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 "It's your turn to attack?"

Jiao Ya was astounded. With a smirk, he gazed at Bu Fang who was hovering in the sky with thick smoke shrouding him entirely.

It was because of the ancient Black Turtle Constellation Wok that Bu Fang could stop his attack. If Jiao Ya wasn't wrong, that black wok wasn't ordinary at all; it was filled with power.

As it could stop the arrows from the God-Slaying Bow, it was enough to tell how formidable that black wok was.

It wasn't hard for Jiao Ya to notice the wok since Bu Fang could control it to smash his arrows with only his weak cultivation. Anyway, that wok should be used to defend only. It couldn't attack... So, Bu Fang couldn't use it to counterattack.

Bu Fang hovered arrogantly in the sky, watching Jiao Ya. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand emanated a dazzling light.

People around him could hear the dragon's roar echo in their ears.

Jiao Ya exhaled as he looked at Bu Fang. He was waiting for Bu Fang's next move. He wanted to see what this little chef would attack him with. Did he really think that he could fight against him using an array?

Everybody also focused on Bu Fang. Was the dark horse chef about to take action? With his real ability, would he be able to threaten Jiao Ya?

Although they were skeptical, many of them expected that the dark horse chef could maintain his prominent bearing.

Holding the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in one hand, Bu Fang's expression became serious. Right after that, he changed his face to become even more serious and solemn.

He was clutching the Dragon Bone Kitchen knife with one hand as the true energy in his body surged. The aroma that had filled the place moved and surrounded the kitchen knife. Bu Fang slashed, aiming at Jiao Ya who was underneath him. His awesome might started to roll around and his formidable attack caused the void to rumble.

"Overlord First Blade!"

All of a sudden, an aura arose from Bu Fang which was aggressive and imposing like a majestic might. Just like a peerless expert, his eyes opened calmly.

Everybody shivered as that aura shrouded them.

With the support from the Gourmet Array, the power behind Bu Fang's knife was enhanced. Also, it seemed as though a doubt in Bu Fang's heart was resolved at that moment. He was enlightened instantly.

From the sky, a jet of blade energy slashed downwards. Everybody watched that flow of blade energy with odd faces.

Was that blade energy the reason for the confidence the dark horse chef had to contend against Jiao Ya?

Although that jet of blade energy was strong, in the eyes of others, it was just the blade energy of a Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert; it wasn't even the power of an expert at the peak of such realm.

Many people there could break through that kind of blade energy easily. Therefore, no one had expected that the great strike Owner Bu had taken time to accumulate energy for was that soft and weak attack compared to Jiao Ya's.

It was a complete slap to the face.

Anyway, many people felt better when they saw that. No matter what, Owner Bu had just broken through the first shackle. As he could amplify his power much beyond his realm, it was already out of people's estimation.

Well, that's what he got... What else could they ask him to show?

Jiao Ya looked at the flow of blade energy, and his face was twitching. He couldn't hold back his laughter. The disdainful gleam on his face became bolder.

"Indeed... Just a feeble attack. Is that all you got to challenge me?" Jiao Ya laughed out loud.

His laughter was sent to every corner of Heavenly Mist City, making his enemies grimace. This Jiao Ya was too haughty!

Bu Fang was calm as he looked at Jiao Ya. His face didn't change because of the other's ridicule.

Jiao Ya's arched the corners of his mouth and drew his bow to shoot another arrow. His arrow whistled along its way as it collided with Bu Fang's blade energy.

A loud blast was produced!

The blade energy was dispersed immediately.

"Too weak..." Jiao Ya smirked.

Everybody was silent. Watching the blade energy explode in the sky, their faces went stiff. Indeed... It was smashed easily.

Bu Fang's face was aloof as if he didn't mind that his blade energy was smashed by an arrow.

However, at the moment his blade energy exploded, he attacked again. The golden kitchen knife sparkled. As the tip of the knife drew an arc in the sky, another jet of blade energy slowly descended with a rumble.

However, Bu Fang's second jet of blade energy wasn't stronger than the first one. Everybody sighed helplessly. Yeah, even if he was the dark horse chef, he couldn't create a miracle.

The gap between their cultivation was too large.

"Will it work? You are pushing yourself to no avail," sneered Jiao Ya.

He raised his bow for another shot. The light arrow on the longbow started to gather energy.

When his fingers released the bowstring, the light arrow hissed and darted away like a wild horse getting rid of its reins.

