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 In Zhou Tong's memories, he had never ever smelled something so stinky before.

What's special was that this stench was dispersed from a dish... Looking at the surrounding group of people eating it excitedly, everyone's faces revealed delighted expressions.

Zhou Tong really had a face of confusion. Could it be that stinky-out-of-this-world dish was actually delicious?

Speaking from the heart, Zhou Tong did not believe it. As a chef from the Valley of Gluttony, what kind of dish had he not had before, but he had never even heard before that a really smelly dish could taste good!

This was utterly a dish that surpassed his world outlook.

From the kitchen, Bu Fang slowly walked out. He wiped off the water on his hands after he had returned to the kitchen to make the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and Dragon Blood Rice for Nethery and Lord Dog.

The situation of the Stinky Tofu selling like hotcakes was not out of his expectations. In the Heavenly Mist City, his Stinky Tofu was a specialty. There was no one who did not know of it.

The important part was that, even in the Cloud Mist Restaurant, Bu Fang would rarely cook the Stinky Tofu, hence the chance that the Heavenly Mist City's diners had to eat the dish was very low. Being able to eat the Stinky Tofu this time was really a surprise.

The customers of the Heavenly Mist City were not fools. From the moment Zhou Tong opened his restaurant opposite Bu Fang's, they already knew the latter would come looking for trouble. However, they did not care. All they knew was to go to whoever's dishes tasted good.

Hence, they did not care how many restaurants there were in Heavenly Mist City. They could imagine that following this, in Heavenly Mist City, restaurants would pop out like spring bamboos after the rain, but they did not care about such things. All they cared about was if they were able to eat real gourmet food.

Just like the Stinky Tofu cooked by Boss Bu! This time, being able to eat the Stinky Tofu made them feel happy. It was stinky to the extreme, but they were also high to the extreme!

Speaking of which, they really needed to thank this Zhou Tong... If not for him, would Boss Bu ever take out this unrivaled dish that swept the Magical Hands Conference?

To thank Zhou Tong, many customers especially ran over to Zhou Tong's restaurant, asking for the price of that dish, intending to buy a portion of Zhou Tong's dish.

It was just that they did not think that, when Zhou Tong looked at them, it seemed as if he was looking at a group of lunatics.

A huge stench was in the air, forcing Zhou Tong to turn green.

Bu Fang crossed his arms as he walked to Yang Meiji's side.

There was not much left of the Stinky Tofu in the wok. The soup was boiling and the steam rising.

Yang Meiji's face was flushed, but she had an excited expression. Looking at the Stinky Tofu being sold from her hands, there was a sense of accomplishment, causing Yang Meiji to sink into it. This was something that couldn't be experienced with alchemy!

Suddenly, Yang Meiji felt that learning cooking from Bu Fang was not too bad!

Bu Fang picked up a piece of Stinky Tofu from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. The black soup juice dripped down from the Stinky Tofu, and under the sunlight, this piece seemed to dazzle and shine. If not for that stench that rushed toward the heavens, looking at this Stinky Tofu would still give people some appetite.

Bu Fang gave the completely green-faced Zhou Tong a glance. He slowly flung the piece of tofu outwards. In an instant, that piece of Stinky Tofu flew toward Zhou Tong.

"Don't say that I bullied you. You gave me a taste of your meatball, I'll also give you a taste of my Stinky Tofu," Bu Fang lightly said.

Zhou Tong's eyes narrowed. Raising his hands, he caught that Stinky Tofu, and a wave of stench immediately pervaded his nose. Enduring that horrible stench, Zhou Tong narrowed his eyes as he looked at that Stinky Tofu. On top, there seemed to be a gentle light revolving, with dense spiritual energy constantly coming out.

Zhou Tong's heart stiffened. It was indeed not ordinary.

However... was this really edible? Being so smelly?! It made one lose the appetite to put it into their mouth!

