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 Zhou Tong squinted, wielded his arm and pulled down the red cloth. At that moment, the words "Gluttonous Immortal's" were revealed.

Behind him, the array they had prepared earlier exploded, sending many sparks high in the sky. In the blazing light, the air boiled up immediately.

However, it didn't do a thing... Although the diners around were surprised, they were just curious enough to throw a glance at the Gluttonous Immortal's.

Someone dared to open another restaurant in Heavenly Mist City? Did they really think that they could be like Owner Bu?

Zhou Tong was a little embarrassed. He looked around and saw that the others were using the looks they have specialized for the dummies to look at him. He felt a little speechless.

"You retards, you know nothing!"

Zhou Tong was the backup first-grade chef of the Valley of Gluttony. It was their fortune that they could be lucky enough to eat his dishes!

If he didn't need to demolish that disgusting little restaurant opposite his own, would he lower his dignity to open such a restaurant?

Well thought!

Today, even though those people were still skeptical, how could those retards understand this backup first-grade chef of the Valley of Gluttony?

Anyway, Zhou Tong just flipped his sleeves while he scanned that stupid crowd, then returned to his kitchen. He intended to make some delicacies to attract the diners.

It would be truly hard to defeat the opposite shop without using his real skill. No matter what, he knew that Bu Fang's Cloud Mist Restaurant was the favorite spot in this Heavenly Mist City, as it got a large number of customers.

When Zhou Tong walked out of the kitchen, he had already put on the Valley of Gluttony's special chef robe.

He brought a pan and a kitchen knife to the door and heated up the pan.

The ingredients were brought behind him.

In his frying pan, oil boiled and bubbled, releasing the heat.

The fiery-red kitchen knife in Zhou Tong's hand flew around like a sharp lance, as dazzling as a flaming broom with a sparkling tail. The ingredients were cut into small pieces by the fiery knife.

Zhou Tong was so skillful. Moreover, his action was lively and as smooth as running water. It gave people a good sense of beauty.

After he finished cutting the ingredients, he sharpened the fiery-red knife and put it away.

Right then, he poured wheat powder full of spiritual energy, which was made of spirit wheat, into a big porcelain bowl and added some water.

Zhou Tong didn't mind the steaming heat. With true energy covering his hands, he began to perform a special technique. The cool kneading technique had dazzled people. True energy twirled around him as if it was gently dancing.

It was a professional technique to treat the dough in the Valley of Gluttony. Every chef there had to learn everything in a strict system. The Valley of Gluttony had a professional culinary school to train the chefs. Every chef of the Valley of Gluttony had graduated from that school.

Both Wen Renchou and Zhou Tong used to be the students there. Furthermore, some of the students in that school had even reached the level of a first-grade chef.

When he was done with the dough, Zhou Tong exhaled. He raised his head to check around. Many people were attracted by his performance. They were curious to see what he was cooking.

He mixed the cut ingredients and pinched some dough to make a little meatball. Then, he threw it into the frying pan.

The oil in the pan boiled. Steam and bubbles came in a scorching gold hue. At the moment the meatball was thrown into the oil, the fry-pan began to sizzle. Hot oil spurted, and hot steam rose higher and thicker.

A delicious aroma permeated the place immediately. That aroma made the diners' eyes brighten as they were so surprised. Many people had turned around to watch. That restaurant... didn't seem ordinary.


While Yang Meiji watched Bu Fang pour the wine sauce onto the Sweet 'n' Sour Rib, she was so excited and respectful. Seeing Bu Fang's smooth flow and the way he used the true energy in his cooking, Yang Meiji was more thrilled. She had always thought that cooking was much easier than refining pills.

However, as she was watching Bu Fang cooking, she knew it required lots more than when she did the alchemic practices. It was truly a profession that required both knowledge and techniques! It was not simpler than refining pills!

Bu Fang had a faint smile when he saw Yang Meiji's excited face. He took out one hefty black kitchen knife from a box, handing it to Yang Meiji.

Gripping the knife and feeling its weight, Yang Meiji also felt her true energy somehow suppressed.

"Grab your knife. See the ingredients over there? It's today's task. You have to cut all of them," said Bu Fang casually.

Then, he brought the Sweet 'n' Sour Rib and the Dragon Blood Rice to the two gluttons outside. He walked out of the kitchen.

Yang Meiji held the kitchen knife, feeling her muscles slightly stimulated. This hefty knife was somehow scary. It was absorbing her energy. How could it be so magical?

Holding the knife, Yang Meiji walked to the station Bu Fang had asked her to take. Waiting for her was a... small mountain of radishes.

He wants me to cut the radishes?

For all day long?

Bu Fang stepped out of the kitchen, serving two rolling-steaming dishes with thick food fragrance.

One person and one dog were ready at their table. Their eyes brightened immediately.

After he placed the Sweet 'n' Sour Rib and the Dragon Blood Rice in front of Lord Dog and Nethery, these two bummers immediately dug in.

