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 Yang Meiji opened her eyes wide as she watched Bu Fang carefully choosing out a bunch of medicinal ingredients.

As an alchemist herself, she had naturally skimmed over these types of medicinal ingredients, and she was also very certain about the properties of these medicinal ingredients. The moment she looked at them, her face became slightly black.

Bu Fang curiously gave her a glance, "Who said that these medicinal ingredients will be made into a broth for Nangong Wuque?"

Yang Meiji froze and gave an awkward smile.

"Watch the medicinal ingredient in the wok well, after cooking on low heat for two hours, you need to stir it twice whenever a pot of tea boils. Do you understand?" Bu Fang said.

Yang Meiji nodded her head. What Bu Fang said was indeed very easy. No wonder he said that it wasn't very tiring.

Compared to using that heavy and true-energy-absorbing kitchen knife to cut the radish, this work was simply too easy.

After Yang Meiji took over Bu Fang's job, he turned his body to continue squatting down. No one knew what he was doing as he moved the kitchen cabinets back and forth.

After a long time, Bu Fang then pulled out an earthen jar.

Yang Meiji stirred that medicinal broth, while curiously looking at Bu Fang, and realized that the earthen jar seemed familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before.

The moment Bu Fang placed the earthen jar on the kitchen table, a wave of strange smell dispersed from within that jar.

Yang Meiji's nose momentarily moved. In the next moment, her eyes opened wide, and her pupils seemed to be shining.

"This.... Is this the Stinky Tofu?!" Yang Meiji exclaimed in surprise.

Bu Fang's Stinky Tofu... It was incomparably famous in the entire Heavenly Mist City. It must be known that, during the Magical Hand Conference, the Stinky Tofu had performed brilliantly. How many alchemists had exploded their furnaces because of it? It was so smelly that one would have no friends... It literally imprinted itself into everyone's memories.

And the most important part was, this Stinky Tofu smelled so smelly, but when eaten, it was extremely fragrant.

Could it be that Owner Bu was intending to make the Stinky Tofu this time?

However, what relation did the Stinky Tofu have with this broth? Yang Meiji's heart was filled with confusion.

Although she could not understand, her heart was filled with curiosity. She did not ask much, only stirring the broth continuously. With the slow cooking of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok began to slowly emit spiritual energy.

Although it was not dense, it caused Yang Meiji's state of mind to be stunned.

Bu Fang gave her a glance, pulled up his sleeves, and raised his palms, lightly tapping on that sealed container.

With an exploding sound... the lid was momentarily opened, and a wave of dense stinky smell began to waft out of that earthen jar.

It was really smelly.

Yang Meiji was the closest to it, with her face becoming completely black. What did Owner Bu bring this Stinky Tofu there for? Can't he let people properly steam the broth.....

Suddenly, Yang Meiji's eyes opened wide. Her heart felt a bad premonition all of a sudden, and she looked at Owner Bu suspiciously.

Then, she realized that Owner Bu had actually poured the Stinky Tofu within the earthen jar into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Many sounds rang out.

Pieces of Stinky Tofu entered the wok, floating within that medicinal broth. The stink immediately expanded.

Yang Meiji's actions froze. Her face did not have any expression.

Owner Bu... You liar! Where was the promised easy job? Are you sure it's easy?

Smelling the stink... Yang Meiji felt as if she had been abandoned by the world.

The important part was... with the Stinky Tofu and the medicinal broth fused together, when cooked, that stink... became even denser! It was so smelly that it was world-shaking!!

Owner Bu was making such a smelly Stinky Tofu... what was his purpose? To take revenge on society?!

After Bu Fang scraped out the last piece of Stinky Tofu, he put down the earthen jar satisfied, sniffing that stink that was dispersed, he couldn't help pulling the corner of his mouth.

"You can do it, you have to strictly follow what I told you in order to cook the broth. When it's done, you can directly leave it here," Bu Fang said.

