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 At that moment, the Shura Sovereign could finally sense the smell of death.

The boundless pressure suppressed him, giving him no chance to struggle. He finally understood how terrifyingly formidable that dog was... It was even stronger than the Nether King!

The Nether King could turn Jiao Ya into minced meat with a single palm. The dog in front of him could crush him into pieces, too.

If a dog smashed him into minced meat... It was already too horrible just to think about it. No one could accept that!

In the Shura Sovereign's eyes, the dog's paw was slowly approaching his face.

Eventually, it gently stroked the Shura Sovereign's forehead as if it were caressing him.

A moment later, people took in breaths of cold air.

The entire city wall crackled and exploded, sending chips of rocks everywhere!

However, the Shura Sovereign had only darkness in his eyes. Gradually, he was swallowed by that darkness. The soldiers of Shura Army were dumbstruck, unable to move. They could not comprehend what had just unfolded before their eyes.

The Shura Saintess's face turned ashen. The drumsticks in her hands fell on the ground with a thud. She was aghast as she saw the collapsing city wall and tumbling debris from the distance.

However, those weren't important. The most shocking thing to her was the headless figure falling helplessly onto the ruins of rocks and sand on the ground.

After a heavy "thud" that dispersed the dust, he was buried under a giant pile of rocks.

He was the Shura Sovereign. Their Ancient Shura City's champion! However, in that instant, he was reduced to just another headless corpse. A single stroke to his head and it was off!

It had also meant the worst... the Shura Sovereign was dead! And all due to a single dog!

My God!

The Shura Army's soldiers had their eyes wide open in shock and terror. The simple yet nightmarish scene replayed in their heads repeatedly, sending a chill down their spines. And now... It felt the same. They felt like they had a stone on their chest, suffocating them. Deep sorrow started to rise within their chests.

When their leader fell, they too would fall apart. With the Shura Sovereign dead, the Shura Army had collapsed in an instant. Instantly, the previously high-spirited and brutal army collapsed like a broken dam which caused gushing water to flood everywhere.

All the while, Lord Dog's paw was still held in midair. It sniffed and shook its paw, slowly retracting it.

The black dog threw a glance at the headless Shura Sovereign buried in the pile of rocks, yawning.

"Wanting to kill Lord Dog... You're far too young to do that," Lord Dog smacked its tongue then elegantly pounded its feline steps, turning around to return to the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

All of a sudden, an explosion echoed from inside the pile of the ruins.

A jet of light flew out of the rocks, circling the sky. As the radiance eventually dispersed, it revealed a simple, long, shiny-black bow.

It was the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's God-Slaying Bow. At that moment, the lines on the God-Slaying Bow pulsed with a dazzling light, which was completely out of the ordinary.

Underneath, the Shura Sovereign's broken body was unveiled, sending people into silence. The champion of the Ancient Shura City was killed tragically just like that. Compared to Jiao Ya's, being stroked to death by a dog was definitely a more aggrieved death.

A jet of light flashed as the Saintess' beautiful body leaped to the pile of rocks. In an instant, she had reached the Shura Sovereign's dead body. Looking at his incomplete body, she could not even breathe as grief shrouded her mind entirely.

She retrieved the Shura Sovereign's dead body.

With tears in her eyes, she dashed away from the ruin.

The God-Slaying Bow's radiance bloomed intimidatingly in the air. After a moment, it shuddered and boomed, unfolding into a seven-colored palm.

That palm zoomed across the sky, pounding straight toward Lord Dog. The palm came toward Lord Dog with frightening might. The shock waves it created made people shiver.

How could those terrifying shockwaves appear there? Those were not the kind of energy shockwaves the Shura Sovereign could create! Hold on, that bow had belonged to Jiao Ya, who was definitely dead, from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court!

At that moment, the longbow displayed its skills once more. There was no doubt that it was some Great Expert from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court who was controlling the bow.

The bright-colored palm roared with power, which had almost caused the surroundings to collapse.

"Who dared to kill our fellow expert from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's Heavenly Spring Holy-land?!? Do you want to be the Heavenly Spring Holy-land's enemy?"

The shattered city wall struggled to hold its own against that palm. It could barely hold on as it slowly began to collapse.

However, Lord Dog cocked its head and waved its dog's tail. An invisible flow of energy emanated from it, which held the city wall together, as firm as stone.

"Heavenly Spring Holy-land of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court!"

Many of the experts had changed visages when they heard the name. The Hidden Dragon Royal Court had many subordinated forces. However, only a selected few of them could use the title "Holy-land."

The Valley of Gluttony under the Hidden Dragon Royal Court couldn't even call themselves a sacred place. Just how fearsome was the Heavenly Spring Holy-land?

Some who understood the situation became struck with fear.

As the colorful palm aimed at Lord Dog to pound it once more, the space surrounding it trembled as though it would be torn open.

"Heavenly Spring Holy-land? What nonsense..."

