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 Hearing Bu Fang's words, Yang Meiji agreed instantly without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Bu Fang's words seemed to knock down the last straw that supported her hesitation. It made her mental defense collapse. Her stubbornness turned into nothingness.

Yang Meiji envisioned Nangong Wuque using the chopsticks to pick up a cube of her Red Braised Meat and putting it into his mouth. This kind of feeling was enough to melt her maiden heart. Thinking about that image, Yang Meiji felt elated.

She thought about Nangong Wuque falling for her delicious food and having to clean his eyes to hold her in his hand. He would chat with her and then they would come to envision the peak of their lives... Yang Meiji was definitely excited and she tightened her huge fists.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched when he saw Yang Meiji's complexion switch to agreement in just a split second. He was speechless.

If he had known that Nangong Wuque was still useful, he would have used him earlier which would have saved him from cooking that plate of Red Braised Meat with so much care and attention.

"You won't regret it!" Bu Fang nodded, talking to Yang Meiji.

"You said that if I cook it, Young Master Nangong Wuque will eat it?" Yang Meiji blinked, looking at Bu Fang with hope in her eyes.

Bu Fang was bewildered and he lightly sighed.

"You better follow me and practice your culinary skills. You'll have a chance to win over Nangong Wuque. I believe in you," said Bu Fang sincerely. He didn't blush and his heart didn't race.

Hearing him, Yang Meiji felt greatly encouraged and nodded immediately.

"Alright, get some rest. We'll start tomorrow, you will learn cooking from me. From tomorrow on, you're the apprentice chef of the Cloud Mist Restaurant." Bu Fang stood up, straightened his Vermillion Robe and spoke word by word. His words seemed dignified.

Yang Meiji squeezed her fists, feeling really excited.

After finishing her dish, Yang Meiji headed upstairs, and her stomping shook the entire Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Seeing Yang Meiji leaving with joy, Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

He turned to Nethery who was sitting on her Netherworld Ship with her slender and creamy thighs dangling over the edge. He tried to force a smile. He came and stopped in front of the Netherworld Ship, facing Nethery.

Sitting on the Netherworld Ship, Nethery now had unexpectedly the same height as Bu Fang who was standing. When their eyes met, Bu Fang looked very serious.

"Nethery, come learn culinary skills from me, you will also have a chance to conquer Nangong Wuque."

Bu Fang's eyes brightened. He used Nangong Wuque one more time. Perhaps, it would work again.

While Nethery was swinging her creamy legs with delicate and pink soles, she even wiggled her cute toes. With a cold and calm face, her eyes indifferently glanced at Bu Fang.

"No, I only want to eat." Nethery's red lips parted, and her fine, jade-like nose snorted. She said without a bit of hesitation.

Bu Fang was bewildered. This answer was curt enough. She didn't even need time to think. Although Nangong Wuque was funny and sometimes stupid, his appearance was really good. Anyway, he was the handsome guy that so many girls in the Heavenly Mist City admired.

Nethery gazed at Bu Fang, tucked her tongue out and slowly licked her succulent, red lips.

"Conquering Nangong Wuque doesn't have any meaning to me. I only want to eat!"

Nethery leaped up and jumped off the Netherworld Ship, standing in front of Bu Fang. Her straight black hair cascaded as she cocked her head and eyed Bu Fang.

"Well then... You can eat. You're fierce."

Nethery pouted her lips contentedly. She snorted then hummed some tunes.

Bu Fang exhaled. This woman... She had completely turned into a greedy bummer. He hoped she wouldn't be another Lord Dog. No matter what, this lady had a beautiful appearance. If she turned out to be like Lord Dog... It would be a big mistake.

"So, tomorrow, I'm gonna reduce Nethery's Blood Dragon Rice!"

Bu Fang picked up Eighty which was walking around. He rubbed the chicken's head angrily with that thought.

Eighty was completely baffled. Being an ambitious chicken, why was its chicken's head always rubbed? Were they jealous of its beauty?

The twilight vanished as darkness emerged. A crescent moon slowly rose from the horizon, hovering in the sky, releasing its clear but cold light.

Bu Fang closed the restaurant and climbed up to the second floor, returning to his room. He came to the bathroom first to take a shower. Walking out from the hot bathroom, his hair stuck on his skin, which was still letting out white steam.

Leaning against the window frame, Bu Fang looked pensive as the cold night wind brushed past him.

The system requested him to find two apprentice chefs. It wasn't easy to find an apprentice, and furthermore, his or her cooking talent had to be assessed by the system.

Thus, on the following day, Yang Meiji's cooking talent would be tested.

It was a real headache for Bu Fang to choose the second apprentice. Who in the world should he choose?

Nangong Wuque?

Or some other people?

. . .

Opposite the Cloud Mist Restaurant, a group of people bustled in, purchasing a shop front.

Those people rolled their sleeves up, bringing a heavy, horizontal inscribed, wooden board, coming to that shop.

The lights were switched on inside the shop as the currents of people rushing in and out. They were so busy even though it was really late at night.

Several people had joined hands to hang up the board in the shop front.

A figure walked out of the shop with hands clasped behind his back.

Zhou Tong's hair flew in the night wind. He clasped his hands, grinned, then turned around to check the board behind him.

"Gluttonous Immortal's! Not bad!"

