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In a barren dark patch of land, there was a huge crack that seemed to be sliced apart by blade energy. An enormous palace made up of pitch black metal stood towering into the sky.

The protrusions on the palace were malevolent. Strips of ice-cold metal pillars were like sharp killing blades that were rising toward the heavens. On each edge, there was a chill, and between each blade there were pitch black and ice-cold chains all connected. When the chains collided, jingling sounds rang out.

This was the Nether Palace. It was the palace of the Nether King. It was different from the imagined luxury, as this palace was cold and remote.

There were only a few figures in the huge palace.

In the main hall of the Nether King palace, on the highest seat, a man wearing an ice-cold pitch-black armor leaned against the chair with a bored look. In his hand was a mysterious spirit fruit, and he was stuffing it into his mouth at times.

The entire ground was filled with fragments and shells of the spirit fruit. The main hall was in a mess, and there were even the bones of spiritual beasts scattered around. If someone appeared there, they would definitely not see this as the solemn and dignified Nether King Palace, as this felt more like the aftermath of a finished banquet.

The Nether King's black hair was scattered. As he stuffed a spirit fruit into his mouth, with a bite, the juice of the fruit spread out, and the sweet and sour lingered in his mouth.

However, the Nether King's face did not have a trace of satisfaction.

"What plaything is this... How could it taste so bad! I really want to eat Chili Strips... I have been afflicted by this poison called Chili Strips!"

The Nether King was jittery. His figure suddenly sat up straight, and with a sway of his head, his hair flew. In his eyes, he only saw a blur, thinking of the delicious Chili Strip, he couldn't be himself.

"Old Tie! Quickly come over, Old Tie!"

The Nether King's energy surged forth from his hand, and with a fierce pinch, the spirit fruit turned into ashes. In the next instant, the Nether King shouted loud toward the outside of the main hall.

A figure flew in quickly, appearing in front of Nether King respectfully. It was a child with a head full of white hair. The child's eyes were huge, and when he blinked there seemed to be spiritual energy revolving around in them.

The Nether King was wearing his armor, with his entire being looking handsome and valiant. He walked down from his position, walking to in front of that white-haired child with clinking sounds, while his face was incomparably solemn.


The Nether King stretched out his hands, pressing them onto the child's head. His figure lightly bent over, narrowing his eyes.

"Old Tie... I want to eat Chili Strips!" The Nether King said seriously.

Old Tie, with his white hair, blinked his eyes, with a face full of confusion, "Lord Nether King, what is Chili Strip?"

The air seemed to become quieter at that instant. After quite some time, the Nether King began to violently grab at his hair. On his handsome face, sorrow was revealed.

With no Chili Strips to eat, he was so angry!

That group of goddamned corpse ghosts, eating up all of the Chili Strips that this king had hidden... causing this king to now feel lonely and cold in the air! He was so angry he was going to explode!

Atter angrily rubbing that white-haired child's head, the figure of the Nether King flashed, then once again he returned to that high seat, lazily leaning back and raising his head, with a face that looked like there was no love left in the world.

"Old Tie, go bring me my duo world mirror. Since I cannot go eat some Chili Strips, then at least I can watch it, right... That group of goddamned corpse ghosts, one day this king will skin all of them, that group of trash with itchy skin!"

The white-haired child's cheeks were red.

He was called Old Tie, and he was the Nether King's emissary. In the entire palace, there was only the Nether King and this white-haired child.

With the Nether King's orders, the child moved his legs and started to run into the distance.

In just a while, he ran back while hugging a mirror that was bigger than his entire body, placing the mirror down in front of the Nether King while panting heavily.

"Old Tie, you can watch together with me. The food you make is getting worse. Come learn from Owner Bu." The Nether King casually waved his hands, and the child then appeared at the Nether King's side, sitting down.

The duo world mirror was undulating like a ripple on the water. In the next moment, a hazy scene began to appear in the mirror.

"Oh man, this non-law-abiding Owner Bu is causing trouble once again." A spirit fruit unknowingly appeared in the Nether King's hands, and he watching excitedly as he stuffed it into his mouth.

The emissary Old Tie blinked his big eyes, then followed the gaze of the Nether King as he stuffed the spirit fruit into his mouth.

Within the scene, the flames rushed toward the heavens, with oil splattering everywhere...


Bu Fang held onto five skewers with one hand. His face was calm, and his mental force surged forth like waves, engulfing the skewers and even controlling the flames.

The splattering oil sounds rang out from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and every time the oil juice dripped down, it would cause the flames to flare up again.

The fragrance rolled out in waves.

Bu Fang chose to barbeque this time. Barbequing with spiritual energy, using many valuable spiritual beast meat, the aroma was so dense that it did not scatter. In fact, it seemed to condense to form something solid.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

From afar, Zhou Tong's cooking had reached its climax. In his surroundings, the fragrance seemed to form something like a beast of a divine tool, continuously roaring and surging forth.

Zhou Tong's technique was skilled and unique. He strictly controlled towards every angle of stir-frying. This was the cooking technique that only the Valley of Gluttony possessed, one that was able to bring out the aroma of a dish to its fullest.

The two cooked with such grandeur, causing countless eyes to be dazzled.

"So fragrant! This is the first time I smell something so fragrant! I really can't wait to give it a taste!"

"Are these two really chefs? So chefs can actually be so gorgeous!"

"Those two are not competing culinary skills, but loneliness!"


The surrounding diners seemed to be conquered by Bu Fang and Zhou Tong's craftsmanship. The fragrance of the two spread around the area like two bundles of roaring beasts clashing in the air.

The fragrance clashed together soundlessly, but it made the diners feel extremely unwell.

Every time they clashed, the diners' hearts would be raised to the peak, unable to resist deeply taking in a breath, sucking in the fragrance.

