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 There was a creak.

The huge bronze gate was opened, and Bu Fang single-handedly carried the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, directly increasing his speed to walk into the distance and actually walking out of the gate of the restaurant.

Many customers looked at Bu Fang in a daze, as if they did not understand what Owner Bu was trying to do this time. All they saw was Bu Fang walking to the front of the Gluttonous Immortal's, where Zhou Tong was currently using the deep fryer to fry fragrant dishes.

He widened his eyes as he watched Bu Fang holding a wok and walking out; he was both surprised and shocked. What was that little chef doing?

Suddenly, Zhou Tong's eyes narrowed as he saw Bu Fang placing the Black Turtle Constellation Wok down with a bang.

Bu Fang lightly let out a breath. In the next moment, he then opened his mouth, spitting out golden flames, and those flames directly entered the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, burning up brightly.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame...

Zhou Tong watched Bu Fang spitting out flames, with his eyes involuntarily shrinking. To actually dare to use a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame to cook, this little chef indeed had a little skill.

However, this kid placed the black wok in front of the Gluttonous Immortal's. Was this to pick a fight with the Gluttonous Immortal's?

He himself hadn't even started to pick on him but this little chef actually dared to make the first move... This was really not shedding tears until seeing one's own coffin!

Since that was the case, he would utterly crush this little chef! Let him know how strong a chef from the Valley of Gluttony was! He was not Wen Renchou, that dunce!

Opening his hands, Zhou Tong's palms surged with true energy in an instant, causing the oil within the fryer to bubble constantly and splash everywhere.

One by one, fragrant dishes shot out from within the deep fryer, flying in the air. After revolving, they landed onto a porcelain plate.

Within the dense fragrance was the aroma of oats, meat and also medicinal fragrance. The aroma was unique and, when fused together, there was another type of taste. It had to be said that it really smelled good!

Bu Fang sniffed a bit, with the corner of his mouth pulling up slightly.

The surrounding customers were all dazed. Toward this provocative Gluttonous Immortal's, was Owner Bu finally unable to endure anymore? Was he going to make a move now?

"Try one?"

Zhou Tong pointed a finger and a golden-yellow meatball, which was floating in the air, flew toward Bu Fang. The latter's brows raised as he caught that meatball. The hot meatball was exuding a fragrance, and a dense amount of steam drifted from it, causing it to look even more beautiful.

Bu Fang held the meatball, then took a bite of it into his mouth.


At the moment his teeth bit into it, the golden oil actually exploded from within the meatball. The oil was scalding; accompanied with steam, the aroma was spreading together.

The taste of the meatball was not too bad and it made Bu Fang slightly raise his brows. He looked at Zhou Tong in surprise. This guy's craftsmanship was not too bad; it was not inferior to Wen Renchou's. No wonder he had the guts to open business opposite to the Cloud Mist Restaurant, intending to mess up Bu Fang's business.

However, it was a pity...

Bu Fang stuffed the rest of the meatball into his mouth. As he chewed, he waved his hand at Yang Meiji who was watching the uproar.

Yang Meiji wore a face of confusion. Why was she called again?

"Come here, there is an easy task to entrust to you with," Bu Fang lightly said.

Upon hearing this tone, Yang Meiji felt a bone-chilling cold, with the pores on her entire body shrinking!

Another easy job? Owner Bu, this liar... Did he think that he was still trustworthy?

However, Yang Meiji still went over, because from afar she saw that Nangong Wuque brought a few people and was slowly walking over.

"Stir it just like yesterday, but if later someone wants to buy the Stinky Tofu, directly charge one piece for five pieces of crystals. It's such a great discount; if they want to eat, then eat, if they don't, then don't," Bu Fang said.

After saying that, he looked at Zhou Tong with a meaningful gaze, then turned his body and walked toward the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Zhou Tong's face was stunned. What did this little chef mean? Was this looking down on him? Throwing a wok in front of his store, then running away? Was this causing a mess?

Especially that meaningful gaze before he left; what was the meaning of that gaze? Why did it make one so flustered?

Yang Meiji deeply sucked in a breath. Her chest raised up, and her eyes looked toward the black wok as a determined look appeared within her eyes. For the sake of prince Wuque... she was going all out!

Swish! Swish!

As she slowly stirred the Stinky Tofu that was cooked by the medicinal soup in the wok, in an instant, the dark brown soup began to move around. It was so dense that the stink that made people want to break down began to exude from within.

Originally, many were curiously scratching their heads, wanting to see what dish Owner Bu had carefully prepared.

In the end, when this stench appeared, it made everyone's face turn black. It was that familiar stinkiness! Many people wore faces of confusion, retreating countless steps from the stinkiness!

This stench, Zhou Tong had naturally also smelled it. That stinkiness had come over like a shadow that followed the body, drifting into his nose. He was momentarily stunned.

Smelly... Stinky?!

What was this stench? Did that little chef take out the wrong thing?

This type of stink was extreme. What kind of plaything was a dish that couldn't be smelled? This was a dish? Was this still an edible dish?

"Wah! This stench... It would literally have no friends!"

"And it's a familiar smell, and also a familiar recipe! This is very much like Owner Bu..."

"No... You are wrong, this time's recipe... is even more smelly!"


The customers were all hit by the stinkiness till their faces were full of black lines, but every one of them was in an uproar! Stinky Tofu, Owner Bu's specialty! It was a dish that was so smelly that it made the entire heavens smell! It was the initial unrivaled extraordinary dish in the Miracle Hands Conference!

Those present had literally seen all of Owner Bu's dish. Although the stench was unbearable, it was rarely seen. No one retreated further. In fact, their eyes revealed the eagerness to give it a try.

Of course, this was the first time Zhou Tong had seen the Stinky Tofu!

