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 Chapter 62: Ji Chengxue's Farewell

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

Host: Bu Fang

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty

True Energy Cultivation Level: Third Grade (Has already achieved the ability to manifest true energy outside of the body. As the God of Cooking in the fantasy world, you will definitely need to make use of true energy when cooking. Work hard, young man.)

Cooking Talents: Unknown

Skills: Level One Meteor Cutting Technique (52/100)

Tools: Fragments of the God of Cooking Set (3/4)

God of Cooking overall rating: Apprentice Chef (You can finally cook ingredients with your true energy. Practice your cutting technique and the road to becoming the God of Cooking will open for you. Work hard, young man.)

The current turnover is two thousand eight hundred and eighty crystals. True energy conversion degree: 720/1000

System Level: Three Stars (Conversion ratio is at twenty-five percent, customers are allowed to bring ingredients lower than fourth grade.)

The next morning, Bu Fang drowsily got up from bed. He was looking at the system panel while washing up.

After looking at the true energy conversion degree, he realized that he should be able to reach the next level soon. He was currently a third grade Battle-Maniac. Once he reached a thousand crystals, his true energy value would reach fourth grade Battle-Spirit. At that time, he would become much more proficient at controlling true energy

"What exactly is the set... I am really curious. However, I've already collected three fragments. Once I reach the next level, I should be able to complete the collection," Bu Fang muttered as he headed downstairs.

Then he arrived at the kitchen and began his daily radish slicing practice.

After finishing his practice, Bu Fang walked toward the store's entrance and removed the door boards. The air seemed to have gotten colder and even the cold wind blowing on his face was slightly bone-chilling.

Bu Fang glanced at Blacky, who was still soundly asleep, and returned to the kitchen to practice his cooking. After a while, an overwhelmingly fragrant Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was completed.

"It's time to eat, Blacky." As Bu Fang placed the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front of Blacky, it immediately became energetic.

Fatty Jin and his buddies arrived as usual and left after finishing breakfast. Eating at Bu Fang's place had already become a habit for them. Even though Bu Fang's dishes were expensive, Fatty Jin was a nouveau riche... He did not lack money.

Xiao Yue did not appear anymore after he was blown out of the store by Blacky's sneeze, as if he had completely disappeared from within the imperial city. However, Bu Fang did not mind at all. At the most, he felt regret over the loss of a customer.

Within the alleyway, a slightly bone-chilling autumn wind was blowing. Ji Chengxue, who was wearing a white robe, slowly approached the store. His fair and gentle face and his narrowed eyes made it seem as if he was constantly smiling.

"Owner Bu, good morning," Ji Chengxue gently greeted Bu Fang. Bu Fang indifferently nodded and acknowledged the greeting.

"Your Highness big brother, why are you so early today?" Ouyang Xiaoyi puzzledly asked Ji Chengxue, who had just stepped into the store and sat down.

Ji Chengxue patted Xiaoyi's head and said with a chuckle, "I am here to eat Owner Bu's dishes today."

"What are you eating today?" Bu Fang asked.

"I'll have a serving of each dish. After this time, I don't know whether I would have the chance to taste Owner Bu's dishes anymore," Ji Chengxue said with a sigh.

"Hmm? What's wrong?" Bu Fang puzzledly asked. Ouyang Xiaoyi was curiously looking at Ji Chengxue as well.

Ji Chengxue's gaze was slightly downcast as he simply said, "It's nothing. It's just family matters. I'll be leaving the imperial city tomorrow. As for when I am returning, I have no idea either."

"I understand, give me a moment." Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded and went back into the kitchen. Then he returned with a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine and directly tossed it toward Ji Chengxue.

Ji Chengxue was startled as he caught the jar of wine. Then with a gentle smile, he removed the cloth cover and poured the wine into a cup.

Bu Fang poured a cup for himself as well. He lifted up his wine cup and they lightly clinked their cups together as he said, "I wish you safe journey."

"Hahaha, thank you. How about treating me to a meal today? Or give me a discount?" Ji Chengxue finished the cup of wine in one gulp and started to chuckle.

