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 The system's serious voice lingered in Bu Fang's head, making him a little perplexed.

Another "temporary mission"... He hadn't even completed the previous one!

The system was so willful. Sometimes, missions came one after another. Sometimes, when he didn't have any missions, he could be so bored that his balls ached.

However, regarding this temporary mission, Bu Fang found it interesting. At least, he was really interested in the reward.

"Paper-Wrapped Fish? It's a famous dish anyway. I wonder if the system would give me a different recipe for the dish." Bu Fang thought about it. He balled himself on the chair, grinning.

He didn't think about the reward. As the missions hadn't been completed yet, the reward was now just a drifting cloud in the sky.

Defeat the opposite store... It was also a restaurant. If Bu Fang wanted to destroy it, he did need to think more carefully about his approach.

From the fragrance that wandered in the air, the chef opposite wouldn't have bad cooking techniques. The fragrance was so thick, and it carried a lot of spiritual energy. Bu Fang couldn't help but squint.

Indeed, the current mission wasn't easy at all.

If they chose the Heavenly Mist City to open a new restaurant and it was even opposite his restaurant, they did have some abilities.

Anyway, it was obvious that they opened the restaurant there to compete with Bu Fang and the Cloud Mist Restaurant. The other party was too obvious with the purpose to destroy Bu Fang's restaurant. That was why the system gave him such a difficult current mission.

"You? Destroy me? I'll destroy you..."

Bu Fang exhaled. It seemed like it was time to show his real techniques.


Inside the restaurant, Yang Meiji opened her eyes wide, which were bloodshot now. She looked scary indeed. She rolled her sleeves up, showing her arms with thick muscles. She was holding a kitchen knife, but her mouth was trembling.

Next to her were piles of sliced radish. She had cut them neatly, which wasn't bad at all.

Yang Meiji had thought that she would have the chance to cook when she became Bu Fang's apprentice chef. However, she could never think that she had to learn how to cut and slice first.

Moreover, she had to hold a heavy knife that continually absorbed her true energy to cut these things. This kitchen knife was so poisonous!

Yang Meiji felt her entire arm stiff like a block of lead. It was heavy and hard to move. She was already dizzy even though she had only sliced one-third of the radishes. She thought that if she continued cutting, she would die. She would become the first chef ever that died while cutting radishes...

She doubted that she got cooking talent. Owner Bu... Did he lie to her?

Low footsteps sounded outside the kitchen.

A moment later, Bu Fang came in. He clasped his hands behind his back, sauntering with his face emotionless. After he got into the kitchen, Bu Fang checked the mountain-like pile of radishes, which were like fragments of bricks, and then Yang Meiji, who was panting as if she was going to die in the next minute.

"Do not stop. Continue to cut all those cooking ingredients," asked Bu Fang.

He came to Whitey and patted its fat belly. Whitey's violet eyes twinkled.

Whitey strode to the pile of sliced radishes and opened its belly. A black hole appeared, sucking all the cut pieces.

Yang Meiji dropped her jaw seeing the iron puppet swallowing her work. Then, its violet eyes twinkled again before it supported its belly and went away. She was dumbstruck during the entire process.

Is that chunk of iron a monster? She had been laboring half of the day to cut the radishes, and it drew all of them into its belly like that?

"Don't look at it. From now on, whenever you practice your knife cutting skill, Whitey will help you clean it up," said Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's words had woken Yang Meiji from her dumbstruck state. She turned around to look at him. He rose his finger, pointing at the pile of radish, signaling that Yang Meiji should continue her task.

Yang Meiji was speechless. She picked up the hefty kitchen knife and continued to slash the radishes. One slash. Chop. The radish was halved. One more slash. The radish was cut open...

"Practice well. If you don't make half a step, you can't reach one thousand miles. If you want to be a good chef, you need to practice a lot." Bu Fang clasped his hands, talking casually, "After you're done with cutting practice today, I'll assign you a new task."

Yang Meiji rolled her bloodshot eyes at Bu Fang.

You... I want to give up!

Yang Meiji wanted to speak her thought out loud. However, as soon as she thought that Nangong Wuque would eat her food with satisfaction, she became elated.

For the handsome and charming Nangong Wuque... it was not laborious at all! Yang Meiji, you must try your best!

Yang Meiji exhaled, and she suddenly felt full-spirited.

"Don't worry. The next task will be very easy," said Bu Fang seriously.

Yang Meiji glanced at Bu Fang. Only ghosts would buy it!


The night slowly came. The sky dimmed out until the afterglow faded, leaving only some twinkling light.

After one day, the Gluttonous Immortal's was still a hot spot. However, the customers were leaving.

After Zhou Tong saw off the last diner, he exhaled in relief.

Simply fearful... Those stupid people!

Zhou Tong succeeded. The Gluttonous Immortal's brisk business was beyond his expectation.

However, it was good. As he was able to suppress the Cloud Mist Restaurant on the first dat, it wouldn't be far from being destroyed.

