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 An enormous imposing aura expanded from within Heavenly Mist City, which made the Shura Sovereign, who was hovering in the sky with the God-Slaying Bow in his hand, turn pale with fear.

How could the Heavenly Mist City have such a terrifying aura?

The Nether King had already left, hadn't he?

The light arrow was whistling through the air, threatening to pierce through Bu Fang. The light arrow's energy had stirred up blustery gusts, blowing aside sand and stones on the city wall.

Even with that frightening aura, what could come of it?

Shura Sovereign's deep yet bright eyes shot afar. With the God-Slaying Bow in his hands, he was filled with such confidence that his heroic spirit sprouted from his chest. The light arrow shot with blood-colored lightning flashes coursing through it.

Strong winds blew back Bu Fang's hair.

His eyes were plain, merely staring at the light arrow. However, just that made his entire body feel tight, even to the point where he almost wanted to shudder.

The arrow was truly formidable!

With Shura Sovereign's cultivation base, the arrow shot from the God-Slaying Bow could wound even the Divine Soul Realm experts! If only Bu Fang had the Gourmet Array and his Overlord Thirteen Blades, he may have had a chance to stop it.

However, at that moment in time, Bu Fang had already lost his power to resist.


The formidable aura from inside the Heavenly Mist City arose once again. Everybody was a little shaken, and some thought they had heard some dog barking.

After a while, a dog strolled out of the Heavenly Mist City in an elegant feline gait, out into plain sight.

As it sauntered, the rolls of fat on its body jiggled.

Blacky pranced through the air gracefully like a cat, with each step as wide as an inch.

After two breaths, Lord Dog had already reached Bu Fang and was now standing behind him.

Then, right at that moment, the crimson light arrow arrived.

The drowsy Lord Dog hadn't even opened its eyes fully yet. Apparently, it had been sleeping like a log before rushing there. It opened his mouth, letting out a big yawn. Then, it raised its paw at a speed that was neither fast nor slow.

Its paw rose in front of Bu Fang as it gently swept the blood arrow away.


The blood arrow fell, creating furious ripples in the air and ground!

A lot of the people on the city wall were taken aback. They all took several steps back, all because of that tremendous aura surrounding the area.

They were all filled with panic! However, upon seeing the scene that just unfolded before them more clearly, that panic turned to genuine horror.

The earth-shaking, blood-colored light arrow didn't crush the dog's paw. On the contrary, it was stopped in mid-air, hovering in front of the paw. It couldn't even push forward an inch.

The Shura Sovereign squinted, taking a deep breath.

A dog... A mighty dog!

Shura Sovereign was moved. Was that dog the black dog in the restaurant? The black dog that had killed his Shura Ancient City's experts? Was that a legendary and extremely formidable black dog?

Seeing Lord Dog, Shura Sovereign's eyes began to glow.

Jiao Ya's life revolved around that dog! It was a Netherworld dog, but Jiao Ya had been confident enough to deal with that dog because of the God-Slaying Bow in his hands. Now that he was holding that very bow in his hands, the Shura Sovereign thought that he could finally fulfill Jiao Ya's deathbed behest... Hunt and kill those Netherworld creatures! Perhaps by doing so, he could even earn some favor from the important characters of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

About the death of Jiao Ya, Shura Sovereign couldn't care less.

Well, it was his bad luck that he had encountered such a powerful character who had turned him into minced meat with only a palm. The Nether King had made him shiver, indeed.

It was Jiao Ya's misfortune for confronting the Nether King.

Lord Dog said nothing. It yawned while it grasped the arrow with its paw, pinching it. Instantly, the light arrow shattered, sending beams of light flying in all directions. Lord Dog then waved his paw to shoo away the light.

When everything was done, Lord Dog turned to Bu Fang.

"Bu Fang, kiddo, you always make this dog worry..." Lord Dog's charismatic voice arose, lingering in people's ears. Even though they were frightened at that moment, upon hearing that voice, their faces turned odd.

The Vermillion Robe on Bu Fang's body fluttered as its radiance slowly subsided. Seeing Lord Dog, Bu Fang's anticipation had disappeared.