Lord Dog puffed, staying speechless toward that overlord's voice. It sniffled then opened its mouth to bark. The long bark created gusts of winds in the sky. At that moment, the sound waves subsided and dispersed; the winds had also vanished along with them.

The seven-colored palm was also directly broken, scattering all around.

The longbow hovering in the sky began cracking. And, eventually, after a sharp crackle, it shattered into pieces.

The tyrannical voice had disappeared.

A gentle breeze replaced the strong gusts of wind. It now scattered the yellow sand and caressed people's hair.

They felt like a century had passed...

Lord Dog turned around once more, shaking its fat bottom with its rolls of fat, heading back to the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

As people saw its disappearing figure, they shuddered in fear and respect. To be fearful and respectful towards a dog... If someone else knew about it, they would think those people were actually a bunch of idiots.

Lord Dog had left. It arrived like a boss and left equally like a boss, leaving ruins everywhere in its wake.

The Heavenly Mist City's experts watched the ruins, dazed for a while, before jolting back to their senses.

Luo Danqing batted his eyes and roared. Along with the experts of the Heavenly Mist City, they charged out, heading toward the Shura Army underneath the city wall. With the Shura Sovereign killed, the Shura Army had their spirit sunk to the bottom. They could no longer confront the high-spirited Heavenly Mist City's experts.

As the alchemists stormed toward them, the Shura soldiers began scattering like ants without their colony. The Shura Army was completely crippled!

The Heavenly Mist CIty's experts were filled with excitement. They all looked high, yelling the word "Kill" which echoed throughout the entire place. Like a sharp lance, they came at the Shura Army, thrusting and slashing.

Bu Fang stood on the city wall, feeling the rising and withering winds blowing his hair. His unconcerned eyes observed the melee underneath where the victory seemed to heavily favor one side. At that moment, his eyes became deep and meaningful.

His Vermillion Robe's sleeves spun when he twirled his arms, turning around to return to his restaurant.

Within the formation of the army, the Shura Saintess was retreating as she fought. Her eyes stared at Bu Fang leaving. She took a deep breath, with her chest shuddering. She decided to leave, too.

However, her eyes bore into Bu Fang with an intent to carve his features into her mind.

What followed was the collapse of the Shura Army. The Heavenly Mist City's experts seized the chance and chased after them. The Shura Army was completely devastated after this battle. The enemy continued declining in numbers. The Heavenly Mist City's experts did not show any signs of weakening. They hunted and chased away all the Ancient Shura City's experts out of the Heavenly Mist City's territory.

Then, in the following days, Luo Danqing, the Master of the Pill Palace had taken his experts to seize the control, rescuing and counterattacking on the fallen Heavenly Shine City and Heavenly Pill City.

However, their counterattack did not really bear fruit.

Although the Shura Sovereign was dead and the Shura Army was scattered, when Luo Danqing attacked the Heavenly Pill City, some expert had continued to hinder him.

He had the abilities to subdue Luo Danqing. Eventually, Luo Danqing decided he had to retreat.

As it turned out, that expert was from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. The Hidden Dragon Royal Court's experts had arrived, occupying and taking over Heavenly Pill City and Heavenly Shine City. They had also taken over all the properties. Furthermore, the Hidden Dragon Royal Court had even sent their alchemists to teach and organize the alchemists in the cities.

Left with no choice, Luo Danqing had to give up chasing after the Ancient Shura City's experts and he returned to defend Heavenly Mist City. At that time, the Pill Palace only had the Heavenly Mist City left.

However, their Star Tower remained. The Pill Palace still had a chance to rise again.


Bu Fang returned to the restaurant. He felt exhausted, both of body and mind. Walking into the restaurant, he drew a chair, sat down and exhaled.

Eighty was clucking, extending its neck while walking toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang gave it a look before reaching out to pick it up and rub its head.

Eighty looked bewildered, clucking. Could you not casually rub the head of an ambitious chicken? Of course, no matter how hard Eighty tried to protest, it was useless.

Shrimpy crossed the distance, gliding through the air to reach Bu Fang's shoulder, and its eyes darted around.

Bu Fang caressed Shrimpy as well. Taking a deep breath, he stood up as he began heading to the kitchen.

Yang Meiji's mammoth-like body descended from the stairs. When she saw Bu Fang, she remained silent. After a while, she nodded to Bu Fang, saying, "Thanks for your support... You've helped save the Heavenly Mist City from the Shura Army's invasion."

Yang Meiji understood that without Bu Fang, the Shura Sovereign would have eventually commanded his formidable Shura Army to tread on Heavenly Mist City.

To Yang Meiji, the Heavenly Mist City was her home. Thus, she thanked him sincerely.

Bu Fang was surprised and stood there looking at Yang Meiji. He hadn't expected any gratitude from her. Giving her a nod, Bu Fang turned around, heading toward the kitchen.

Then, as he was reaching it, the serious tone of the system echoed in his head.