Bu Fang indifferently glanced at him and expressionlessly replied, "No."

Then Bu Fang returned to the kitchen and began to cook the other dishes.

Footsteps could be heard from the alleyway once more and three figures slowly approached.

"Your Highness is refined. You came so early today," Xiao Meng slightly bowed toward Ji Chengxue with a straight face, while Xiao Xiaolong and Xiao Yanyu stood behind him.

Xiao Yanyu's complexion was much better. It seemed that the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup had taken effect.

"General Xiao, I've made a fool of myself. Since I am setting off tomorrow, I came here to eat Owner Bu's dishes for one last time so that I wouldn't be craving for his food during the campaign." Ji Chengxue chuckled as he filled his own cup and another one for Xiao Meng.

Xiao Meng was silent for a moment, before he sighed and received the cup of wine from Ji Chengxue.

The two of them sat down and began to drink.

Ouyang Xiaoyi informed Bu Fang about the dishes that the Xiao family had ordered and he indicated that he understood.

Dish after dish of overwhelmingly fragrant dishes were brought out by Ouyang Xiaoyi and placed onto the table. These were all ordered by Ji Chengxue. He was enjoying himself as he drank while eating the delicious food.

"General Xiao, how has my elder sister been doing recently?" Ji Chengxue took a sip of wine and said as he looked toward Xiao Meng with a complicated gaze.

Xiao Meng slightly frowned and finished the cup of wine in a single gulp. He lightly breathed out and gloomily said, "She's still in a comatose state as always. The imperial physicians don't understand the reason either. It's already been three years and I still don't know when Ru'Er will wake up."

"Sister has always been such a kind person, heaven will certainly help her. I am sure she'll wake up one day," Ji Chengxue consoled him.

Ji Ru'Er was the elder sister of Ji Chengxue, the wife of Xiao Meng, and the mother of Xiao Yue. Three years prior, Xiao Yue used the blood from his mother's heart as an offering to comprehend the true essence of the way of the sword and caused Ji Ru'Er to fall into a coma. Now that three years had passed, there was still no indication of Ji Ru'Er waking up.

Within the past three years, Xiao Meng had searched the entire Light Wind Empire for extraordinary individuals and doctors with exceptional skills in order to wake up Ji Ru'Er, but there had been no results.

Because of this matter, his hair had turned white from worry. For a seventh grade Battle-Saint, this was something unbelievable.

"Actually, I don't dare to hope for it anymore. Even though Ru'Er is still in a coma, I am already contented that she's still alive. I came here today to inquire Owner Bu whether there's a way to wake up Ru'Er. I am only grasping at straws here," Xiao Meng honestly told Ji Chengxue about his objective in visiting the store.

Ji Chengxue nodded in agreement. If Bu Fang's medicinal cuisine could help Xiao Yanyu to recover from a severe loss of life force when she was close to dying, there was a chance that it could wake up his elder sister.

He could not help but feel a sense of hope as well.

The both of them did not speak any further and continued to drink the wine. Within this period, Xiao Meng only exhorted Ji Chengxue about taking note of certain matters during the campaign.

Even though Ji Chengxue was a prince, he was the third son after all. His mother was only a concubine with a lowly status. He was neither comparable to the crown prince, Ji Chengan, nor to King Yu, Ji Chengyu, and he was also not favored by the emperor himself. If Xiao Meng was not his brother-in-law, the third prince could have already been erased by the crown prince or King Yu.

There was a reason behind the saying, "The royalty has no relatives".

"You must take care of your own safety during the campaign. Remember, even though His Majesty doesn't favor you, you're still a prince," Xiao Meng seriously said.

Ji Chengxue indifferently nodded and gulped down a cup of wine.

As the two of them chatted while drinking, the sound of coughing rang out from outside as an elderly figure slowly walked into the store.

The gaze of Ji Chengxue and Xiao Meng naturally shifted toward the person who just arrived. Their expressions immediately froze and their eyes were filled with incredulity.