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 Overlord Seventh Blade!

The immense blade energy shot out with a deafening rumble from the kitchen knife in Bu Fang's hands, which seemed like he wanted to break the skies.

The air crackled as it couldn't bear the force. The heat burned through the void. The sky looked as though it was slashed by this blade!

The layered power of the Overlord Seventh Blade was getting more intimidating. It looked as though Bu Fang had just awakened a peerless swordsman behind him. When he opened his eyes, the blades of light shot everywhere.

Bu Fang was partially visible in the sea of cloud and smoke. The glistening golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hands constantly grew stronger. He was stepping in the air using his true energy. Countless wisps of energy gave him the look of a descending Deity.

His blade made people horror-struck.

With the support of the Gourmet Array, Bu Fang was using the Overlord Seventh Blade like a real Overlord coming to this world. Moreover, the way he wielded his chef knife was too similar to that of an Overlord...

Many people got speechless. Was it true that the Overlord was also someone who swung a kitchen knife?

A blade slashed through the sky!

The winds and clouds changed!

Many experts retracted their necks, gazing at that jet of blade energy.

Jiao Ya shouted and his aura started to soar to the skies.

He was frightened as he couldn't have imagined that the lowly ant in front of him could use an array to compete with him!

Did he really think that an expert from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court like him would let someone insult him freely?


Anyone one who insulted the Hidden Dragon Royal Court... Kill!

"Nine Star String of Pearls Arrow!" Jiao Ya cried. His body arched like a bow when he drew the ancient, black God-Slaying Bow to the limit. Nine light arrows gathered on the bow.

Swish! Swish!

So many grumbling noises reverberated when the nine light arrows whistled and darted out.

Nine arrows crossed the sky to collide with the jet of blade energy in the distance. At that moment, the dome of sky seemed to be torn apart.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Terrifying explosions erupted. Gusts of strong winds hissed, billowing dust into the sky. Everybody tried to open their eyes wider taking in the scene and breathing in breaths of cold air.

No one had ever thought that Bu Fang could go that far. He was really formidable!

Bu Fang's form in the sky slowly descended onto the city wall. His chest heaved up and down continuously. As his body gave off heat, his pores completely opened up.

The Overlord Seventh Blade was his current limit. If he wanted to strike another time, his body wouldn't be able to bear it.

However, due to the enhancement given to him by the Gourmet Array, the power of Bu Fang's seven-layered blade had dissolved the power of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's expert's arrows.

The shaking explosions stopped everyone in their tracks. Their clashes had all ceased at this moment. The Shura Sovereign ordered his subordinates to stop moving forward.

Although an imposing manner was very important in a battle and was a stimulant that helped raise an imposing manner at first, it would have its effects reduced when used successively. At this moment, the fighting will of the experts in Heavenly Mist City was soaring incomparably!

A little chef had overturned the situation with his own power. He had made the distressed air around Heavenly Mist City rocket frighteningly in just the blink of an eye.

He was a magical chef indeed. No wonder he could kill the Ancient Shura City's experts. No wonder he had the power to control the Ancient Shura City's divine tool!

The Shura Sovereign held the Shura Sword tighter and squinted his eyes. He was considering whether he should seize this chance to kill that young chef or not! However, he decided to let it go because the wind had finally swept all the billowing dust down there away, which revealed a tall and vigorous figure.

That man was holding an archaic, black bow and he had a heavy expression on his face. He looked a little flustered and his hair was disheveled, with his face as dark as the black clouds.

His eyes gazed at Bu Fang, who was standing on the city wall.

His continuously gasped as he made his steps forward. He was accumulating energy.

"You've successfully enraged me! The Hidden Dragon Royal Court's experts can't be insulted! You little brat... You must die!"

The long, shiny-black bow was drawn one more time and it was glistening. It looked extremely beautiful.

His eyes focused on Bu Fang and his lips curled upwards as he knew Bu Fang didn't have enough energy to send out another slash. As an expert of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, it was easy for him to analyze Bu Fang's techniques when he sent out his blade energy.

Anyway, Bu Fang was just a Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert who had just broken through the first shackle. As he could increase his cultivation base to make a strike that had the same power with the Divine Soul Realm expert, it was obvious that he had used the support of the array.

There was his blade technique too!

However, his posture at this moment had revealed something... That's why Jiao Ya believed that Bu Fang couldn't do it one more time.

And if he couldn't do that, he would die!

Jiao Ya walked each step as his aura continuously rose. It made people pale in fright.

The Shura Sovereign squinted, and his lips parted.



At the moment the Shura Sovereign's evil charming voice echoed through the sky, the Shura Army recklessly stormed forward again, rejoining their battle against the experts of the Heavenly Mist City!

The Shura Sovereign gripped his Shura Sword as he stood on the chariot, with his form sparkling and shining. He soared up into the sky, dashing toward Bu Fang on the city wall. He held an evil but elegant smile, and his eyes were dark and profound.

Jiao Ya also flew up, gliding toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was standing on the city wall. He didn't care about the strong wind that was causing his Vermillion Robe to flutter in the wind. He watched the Shura Sovereign and Jiao Ya approach.

Bu Fang sighed.

Nethery's beautiful face turned solemn. She stood in front of Bu Fang, stretching her white, jade-like arms, staring at the two who were coming with the intention to kill.

