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 From the nether energy that had created the array, more and more figures emerged. The others were shocked at seeing this scene. The Nether King stood in the middle of the array, with nether energy twirling around him.

It seemed that there were black lightning bolts collapsing and flashing.

"It's... What is that?" Nangong Wuque gawked in suspicion as he was completely puzzled.

He saw the man get covered in dark energy as though he was about to be pulled into Hell. He was so bewildered.

"Is he the man who used to chat and eat Old Bu's dishes with me? Is he our Little Ha who sucked the Chili Strips every day? Little Ha doesn't look like that!"

Nether King stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked so tall and majestic. The nether energy twirled around him, giving him the true look of the King of the Netherworld.

Nether King's eyes moved to the imposing figures standing on the formation, letting out a light sigh.

He put one hand into the other hand's sleeve, groping. A moment later, he took out several mouthwatering-smelling Chili Strips. Those Chili Strips had red radiance with a nostril-attacking aroma.

As the other people were dumbstruck, he walked to those shadows and handed them the Chili Strips.

His gesture... looked really skilled.

"Those are the Netherworld's communicators responsible for guarding the Corpse Ghost Teleport Formation. Any creature from the Netherworld that wants to use the teleport formation has to get the approval from those Corpse Ghosts. Also, a great character in our Netherworld controls them all," said Nethery.

She was the Netherworld Woman, so she understood the Netherworld's stuff pretty well.

Someone who could control such big characters like the Corpse Ghosts, in Netherworld, wouldn't have a position lower than the Nether King's. Perhaps, he would be even stronger.

Bu Fang nodded although he didn't know much about the Netherworld.

However, he was a little skeptical when he saw Nether King give away his Chili Strips.

Nether King was too crazy about Chili Strips, but he had decided to give his precious strips away...

Had he just changed his nature?

"What Little Ha's doing?" Bu Fang turned to Nethery, probing suspiciously.

Nethery's pupils were deep with twinkling dots. Eventually, she answered seriously, "No idea."

She didn't know, actually.

Nobody knew what the Nether King was doing. Only Nether King knew what he was doing. He had to endure the heart-scratching pain to give his Chili Strips to those shadowy figures. He even threw his arms around their shoulders, whispering something.

At this moment, dozens of thousands of people in Heavenly Mist City were gawking at Nether King muttering with the shadows.

Afterward, the shadowy guys began to chew the Chili Strips. While eating, they all gave Nether King the thumbs-up.

The people around were somewhat speechless.

If Nether King hadn't performed his greatly invincible might and killed the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's expert with one palm, from his normal appearance alone, no motherf*cker would ever know that this fella was actually the peerless expert from the Netherworld.

And now, look at him, he was actually a vagabond who was bribing the gangsters.

Shura Sovereign saw that and his mouth twitched, staying silent.

If Jiao Ya were still alive after that palm, seeing this, he would have vomit blood to death.

He was an impressive-looking expert from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, a serious man, but he was killed by an indecent Netherworld creature!

His liver would have felt hurt.

After a while, the Corpse Ghosts on the array had finished the Chili Strips. Then, they turned to look at Nethery who was standing still on the city wall.

Those Corpse Ghosts had a red light that shot out of their eyes, and everybody who saw that had to shudder.

What kind of eyes were those!

People could see the mountains of corpses and the sea of blood in those eyes!

When those eyes gazed at Nethery, her soft body shook slightly.

Bu Fang also felt a terrifying pressure tying him! Those Corpse Ghosts were... so frightening!

It seemed Nethery was their target.

However, at the moment the Corpse Ghosts' looks had become sinister the most, Nether King stood in front of them to hinder their lines of sight. The corners of his mouth arched before he grabbed the Corpse Ghosts, sinking into the teleport formation altogether.

While sinking, he waved his hand at Nethery.

After all the Corpe Ghosts had disappeared into the array, everybody could finally exhale in relief.

Bu Fang could see Nethery relax her stiff body. Her red lips parted as she breathed out. Apparently, the Corpse Ghosts from the array had given her a terrible pressure.

Nether King's wave before leaving conveyed some meaning and Bu Fang seemed to get it.

He threw a glance to Nethery then nodded as he looked pensive.

It seemed the Corpse Ghosts from the teleport formation were the natural nemesis of the Netherworld creatures. The Netherworld Woman was scared when she saw them. Perhaps, those Corpse Ghosts would have escorted Nethery, the one that had presumptuously left the secret territory, back to the secret territory or she could be even held custody in the Netherworld.

And if so, Nethery would lose her freedom.

It was obvious that Nethery didn't want it.

And, Nether King had bribed the others to help Nethery out of that situation. She could stay on the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Bu Fang looked at the place where the mysterious array had just disappeared, his eyes twinkling.