However, after a while, Nethery found the difference.

She lifted her head, with her long hair draping on her forehead. Her pretty eyes stared dead at Bu Fang.

"Bu Fang, why is my Dragon Blood Rice dish so small today?" asked Nethery seriously.

Bu Fang wiped the water on his hands before walking over to the bronze gate. Opening the gate to let the sunshine flood in, he felt himself immerse in the cozy warmth. It felt so good and comfortable.

He didn't turn his head around, talking casually, "You're a girl. You shouldn't eat much. It's not good if you get fat like that lazy dog."

Nethery snorted as she was a little irritated. Lord Dog loosened its grip on the porcelain tray, lifting its head with a puzzled face, while its mouth had dabs of wine dressing.

Did someone just talk ill about Lord Dog?

When the bronze gate opened, it meant that business began for the day.

However, Bu Fang was skeptical when a thick aroma attacked him at the moment he opened the gate.

It smelled so good... It seemed to possess something fragrant that made people get intoxicated in it.


Bu Fang rose his brows, standing by the door to inhale the fragrance. At that day, the numbers of customers had obviously reduced a lot. Many people used to be squeezing and pushing over there.

What's going on?

Bu Fang was suspicious. He looked and found a spot where people gathered. He could feel the heat and the fragrance from there.

Someone was cooking there?

Looking at that spot, could there be a freshly opened restaurant?

Anyway, Bu Fang still had a lot of customers to take care of. Bu Fang's reputation in Heavenly Mist City was still big enough, so a brand new restaurant couldn't crush him yet. Thus, Bu Fang didn't mind it much.

After standing and watching for a while, he turned around to get back to the kitchen.

Nangong Wuque arrived.

He came in with a cautious face. Seeing Bu Fang, he strode forward.

"Old Bu! Someone opposite is making trouble!" Nangong Wuque lowered his voice and talked to Bu Fang.

"Oh," Bu Fang was unconcerned.

Being a young man who wanted to become the God of Cooking that stood at the top of the food chain in the fantasy world, how could Bu Fang be afraid of competitors?

If someone wanted to make trouble, Bu Fang shall allow him to do anything he wants.

"Get in line. We're about to open. If you want to eat anything, tell Nethery." Then, Bu Fang left to the kitchen.

Nangong Wuque looked at Bu Fang leaving with a respectful expression on his face.

Serves him well as Old Bu! He's too bold and does not fear any opponent!

Nangong Wuque found a seat and ordered a bowl of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. It was so satisfying to have a bowl of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup every day.

Outside, the food fragrance became thicker, rolling and filling people's mouths and nostrils. Many diners lining outside the restaurant felt stirred up and attracted by such a fragrance. They turned around and went to the opposite restaurant.

The newly-opened restaurant was called Gluttonous Immortal's.

A group of people was standing in front of the restaurant, happily eating the yellow, fried meatballs. When they sunk their teeth into the meatball, a thick steam would rise as the stuff inside slightly vibrated. The delicious and mouthwatering fragrance made people gulp their saliva. A short moment later, a crowd gathered and packed the restaurant front, bustling.

Zhou Tong was satisfied while watching the scene.

Indeed, as Zhou Tong had taken action, why wouldn't they be able to finish off that little chef from the opposite store. No matter what, he was the backup, first-grade Chef of the Valley of Gluttony. A random dish of his could easily become the flagship one.

"It's just the first move. There're more surprises for you!" Zhou Tong looked at the Cloud Mist Restaurant and found the reduced number of diners there. He couldn't help but grin.

The diners were leaving Bu Fang's restaurant, but some stayed.

Zhou Tong's target was to destroy the Cloud Mist Restaurant, which meant he wanted to make them have no customers or just a few.

Otherwise, how could it be called "defeat"?

Zhou Tong was really confident. As he was graduated from the Valley of Gluttony, where the competitions were always too harsh, he understood the rule of competition. It was as easy as flipping his hand to crush that little store.

Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen. He furrowed his brows because he could see clearly that the number of diners in the restaurant had reduced by half. they were undoubtedly attracted by the restaurant opposite them.

Bu Fang drew a chair to sit in front of the restaurant. The heat in that new restaurant hadn't subsided yet. It was still very hustling and bustling. He watched for a while, but his face didn't change. Nethery stepped toward him with her sparkling feet. She stood by him, with her long black hair draping around her shoulder.

Bu Fang turned around, looking at Nethery.

She glanced at him, giving a slight snort, then walking away.

Apparently, this woman was still mad at Bu Fang because he had reduced her portion of Dragon Blood Rice.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched. This woman...

However, at the moment Bu Fang was watching Nethery leave, the familiar voice of the system arose in his head.

"Temporary mission: Being the young man who wants to become the God of Cooking on top of the food chain in this fantasy world, the prestige of the God of Cooking can't be trespassed. To any provoker, you must strike back ruthlessly. Within three days, you have to defeat the opposite restaurant. Mission reward: Paper-Wrapped Fish recipe."