It was unknown where the Nether King got another Chili Strip which he was sucking and chewing on at that moment. He watched the two of them who were approaching and snorted continuously while white smoke came out of his nostrils.

Jiao Ya floated in the sky, drawing his bowstring. Since he knew that the Nether King was a Netherworld creature, he didn't dare to be careless. He withdrew a black iron arrow which had moving runes on the tip. The arrow was shot out with the sound of thunderclaps.

"Get lost!"

In Jiao Ya's eyes, the Netherworld creatures would not able to withstand a single hit. His cry made the Nether King a little surprised.

He was the impressive-looking Nether King Er Ha, the one who ruled the Netherworld. How dare someone speak to him like that? After all, where did this kid get his confidence? That trashy bow in his hands? All of a sudden, Nether King was outraged. He swallowed the Chili Strip and his eyes showed off his murderous intentions.

Taking a deep breath, his mouth was filled with spice as he indulged himself in the taste of the mouthwatering Chili Strip.

He balled a tight fist and drew one leg back to gather his terrifying energy.

Jiao Ya gave a disdainful smile as he placed the God-Slaying Arrow on the God-Slaying Bow!

No matter what kind of Netherworld creature it was, it would be pierced through! No Netherworld creature could resist the formidable power of the God-Slaying Arrow!

The arrow tip became bigger in the Nether King's eyes. The air around the arrow became twisted and it started to spin.

Nether King smacked his tongue which he chewed on the Chili Strip.

Then, he punched out with a single fist.


It felt like some ancient beast had just woken up from a deep slumber. The entire earth and heaven were shaken at that moment.

Jiao Ya flew across the sky from a far distance. He drew his bow to shoot the arrow. However, his visage changed immediately. His eyes were wide open and his body became stiff.

Heavenly Mist City's city squeaked as if it couldn't bear the weight of Er Ha's fist. In just a blink of an eye, the city wall became filled up with cracks.

A phantom of a giant fist soared up, pressing upwards into the sky.

The iron God-Slaying Arrow bloomed extremely dazzlingly. The pattern on the arrow moved and attracted the dark energy in that punch.

The world was shrouded in the dark, nether energy.

Jiao Ya's pupils shrank, his mouth opened but his breathing slowed down. He was horrified. How could that energy be so frightening and tremendous? In the end, what in the world was this Netherworld creature's level? Jiao Ya thought pEr Haps he had provoked something horrible there... How could a high-level Netherworld creature like that appear on the Hidden Dragon Continent?


The iron God-Slaying Arrow radiated and its aura reached the peak before it was smashed. The phantom of that punch had crushed it into pieces!

Facing that horrible punch, Jiao Ya didn't hesitate to turn around and run away!

An existence at such level... wasn't something he could deal with! Only a true expert from the Holy-land of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court could resist against such power! Confronting this kind of Netherworld creature, he didn't hesitate to run away!

"Run? You've forced His Majesty to take action... Now you want to run?!" At this moment, the Nether King became enraged. His fist flew outwards. Immediately, a towering, giant hand, appeared in the sky.

Jiao Ya was snatched up into the air. He wanted to run but the palm that seemed to cover the entire world had left him no way to flee.

Eventually, in his terrified eyes, the palm reached him.


The entire ground started to shake and crack.

The Shura Sovereign was petrified in the air. The Shura Army which consisted of dozens of thousands of men stayed put as they held their breaths. Everybody turned to look at that elegant and talented figure but no one dared to breathe loudly.

All of a sudden, a formidably strong creature appeared. Everybody was shivering in fright.

In the sky, the rumbling noises reverberated. The Nether King stood upright on the city wall, retrieving his energy palm. Immediately, the world-filling dark energy vanished. He raised his head to look at the rolling void.

At that moment, his eyes were deep and profound. His entire bearing was solemn, which made him totally different from his daily comedic self.

On the ground, a massive handprint appeared with a puddle of blood in the middle.

Jiao Ya's body had been smashed into minced meat under that palm.

The ancient, shiny black God-Slaying Bow lay on the ground.

Bu Fang was a little surprised. Was that the Nether King's real power? It's a little anomalous, though... It was unexpected that little Er Ha, a Chili Strip lover, would be so powerful! Without the slightest hesitation, the Shura Sovereign turned around and ran away from the Nether King immediately.

This dude was terrifying!

It seemed like Nether King didn't have the mood to mind about the Shura Sovereign. He was looking at the sky as if he was looking for or waiting for something.

Bu Fang was a little bewildered as he felt a little strange.

"He's the King of the Netherworld. He's limited by the Principle of the continent. He isn't allowed to come to the continent. Moreover, today, he showed his power. Of course, the Principle will repel him. Also..." Nethery said coldly as she stood beside Bu Fang.

However, she couldn't complete her sentence.

The Nether King cocked his head reluctantly, "Those old fogies of the Netherworld will know that this Majesty caused trouble here. So, this king has to go back to the Netherworld."

Was he saying that he had to leave?

Bu Fang squinted.

"Young man, I hope I can enjoy the mouthwatering Chili Strips when I get out the next time. You should live longer!"

The Nether King said with a smile. Many beams of dark light arose from the ground under his feet. A giant array made from Nether energy appeared.

Immediately, a huge amount of illusions appeared in the array.