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 The arrow shot across the sky, roaring and hissing unceasingly!

The void shook hard as if the terrifying and domineering energy wanted to tear off the vault of heaven! It was extremely dreadful!

Luo Danqing's pupils shrank. He gazed at Bu Fang and the flame in his hand burst out, wanting to force the Shura Sovereign to back off.

However, the Shura Sovereign's sword was like a tumor that had rooted itself deep into the bone. He could neither get rid of it nor force the Shura Sovereign to back off.

The arrow flew like a shooting star as it closed in on Bu Fang.

Luo Danqing could not stop it.

Boom! Boom!

As the arrow got closer, its imposing aura became stronger and more terrifying!

Finally, people turned their heads to watch where the arrow was aimed at. They had an aghast expression on their face. They felt as if a big hand was suffocating them at the moment.

The pressure from the arrow made some people almost fall to the ground.

Bu Fang also heard the hissing sound which was streaking through the air. Such a sound baffled him. When he turned his head to check, he saw a streak which was the light arrow approaching him.


Bu Fang was completely bewildered.

At that moment, the light arrow was very close to him. It seemed as though it was becoming bigger in his eyes and it continued to accelerate as it shot towards him.

Everyone thought that Bu Fang was definitely going to die. He did not look like he was going to resist the arrow. Many of the people present came from Heavenly Pill City and knew the power of that light arrow.

The Fourth Elder was killed as he was trying to stop it. The arrow even managed to pierce through the Palace Master. It heavily wounded even the strongest member in the Pill Palace... That little vulnerable chef would never be able to do anything with his weak cultivation!

This dark horse chef... was going to die!

Was he really going to die?

Nethery with her cold face glanced at the light arrow. She casually poked Bu Fang and caused him to take a step back.

Nethery's jade-like white hand rose, as she grabbed the light arrow.


Rumbling noises filled the sky as the air rolled about in waves.

Nethery had caught the light arrow.

However, the energy of the impact shot through and twisted the void. It seemed as though the void shattered with that shot.

Nethery frowned slightly and took a small step back. Her glittering and sparkling foot trod on the ground and the stone which made up the city walls started to collapse. Her creamy hand also turned pink. Dark energy wound and crept around her hand. A muffled noise rose from her nostrils as Nethery gripped the light arrow tighter.

However, her arm was shaking continuously. Dark energy was twirling discernibly for a long time before slowly vanishing.

"As it turns out, it's the Netherworld Woman! Hahaha! The Netherworld Woman! The cursed creature of the Netherworld!" When Jiao Ya saw this, his eyes shot out rays of brilliant light. He was so excited as he faced the sky and burst out laughing.

Nethery shook her arm, furrowing her beautiful eyebrows.

"It hurts a little bit," she said.

Bu Fang arched his brows. His cold eyes locked onto Jiao Ya who was laughing. He swung his hand and a black crystal pot appeared. A drop of crystal core Purple Essence floated up from the pot.

Bu Fang made the Purple Essence drop float and brought it to Nethery's mouth.

Nethery's eyes brightened. She pouted her lips to draw in the drop into her mouth.

Squinting slightly, she felt delighted.

"F*ck that... Young man, you have this excellent Purple Essence? Why didn't you show it to us earlier? If the Chili Strips were coated with this, they would be super delicious!"

The Nether King's eyes brightened as he exclaimed with a Chili Strip in his mouth. His eyes were glued to the black crystal pot in Bu Fang's hand.

Bu Fang was cautious as he shot the Nether King a look. The Purple Essence was limited. If he used it up, he wouldn't have it anymore!

"Didn't you say that you want to take action?" Bu Fang glanced at the Nether King.

The Nether King became a little embarrassed. "Er, I haven't finished my Chili Strips yet, have I? When I'm done, I'll make a move immediately... When His Majesty shows his hand, he will strip that fellow and make him run home naked!"

Nether King sucked half of the Chili Strip into his mouth, talking earnestly while chewing.

In the sky, Luo Danqing secretly relaxed his nerves. He thought that the little chef was going to die but he did not expect that the pretty lady next to the chef was so powerful she could stop the arrow with a single hand.

The Netherworld Woman?

Wasn't it true that the Netherworld Woman's fighting capabilities would be reduced in this environment?

"Not bad, not bad! This probing arrow could have killed the little chef. Instead, it forced the Netherworld Woman to show herself. Although she doesn't have her full power, she still has some tricks up her sleeves." Jiao Ya chuckled.

It was true that he didn't use his full strength to shoot that arrow. He just casually shot it out since Bu Fang was just at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm and he had only broken through one shackle.

A normal shot from the God-Slaying Bow was enough to crush him into dust.

Licking his lips, Jiao Ya had a meaningful smile on his face.

He grabbed the God-Slaying Bow, sending his true energy into it. Instantly, the surging energy in the ancient God-Slaying Bow slowly changed. It began to emit light and it glowed with a blinding radiance.

Bu Fang was slightly astonished as he found the God-Slaying Bow somehow similar to his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. When he sent his true energy into it, it would experience some changes.