Zhou Tong asked the waiters to finish up cleaning tableware. Then, he took off his chef coat, leisurely striding toward the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

He rose his head, squinting with an immeasurable smile.

He walked to the restaurant's front where Bu Fang had just stood up from his chair while yawing. Bu Fang was about to close the bronze gate.

"You kid, you know how fierce the Valley of Gluttony is! Any chef can open a restaurant and crush the restaurant you have worked so hard for it. Don't you think it will be sad? Do you think you will feel desperate?" Zhou Tong clasped his hand, while his face showed his content.

That was the first day the Gluttonous Immortal's went into business. However, their opening event had taken almost half of the Cloud Mist Restaurant customers.

When the reputation of the Gluttonous Immortal's was spread out, the numbers of diners in his restaurant would crush the one from the other store.

Anyway, that was not Zhou Tong's ultimate purpose. He actually wanted to destroy that restaurant to take back their dignity. He wasn't dumb. If he didn't know Bu Fang's situation, he wouldn't do a Chef's Challenge with him.

Wen Renchou was a precise example for him. He had used the name as a traveler from the Valley of Gluttony to initiate a Chef's Challenge with the other. In the end, he was defeated under the other's kitchen knife.

This time Zhou Tong had come with an intention of defeating Bu Fang and capturing him directly. He wanted to torture Bu Fang turn him into a bloody mess.

However, he didn't know that this little chef actually had a background. He couldn't do anything to harm Bu Fang.

"You shouldn't think that you're invincible after using cooking skills to defeat a chef from the Valley of Gluttony. This time, I come to make you close your restaurant! That stupid Wen Renchou couldn't be compared with me! I'll make you feel what's so-called despair!" Zhou Tong sneered.

Bu Fang stood up from his chair, indifferently looking at Zhou Tong trying to be cool.

Indeed, the people from the Valley of Gluttony was making a scene.

At the moment Bu Fang inhaled the fragrance, he reached his conclusion.

Bu Fang was a little irritated. Why were those people from the Valley of Gluttony so stubborn? He had just finished off a guy called Wen Renchou and now a guy named Zhou Tong showed up. This Zhou Tong had opened a restaurant opposite his Cloud Mist Restaurant, aiming to defeat it.

Of course, the Cloud Mist Restaurant wasn't the first branch of Bu Fang's little shop. But now, someone came to challenge him. Bu Fang couldn't endure it.

He would screw him directly!

"You opened the restaurant opposite to us?" asked Bu Fang.

"Yeah, are you scared?" Zhou Tong smirked, "It's no use getting scared... This chef wants to destroy you!"

"Hey, you're terrific," Bu Fang said with an emotionless face.

Terrific your head...

Zhou Tong was dumbstruck for a moment. Then, he was enraged. Why didn't this kid have any countenance? Why Zhou Tong suddenly had the mood to punch someone?

However, Zhou Tong's flame of anger slowly subsided. He gave Bu Fang a cold smile, turned around and left without leaving a word.

"Well, just let him run wild for several days. When time comes, I will use my secret dish... I'm sure everybody will be ignited. Then, the Gluttonous Immortal's will become the number one restaurant in this Heavenly Mist City!"

This Cloud Mist Restaurant... should be closing soon!

Bu Fang saw Zhou Tong stroll away. He didn't have any emotion but he was frowning.

"Indeed, they want to break the Cloud Mist Restaurant... Well, if so, I don't need to be polite."

Bu Fang didn't talk straight to the point, rising the corners of his mouth.

After a while, there was a loud bang as the bronze gate of the restaurant was closed. After closing the restaurant's door, Bu Fang entered the kitchen.

Inside, Yang Meiji was so tired she almost collapsed. A high pile of sliced radish was as tall as Yang Meiji herself.

Whitey, who was standing in the corner, opened its belly to suck the sliced radish in. After Whitey had collected all the pieces of radish, Yang Meiji slumped, sitting on the ground.

She panted, with her arms shivering.

"Are you done practicing your cutting skill? Good... The next task is very easy. Get up here. You will cook a broth to use tomorrow," said Bu Fang.

"Broth?" Yang Meiji's eyes brightened. She bolted up immediately. If she cooked some soup, Young Master Nangong could have it on the following day, right? It was really fast that he could enjoy her cooking already!

Bu Fang eyed Yang Meiji, and his face was dead serious. He shook his hand and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok flew out, swelling in the air. He parted his lips and spurted a gold flame, which increased the temperature in the kitchen immediately.

After Bu Fang was done with these things, he came to the cabinet and carefully chose some materials, presenting them on the table.

As Yang Meiji was an alchemist, she was familiar with the medicinal materials. The moment she saw Bu Fang taking those materials out of the cabinet, the hopeful smile on her face froze.

"These... How could I make some soup with these herbs? How could Young Master Wuque drink that kind of soup?!?"