It was just that, looking at the surrounding group of people eating it with a joyful appearance, Zhou Tong's heart was slightly hesitant and shaken.

Could it be that it was actually tasty?!

That could be true. After all. Bu Fang was a chef who was able to defeat Wen Renchou, so he couldn't possibly take out a dish with only stink, as that would purely be disgusting. If this Stinky Tofu really was delicious, then Bu Fang was the only competition left!

Opening his mouth, Zhou Tong gently bit a mouthful of the Stinky Tofu.

As his teeth bit down, a wave of slightly abrasive feeling spread out from them. That type of feeling could be said to be mysterious. That black tofu skin was bitten open, and the stench surged into the mouth, but what was mysterious was that... this stench did not make one feel that it was disgusting!

It was actually the opposite..... There was a wave of fragrance!

Could it be that this was the so-called smelly to the extreme that it had become fragrant?!

Munch munch...

The surrounding people ate with satisfaction, and Zhou Tong also couldn't help but take a few more bites. When the Stinky Tofu entered his stomach, that taste was really too delicious.

After eating the Stinky Tofu, Zhou Tong seemed to gain immunity to the surrounding stench, being no longer affected by it. He finished the piece of Stinky Tofu, then became silent. In the next moment, under everyone's dumbfounded eyes, Zhou Tong put away his deep fryer.

He deeply gave Bu Fang a gaze, not saying much. He allowed his people to put back his stuff and sealed the store door. He stopped doing his business for the day.

He knew that, with the Stinky Tofu, he would not be able to beat Bu Fang in today's business.

Furthermore, after eating this Stinky Tofu, Zhou Tong no longer had any intention to continue doing business.

The Stinky Tofu was sold out, and Zhou Tong had also closed his store.

Bu Fang only pulled the corner of his lips upwards when seeing this, as if he did not find it strange. He single-handedly picked up the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, then walked toward the restaurant, returning to the kitchen shortly afterwards.

Within the restaurant, Nethery and Blacky were done eating their dishes. Nethery was really angry, as her daily portion of Dragon Blood Rice had once again been cut down quite a bit by Bu Fang.

Bu Fang had changed; he wasn't like this previously.

Nethery felt so wronged.

"Old Yang, come in. Continue practicing your knife skill," Bu Fang said to Yang Meiji.

Hearing that she needed to practice her knife skills, Yang Meiji's face instantly drooped. The knife skill training was really so tiring. Outside the restaurant, the people queuing up grew once again, and a business day full of activity once again begun.

However, Bu Fang's brows were still furrowed, because the system still did not judge that his temporary task had been completed.

Obviously... this meant that Zhou Tong had not given up.


On the following day, when Bu Fang opened the bronze gates, there were already many customers surrounding the outside of the gate. They were all watching Zhou Tong, who was holding a wok and standing outside the Cloud Mist Restaurant in curiosity.

Zhou Tong saw Bu Fang, opening his mouth to smile, "This time... it's my turn!"

Light the flame, heat the wok!

Boom boom boom!!

A kitchen knife covered with raging flames spun, and the ingredients flew in the air. Zhou Tong stood below the ingredients, looking at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang froze and his heart stiffened. As expected, this Zhou Tong had yet to give up.

Plop plop plop!!

The ingredients entered the wok, and Zhou Tong held onto the bronze ladle, rapidly stir-frying as a dense fragrance constantly dispersed out. Furthermore, the sound of the stir-fry seemed to be going to shatter the sky. It made everyone surprised. That stir-frying sound was so loud!

It was like layers of fire slamming!

Bu Fang looked at Zhou Tong's movements in curiosity. This technique was awesome. Furthermore, he seemed to have a mysterious control over the ingredients and spiritual energy.

A dense fragrance dispersed, causing everyone to reveal faces of intoxication. Compared to Bu Fang's stench of the Stinky Tofu on the previous day, Zhou Tong had chosen to use an incomparably fragrant dish to mess with Bu Fang!