After saying that, he even sternly nodded his head toward Yang Meiji, then in front of her despaired face, turned his body with his hands crossed and left the kitchen, walking toward his room.

Within the kitchen, the stink drifted around freely. The stink this time really made one really want to break down.


In the Valley of Gluttony, an elderly figure who was wearing a long robe slowly walked on the edge of the lake. The wind blowing from the lake blew up the white hair on his head.

Behind the elderly figure, there were a few young people wearing chef robes slowly following him.

However, these young people seemed to be afraid of the imposing elderly figure as all of them did not dare to come too close, only loitering around from the distance. If the elderly figure had any commands, they would still be able to appear immediately.

Suddenly, the elderly figure's steps stopped, and he turned to look at that vast dark blue surface of the lake.

On top of the lake, there was a bird-type spirit beast that was crying out with its wings widely spread. Its dark blue was crystal clear.

The few young people in the distance suddenly froze, stopping in their steps, not even daring to let out a heavy breath. They did not know what other actions the elderly figure was about to do.

All they saw was the elderly figure raising his palms, and a stream of light shone from within them. In the next moment, a teleportation array spread out in front of him.

A teleportation array?

The young people were slightly unable to comprehend.

In the next moment, within that teleportation array, an extremely sorry figure appeared. That figure seemed to be familiar, causing these few young people's eyes to widen involuntarily.

"Senior Wen Renchou?" Many people let out surprised exclaims because they were able to recognize who it was.

How was senior in such a sorry state? Although senior Wen Renchou was not the strongest chef within their batch, on the Tablet of Gluttony were also the rankings, and his rank might be rock bottom, but compared to the third-grade chefs, he was still leagues ahead.

Wen Renchou entire face was dispirited. Although his figure was strong, his entire being was extremely dejected; his mustache was not shaved, and there was no spirit in his eyes. He had lost. He had completely lost in the Chef's Challenge.

The wind blew from the surface of the lake, giving such a cooling feeling that it caused Wen Renchou to become much more clear-minded. He opened his eyes, looking at the white-haired elderly in front of him. His entire body was shaking, and he crouched on the ground with a plopping sound.

"Teacher... I lost."

Wen Renchou's gaze had become a little clearer while crouching in the ground, and his voice was shaking nonstop.

The elderly man's lack of anger made him terrified.

"Stop calling me teacher. The moment you lost to a chef from outside the valley, you were already no longer my disciple. This is the bitter fruit you sowed, so eat it yourself," the elderly man lightly said.

Wen Renchou froze. Within his eyes the color of struggle was revealed, and his heart was in incomparable pain.

The elderly man raised his hand and his long sleeves fell, revealing a dazzling finger. That finger tapped on Wen Renchou's head.

In the next moment, Wen Renchou felt his entire body tremble.

"From today onwards, you are no longer my disciple. However this venerable has already suppressed the oath you made toward the Tablet of Gluttony, you can continue cooking, but if you want to completely break the oath restricting you by the Tablet of Gluttony, then you should charge into the Road of Gluttony. If you can come out alive from the Road of Gluttony, then as long as you defeat that chef who beat you in the chef's battle, you can break the restriction of the Tablet of Gluttony," the elderly man said.

Wen Renchou crouched on the ground. He did not think that the elderly man would actually give him this chance.

Charge into the Road of Gluttony? Although Wen Renchou had heard that it was an extremely terrifying road in the Valley of Gluttony, he had no other choice. He had to give it a go.

Wait until he walked out of the Road of Gluttony! He would utterly crush Bu Fang!

"Okay, you can get lost now." After the elderly man said that, he no longer cared about Wen Renchou. He crossed his arms, facing the huge lake. Within the lake, at times there were fish that jumped out, splashing water everywhere.

Wen Renchou staggered as he stood up, deeply bowing toward the elderly man before turning his body and leaving. His figure quickly vanished.

The few young men looked at one another. Charging into the Road of Gluttony... Could Senior Wen Renchou really do it? It was a real road of death, and countless arrogant and mighty people from the Valley of Gluttony had died on that road.

