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 Gourmet Array, open!

When Bu Fang said that, his voice was barely audible, not too loud.

After the bowl of steaming hot Rampage Ramen had been raised into the air, it disappeared. A moment later, a terrifying wave of energy started to spread and reached half of the Heavenly Mist City in just a wink.

Everybody was astounded as their nostrils were attacked with a delicious food aroma, which bewildered them. They involuntarily sniffed the air.

Inside the Heavenly Mist City, Zhou Tong was toying with a fiery-red kitchen knife while destroying the City Defense Array. He smiled faintly, looking at the city gate where spiritual energy was released into the sky. He knew that there would be chaos over there. However, soon, his face changed.

He felt spiritual energy covering him entirely, which, coupled with the delicious smell of food, caused him to be enchanted. This aroma was very pleasant. Holding the kitchen knife, Zhou Tong couldn't help but frown, squinting while smelling the aroma of the food.

The tasty smell in the air became thicker and he wanted to take even deeper breaths. Soon, however, he was frightened. He opened his eyes wide.

"An aroma of food? How could this place have such a smell? The Heavenly Mist City is a pill city... Why would it have the smell of food?"

Zhou Tong had a look of disbelief on his face. He stood up, surveying his surroundings, and found himself in a mysterious formation; that smell was the effect of that working formation. He could feel a strange movement of energy coming from the formation.

"There's a dish full of spiritual energy in all corners of Heavenly Mist City... The spiritual energy from these dishes has been treated in a special way. It congregates and creates the delicious smell of food with special energy movement! This deed... Whose work is this!"

Since Zhou Tong had been a first-grade chef of the Valley of Gluttony, in one glance, he knew the secret of the array. His complexion changed. It was actually a Gourmet Array which caused all of that to happen!

Currently, what the Valley of Gluttony was studying was to use gourmet food to build an array. However, at such moment, inside this Heavenly Mist City, he found that kind of Gourmet Array.

What happened there?

Could there be some kind of special chef in Heavenly Mist City?

Impossible! How could a young chef prepare such a Gourmet Array! It wasn't easy to arrange the array; it required the array eye and spiritual energy to work together.

That's how the array worked best. The Valley of Gluttony was still doing research, but someone had done it right there!

With that thought, Zhou Tong became earnest, running toward the city wall, because it was where the spiritual energy of the Gourmet Array congregated.


Bu Fang stood on the city wall. He slowly picked up the black iron arrow on the ground with one hand, while his other hand held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He looked calm and indifferent.

This arrow was really strong. Even when Bu Fang used the Black Turtle Constellation Woke as a shield, he was pushed several steps backward.

Nether King looked embarrassed... If he hadn't let go of it, the arrow wouldn't have shot toward Bu Fang.

It was because the energy movement of the arrow had stimulated him.

That scorching heat had given him a twinge in his balls. If it weren't for that terrifying heat, he would have never loosened his grip.

With that thought, the Nether King also felt a little angry. He was actually hit.

He couldn't foresee that the arrow could resonate with the dark energy in his body and affect it. It was what affected him!

From a distance, Jiao Ya was coldly rolling his eyes at the Nether King. "As it turns out, that man is also a Netherworld creature... No wonder why he's so bold! Hmm, if so... I will shoot them dead altogether!" Jiao Ya grinned.

With the God-Slaying Bow and Arrow in his hands, Jiao Ya was extremely confident since it was the divine weapon that the Hidden Dragon Royal Court used to subdue the Netherworld creatures. Although it wasn't really excellent compared to the other divine weapons, it had a strange subduing effect on the Netherworld creatures.

"Hey young man, that one is mine. This Majesty thinks he's interesting. Let me deal with him!" Nether King said coldly after breathing out a wisp of white smoke from his nostrils.

However, he didn't expect Bu Fang to simply wave his hand at him.

"No need. Let me handle it," said Bu Fang indifferently.

The Nether King was bewildered. Many experts on the city wall were astonished. Nangong Wuque wore a frightened face, looking at Bu Fang. "Hey Old Bu, don't make a mess. Those people are really formidable!"

Sorceress An Sheng and the others also looked at Bu Fang as if they were looking at a monster.

This little chef wanted to confront those people? With only his power at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm? Not to mention the fact that he had only broken through one shackle!

Bu Fang glanced at them with the corners of his mouth arching upwards, which gave his stiff face a mysterious grin. He didn't say anything. He simply walked step by step away from the city wall with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in his hand.

While he was breathing in and out, thick spiritual energy from Heavenly Mist City congregated around his body little by little, making him look like a Deity that had just descended to this mortal world. The red-and-white Vermillion Robe slightly fluttered, with the sleeves flapping.

Everybody eyed Bu Fang in surprise. Was Bu Fang going to use the power at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm to deal with the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's expert? His opponent was an expert at the Divine Soul Realm!