The fragrance spread out, as if it was forming a real tiger, roaring toward everyone, causing one's state of mind to be shaken!

"This is the cooking technique of the Valley of Gluttony... The extreme control over fragrance!" Zhou Tong said.

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes, seriously watching Zhou Tong cook. Suddenly, the former seemed to discover some interesting thing, and his eyebrows raised in astonishment. He realised that Zhou Tong's mental energy fluctuations were not very strong. Although it was there, this mental energy fluctuation was only to help with the cooking technique.

Bu Fang's cooking technique might not be equal to Zhou Tong's, but Bu Fang used his mental energy to cook, affecting the spiritual energy of the dish and the control over the energy fluctuations inside. Bu Fang was way mightier than Zhou Tong.

This was probably the difference between cooking with technique and cooking with mental energy.

Since the other side wanted to challenge him with fragrance... then they shall compete!

Bu Fang gently let out a breath. Green smoke revolved around his hands, and in an instant, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was welcomed by the wind. With a bang, it slammed into the ground in front of the gate.

He opened his mouth to spit out a ball of golden flames, and as those flames entered his hands, with a casual swing of Bu Fang, they were thrown into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

A wire mesh was placed on the top of the wok.

Bu Fang retrieved many ingredients from the system storage space. As these ingredients flew out, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in Bu Fang's hands surged forth. Since the other side wanted to fight, then Bu Fang would have a good battle with him.

True energy entered the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, and the tool turned dazzling golden in an instant!


A dragon roar resounded in the air.

Zhou Tong felt a golden light flash past his eyes, and in the next instant, he realized that an entire sky of ingredients was falling down!

The finger on Bu Fang's hands held onto a steel needle. At the moment the ingredients fell, Bu Fang threw out the steel needle.

Swish swish swish!!

When the eyes were dazzled, the ingredients that were cut into pieces were pierced through by that steel needle, landing onto the wire mesh on top of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, it even bounced with bounciness.


The fire light rushed toward the skies!

Bu Fang's mental energy surged forth, and terrifying mental energy spread out, causing everyone there to feel a wave of pressure. Bu Fang's cultivation might not be able to compete with the spectators', but his mental energy was extremely mighty!

Zhou Tong's chest seemed to have a bundle of energy revolving within while he looked at Bu Fang, who had calmly chosen to battle with him, resisting that type of urge to give a long whistle. This was not a Chef's Challenge, but it was similar to one...

It could be counted as a soundless Chef's Challenge between the two. The bet of the Chef's Challenge was... Whoever lost would represent which restaurant was being messed with! This could be counted as the first time the culinary skills of the two of them actually met.

Zhou Tong did not think that Bu Fang would actually choose to battle against him!

Regarding stinkiness, Zhou Tong's dishes would probably not be able to compete against Bu Fang's Stinky Tofu... But if they were comparing fragrance... Zhou Tong, who had come from the Valley of Gluttony, was not scared of Bu Fang at all!

He, Zhou Tong, as a grade-one chef, had a grade-one chef's confidence!

At this moment, the fragrance filled the area!

Bu Fang lightly gave Zhou Tong a glance. Still expressionless, the five fingers on his hand grasped onto skewered ingredients, and these skewered ingredients were placed on the wire mesh. The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame spread out, with its flame rising toward the heavens!

Bu Fang's mental energy spread out, engulfing the ingredients, carefully feeling every single scent!


The oil juice splashed down and sprinkled on the skewer of the ingredients. At this moment, the fire was like a roaring fire dragon and was shining!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhou Tong and the customers watched in a daze.

Even if it was the Nangong Wuque and the rest who had rushed over, they were dazed as well.

This sudden clash of culinary skills caught them slightly off guard. This was a Chef's Challenge moved by the desire to compete, but why did it felt even fiercer than the one between alchemists?!

However, after recovering from their daze, everyone began to get excited.

This type of exciting clash of culinary skills was what everyone was waiting for!