"I thought I'd sensed the aura of the Corpse Ghosts? Why don't I see any of those stinky toys here?" asked Lord Dog.

Standing behind Bu Fang, Nethery looked at Lord Dog with his rolls of fat. She answered, "They came out from the teleport formation and took the Nether King away."

"Hmm? They took that clown away? Why didn't they take you, the Netherworld woman, with them as well? As far as I know about those smelling things, they would have taken you too." Lord Dog was skeptical, waving its tail.

Nethery was bewildered. She didn't know that. Perhaps it was because of the Chili Strips.

It had seemed that the Nether King had bribed those Corpse Ghosts with several Chili Strips. That was the reason why they didn't bring Nethery away... To think the Nether King's last gesture toward her had some meaning...

Lord Dog looked at Nethery's puzzled face, batting its eyes in surprise. That sly Nether King must have had some tricks up his sleeve, though.

"Are those Corpse Ghosts fierce?" Bu Fang asked with a frown.

Corpse Ghosts from the Netherworld sounded horrible indeed.


Lord Dog threw Bu Fang a glance. "Do you think my paw is fierce?" asked Lord Dog casually.

Very good! From the tone of Lord Dog's voice, the Netherworld's Corpse Ghosts should be as fierce as a pile of trash.

Shura Sovereign hovered upright in the sky. The energy in his body fluctuated as he felt being disregarded. That dog, from the moment it had appeared, didn't bat a single eyelid at him. Was it looking down on him? He was so strong that he was hovering in the sky like a dazzling star!

"You dog... You're far too savage! You truly live up to your name as a Netherworld creature!"

Shura Sovereign's lips parted and a grin formed on his face. He compressed his aura and the blood-colored soul ladder emerged above his head, radiating.

The Shura Army underneath became wild with excitement the moment they say it.

They clashed their weapons, crying and roaring fervently, with their aura increasing unceasingly.


The experts standing on Heavenly Mist City turned ashen-faced. In that instant, the Shura Army had a sufficiently imposing aura, which was even more formidable than the first wave.

Shura Sovereign released his energy through his hands. The God-Slaying Bow bloomed in a brilliant light, emanating terrifying energy.

The muscles of his arms bulged like dragons as he drew the bowstring. Instantly, it boomed deafeningly.

The light arrow floated above the bow and took aim at Lord Dog which was standing in front of Bu Fang on the Heavenly Mist City's wall. The Shura Sovereign grinned, making people sink into their thoughts.

Lord Dog seemed to have finally heard Shura Sovereign's voice or sensed his formidable aura. It lifted its head and looked at the man donned in fighting armor in the sky. The dog's mouth parted, saying, "Bu Fang, kid, who is that foolish weakling?"

The Shura Sovereign's pupils constricted, with his murderous aura becoming thicker than ever before. That black dog was so barbaric! It had dared to curse him?

"You're a Netherworld creature, aren't you? Let His Majesty kill you!" The Shura Sovereign laughed coldly.

A moment later, he released his grip. The light arrow roared and hissed as it sliced through the air. After shooting, several black iron arrows appeared in the Shura Sovereign's hand instantaneously, which he then placed onto the longbow.

"Trying to hunt and kill Lord Dog? Who gave you that courage?" Lord Dog was at a loss for words.

When the light arrow came, even though its power surpassed the previous one greatly, Blacky did the same trick: It rose its paw, patting the arrow.

The arrow was dispersed.

It simply vanished.

Three iron arrows came right after, arranged in a triangle formation, darting toward Lord Dog.

Those iron arrows were sparkling with a dark radiance! Those were Jiao Ya's God-Slaying Arrow! Those iron arrows were specially designed to kill the Netherworld creatures! The light arrow was just a cover for the real hunting and killing strike: the God-Slaying Arrows!

To shoot three God-Slaying Arrows at the same time meant that the Shura Sovereign wanted to have an instant kill!

To kill that Lord Dog!

Lord Dog rose his head, waving his tail. He squinted, looking at the three God-Slaying Arrows.

"Using those toys to kill me? Are you insulting Lord Dog?"

Blacky tilted its head back and opened its mouth. The dog's mouth opened in just a blink of an eye as if it wanted to devour the sky and cover the earth, to swallow the heavens above!