The stench of the upgraded Stinky Tofu was literally out of Zhou Tong's range of imagination.

This type of thing... Could it still be deemed as a dish?

Was this not cooking shit?!

As a chef from the Valley of Gluttony, Zhou Tong simply couldn't stand that type of smell. In his view, a dish must be fragrant; the aroma was the most straightforward representation of a dish.

A dish that had fragrance pervading the nose and could make those who ate it happy; that was a true dish.

Looking at the plaything with its stench rising to the heavens... it seemed to be completely unrelated to a dish.

From afar, Nangong Wuque and the rest all flew over. This time, he was followed by many people. Nangong Wan wore a veil, looking incomparably gentle. The familiar stench of the Stinky Tofu made her furrow her brows involuntarily, but quickly, the brows began to relax. An Sheng smelled the stench with a face of intoxication, with the twin peaks on her chest constantly rising up and down. Her straight and well-rounded long legs opened, flying towards the direction of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

"Stinky Tofu!! It's actually Stinky Tofu!"

An Sheng was incomparably excited; this was the dish that made Owner Bu famous; it was his famous dish with such a stench that made alchemists blew their furnaces.

Nangong Wuque came in front of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok spiritedly, saying toward the dazed Yang Meiji, "Old Yang... You are helping Owner Bu sell Stinky Tofu? This Stinky Tofu is really smelly, how much is it sold for? Give this prince one!"

Zhou Tong, upon hearing Nangong Wuque's words, almost had his eyes popped out. Was this guy an idiot? He actually spent crystals to buy such a smelly dish? Did he eat his fill to come there and buy shit?

Yang Meiji looked at Nangong Wuque. Her entire face was so moved that it had turned red, extremely florid.

"Okay... Okay... One piece of Stinky Tofu for five pieces of crystals!" Yang Meiji said emotionally.

Nangong Wuque gently looked at Yang Meiji, smiling lightly. That handsome face made her eyes dazzled and she felt that she was going to suffocate.

After she scooped a piece of Stinky Tofu for Nangong Wuque, the latter grabbed it and stuffed it into his mouth. With a bite, in an instant, Nangong Wuque's eyes widened!

"This taste?! This smell!" The pores on his entire body seemed to open at once. It was even more delicious than previously!

Zhou Tong watched Nangong Wuque holding a piece of pitch-black tofu and stuffing it into his mouth. His entire being sucked in a breath of cold air and with this sucking of air, the stench instant filled his nose; his entire face turned black!

Why was it so smelly!

He did not think that this little chef would actually play such a card.

Initially, when the dish was not disturbed, the stench was still not very noticeable, but with heat and a little stir, the smell was literally stinking up the entire heavens! The entire district seemed to become a sea of stench!

Zhou Tong felt that the fragrance that he had cooked up had been so impacted that it was now incomparably stinky!

It did not give people any single sense of appetite!

An Sheng also bought a piece of Stinky Tofu. Under Zhou Tong's sharp gaze, she ate it with relish, enjoying it with narrowed eyes.

In Zhou Tong's eyes, this group of people were literally perverts!

Suddenly, Zhou Tong froze, because he realized that Nangong Wuque's hands held onto a bitten Stinky Tofu and was walking toward his restaurant.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhou Tong's face turned green all of a sudden!

"No! Don't come over!" Zhou Tong's eyes were about to bulge out of their sockets.

Nangong Wuque stiffened as he widened his steps. He froze on the spot while holding onto the Stinky Tofu.

"Why am I not allowed to go over? Are you not running a business? What right do you have to stop me from going over?" Nangong Wuque's breath was full of stench as he said that. He was a little angry; was this person looking down on this prince? Are you jealous of this prince's beauty? While saying that, he even stuffed the Stinky Tofu into his mouth.

That stench blew out right onto Zhou Tong's face.

Zhou Tong's face became greener and greener, becoming verdant. He retreated a few steps back, with a face of shock and horror. It was so stinky!

Nangong Wuque stuffed the Stinky Tofu into his mouth, and a dense taste bloomed on his palette. The taste made him want to moan.

That dazed look made Zhou Tong feel as if he was looking at a pervert!

Nangong Wuque narrowed his eyes, opening his mouth and releasing stinky air, still with his face full of intoxication. Those who had not eaten Stinky Tofu by themselves would find it difficult to understand the taste of the Stinky Tofu...

As a glutton, one needed to read a book past its covers.

An Sheng also ate the Stinky Tofu, curiously walking over to stand in front of Zhou Tong's restaurant. Raising her head while chewing the Stinky Tofu, she curiously looked at Zhou Tong.

"Boss, how much is this meatball? Give me one!"

Zhou Tong's face was full of horror and shock; this group of people were all crazy!

From afar, rows of customers were squeezing to the front of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, all wanting to be the first to buy the Stinky Tofu! It was not easy to eat Owner Bu's Stinky Tofu. After all, Owner Bu wouldn't cook the Stinky Tofu on a whim!

Hence, in front of Zhou Tong's restaurant, a group of customers all held a piece of Stinky Tofu and chewed up happily.

The stench seemed to form a black cloud that engulfed the entire restaurant. Zhou Tong inhaled it till his chest was rising and falling, as if he was about to spit blood!

What was special was that this group of people, after eating the Stinky Tofu, all ran in front of him excitedly, asking him how his much the fried meatballs were! When their mouths opened, the stench sprayed out...

This group of people were definitely doing this on purpose!

With so many smelly breaths converging... it was so smelly that he did not believe in love anymore.

Open what restaurant... The people there were all crazy!

Zhou Tong's heart was on the verge of breaking down! He would never have thought that... Bu Fang would actually play such a card. It was completely out of common sense.

Where was the promised fair competition, where both sides messed each other up?