It was really a road of no return.

They were all unable to comprehend the elderly's decision.

Only the elderly faced the huge lake, while his heart had no ripples.


At the center of the Hidden Dragon continent, within the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, in a huge mountain that was radiating a colorful brilliance, huge bangs rang out.

After a while, countless figures walked out of that colorful huge mountain in the air as a terrifying energy dispersed to the surroundings.

"Jiao Ya died. The army of the Ancient Shura City has almost been destroyed... Our plans this time could be counted as a complete failure," a youth wearing a golden crown and a purple robe said solemnly.

"My Heavenly Spring Holy-land has never eaten such a loss in a long time... A disciple actually landed outside of the Royal Garden, and even the God-Slaying Bow has been destroyed!" The other figure was a beautiful lady. Her skin was white and tender, her figure was abundant, and even the movement of raising her hands was filled with charm.

"Jiao Ya was sent to hunt the creatures of the Netherworld, but he met a mishap. This is a big matter, and we cannot ignore it. Other than that... We, the Heavenly Spring Holy-land, have conquered half of the Pill Palace, all that's left is the Heavenly Mist City that is completely untouched, we shall let those proud and arrogant alchemists linger for a little longer," the purple-robed youth continued.

The beautiful lady brushed her green sleeves as a tinge of anger flashed past her brows, "No matter what, by killing the people of my Heavenly Spring Holy-land, they owe a debt that must be collected."

"No rush, the Glutton God's Banquet that is held every ten years is about to begin. Let the saint make a trip there. Every time's Glutton God's Banquet is the time where we the sacred lands of the Royal Court pit the strengths of our young generation in the dark. It's said that the sacred land of the Celestial Arcanum and the Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds accepted pretty good seedlings. The old rascals of the Celestial Arcanum and the Heaven's Pivot have recently been showing off too much, so regarding this time's Glutton God's Banquet I'm afraid that these old rascals will send those seedlings. We cannot lose to them," the purple-robed youth said.

The beautiful lady pondered for a while, then opened her mouth: "Then let the saint go... It's about time for him to go out for a bit. Otherwise, the other sacred land's saint would forget about the saint of our Heavenly Spring Holy-land.

"Hahaha... you're right, let him go," the purple-robed youth laughed out loud.

"Other than that, let the Shadow Demon bring the God-Slaying Pike to the Heavenly Mist City to visit. The authority of the sacred lands cannot be challenged... That creature from the Netherworld dared to kill the people of my Heavenly Spring, then it must receive its just punishment. With the Shadow Demon's cultivation, it should be enough."


In the morning, the sunlight shone in through the window.

Opposite the Cloud Mist Restaurant , Zhou Tong's Gluttonous Immortal's had already started business, and he had also prepared his cookware, beginning to cook his dish.

The dense fragrance of dishes floated around the surroundings.

Bu Fang walked down from his room, coming to the kitchen.

On the kitchen table, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok lay quietly. The flames below the wok had long extinguished, and a wave of unique smell drifted around the entire kitchen.

Bu Fang stirred the ingredients within the wok. The Stinky Tofu floated within. With every stir, a wave of dense stink immediately surged forth. This was the smell of the medicinal herbs fused with the smell of the Stinky Tofu, but it was even more mysteriously stinky.

Gently tapping the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang single-handedly picked up the heavy wok and walked toward the outside of the shop.

Yang Meiji had just woken up and was rubbing her drowsy eyes, then saw this shocking scene.

"Owner Bu? What are you doing?" Yang Meiji was unable to comprehend.

In the small store, Nethery and Lord Dog had already made their preparations. A human and a dog sat on the chairs, waiting for their dishes.

However, what they actually saw... was Bu Fang holding onto a wok and walking out.

Smelling the stink from within that wok, both human and dog's eyes rolled upward.

This Bu Fang... was going to cause a mess again!