The blade energy and the light arrow collided, exploding with a loud rumble before vanishing.

The situation seemed to change shortly. Previously, Bu Fang had used his Black Turtle Constellation Wok to pound Jiao Ya's light arrows. This time, Jiao Ya's light arrow crushed Bu Fang's jets of blade energy. The transformation of the situation gave people the thought that the tables turned.

Jiao Ya's smile widened. "It's useless. No matter how many blades you can slash, I can use my arrows to smash them all!" Jiao Ya sneered with his eyes lingering on Bu Fang. There was a mocking expression in them. However, it was out of everyone's expectation when Bu Fang didn't give a damn about what Jiao Ya said.

He was grinning!

One second later, another rumbling jet of blade energy was sent toward Jiao Ya!

"You're stupid! A lowly creature like you can never imagine how strong the God-Slaying Bow is! No matter how many blades you can make, I will break them all!" Jiao Ya's mouth looked stiff and cold.

Bu Fang didn't reply to him.

Another blade came.

Overlord Fourth Blade!


The jet of blade energy this time made explosions in the void. It seemed as though the void was burning because of the heat generated by his slash. Bu Fang watched his blade with the corners of his mouth rising upwards.

The Nether King and the others squinted, watching the scene in surprise.

"This jet of blade energy looks strange!"

Jiao Ya wasn't bothered with that. Instinctively, he raised his bow and shot another light arrow which collided with that jet of blade energy.

With his calculations, no matter how many blades Bu Fang could send out, he could use one arrow to destroy them all.

However, he was wrong this time.

That jet of blade energy exploded when it came into contact with his light arrow but it continued to fly forward.

"What? How can this happen? Why is his blade energy's getting stronger?" Jiao Ya's pupils constricted. He drew his bow the second time, shooting another arrow to destroy that jet of blade energy.

Although he had smashed through that jet of blade energy, Jiao Ya was still shocked.

He squinted and his eyes drilled into Bu Fang. This little chef wasn't ordinary at all!

"His aura's changing!" The Shura Sovereign clutched his Shura Sword as he gazed at the chef. He spoke with a serious expression on his face.

Shura Sovereign was good at analyzing aura. He could clearly feel that Bu Fang's aura was rocketing up unceasingly. After each blade, his blade energy and power would pile up, increasing the lethality of his attack.

It was a profound technique of using the aura and energy that the Shura Sovereign had to struggle to control. It was because the user had to match and make his aura and blade energy resonate!

It required a point of resonance!

Bu Fang slashed out with the fifth blade. This time, Jiao Ya didn't dare to be careless.

He drew the bow with all of his strength. However, his pupils constricted when his light arrow was broken once again.

His God-Slaying Bow had admitted defeat to this chef again and again!

It was simply unforgivable!

He shot three arrows in a row to disperse Bu Fang's jet of blade energy.

Bu Fang didn't mind Jiao Ya's condition as he instantly slashed out with another blade. However, he felt a little tired after the sixth slash.

The Overlord Thirteen Blades - one piled upon another. After all the thirteen blades piled up, they could murder God and kill Buddha!

Thus, it would be very difficult to show off the power of the Overlord Thirteen Blades. Gasping, Bu Fang slashed the sixth blade!

It was the Overlord Sixth Blade with thunderclap-like explosions! With the clash of thunder and lightning, his jet of blade energy seemed to come to life.

Jiao Ya's face grew heavier. He straightened his posture as he took a step forward and drew his bow. The bow and the arrow formed a triangle before the arrow shot out of the bow.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Blasts echoed in the sky!

The torrential blade energy scattered around, falling around Jiao Ya.

Dust and sand rolled and it started to billow around.

Jiao Ya's figure seemed to have experienced the shock and his dark face grimaced. Although this jet of blade energy hadn't hurt him, it had given him several points of distress.

Everybody was dumbstruck when the situation changed one more time. They opened their eyes wider and their moods continuously changed. It was like a rollercoaster of emotions. When they realized Jiao Ya's suffering, they couldn't help but show astonished expressions on their faces.

Bu Fang held the knife and there was an earnest expression on his face. His cold and indifferent eyes glanced at Jiao Ya in the distance.

"Continue standing strong; the next blade is coming!" Bu Fang said casually.

As soon as he finished, both of his hands wielded the knife!

The jet of blade energy slashed down with a deafening rumble!

Overlord Seventh Blade, slash!