes to light up.

However, Bu Fang did not choose to immediately start cooking the Paper-Wrapped Fish, but turned his body to return to the restaurant, continuing today's business.

In the restaurant, Nethery was currently drinking a cup of Sour Plum Juice sumptuously.

Lord Dog lay below the Path-Understanding Tree, once again beginning to sleep soundly.

Not knowing when, Eighty had laid itself at Lord Dog's side, sleeping with it. This chicken with a dream seemed to have slowly become as lazy as Lord Dog.

The Gluttonous Immortal's was like a fleeting of a dandelion, causing many diners to feel sorry for it, but this feeling of pity flashed past, and in the next instant, everyone swarmed toward Owner Bu's restaurant.

Reality had proved that Owner Bu's culinary skills were better, hence they were once again eager to taste Owner Bu's cooking once more.

Zhou Tong had failed. He had also chosen to completely leave, this time actually leaving for real. He wanted to return to the Valley of Gluttony and cultivate harder, as his culinary skills still needed practice. With this contest against Bu Fang, he learned about his own flaws.

He did not choose to do a Chef's Challenge this time, because he was not as foolish as Wen Renchou. A Chef's Challenge outside of the Valley? What if he lost?

The outcome was not something that he could handle.

Of course, it was because of the foolish Wen Renchou that showed him an example, otherwise, he would never have known that there could be a chef outside the valley that could actually beat the elite chefs from the Valley of Gluttony.

Hence, in his heart he felt a little lucky, even a little thankful toward Wen Renchou.

Although Wen Renchou..... had been a little stupid.

"It's about time I go back to report... Otherwise, teacher is going to get angry again." Zhou Tong heaved a sigh, pinching his fingers, and a jade talisman appeared in his hand. It began to construct a magic array.

After a long time, this entire district flowed brilliantly, with energy fluctuations spreading out.

A wave of bangs resounded, and as the light faded, Zhou Tony's figure had also vanished.

He had returned to the Valley of Gluttony.


Heavenly Mist City, Star Tower.

As of today, the Star Tower had been moved to the Heavenly Mist City because of the turmoil of the Heavenly Pill City, also becoming a signature building of the former.

While the Pill Tower of the Heavenly Mist City had been relegated to a second-tier force, although it was still able to nurture their many elite alchemists, the leading spot that it originally possessed had been taken away by the Star Tower.

Luo Danqing sat crosslegged in the Pill Tower. The light of the stars revolved, and the energy constantly entered his body.

Suddenly, Luo Danqing opened his eyes violently. On that white face, his brows were furrowed. He slowly opened his mouth, spitting out a dull air.

Reaching out his hand, a light-blue jade talisman that seemed to be wrapped in the light of the stars appeared, and a wave of mental force fluctuations was transmitted over.

"The Hidden Dragon Royal Court actually still has the nerve to invite me to participate in the Glutton God's Banquet? This group of people really have no sense of shame..."

Luo Danqing's face revealed a mocking color, and his face was incomparably ice cold.

If not for that group of people of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court supporting the Ancient Shura City in the shadows, how would the Pill Palace possibly lose two Pill Cities in a row? They were only able to protect the final city which belonged to the Pill Palace.

The other Pill Cities had been occupied by the sacred lands of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court!

And as of now, they actually still had the face to invite him to participate in the Glutton God's Banquet...

As the Glutton God's Banquet of the Valley of Gluttony was a grand occasion, the Hidden Dragon Royal Court would invite every expert of the continent to take part in it. However, this time, even after such an unhappy occasion, the Hidden Dragon Royal Court still invited him.

This made Luo Danqing's heart rage with a bundle of fire.

The might of the Royal Court was indeed terrifying!

Although Luo Danqing felt helpless, he had to go. This time, it was only the Ancient Shura City that attacked the Pill Palace. If it were the sacred lands of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court making a move, the Pill Palace would be simply unable to resist.

Only when reaching Luo Danqing's level would one know how terrifying the Hidden Dragon Royal Court was. That was the real leader of the Hidden Dragon Continent! The experts were countless, trampling over every other force, just like Jiao Ya, who had helped the Ancient Shura City last time. In the Royal Court, he was no more than a small character.

However, just a small character like that was dangerous enough to make Luo Danqing fall. Every time he thought of that, Luo Danqing's face showed signs of his depression.

"Haaa... I cannot avoid going to the Glutton God's Banquet. I'm afraid that this time Glutton God's Banquet will not treat my Pill Palace kindly."

Luo Danqing let out a breath, lightly sighing.

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Outside of the Heavenly Mist City, blue lightning exploded! It caused an entire patch of forestation to be struck into ashes and black smoke to rise as a burning smell spread out.

From that wreckage, two figures slowly walked out. That was a man and a beast. The man was wrapped in a black robe. Its entire body was pitch-black, as if there was no clear face, and so the entire person was like a bundle of shadows. The surroundings around its body seemed to be twisting.

This human figure walked out of the small forest, standing in front of Heavenly Mist City's tall and vast city walls. He looked at the city gates of the Heavenly Mist City, tilting his head, and a horrifying energy was emitted.