Anyway, this God-Slaying Bow was not as good as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

Light bloomed from the God-Slaying Bow and another arrow was condensed. This was also a light arrow but was doubled in size compared to the previous one.

Radiance twirled around the arrow as it emitted a surging aura.

In the instant Jiao Ya drew the bow, he made grumbling noises.

"Die Netherworld Woman..."

He aimed at the target.

After a while, Jiao Ya released his fingers. The swishing sound came like a thunderclap as the light arrow accelerated toward Nethery.

The speed of the light arrow caused everyone's heart to clench.

This arrow was so powerful that it wasn't less than the one that had killed the Fourth Elder and wounded the Palace Master!

Everybody looked at Bu Fang. This little chef... Was he seeking death as well?

This arrow was unstoppable!

The unimaginably beautiful woman had tried her best to catch the first arrow, which was weaker than this one. She did not seem like she had the ability to stop the current one!

Everybody held their breaths.

The Third Elder's group who was the closest to Bu Fang had an ashen face as they looked at the scene in front of them.

They could feel that they were within the area of impact of that arrow as well.

Boom! Boom!

The light arrow arrived even before the sound!

The shock waves frightened people!

Nethery wore a stern face. This arrow... It was true that she couldn't stop it. If she were in the secret realm or the Netherworld, she could stop it with no issues. However, at that moment, as she was outside, she possessed only around ten percent of her true power and could not stop it!

Nevertheless, at that right moment, the Nether King's body appeared in front of them. He was facing the light arrow with half a Chili Strip protruding from his mouth.

Everybody was dumbstruck.

Why was there a guy there?

Where did that fella come from? Was it possible for him to stop the light arrow? Did he want to die?

Many people did not know the Nether King. However, when some saw him standing in front of the others, their eyes looked panicked!

It's him! It's him!

It's him again!

The crazy youth who strips people like a maniac!

Many people became frightened as they recalled that experience.

It was really terrifying that he just placed his finger on someone's glabella and their clothes immediately exploded!

That fella's here!

When they recalled the image of them running naked on the streets, they were all aghast.

Mommy! Shoot that stripping maniac!

Some people roared inwardly!

That charming face was the nightmare in their hearts, making them fearful every time they remembered it. The nightmare of getting stripped. How horrible!

"Stop it? It's not that easy to stop the God-Slaying Bow, is it?" As Jiao Ya saw the newcomer with a Chili Strip in his mouth prepare to stop the God-Slaying Bow, a cold smirk escaped his mouth.

However, a moment later, everybody was petrified.

Because in their eyes, that hilarious and stupid-looking guy with a Chili Strip in his mouth just casually rose his hand and the roaring light arrow directly smashed into him.

Nether King gave it a slap. It made a "pufft" sound as if someone had just farted.

Like a fart, "pufft", and it was gone?

What the...

What had just happened?

The group of people looked dumbstruck. That arrow was funny, huh?

Approaching with an overwhelming aura, it had prepared them for a big surprise, but it ended up disappearing just like that?

Jiao Ya was also bewildered, rolling his eyes. His face was doubtful.

He could not believe it... He had shot a superb arrow with ultimate power! How could it be smashed as if it was just a fart?


Jiao Ya frowned, drawing his bow one more time and bright light started to gather. After a moment, the thunderclap reverberated again. Another extremely quick arrow was shot toward Nether King.

Nether King was sucking his Chili Strip while stroking that sleek, black hair of his. He exhaled, then rose his hand to make another slap.


It was like a vanishing fart again when the light arrow was broken.

The corners of Nether King's mouth pulled upwards as his eyes turned to Jiao Ya's direction. He stretched out a finger, waving tenderly.

As he still had a Chili Strip in his mouth, his words were unclear.

"Young men these days... can't do it."

Couldn't do it?! You motherf*cker! You can't do it! This father was extremely sure his arrow was hard enough! When Jiao Ya heard that, his flame of rage burst out. Was this fella teasing him? How dare he mock him! He was the expert from the Heavenly Spring Holy-land of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court!

His hardness wasn't something that gigolo could understand!

Snorting indignantly, Jiao Ya rolled his eyes at the Nether King. After a moment, his aura rocketed. A white two-step Soul Ladder emerged above his head, and the upper step had moving lights and sparkling mysterious symbols.

This man was also a Divine Soul Realm expert!

Everybody was astonished!

Then, they were more frightened to see the longbow in Jiao Ya's hand.

Another light arrow was being condensed on the God-Slaying Bow. However, this time, it was extraordinarily big... The fierce energy on the arrow made people's hearts race frantically.

Luo Danqing and the Shura Sovereign in the sky were also startled when they saw the unusual arrow.

This arrow brought the fear of danger. If they got shot, even though they were intimidating experts, they would be killed!

This arrow was very dreadful indeed!

However, the Nether King was still sucking on his Chili Strip, waving his hand at that big and rough arrow in denial.

"Young men these days... Even that big size isn't enough!"