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A deafening and skull-piercing shout rang through the air!

Lord Dog had suddenly opened its mouth as if it wanted to devour the entire world. It did it with such might that it sent shivers down people's spines. The three iron arrows came roaring, twisting in the sky. They dragged their blazing tails across the sky before brutally bombarding the dog's wide-open mouth.

Everybody gawked, and their nerves were unbelievably tense as they witnessed that scene.

Those iron arrows were extraordinarily formidable! Previously, even the mighty Nether King had to step back because of those iron arrows. Would the black dog be able to cope with them?

Everybody living in the Heavenly Mist City already knew Blacky from the Cloud Mist Restaurant. It was an extremely terrifying existence that could break the Shura Sovereign's clone with a single roar.

However, now... what it was facing was the Shura Sovereign, His Majesty, at his peak condition. His fighting competence wasn't something a clone could compare to. As such, everyone was curious about the result of this confrontation.

Shura Sovereign's eyes turned dark and deep, gazing at Blacky's open mouth.

The God-Slaying Arrow shot from the God-Slaying Bow wouldn't be that weak!

Common sense told them that the black dog would definitely die!

However, after a while, everybody found themselves stunned, with mouths agape. All their presumptions were wrong!

The black dog didn't open its mouth to swallow the iron arrows. Its open mouth revealed its thick fangs, which glowed with a sharp radiance.

A deafening bark that that shook the people's minds escaped from its mouth.

The bark had created a strong gust of wind, blowing the three iron arrows away. In the void left behind, the three iron arrows lost their form and collided into each other. Instantly, terrifyingly strong blasts echoed throughout the air.

The explosions sent shockwaves toward Shura Sovereign.

He immediately pulled himself together and swayed away from the shockwaves.

This black dog... was so mighty!

Just a bark and the God-Slaying Arrows couldn't even approach it!

Shura Sovereign frowned, scrutinizing the dog. After Lord Dog closed its mouth, it had regained its formerly plump shape. With its tongue sticking out, it seemed like any regular lazy dog.

Lord Dog threw Shura Sovereign a reluctant look, and the dog's mouth pouted as if it disdained the latter. Bu Fang stood behind Lord Dog, who was also pouting and swiveling his eyes at Shura Sovereign. One man and one dog with the same actions. They had almost made Shura Sovereign's lungs explode in rage.

Their eyes for him simply carried too much contempt.

The Shura Sovereign, His Majesty, had never been so humiliated in his life. The flames of anger rose in his heart instantly, and his eyes turned ferocious. He let out a long cry, with his chest arching backward. He grabbed the God-Slaying Bow, drawing the bowstring to its maximum length. Loading more iron arrows onto the bow, he aimed at Lord Dog once again.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The iron arrows dove from the sky, darting toward Lord Dog.

However, Lord Dog had finally lost its patience.

It lifted its shaky paw, swinging it at the hovering Shura Sovereign.

Instantly, a phantom of a giant dog's paw rose behind Lord Dog, possessing a strange eye-catching aura. Then, in the next instant, it pounded on the Shura Sovereign in the sky!

The iron arrows had exploded when the dog's paw hit them. Rapid gusts of wind and energy scattered everywhere. However, they didn't hinder the dog's paw at all. The paw continued moving and pounding brutally, shaking its surroundings!

Shura Sovereign's eyes shrank. He stomped his feet, trying to dodge.

However, he was petrified as he found that the dog's paw had already reached him!

He couldn't dodge!


Under the gaze of all the surprised onlookers, the Shura Sovereign was slammed into the ground from the sky, a move so strong it shook the ground.

"You're really noisy..." Lord Dog said calmly, and its gentle and charismatic voice lingered in the air.

The illusion of the dog's paw vanished, leaving only the shocking paw mark on the ground.

The Shura Sovereign slowly got up to his feet. The helmet on his head was broken by the dog's paw, leaving his hair disheveled. He looked somewhat distressed and his power deteriorated quickly.

He clutched the God-Slaying Bow, gritting his teeth, with the flames of anger still rolling in his heart.

That black dog had hit him as if it was slapping a fly.

He looked around and found his army's excitement extinguished. Each soldier stood frightened, observing the black dog.

Striking the Shura Sovereign to the ground was no different from striking the Shura Army's spirit straight down. After all, the Shura Sovereign was the origin of their imposing aura. If Shura Sovereign was powerful, their fighting spirit was equally powerful. If Shura Sovereign's spirit subsided, their spirit subsided altogether...

Seeing the Shura Army losing their fighting spirit, the experts of Heavenly Mist City seemed as though they had been given cardiotonics. Each of them slowly became stirred up.

Even the Pill Palace's palace Master Luo Danqing was a little frightened when he saw Lord Dog. This dog... what kind of God was it? How could it be so formidable?


The Emperor roared indignantly, drawing his sword. The Shura Sword hissed with brutality. The sword's energy emitted incessantly with a dull rumbling. Disheveled, the Shura Sovereign gazed at Lord Dog. He put the God-Slaying Bow away, as the special tool to kill the Netherworld creatures had no effect on that black dog! If so, he would have to use his real power to forcefully strike that dog down!

Shura Sword, come!

Both of his hands lowered. In the next moment, the Shura Sword soared upwards into the sky. He tiptoed and leaped up. The armor on his body bloomed with radiance, and his aura shone colorfully like a rainbow.

The Shura Sword's energy radiated in the sky, threatening to tear everything apart.

Luo Danqing's face turned grave upon seeing the scene. He sighed inwardly.