The spiritual energy moved like dragons. In the sky, the illusions of many dishes arose. Bu Fang stood there, and his Vermillion Robe bloomed with an extremely dazzling light. He looked like an extremely prominent God.

Azure smoke rose up when a kitchen knife appeared. The ancient, black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife gradually became glistering gold in his hand. As his true energy flowed into the knife, it turned into a giant kitchen knife that he placed on his shoulder.

Gently exhaling, Bu Fang's left hand held the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife while his right hand held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. With the Vermillion Robe, his whole appearance and bearing became like a brilliant star in the dark night.

Everybody was stunned as they looked at him.

It seemed as though they didn't know even half of Bu Fang because this was the first time they had seen him in such an overbearing state. His incomparably brutal pose scared and dazzled people.

The Nether King exclaimed in surprise, "This young man... Bold enough!"

Nangong Wuque said, "I'm pretty sure I'm looking at a fake Old Bu..."

Nethery gawked at Bu Fang, with her red succulent lips parting. Her beautiful face was filled with astonishment.

Bu Fang still wore an indifferent expression on his face. With the support from the Gourmet Array, his aura continually rose, giving him boundless prestige. Under the city wall, the soldiers of Shura Army were scared when they saw that scene.

The Shura Sovereign knitted the brows on his charming and indecent face. No wonder this little chef dared to kill his Ancient Shura City's experts. He did possess the power to do so. Did those items give him confidence? Not ordinary at all!

Was it because of the array? It seemed as though this array was somehow different from the usual ones he had encountered. That energy movement... It didn't depend on crystals at all!

Jiao Ya grinned. This lowly ant dared to fight against him. No matter how bold and imposing he got, under the God-Slaying Bow... he would be shot through!

There was nothing one arrow couldn't solve. If not, use a bigger arrow!

Looking at Bu Fang's tyrannical appearance, Jiao Ya directly aimed his arrow and released the bowstring.

A light arrow with terrifying energy was congealed in his hand. An arrow was released as it whistled through the sky, shooting toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang indifferently looked at that arrow and didn't change his countenance. As the Gourmet Array was working, spiritual energy continued to fill his body. He felt so powerful and had the feeling that he would be able to shift the mountains and rivers with a single strike.

Facing the light arrow, Bu Fang didn't dodge; he directly wielded the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok roared as it spun and flew away.

"Boop." It smashed through the light arrow just like it was nothing more than a fart.

The spectators were stunned. In the next moment, they went into an uproar! It actually crushed the arrow! That chef did it! Too fierce... His wok could crush the light arrow that could even hurt the Pill Palace's Master! He deserved his title as the dark horse chef! Everybody was extremely thrilled.

Luo Danqing and the experts of the Pill Palace were bewildered. He couldn't believe that Bu Fang could show off such intimidating power.

He squinted and sensed the energy that filled the air. He was surprised and started to exclaim. He knew Bu Fang had borrowed the energy from the mysterious formation. Anyway, the wok in Bu Fang's hand was undoubtedly no ordinary item.

No matter what!

Bu Fang's move had become a cardiotonic to everyone in Heavenly Mist City.

Since the City Defense Formation was broken all of a sudden, the experts in Heavenly Mist City had their fighting will reduced instantly. However, at this moment, they all became stirred up. Their imposing manner soared to the sky.

Jiao Ya's pupils shrank. That black wok... It was a magical item!

Taking a deep breath, Jiao Ya aimed his bow one more time. This time, the bow condensed three light arrows. The sharp arrows sparkled, twisting the void.

Shooting out with roars and hisses, the three light arrows dragged their long tails as they shot toward Bu Fang. They formed a triangle array as they approached Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's mind flickered. The Shura Tower on his chest immediately glowed with a dim light. His immense mental energy was released, guiding the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to confront the three light arrows.

After a dull, thumping sound, the three light arrows were crushed.

However, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was sent flying backward. It shrank in the air and Bu Fang retrieved it into his hand.

There was a long silence followed by another uproar. Bu Fang had stopped the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's expert twice! The dark horse chef didn't disappoint his audience!

Nether King gave a broad grin, pointing at Jiao Ya with a smirking face.

"Young men these days... Not hard enough, indeed!"

Jiao Ya had a serious look in his eyes. That lowly ant at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm... How could he smash the light arrows?


Bu Fang raised the Black Turtle Constellation Wok single-handedly while his other hand lowered the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife from his shoulder.

The kitchen knife was held horizontal as Bu Fang pointed it at Jiao Ya. Bu Fang still wore a calm expression on his face.

"It's time for my attack... Prepare to take it," Bu Fang's nonchalant voice lingered in the sky.

Everybody was dumbfounded. They instantly broke out into a frenzy. Too bold! Bu Fang pointing at the Hidden Dragon Royal Court with a knife touched their hearts. Using the power of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm to suppress one at the Divine Soul Realm, Bu Fang showed that he wasn't weaker than someone at the upper realm! He really deserved his title as the dark horse chef!

Don't be afraid! Just do it!