At the feet of this figure was a huge black dog. This dog was really big. On its forehead, there was a horn that seemed to be as sharp as a steel knife. Its horn scattered a chill, causing one to feel a chill in their bones. The fur of the huge dog was pitch-black, its eyes red, its fangs malevolent, and when it walked, the entire ground seemed to be shaking.

"Heavenly Mist City, it is here... To be able to make Supreme Lord Qi to personally appoint me to come here, it looks the opponent this time is pretty interesting... Just nice... Because my rest has been ended in advance, my irritated heart just needed a place to vent. I hope it doesn't let me down." The figure that was entirely black said, and in the next moment, he reached out his hand, reaching into his abdomen and slowly pulling out something from within it.

When that thing slowly became clearer, it was actually a huge long pike. That long pike was silver. On its entire upper part, mysterious runes were engraved. The long pike was huge, and its neck was slightly sharp, making this pike look incomparably domineering! It brought people an extremely huge feeling of pressure.

The black figure gently stroked this long pike. Obviously, he extremely loved this weapon.

Grabbing the pike single-handedly and putting it on his shoulder, the black figure reached out his other hand, touching the black dog at its side. He then walked toward that Heavenly Mist City.

The Heavenly Mist City's city gate was tightly shut, but his figure did not show a trace of stopping.


The figure of that black shadow did not stop and continued to walk forward. When his figure touched the city wall, it actually entered the city wall like passing through water, easily getting through the wall. There was indeed no need to open the gate.

That black dog also entered the city the same way, through the wall.

"Horned Dog, look for the target. We must quickly settle this, as we still have to rush back to the Valley of Gluttony to participate in the Glutton God's Banquet! At such time, I will find you divine-realm ribs of a spirit beast to let you enjoy a feast!" The black figure lightly said. He carried that long pike that shocked one's eyes on his shoulders, causing one's heart to be incomparably shaken.

The color of the sky slowly darkened, leaving only the afterglow of the setting sun.

That horned dog got the order from the black figure, gave a low howl at that instant, and its figure then flew out.

The black figure carried the long pike on its shoulders, opening its steps to follow.

A man and a human's figures then ran under the setting sun.

After some time, both stopped in front of the majestic Star Tower. The horned dog crouched on the spot, panting with its tongue out.

The black figure carried the thick long pike, but its expression could not be seen.

"You horned dog! With a horn growing on your head, did your intelligence drop below that of a normal dog? This is the Star Tower, what did you bring me here for?!" The black figure with the long pike on its shoulders had a face of speechlessness.

The Star Tower was the heart of the Pill Palace. How could the target he was searching for be there? According to the information given by the Supreme Lord Qi, the target should be staying at a restaurant.

"Oh well, forget it, since we are here, then let's go in and take a walk... I heard that the Pill Master of the Pill Palace seems to be holding quite a grudge toward our Heavenly Spring Holy-land."

The black figure lightly laughed while carrying the long pike and walked toward the Star Tower.

However, just as it was about to enter the tower, the entire building shone with the luster of a star's brilliance, causing his figure to be blocked out.

In the Star Tower, many were shocked awake.

Luo Danqing furrowed his brows even further, with light shining in his eyes. His figure dashed toward the outside of the tower.

The black figure held onto the God-Slaying Pike. "As expected of the divine tool of the Pill Palace, the strength of this star is pretty irritating!"

In the next instant, the black figure coldly laughed, holding the long pike then harshly swinging it, smashing it toward the Star Tower. The long pike's light was blinding. In the next instant, it became extremely huge, smashing downward. Its sound was devastating.

Bang bang bang!!

A huge sound rang out, the Star Tower was almost sent flying.

Luo Danqing shot out, roaring a sound to hold the enemy's hand, and that black figure then stopped.

"Finally wanting to come out? This Star Tower is really too hard. This senior's single strike was unable to smash it," the black figure said.

The horned dog crouched at the side, puffing hard as it stuck out its tongue.

"Who is it? Why are you attacking my Star Tower?!"

The instant Luo Danqing saw that black figure, his heart stiffened, and he asked cautiously.

"Me... I'm the Heavenly Spring Holy-land Shadow Demon." As he once again leaned the God-Slaying Pike on his shoulder, Shadow Demon lightly said.

An expert of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court? Luo Danqing's eyes shrunk, and a tinge of rage appeared in them! Did the Royal Court really want to destroy the Pill Palace that quickly?!

"Tell me where the plaything that killed Jiao Ya is... Then, I'll spare your life, or else... You know." Shadow Demon leaned the long pike on his shoulder calmly, but his words were extremely savage. In his eyes, although Luo Danqing's cultivation was not weak, it was not that strong.

As his words descended, a four-step soul ladder appeared above Shadow Demon's head. That soul ladder was extremely solid, extremely condensed, and it emitted terrifying energy, causing Luo Danqing's entire body to become ice-cold!

A Divine Soul Realm expert of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court who had condensed a four-step soul ladder... Furthermore, an existence like that holding onto a divine tool of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court... This type of existence was even able to crush an ordinary five-step soul ladder Divine Soul Realm Expert!

Was he looking for the small chef?

Looks like the small chef would really find it hard to escape this time!

Luo Danqing's heart sighed. The Hidden Dragon Royal Court was indeed domineering.