The Shura Sovereign was indeed worth his salt. He was a tyrant with absolutely strong cultivation. Not to mention the fact that his sword will really was intimidating!

The Shura Sovereign-the expert of the Ancient Shura City-was born to fight! The people of the Ancient Shura City were actually a bunch of lunatics and fighting maniacs. The previous Shura Sovereign had the guts to wield the Shura Sword and attack the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Although he was killed by the Hidden Dragon Royal Court at the end, his bold spirit had made many forces on the Hidden Dragon Continent admire him.

To say that he was crazy was an understatement. The Hidden Dragon Royal Court was acknowledged as the supreme force on Hidden Dragon Continent. Until today, no one even knew how strong the Hidden Dragon Royal Court actually was! They merely knew that it was too deep to explore. Throughout so many years, the Hidden Dragon Royal Court had only acted several times. Regardless, each time they did act, they had left people shaken beyond belief. Apparently, this time, Jiao Ya was a stain on the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's record.

He was an impressive Hidden Dragon Royal Court's expert with peak cultivation and a top-quality weapon, but someone had obliterated him, leaving nothing intact.

If his death were to be reported to the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, it would shake the entire organization.

However, this was not the important part.

At that moment, Shura Sovereign's aura was continually increasing. He wanted to cleave that black dog in two with his sword!

The sword sliced across the sky, slashing toward Lord Dog.


A moment later, Lord Dog batted an eye, sending a paw forward. The incoming sword energy exploded instantly. The Shura Sovereign's high-spirited attack was broken in midair instantaneously by that dog's paw!


Shura Sovereign was struck onto the ground one more time.

The earth rumbled and cracked.

Everybody stayed put, speechless.

The fighting spirit that had coursed through the Ancient Shura City's experts was simultaneously smashed by that paw. A single paw was all it took to crush all of their will and spirit to attack the city!

This black dog... was simply too scary!

The sword energy shot up into the sky yet again.

The Sovereign leaped up from the ruin on the ground. This time, his armor was all torn, and his eyes burning with the flame of rage. He roared indignantly. Holding the Shura Sword, he dashed relentlessly toward Lord Dog.

Blacky cocked its head, patting with another paw.

A loud thump echoed throughout the air, and the Shura Sovereign slammed into the earth once again.


The Shura Sovereign was now covered in his own blood. He rushed out, as his anger had reached the ultimate level. The sword energy twirled around him like a fearsome tornado!

However, Blacky remained indifferent. The exquisite dog's paw rose and patted.

The Shura Sovereign's pupils shrank. He screamed indignantly and continually as he was shoved onto the ground one more time. This time, he didn't even have the strength to resist.

The more he got beaten, the more shaken he became... It was an increasing feeling of helplessness, which transformed into fear. He knew deep down that he wasn't that black dog's equal opponent. The sword energy that he was so proud of couldn't even scratch the dog, let alone kill it.

However, what kept the Sovereign going was his fighting spirit and tenacity etched into his heart.

After getting pounded onto the ground repeatedly, the armor protecting him had been shattered, leaving cuts all over his body. Apart from vomiting blood, his entire body was dyed a crimson red as well.

"Shura Sword! Slash!"

Brutally wielding the Shura Sword, the Shura Sovereign still continued to charge forward! This time, he directly stepped on the city wall.


The thick city wall was stomped broken. Sand and stones scattered everywhere.

Shura Sovereign's terrifying aura diffused, leaving people panic-stricken. Standing on the city wall, the Shura Sovereign did indeed prove how formidable he was! His aura was extremely terrifying.

Yet... what had frightened people more was that this intimidating Shura Sovereign was placed in such a pitiful situation. The black dog had managed to drive him into the ground repeatedly.


The Shura Sovereign's blood-red eyes stared at Lord Dog. On the other hand, Lord Dog's fat body shook slightly, while a carefree look stood on its face.

Bu Fang frowned, looking at Shura Sovereign, who was now within reach.

Nethery wore a cold face, and she didn't bat an eye.

Nangong Wuqe was frightened, and his legs were shaking as sweat beaded on his forehead...

Although Shura Sovereign vomited blood, his spirit held strong. He held the sword up with both hands, forcefully thrusting it toward Lord Dog. The Shura Sword sparkled with delicate radiance. It bore the intent to stab straight through Lord Dog.

Everybody else exclaimed in fear!

That was Shura Sovereign's instant kill attack! The attack that could possibly kill the black dog! He had stubbornly resisted the dog's paw for several times for this single strike!

Shura Sovereign's sharp eyes shot out beams of light.

All of a sudden, his eyes opened wide as he stared relentlessly forward!

The black dog opened its mouth and bit down on his full-powered sword!

Crack! Crack!

Upon hearing the clear crackling noises, he rolled his eyes and almost tore out his eyelids. The Shura Sword looked like a crispy cookie that had been chewed.

The black dog chewed for a while before spitting out the dregs and pieces of iron.

"This tool doesn't taste nice at all. It can't even compare with the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs!" reviewed Lord Dog.

Shura Sovereign felt like vomiting blood. His Shura Sword! His life-weapon, the Shura Sword! A dog had simply chewed it off!

In that moment, he felt a deep terror emerge from within him as he found the black dog's aura rocket all of a sudden. It had seemed the sky had just been lowered, pressing him on the ground.

As his eyes were rolling helplessly, the black dog walked gracefully with a feline gait toward him.

The dog then slowly placed its exquisite paw on his head...