Zhou Tong looked satisfied. His eyes shot sharp looks around. If the enemy was a chef, he would use the chef's way to solve the matter.

You were doing your business in Heavenly Mist City?

"I, Zhou Tong, will open a restaurant in Heavenly Mist City, too... I don't believe that with my first-class cooking talent, I won't be able to compete with your tiny restaurant!"

Although he couldn't defeat that black dog, opening a restaurant wouldn't bother it, right? That black dog wouldn't stomp its feline gait to his restaurant and pat it with its paw, right? Being a civilized dog, talking was more civilized, wasn't it?

The following day would be the opening day of the Gluttonous Immortal's!

Zhou Tong had prepared many dishes. He seemed to see the ten-mile-long street filled up with a queue of people wanting to enter the Gluttonous Immortal's!

"Be careful, pay attention stupid fellow! That chair should be put over there..."


Early in the morning, the sunlight tore apart the silent darkness in the sky, shooting sunbeams everywhere.

The rays of light crept onto Bu Fang's bed. He squinted, slowly opening his eyes. He ruffled his hair and stretched his body on the bed. He was a little tired the day before, but now, he felt better after a deep sleep.

Yawning, Bu Fang tied his hair with a velvet hair tie. He got off his bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Then, he put on the Vermillion Robe, descending the stairs.

After a while, he saw an excited Yang Meiji sitting inside the restaurant.

"Owner Bu! Good morning!"

Yang Meiji's eyes brightened when she saw Bu Fang! She was really excited! Her huge figure jolted up from her seat, as vigorous as a tiger.

Nethery and Lord Dog were already seated at the table. One person and one dog simultaneously turned around to look at Bu Fang, with their eyes shining with hope.

It was time to eat!

Bu Fang looked at the dog and the human figure, and his mouth twitched. He waved his hand at Yang Meiji. The girl hurriedly walked to him.

"Hey system, how is Yang Meiji's cooking talent?" Bu Fang asked inwardly.

"Yang Meiji, suitable cooking talent. She can be trained to be your apprentice chef." The serious voice of the system lingered in Bu Fang's ears after a long moment of silence.

Bu Fang's eyes brightened, grinning as he was really delighted. It was actually amazing that Yang Meiji's cooking talent was suitable! It saved him from exerting more efforts!

"Come. Follow me to the kitchen," Bu Fang waved at Yang Meiji.

"I... I can get into the kitchen?" Yang Meiji looked disbelieving. The kitchen-the land forbidden to outsiders... Could she get in there?

It was so awesome!

She still remembered the scary eyes of the metal puppet in the kitchen. They were sharp and powerful, enough to make her little heart shiver.

Following Bu Fang, she entered the kitchen.

As soon as Yang Meiji stepped into it, she was stunned.

She was stunned because she found that the kitchen in front of her eye was way different from the kitchen in her memory! This kitchen was so bright as if it was radiating light. It had completely changed her worldview now.

In her memory, the kitchen always had the oily smell and greasy spots, and everything was covered in soot.

Bu Fang's kitchen had a light fragrance instead of the oily smell.

That... Was that a real kitchen?

Moreover, what were those strange things? Why hadn't she seen them before?

Oh wow, the cabinets... were too exquisite!

No wonder he didn't allow her to enter the kitchen. This kitchen had changed her point of views.

"Come... I'll show you around." Bu Fang didn't mind Yang Meiji's surprised face.

In Fang Fang's Little Shop in Light Wind Empire, when Xiao Xiaolong and Yu Fu saw the kitchen for the first time, their stunned faces weren't different from Yang Meiji's now.

After Bu Fang had introduced the stuff around the kitchen to Yang Meiji, she felt more familiar.

"Now, stand there and watch me cook. After that, I will assign you some tasks to practice. From now on, you are the first apprentice chef of the Cloud Mist Restaurant!" said Bu Fang earnestly.

Yang Meiji nodded solemnly.

"Exert more efforts. Try your best to conquer Nangong Wuque," Bu Fang didn't change his countenance, tightening his fists.

Yang Meiji felt her inner world burning, and her body was shaking!

Right after that, Bu Fang began his eye-dazzling cooking show.

This time, he didn't use the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife but the regular chef knives available in the kitchen. He wanted to use the ordinary cooking utensils to show his cooking talent.

Light flashed on the knife, and the chopping sounds reverberated unceasingly. After a short moment, the ingredients were all processed.

Putting them into the wok and stirring them, the smell of oily juice arose with the steam.

As Yang Meiji was taking in the scene passionately, Bu Fang began to stir-fry the ingredients.

That dazzling image made Yang Meiji drop her jaw and she couldn't pull it up again for a while...

That was cooking... It looked so bold!

At the same time, opposite the Cloud Mist Restaurant, Zhou Tong opened the gates of his restaurant.

He came to the door and watched the long line of people waiting in front of the Cloud Mist Restaurant, smirking. Behind him, groups of people were prepping in silence. He stood with his chest thrust out by the front gate.

Zhou Tong wielded his arm and the red cloth covering the board was pulled down. Finally, the Gluttonous Immortal's was there!

"To beat him! Gluttonous Immortal's!"

Zhou Tong grinned. As soon as he flipped his hand, a rumbling sound burst out in a frenzy!