"King of the Netherworld... This old fogey is really interesting."

"The Netherworld... I have to go there at least once," Bu Fang mumbled.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Shura Sovereign strolled forward with long strides. He stepped on the broken rocks, then bent forward to pick up the ancient, shiny, God-Slaying Bow which was black in color.

That God-Slaying Bow was a divine weapon from the Heavenly Spring Holy-land of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

This divine weapon was used to control the Netherworld creatures. So, when Nether King grabbed the arrow with his bare hands, the Nether energy inside him was stimulated.

However, the Nether King was gone.

Shura Sovereign was scared, but he had gradually calmed down. He didn't know why Nether King had gone... Still, it was what he wanted. And now, he got the God-Slaying Bow, which made him happier.

The Heavenly Mist City's experts stood on the city wall, cautiously watching the Shura Army.

Boom! Boom!

Thunderclaps suddenly reverberated in the sky.

Shura Sovereign soared up with explosions. His evilly handsome face wore an excited smile. He arched his body, with the muscles on his arms bulging like the dragons. He was sending the true energy into the God-Slaying Bow. Meanwhile, a crimson light arrow was being congregated on the God-Slaying Bow. It was shot with horrible power!

When Shura Sovereign drew the God-Slaying Bow, its power became more terrifying!

When the Heavenly Mist City's experts saw this, they all had a grimace, and their faces paled. It seemed their energy was all drawn out.

Pill Palace's Master Luo Danqing was petrified. He was watching this scene with a stern face.

He could never think that they, a force of so many people, had forgotten about the God-Slaying Bow, a crucial item! They actually allowed the Shura Sovereign to obtain the bow!

The Shura Sovereign was like a mighty tiger that had grown wings when he got the God-Slaying bow.

Without the Nether King, how could they subdue the Shura Sovereign, whose imposing manner was getting stronger and stronger?

Would they ask Owner Bu to do that?

It was apparently impossible...

The Overlord Seventh Blades could stop Jiao Ya's God-Slaying Bow because of the boost from the Gourmet Array and the mighty power of the sword technique itself. However, at that moment, Bu Fang didn't have the energy to perform the Overlord Seventh Blades one more time.

His true energy was almost empty, and the energy from the Gourmet Array had been completely consumed. It was like... a dream of a fool to count on the dark horse chef to subdue the Shura Sovereign!

How about Pill Palace's Master Luo Danqing?

The possibility was even lower... When the Palace Master had faced Shura Sovereign with his peak condition, he could be fifty percent sure. However, Shura Sovereign was the winged tiger with the God-Slaying Bow now; of course, he was much more formidable.

The chance that Luo Danqing could subdue the Shura Sovereign was even smaller.

Nobody had any color on their faces since they saw Shura Sovereign with the God-Slaying Bow in his hands, which made him look like an ancient demon. They were all desperate!

Bu Fang couldn't help but frown. If the Shura Sovereign got the God-Slaying Bow, he would be pretty tough!

Without Nether King... Who could cope with Shura Sovereign?

The blood-colored light arrow was complete in the sky. Crimson lightning bolts and thunderclaps expanded around the light arrow. The void seemed to shiver as if it couldn't bear the horrible pressure.

The Shura Sovereign laughed haughtily. While laughing, his eyes scanned the crowd. The light arrow moved as though it was aiming at each of the others.

Once someone got aimed by the God-Slaying Bow, they would have goosebumps as they felt the terrifying danger!

Eventually, as the Shura Sovereign was still laughing, the blood-red arrow was shot out while hissing and roaring. And the light arrow was darting toward... Bu Fang, who was wearing the Vermillion Robe, stood on the Heavenly Mist City's wall!

The Vermillion Robe on Bu Fang's body gently fluttered in the breeze. At this moment, the light arrow from the sky fell with a surging murderous aura!

The Shura Sovereign had decided to kill Bu Fang!

After he got the God-Slaying Arrow, Bu Fang was his first target? Everybody was horror-struck. Without Nether King, this little chef... How could he stop the arrow? Would this dark horse chef be killed this time?!?

Nethery's long, black hair flew in the breeze, and her face was icy cold. At that moment, her eyes had turned completely black. She wanted to try her best to stop the crimson light arrow coming from the sky!

Shura Sovereign's one strike to kill!

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. He reached out to protect Nethery's body. It made him face the light arrow from the sky directly. He took a deep breath, and his face was cold.

One strike to kill?


With the Vermillion Robe, Bu Fang was invincible!

Nethery couldn't stop this attack. Anyway, this place wasn't her secret territory.


At the moment the light arrow approached Bu Fang, the moment that the terrifying, rippling energy from the arrow had almost pierced and broken his body, Shura Sovereign's complexion changed.

From inside the Heavenly Mist City, a fearful energy fluctuation soared up into the sky!