Crackle crackle crackle!

The Ten Thousand Beastial Flames became even denser. The skewers on the grill were slowly getting cooked to perfection, exuding a charming and moving luster that made people unable to tear their eyes off it.

Zhou Tong's cooking also reached the end. He pulled out a porcelain plate, which was spotless, and placed it on top of the stove.

Crackle crackle crackle!

With a last fry, Zhou Tong's ladle was flipped upside down. In an instant, the fragrant dish was scooped out, landing onto the white porcelain plate.

The steam rose, and pieces of tender meat dispersed a charming aroma. Pink, green, yellow, and various other colors were mixed together, causing the dish to look extremely attractive in both fragrance and appearance.

Placing the ladle into the wok, Zhou Tong wiped off the water stains on his hands, finally completing his cooking. He held onto his dish, and his gaze raised up, looking at Bu Fang in the distance.

From there, Bu Fang also completed the final step. He pulled out all of the skewers that he had finished barbequing, causing those ingredients to fall into a blue and white porcelain plate, then finished off by scattering some seasoning. The steam rolled around as the aroma dispersed.

Bu Fang's dish was also done.

With a wave of his hand, the blue and white porcelain plate then began to fly, floating toward Zhou Tong.

Zhou Tong's eyes narrowed. He also waved his hands and his dish also flew away from him, landing on Bu Fang's hands.

The two would exchange dishes and try it, then they would naturally know who the winner and loser were.

Zhou Tong looked at the dish which was barbequed just right, without a trace of being burnt. His eyes revealed a strange color in them.

Barbecue... Zhou Tong had not seen it before, but following Bu Fang's way of cooking, by putting the ingredients directly on the flames to cook, that situation was like that original way of cooking. This type of cooking should have fallen into disuse, but Bu Fang was actually able to use this primitive method to cook such a fragrant dish.

Bu Fang's control toward the timing of flames made people shocked. The barbequed meat did not have a trace of burning. If there was even a trace of a burn, then Zhou tong could guarantee that this round was definitely his.

A pity... he couldn't find a trace of imperfection.

Picking up the chopsticks, reaching for a piece of barbecued meat. The oil juice on the barbecue meat shone, and the many seasonings still stuck onto it, looking very attractive. With the clasp of the chopstick, the oil juice in the barbecued meat spread out. The fragrance was incomparable.

Zhou Tong deeply sucked in a breath. The fragrance was like a snake slithering into his nose, inciting his taste buds. When the barbecued meat entered his mouth, Zhou Tong's eyes instantly lit up. Within them, a tinge of disbelief was revealed.

The meat was tender, and the fragrance of the meat and aroma of the vegetables were uniquely fused together.

The most important point was... within all of this, Zhou Tong could still feel a unique taste... It was a natural taste that belonged to flames! That taste made Zhou Tong, as a chef himself, utterly fall into it.

That taste was simply too fascinating!

"This... This... How did you do it?! Is this the taste of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame?!" As Zhou Tong chewed the meath, his mouth was smeared with oil juices, and his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

Opposite him, Bu Fang used his chopsticks to clasp onto the spiritual beast meat that Zhou Tong had stir-fried. His face did not change in the slightest. However, it could be seen from his eyes that, toward this spiritual beast meat, he was also shocked.

This Zhou Tong's culinary skills were indeed a level higher than Wen Rencho's.


Bu Fang's mouth slightly pulled back. He put down his chopsticks, no longer continuing to taste it, because he already knew who was the winner of this cooking battle.

Zhou Tong seemed to also be very clear of it at that moment.

"The taste conjured from using the most primitive method is the most fragrant. That is the most natural taste, a fascinating taste," Bu Fang said.

Zhou Tong froze. In the next instant, his state of mind began to shake. He once again put a few pieces of barbecued meat into his mouth, enjoying the taste of the meat exploding within his mouth and spreading out.

He let out a sigh. This match... he had lost.

No wonder Wen Renchou would lose to Bu Fang. This chef that was not from the Valley of Gluttony..... was simply too demonic!

From Bu Fang, Zhou Tong could seem to feel the pressure that only those few demons in the Valley of Gluttony possessed!

It had to be known that those few guys were the most demonic group of people in the Valley of Gluttony, all grade-one chefs. Some had even touched the threshold of a special-grade chef!

Seeing that this chef from outside the valley was able to give him this type of pressure, if this type of person entered the Valley of Gluttony... how terrifying would that be?!

He lost. There was nothing more Zhou Tong could say. This was not a Chef's Challenge, but a tacit bet between the two.

Hence, Zhou Tong stored all his cookware and turned his body to walk into the distance. When he walked to the front of the Gluttonous Immortal's, Zhou Tong did not even raise his head. He only raised a palm, and in an instant, he harshly slammed onto the Gluttonous Immortal's.


The golden and shining decoration Gluttonous Immortal's was turned into ruins by this palm, and the horizontal inscribed board of the restaurant was shattered into pieces by Zhou Tong.

"Gluttonous Immortal's... As expected, it is a name that I cannot take on." Zhou Tong shook his head.

"Bu Fang, right, I will wait for you in the Valley of Gluttony... At such time, I will beat you on the road of cooking fair and square!" Zhou Tong's figure slowly got further and further away, slowly vanishing.

However, his voice lingered in the air.

Zhou Tong believed that Bu Fang would definitely come to the Valley of Gluttony if he wanted to make another breakthrough on the road of cooking.

Bu Fang crossed his arms, calmly looking at Zhou Tong's vanishing back, expressionless. However, Zhou Tong's words caused his heart to move involuntarily.

"The Valley of Gluttony? I will definitely go there..." Bu Fang muttered lowly.

In his mind, the serious and solemn voice of the system rang out at this moment.